CounterJab: Sorry, no room for Livingstonia Synod, Kyungu in federalism debate

Image experts advise that when you face a crisis, you must get ahead of the problem as fast as you can. You must try to be a step in front of the media which has the power to help fix the problem or make it worse.

It is clear that advisers to President Peter Mutharika did not miss class the day the topic was discussed, judging from their response to calls for federalism or secession coming from North Malawi.

After a negative reaction to the composition of his new cabinet, which drew mainly from the southern region where the party won the most votes, the administration perhaps did not want another problem — once bitten, twice shy.

Paramount Chief Kyungu : We are better together

Paramount Chief Kyungu : We are better together

It is of course a president’s prerogative to pick a cabinet of his or her choice and the president must be ready to live with the consequences of his decisions. But while the administration was caught flat footed when criticisms of the cabinet composition came raining down, this time Symon Vuwa Kaunda was quickly dispatched to the North, long considered the hotbed of political activism in Malawi, to quiet down the growing discourse.

Ranking members of the Livingstonia Synod, which wields significant influence in the region, appeared with Kaunda and labeled “divisive” those who want Malawi to abandon the unitary system of government for either federalism or independence.

The Synod’s moderator suggested that as representatives of the people, the Church should have been consulted by those calling for change — they did not even raise it during campaigns — before starting their media campaign. Obviously, the position by the Synod makes no sense, and as an apologist for those seeking change, it is incumbent upon this author to challenge the misguided views expressed by the Livingstonia Synod.

The Synod deserves the same response as does Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga who ought to be above politics but chose instead to immerse himself in it. He picked one side over the other. As an individual, Chief Kyungu has every right to his personal political views but he should not take sides publicly. The apology of British Premier David Cameron to Queen Elizabeth after suggesting in public – he had a private conversation with the Queen — that she was relieved upon learning that Scotland voted against independence should tell Kyungu why such views are better kept private.

Back to Vuwa and men of the collar. By appearing with the top brass of Livingstonia Synod which expressed reservations about the idea of federalism or secession, Vuwa scored for his team. He convinced the clergy and chiefs against the idea and it is reasonable to expect that some  people bought what he was selling.

Livingstonia Synod should have sat this one out. Now that is has taken sides, it is fair game. Apart from duly elected representatives of the people calling for the change, there are members of society of good standing who do not think this is a bad idea. Granted, the Synod should stop pretending as though they are supposed to be the only game in town and that those who hold a different view intruded on its holy turf!

In addition to that, the notion that the issue was not part of the campaign is of no consequence because opportunity does not operate on a schedule. An opportunity has presented itself yet again and it would be foolish to let it slip away.

When the Alliance for Democracy (Aford) felt the winner of the first democratic elections in 1994 started behaving as if nobody else mattered, Chakufwa Chihana threatened to make Malawi ungovernable. Chihana and Aford had won all seats in the North and President Bakili Muluzi understood what was at stake. The two struck a deal that saw them working together, easing tensions between the two sides.

It is remarkable that there are similarities between 1994 and 2014 election results. (Replace Muluzi’s United Democratic Front with DPP and Aford with the People’s Party. No change for MCP.) Twenty years ago, the MCP dominated the Center and the party did it again this year. PP which was nonexistent 20 years ago has a presence in the North; ditto DPP in the South.

Have we gone back to 1994? The long list of grievances presented by the North is yet to be addressed in any meaningful way. Each time concerns are raised, leaders make it look as if they are doing something but it is just window dressing.

One hot-button issue is that of quotas — merit is disregarded for a number of places at public colleges to guarantee each district a minimum — which affects students who pass very well but are denied entry. Students from the North are disproportionately affected by this.

It should be pointed out the selection of students using quotas was neither started by Mutharika nor his late brother Bingu who by the way embraced it. Bingu accused Northerners of cheating during exams; of occupying a lion’s share of senior positions in the public sector and of contributing little to the national economy.

The vitriol against Northerners started when the Malawi Congress Party was in power. At one time it orchestrated the removal and transfer of teachers working elsewhere back to the North. The teachers were accused of encouraging students to focus on activities outside school which the party said led to their poor performance in school.

Whether you are chief or a religious leader, you must be deranged to think that these things never happened and that somebody just made them up to score cheap political points against the current government. Think again. I told you that I was an apologist for the cause.

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77 thoughts on “CounterJab: Sorry, no room for Livingstonia Synod, Kyungu in federalism debate”

  1. Kamchitete says:

    Are you really Malawians? Who and what are you to make the country apart from Thyolo cry? This is why you go earlier than you come to power. Know that the mouths of the people are worse than the AK 47 that easily arrest the heart (cardiac) of the trouble causer. I don’t think you are having good nights this time unless you tell me you are just figure of human being. Kaliati and now Chaponda will just make you die quickly as your brother did – why? Because they clause your ears and eyes for you to hear and see. You want people to rejoice again as you die? Go ahead and see.

  2. Mucracker_2 says:

    Kamuzu had MCP in all three regions by force using Unilty, Loyalty, Obedience and Discipline. Consequently, he had ministers from all three regions.
    This followed UDF who after running Malawi co-jointly with UDF had ministers from all 3 regions and so was Bingus’ DPP.
    When Bingu died, all ministers and MPs’ from the North bumped DPP and joined PP. The rich representation of DPP in the North was all gone! the representation was from 100% coverage was reduced to 5% coverage. The defecting candidates thought they had burried DPP together with Bingu for good. The representation at the Center also defected, talk of change golo and others.
    Come May 2014, DPP came back to power. This did not only confuse the defectors to DPP but angered them as well. With the resurrection of MCP and majority of independent candidates and the rigging of elections which came to a brink of civil war, created a lot of animosity in this country.
    Additional development that have contributed is the refusal of other parties that have representation in the parliament to run the country jointly with DPP. It is only Atupele who accepted when MCP refused. Then the section 65 which Bakili, Bingu and Joyce used to poach and consolidate their positions in the North and Centre, Peter cannot use it due to complex political situation we are in. (For your information, those who are advocating for cessation were once MPs for DPP, then jumped to PP.)
    Now the disgruntled politicians are the ones who are waging war for cessation. It is important to give them litmus test of their political ideology. If they win the referendum, why not allow the North to be independent and down the line be responsible for the consequence of their action to their posterity. I for one who keep traveling throughout Malawi know that there is no Region or District which has got an advantage over the other. If the North believes they have the capacity to develop their region/new country, give them a chance and if some districts don’t want, let them also say it. This is the healthy way to go other than fearing the Harry Mkandawires and the Rev. Ngwiras who are always militant.

    Now DPP

  3. I can see several beneficeries of quota system failing to figure out what is highlighted in the story. We have people in Malawi who have built houses in other countries and Malawi is independent of those countries but no single individual has come to say your houses should be removed to where you originate. You also have several people working abroad which means your South, Central & North will be our abroad. We are just waiting to vote on referendum.

  4. mwiko says:

    Livingstonia synod does not speak for north Malawi neither does ntemi kyungu. They should together with all sober minds be focusing on the issues that have triggered tthe call for the federation.

  5. Jordan Chikoti says:

    Calls for Federal System of govt or leting north to stand alon as a country can not be a solution for the current political cricis. I feel that the best way is to address the causative agent for these calls.If the causative agent is the issue of quota,tribalism,nepotism,an unequal distribution of resources ,then why can’t we take appropriate measures for these problems?.let us be one when we are both in Malawi and in diaspora.

  6. zandiwawa says:

    atumbuka makape kazikamangani kwanu manyumba abwino kwanu mkwanu

    1. Wiseman says:

      This only shows how empty you are in the head. First the issue is not about Atumbuka constructing houses in South or Centre, its about National development and equal opportunities not personal issues. Houses are built using personal money but National Development uses government resources. It only shows how empty you are that you cannot even understand the debate no wonder you are cryi g very hard for qouta system cause you can’t compete on merit. I doubt if you even went through the corridors of the University, I really doubt.

  7. Njanji says:

    Too much nepotism in the Mtharikas governments. The issue of quota system only set to deal with the northerners. stupid. mayeso ndi amozi musiyanisa bwanji masankhidwe? Zimatipweteka.

  8. Wawa Phumisa says:

    There is a deviation here. Put simpler, a problem is rearing its ugly face here. When you deviate from God’s ways, problems become the order of the day. In God’s eyes, we are equals. If we were guided by this principle, issues of federalism and whatever you call it, would not have been bothering us. The Mutharikas have brought in Malawi serious nepotism that has never been known before. Even during the reign of Kamuzu Banda, we used to have many ministers from the north. Bakili and Joyce Banda had many northerners in their respective cabinets. Bingu and Pitala have problems not only with the northerners but also with the people of central region. Ladies and gentlemen, Malawi is increasingly becoming a fragmented nation. Watch out!!!

  9. Chigadula says:

    If we had credible elections during the May 2014, we would probably have elected into government, visionary leadership that would act as a unifying catalyst to correct inevitable divisions that normally follow general elections. There is interesting terminology in information technology which says GIGO= Garbage In Garbage Out. You normally get out what you have put in. We put into power a government (DPP) that probably does not see anything wrong in permeating tribalism and ethnicity. Hence, the current surge of redeployment of parastatal and foreign postings in government positions. The acceleration of the quota system etc. How does one explain the whole secondary school located in the North not having a single student from the same North selected into Form one?! You plant division you reap it. You plant unity you reap just that. The DPP government is fast letting slip out of their hand, an opportunity to unite the country by belligerent political behaviour. The current government leadership appears to be timid in tackling head on the practices that have brought about the current debate. Instead, at least it appears to me, they are fast forwarding actions that are turning clockwise events that are perpetuating hatred and national disunity. O LORD have mercy!

  10. Life says:

    Man is an interesting creature. At this point, it is North versus South/Center. When the North secedes, another battle will begin, Tumbuka versus Tonga. Another secession debate will ensue, with Nkhatabay and Mzimba seeking to become independent and so will the trend run, until, every family becomes an independent entity. No one can claim that being a Lhomwe at this point benefits you because President is a Lhomwe. Seriously, apart from the “pride” of your president being Lhomwe, how are all the Lhomwe’s benefiting? Life is a battle that can only be won at an individual level. With hard work and creativity backed by the desire to gain God’s pleasure, an individual can live a satisfied life. For sure, this whole debate is orchestrated by people who are ready to use the poor masses in order to benefit individually, thus attain leadership position. You see, its all what kind of game one can play to gain something. It is not about Northerners as a whole. The North has more than 15 tribes. Are you going to clone a composite of the 15 in order to have an individual who will represent all tribes, how many years of rotation will go until each tribe is given a chance to rule? What mechanism will you use to achieve that. The truth is, if its going to be democratic, then at least one tribe that is in majority will dominate and another cycle of secessions will begin. Welcome to the world of democracy.

  11. Change chathu says:

    We need sober debate. Empty tins get easily agitated. Quota System ndi Need Support Policy. The best 10 of Blantyre is not the 10 best of Balaka & the list goes on. Let us reason constructively, imagine Blantyre has 30 students that have 15 points below & Thyolo has 5 students with same points meaning 10 will above 15. Here am talking of real points thus killing Blantyre. Quota is a very mediocre policy which cannot be compared to Boer policy bcoz we did not colonise Malawi. Infact read papers learners are in initiation ceremonies in Mangochi now. Is that caused by Northerners? Ur culture is & was the cause of backwardness in Education thus gospel truth

  12. Ojeoffrey says:

    Tumbukas are crooks. For center and south to handle them smartly, let them go out completely by secession. If they succeed with feuderalism then south and center will be slaves for this nepotistic tribe. They will be enjoying resources from north for themselves and again they will be fighting for resources from south and center. Take it from the Tumbukas will be using their own resources and they will fight for colleges in south and center until they produce their last drop of blood. Becuase nepotistic complainants from tumbukas its by blood. Look at history of Malawi and Tumbukas selfish demand from government. They never get satsfied at all. If tumbukas were to be a kind of animal species then southa nd center could have allowed it to go into extinction.

    Please do not allow Tumbukas to feudarise Malawi but they should secede from Malawi. In the coming referendum for this debate should be based on WHETHER TUMBUKA SHOULD SECEDE FROM MALAWI OR NOT. And APM should allow these useless northerners to vote for themselves. Difinately the result will be a complete carbon copy of their fellow useless Scots . APM just work up one morning and announce this. Every Tumbuka will be shocked because thesmall tumbukas who schooling in south and center will go home upon secession as it was in south Sudan.

    Free advice to all Tumbukas if you free that you are being vitimised tribalistically, try a simple way of freeing yourself by going back home. You are not Israelites who have no home of origin. You have your home north with clear border lines at Jenda. In your such discussion do not discuss anything which has to do with feuderalism no but total secession from Malawi. So that you should solve your problem once and for all for yourselves and your children. How long will south and center be uncomfort with your strange national demand? Leave center and south in peace.

    I am a Chewa and at first it appeared that it was a fight between you Tumbukas and the Lomwe and I was unparticipative. But now it shows that Tumbukas you are going too far where you are not supposed to. Watch out Center is not interested and we not part of you.We better support as we are familiar in our cultures.Just look at our culture ( soouth and center only) the way we communicate, the way our names are-almost we use the same names, level of our thinking etc, the way prayers go in churches, the national language we use.

    1. mboma says:

      idiot, tell me who started the issue of secession?????? its north 2 months ago why is ur mathanyula failing to allow refenderum for north to be a country?????????????????????????????????????? how i have known that u are an idiot, because u think only north is in south and cneter, north keeps around 300,000 tobbaco tenants, vendors, gardeners, mind u u are our farming slaves my bro , the people who work in our farms are southerners, but the people who work in BT are managers what a difference of classes here!!!!!!secession is long over due but why has mutharika delayed anouncing secession referendum dates????????????????????

      1. Inu says:

        Using derogatory language does not make you smart mboma. why don’t you just debate the issues? the fastest way to losing a debate is to be emotional. It does not matter how many tenants are in the north, now does it? Be careful of also what you wish for. The central and south have been neutral all along and we have discussed these issues about nepotism by the northerners but it has just ended up in discussions. But since you have unleashed the beast, I do not think people from the south and central will just remain quiet. Look at how many have started commenting here. I just hope that you will be able to deal with the impacts of this change. People from central region and south also prefer than you guys secede other than than having federation because that will be a temporary solution since after ten years when you feel that you are not getting what you want you will start making noise again and disturbing development process. So go for secession. Demand nothing less but secession.

  13. MUNTHU NDINU says:


  14. Namacherenga says:

    The Northerners should just secede, osati za federation zo ai. Mukusintha bwanji? Mukufuna mudzidzatikwanabe? Tatopa nanu. Please pack and leave the Southern Region; you cannot eat your cake and have it too, you know.

  15. Let Quotra rule says:

    If we agree that quota system is good then everything else should be based on quota system including how we share economic resources. But doing that = federal system.

  16. Ineyo says:

    From the views that are appearing here it seems people are emotion about the issue. Most of the criticism is falling on regional/tribal lines[I agree with No. 13]. I should presume that we need more understanding on this animal “federalism or secession” so that we can meaningfully contribute without point a finger at each others tribe. I rest my case.

  17. Redeemed says:

    The Mpotans are being rediculous and devious to perceve other ethnic groups as dull, blood suckers and retard. frankly, Mpotas are the reason why other ethnic groups are academically demotivated due to minimal employment opportunity chances. Mpotans represent Boers in RSA who perceive a black man as dull, low life as a monkey, that is why when ANC took over power, it introduced Black Economic Empowerment programme which aimed to economically empower a black man, and guess what, the very same Boers who have continuously enjoyed the economic freedom at the expense of a black man are crying a foul, because they have been proved to be not so smart as they made everyone believe. Similarly the Mpotans are regarded as the most superior because they deter others the oppotunity to realize their full potential by minimising their chances of empoyment.

    Another myth is that Mpotans have a reduced child births as compared to other ethinic groups, this is unfound allegation because in most of Mpotans house holds, there is an average of five children excluding the extended family members let alone the fact that a population of Mpotans living in Central and South outnumbers those remaining in Mpoto who are contemplating to flock to Central and South as soon as the opportunity avail.
    Inconclussion, if the government is forced to cede Mpoto, figuratively the greed Mpotans are the ones to receive the end of the stick while the real victims of tribalism in South and Central will finally be economically liberated, so think again, don’t let your emotions emanate from greed and empty pride crowd your judgement. I doubt you can stand the concequences of your impulsive mantality.

    1. mboma says:

      thats not true that population ya northerners who are in south and center is more than northerners resident there, what a joke, i would say there are around 270,000 northerners in south and center regions and north has 1.3 million northerners resident in north!!!!!!!! which economy can push entire 1. 5 million northerners to move south and center?????? southerners are failing to find jobs even in their own teritory

    2. MUNTHU NDINU says:


  18. Charles says:

    Let fedralism to roll, so all notherners will move to nothern and ubale udzathera pommpo will be no mercy we are proud to be Souteners and with our South we are contennted

  19. Wilrad says:

    We will go for it, regardless of the opinion of Kyungu and Nyondo.

    WE are free even to go and join Tanzania if that will set us free from the stifle grip of these vampires

  20. Mjumacharo says:

    A good counterjab job from the columnist. We need ordinary people the voters to decide not chiefs, not religious clerics. Federalism panthazi for Malawi.
    Insults against Northerners will just galvanise them further musadabwe otukwana inu ndi khalidwe lanu kuyambira kale.

  21. @ Gogode is Kazombo or Menyani from the north? Tell ur president to leave tho north alone.Why is he waisting time to give the northerners what they want?Mbuli ya 30 points idzipita ku university pamene wina wa 12 kumusiya.Shame on u pple.

  22. I dont how these tenants will survive in southern region.Kukhala kukuta mano ndi njala.

  23. KUKHALA says:



    A battle of wits: Alhomwe versus Atumbuka…today alhomwe scooping the leadership post twice atumbuka akungoyionelera game..sakupuma bwino iyayi..pano Nkhaboss kulibeko mtumbuka and maphunzisi onse akapanga zibwana tiapatsa ma transfers apite ku community..lero alhomwe akuone amzeru atumbuka zikutumbwe..secession or no secession munya atumbuka inu..I have no problems sharing a life with a yao or a chewa–coz zathu nzimodzi..koma osati inu ambwenumbwenu! Kadzipitani kwanu kumpotoko!

  25. james says:

    Northern region is feeding the whole country, northern region is educating the whole country…..(facts).
    we need to be on our own……..why are you so worried with the northern independence?

    let us rule ourselves and see who will be a victim at the end…….You rely on northerners in everything, be it education, food, tobbacco, almost everything………dats why u r against fedralism.

    1. drakes says:

      A very big lie, and a misconception. Northern region is feeding Malawi in what way? three quarter of the Arable land is used for Tobacco Estates, in Nkhata bay they grow kondowole and most of the land is bush and wild forests. Please do your research properly and put correct facts here. Please also check your facts on the number of educated people holding positions. You are just intoxicated with the History of 1950,60/70’s where most educated people were from the North because of the Livingstonia Synod establishment of Schools in the North and many educated teachers came from the North and were leaders in Education sector and yours truly writing this article grandfather is a product of Livingstonia Synod Laudon Embangweni. Things have Changed my brother check your statistics of qualified Accountants, Engineers and many other professional fields you will be shocked. Please dont turn back the hands of time and lets learn to live in reality.

      1. mboma says:

        ok then why do u still complain of north dominance 50 yrs after independence?????????? everyday u complain of northerners dominating if u have catched up on school why did bingu bring quota system just in 2009 zanzana lomweli angulu inu, why did kamuzu bring quota in 1988 if the statistics he is saying are for 1950,60????? where were u then to be outsmarted by them??????????????????????????? why u do complain that northerners have build big mansions in namiwawa, nyambade, sunny side , is it just economic bitterness or what?????????????????????????? who sold them those plots???????????? why does north largest number of tobbaco tenants up north north has around 300,000 vendors, tenants house maids all of them are imported from south, most northerners in south and center are in skilled jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Chikutumbwe says:

    nO TUMBUKA AT nKHATA sECONDARY SCHOOL. nOW tUMBUKAS ARE BECOMING DULL AND THE LOMWES ARE BECOMING WISE. Ndikumva kukoma bwanji? DJ wa Ndirande anglican choir nyimbo.

  27. Ogode ogode says:

    All the northerners, must pack their belongings and go back to north for good. I mean any Mtumbuka who is working in south or center must pack and return to own land. All those small Tumbukas who are schooling and colleging here in south and center must leave our college. Go Go go go go back home. You can have your seccession with referendum or fighting anybody. Fools. Who have arrested you. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOWi DONT WHAT SWEET MALAWI WE ARE GOING TO HAVE?

  28. Master says:

    when there is a hatrade against north, south and center regions unite to fight their number one enemy(northerner), because they feel that north has stolen jobs, imagine 50 years after independence 14 million dont sleep because of small 1 million people from north, imagine south and center complain that they dont have jobs because of a northerner, the issue is why have they failed to find jobs the past 50 years??????????? if a northerner has managed to dominate employment sector the past 50 years under different govts, kamuzu, 31 yrs, muluzi 10 yrs, bingu 7 yrs then indeed he is smart, i mean how do u remain clever in all such political govts up now?????? this can only be summarised as being smart here, i mean how have they managed to get trained in UNIMA colleges the past 50 years in dominance and yet all such varsities are in south and cneter?????????????????? Malawi as a country has produced very funny outcomes which now we are seeing its effects, where were the owners of south and center not to be in their own varsities the past 50 years?????????????????? it is very interesting that the northerners have never ruled this country ever-since, what happened for the country to have such economic disparity in the past 50 years?????????????? very interesting that the same north first had its university in 1999, but the past 50 years nothing and not even tarred roads, i mean how do such northerners build big mansions in Namiwawa, nyambadwe, sunny side, BCA, area 10, 12 47, 43 when the owners of the land build their houses, in machinjiri, makheta, ntandire, bangwe, ndilande?????????? who sold those lands to northerners to build such mansions in such low density areas such as namiwawa on their own teritorry?????? who sold them such land?????? if they can manage to build such mansions in LL, BT and force owners of the land to sell their plots to them, then i dont blame northerners, i blame those who sold them the plots!!!!!!!! infact this is a clear evidence that they can indeed clear that bush up north when they become a country!!! what i have learnt here is u cannot be rich even if political power comes from ur village!!!!!! am convinced here that at personal level development or per capita GDP north is indeed better off!!!!!! let north secede!!!!! if u are poor u are poor whether north secede from south and center, the povelty of southerners and centrallers will not end because north is now independent, tumbukas have beaten on that and indeed they are smart here, i mean how do expalin the dominance of tumbukas in a national team yet north doesnt even have a national staidum????????? how do u explain dominance of national netball team when north doesnt even a nice netball facility there?????????? south and central people, povelty will end because u have shown total commitment to poverty reduction, and not because leader comes from ur village, northerners have proved u wrong on that!!!!!!!! even now burindians, indians, pakistanis, have become filthy rich in the same land south and center regions which southerners and centrallers complain of failing to find jobs, i think they are to blame wokha(southerners, centrallers) now the hate against north is understandable, its economic bitterness by southerners and centrallers who are just waking up from slumber, mtumbuka is clever, this word is for the strong, u have to be agressive in life, muyisova, let north secede, if we can be such succesfull in ur land the past 50 yrs what will stop us excelling when north is a country????????? nyika republic woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Inu says:

      That is where you are wrong my friend. As people from the central, we have thought of Malawi as Malawi and Malawians as Malawians and not tribe first. but since you have started this, see how it will end and whether you will like the ending. You think that people from the centre and South will miss you? The problem is that you have been lied to by your parents that people from other regions hate you because you are smart. That is just a plain lie. We do not like you because you are nepostic. That is a fact. I am chewa, i dont hate ngonis, yaos senas and i do not even hate Tumbukas. I just dont like the nepotism that comes with Tumbukasm

      1. mboma says:

        sukuyankha zomwe ndanena zoba iwe, blame those who sold us the plots, people have mansions in germany, USA , canada france and yet they are not citizens of such countries, so what is BT, LL????????????? dont cheat us that southerners and central people look malawi as one, they wouldnt be showing their bitterness here to say northerners build houses in south and center, infact northerners are the one who build across the board meaning the they take malawi as one idiot iwe mlomwe, they have houses in their village, central and southern region ku namiwawa kwanuko mumati ku location thats where we build, its just a stupid stereotype that u have, that minority people cant progress in life, and i must say that the smalll north have challenged u!!!!

        1. Inu says:

          I am half Chewa and half Ngoni by the way so I come from the central region. what is buying plots to do with the issue here? I have written about nepotism. I have worked in many NGOs and sat on many interview panels with my colleagues from the north and the agenda is only one. Take more from the north. In some cases, thankfully to God, the plot has failed to materimaterialize. There are people like Osbin Fulirwa at Plan and he ahs been around severaNGOs, a very nepotistic guy. His goal is to Tumukalize every institution.

          You think you guys you are being smart. You know that what you have started people from the other regions will pause and starting asking hard questions and the end result you guys will be in hot soup. But I also know what you want and that is to run to the western world and seek asylum on the basis that you are being persecuted in Malawi. If you want to leave abroad permanently, you can do that by having a skill that they want. You will not even need to apply for asylum.

          1. mboma says:

            and u dont tell us that for centrall region voting for MCP only since 1994 is not be nepotistic, regionalistic, tribalistic and u dont tell us that since the coming of democracy, the southerners have never voted for a candidate outside south and that is not nepotistic, regionalistic, tribalistic my bro, b objective, we area tribalistic nation Mr INU, the fact that people dont talk much how nepotistic ur voting pattern has been the past 23 years doesnt mean u are not, u are protected by ur numbers hence simumawonekela, but the truth is central region has alwez supported chewas in elections, southerners have alwez supported their own idiots in elections and u dont call that regionalistic, tribalistic, nepotistic, what type of analysis is that???????????????????????

    2. etta says:

      master ndiwe kape ndiumbwenumbwebu wakowo kodi olo ukuti atumbuka amanga nyumba mmalo like area10,47,namiwawa ndiye pali kupusa kwanuko osakamanga ku mzuzu or mzimba bwanji kuti mutukule kwanuko?mudzisiyatu mukamamka ku nyika kwanu kutchileko kapena mulongedza nyumbazo agalu inu anthu okuda biiiiiiiii

    3. Jendayekha says:

      Master you have said it all but we are dealing with people who cannot accept facts because what they have known from time immemorial is break dance (Gulewamukulu), Jando, Chinamwali, Chikamwani etc. Just to add on a bit that Northerners are smart and they are no march, 70% of Malawian professionals working in diaspora are Northerners, why? it is because they are smart and they refuse that their destiny cannot be dictated by idiots who believe that Quota System is the only way they can out smart Northerners. This is 21 first century and computer age unfortunately these haters, idiots wants all of us to continue living like them in stone age beliefs of Chikamwini.

  29. Nyapapi says:

    Awo ndi maganizo a mtumbuks


    Why is it only the Northerners that are worried about quota system? Mwagwa naye, shupit.

  31. I do fully agree that we the Northerners will be the best loosers. Our leaders who joined pp from other parties thought that the 2014 elections will be a rubber stamp for pp gvt hence to the contrary. Now 4months gone you want to change gvt systm?Tzn

  32. Phiri says:

    When the synod was against the quota system, you agreed with them and you said they are representing the people. Now that they do not agree to your ideas, you want them to stop?

  33. bbk fame says:

    This is like a thorn on the flesh. Why today you devils, where have you been all this time? This is why you don’t rule this country. look at the history of this country, who started it all, you shall see that they are the people from the south talk of the Sangalas, then the centre the likes of Dr. Banda and then it went back to the south again, The Muluzis and the Muthalikas. Chakufwa tested the waters on leadership but fail cause of the same mind sets you the northerners do have. Don’t twist our head by what you so called federalism. No sense at all.

  34. Ma says:

    tHIS kHYUNGU AND Levi Nyondo SHOULD NOT PRETEND THAT THEY REPRESENT THE NORTHERNERS, MAY BE POTI NONSE NDINU AKU Karongand Chitipa you represent those two districts DONT cpombine Mzimba in this dyera. Wena Rumphi imwe na Karonga, na Chitipa ndimwe wakutemwa ndalama chomene …munyinu munyakhe uyo akakhumba kuguriska chalu si ni Khauli Musiska??? Livingstonia Synod yati yayamba kudangililika na munthu wakuchitipa LEVI NYONDO IT BECAME SO DISIVE SO MUCH SO THAT Livingstonia church planted churches in the centre and today the same Livingstonia is saying we are better together as anation BUT NOT AS A CHURCH? If you Livingstonia nad NKHOMA are not together what are you bulshit so called pastors saying here.? Who told you federalism is division? Its the same people you told us Multiparty ndi Nkhondo and today akudyerera multiparty ndani?

    Just because of mk2m basi you sale your birth right??? Imwe wa Chipofya, Wanyondo , WaKhyungu mitu yinu yikukora imwe namunyinu Chikulamayembe chimwamowa uyu??? soni zimukorani. Vuto la Mafumu aku Mpoto ndi Livingstonia is kuzimva kuti they know everything,,,NO ACTUALLY YOU KNO NOTHING AS YOU PRETEND TO.

    1. Indoda isizibonela, says:

      ey,I come from mzimba,pure ngoni,but dont generalize the northen districts you have mentioned to be accused as such,please i know you are a centraller but please dont bring in your church boundary issue into this,we northeners are one,dont ever try to seperate us and you can not manage,and a northener can not be as sick in the head as you are,Kyungu and Nyondo dont represent karonga and chitipa respectively,we want federalism or secession,period!

  35. Jabulosi, you are right. But let me educate you. Two thirds of the people who have stolen money from the government coffers are the people from the north. Read the cashgate report and names of people so far arrested because of the same issue.

    So, you want to tell the nation that people from the North started stealing money from government coffers in order to frustrate the government because Goodall was fired from his cabinet position? Shame on you!

  36. chefourpence says:

    i agree with the author! this indeed is 1994 in the making….Rwanda in 1994. Guess who will be deducted?

  37. Openya Zipenyani says:

    Koma atumbuka muli pantchito chifukwa cha dyera. Muvutitsa ana anu osalakwa. Which schools are they going to attend and which houses in the north are they going to sleep in and which universities are they going to attend? By the end of all this, which ever way it goes, the northerner shall be the biggest loser.

    1. choka iwe!!!!!!! ovutika ndiwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tikamanga manyumba ena wamva!!!!!!!!!! tikusiilani zimanyumbazo !!!!!!!!!!!!! we will start on a clean slate!!!!!!!!!!!! we will have boma lopanda ngongole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! khalani ndi ka malawi ka pinyoloka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ngongole zilitho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! munya

    2. Steve Tambala says:

      Openya, you say atumbuka dyera, let them be on their own then. You also be on your own.

  38. Hzwyzj says:

    Please you synod don’t talk on behalf of us and you should not make yourself as God who is there to judge. You are only representatives all CCAP members and not for every Northerner as you wish to be. Don’t be fooled by politicians by receiving brown envelopes from Vuwa Kaunda. Are you CCAp Livingstonia reverends happy with form 1 selection of Nkhata Bay sec school? The referendum will set all of us free from this nonsense of this APM government.

    1. John says:

      Um, as much as i agree with you on the point that the CCAP should put words in our mouths, the referendum wont set us free either UNLESS IT IS ONLY DONE BY THE PEOPLE OF THE NORTH, and not combining our votes with that of the other regions who have had massive sex over the years than their populations are at the same level as China and Japan.

  39. Zomba Banda says:

    No 1, there is no such divisive consequences with federalism, Every one is going to use the same Malawi passports, there is no issue of work permits and every 1 has the right to live in any state he wants, be it central or South. Read more on federalism and that’s why people need to be sensitized to know what they are voting for

    Its embarrassing for a learned individual like No 1 failing to understand the consequences of federalism, hahahahahahahah

  40. Philosopher says:

    a Journalist cannot speak for the north, a church can not speak for the north, a newspaper cannot speak for the north, a political party can not speak for the north, a professor cannot speak for the north, a political analyst cannot speak for the north, donors cannot speak for the north, Malawi cannot speak for the north, a radio station can not speak for the north, chiefs can not speak for the north, an activist can not speak for the north and i can not speak for the northh

  41. nikisi says:

    The media is wrong to suggest that federalism is only called by the north. I dont know why the call by the centre and east region is being paid a blind eye by members of the press. please be fair to all in covering news. This is a common cause.

    1. Inu says:

      Because that is the truth. Have you seen any activism in the central region or south for federalism. Ther are many chewa tribes in the south. Why would the central want to take that path? Dont you see gule in the south? Federalism/secession is an animal of the north. Whether that will satisfy the needs of the north north, no one can tell but what I know is that this is awakening the dead people from the central and south. This will backfire on the people from the north, dont ask me how. I know most who comment here are also in diaspora so they dont give it so much thought and resolt to romanticising a serious issue.

      1. EFF Member says:

        Thanks man, I am on my way to Malawi and just because these people dont want to accept DPP, this has made me join DPP with full force something that I never thought I will do just because I believe in business.

        1. Chalume says:

          Inu osati mwatha ma plan kunjako? Ndiye mwayamba kuganizira kuti mudzikatani kumudzi? Of course, your solution is joining DPP.

      2. Man says:

        I have just realised that people from the south and central were raised with umunthu principle which was love one another but people from the north were raised with wakwithu syndrome.

        1. mboma says:

          the poorest people in malawi come from south because of that large population which is not even productive,southerners are our farming slaves, check the people who work for us in tobbaco estates, all tenants come from south, my only worry is when north secede, who will be our farming slaves, when people come from south heading thengereland to work as tenants just know there is a problem , infact lomwes dominate that list of tenants, housemaids, gardeners!!! do u call that humility???????????????????????????????????????? koma

  42. zigubu says:

    We will stay in the south or centre amwenye amakhala bwanji we will have passports. Zogulitsa manyumba muyiwale

  43. Kanyimbi says:

    Hahahahahahahah!KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Koma abale? Basi ndilowe kuuna kwada.

  44. Cashgate 1 says:

    Vuto la a Kyungu awa amazimva kwambiri. He thinks he is very knowledgeable than anyone, that’s why he always run Karonga DCs office as his office. He thinks everyone should agree to his ideas, which In reality is not. If he is better by being paid off, then it could be wise for him just to spend what he has been given and let people decide on their own.

    1. Inu says:

      So how will federalism change this?

  45. MKWAPU says:


  46. chekambewa says:

    well articulated keep on preaching them the gospel

  47. Mufwa says:

    Don’t nuisance us. What we should do is to mobilize all people who come from the North to immediately leave South and Central Regions for their home land of milk and honey “Northen Malawi”. They must develop their area and work them without interference from people from neither the South nor Central Regions.

    Similarly, people who came from the South and Central who are living and working in the Northern Malawi should immediately leave the country and come back to their home country South or Central and work there.

    In no time, each country should introduce different passports for the three countries of Malawi and when crossing the border of another country, people mus show their identities and work they want to work in another country whether in the South Malawi, Central Malawi and/or Northern Malawi, the citizens of a foreign country must apply for a Working Permit to be approved or rejected by the relevant government authority.

    This is how we can sort out this so called federalism once and for all. No referendum. Just follow we I have suggested. Period.

    1. Jabulosi says:

      MCP under Kamuzu did the same, What did they achieve??? Apart from education standards tumbling, thieving and corruption became rampart up to this day!!!! Govt. is now failing to arrest the situation. What about when Goodall was dropped from cabinet as finance minister in 2009??? MK92 Billion cashgate to May 2012 and MK13 Billion cashgate to Sept. 2012. THIS ALONE SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!!!!

      1. Stabilo says:

        Malawians believe lies when they are repeated several times. MK92 billion is audit qerry abale. Audit qerries are part of the process and not final outcomes!

        1. United Party says:

          Seems you know nothing about audit. How does a query come about? There wouldn’t be a query if all was done as intended. Taking your thinking, do you believe cash gate is the final outcome? The same audit query if followed will lead to some people being prosecuted.

    2. Active private solder says:

      And what is preventing you northeners from doing that? Daily making noise as if the issue that involves a few failed northen politicians involves the rest of the country too. if Chihana was made second VP would you have been barking daily as you are doing? Neither the police nor the army will prevent you from moving north and becoming independent. Athu akudya phenembe inu, mxiii too much selfishness.

    3. MMALAWI says:

      Let me correct the author and Mufwa. The MCP government sent every teacher to teach in his/her region of origin:not just the northerners. Mufwa needs to be educated on what federalism means: states coming together to form a federation. The member states have some degree of autonomy whilst ceding some authority to the federal government. All the states use the same passports, currency, police and defence forces. So you won’t need a passport or a work permit to move to, or work in another state

      1. F kajera wa kajera says:

        Teach them sense. They are just barking hatred stories because that is what they know and practice best. What is their identity. Ours is proud TUMBUKAS. We are united and not ashamed of that. We are indirect rulers of this country and now we want to change the political administrative landscape for you all to reliarise and achieve your potential.

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