Court blast Super League of Malawi: Ordered to hear Dedza grievances

The High Court in Lilongwe  has faulted lack of seriousness and lack of administrative as well as   professionalism of Super League of Malawi  (Sulom) , saying that is the main cause of stand-off of the flagship league’s play-offs.

Judge Charles Mkandawire: Sulom casual approach condemened

Judge Charles Mkandawire: Sulom casual approach condemened

Dedza Young Soccer obtained  an injunction at the High Court in Lilongwe in a case where the club is contesting play-offs meant to identify the 16th team to play in the Super League.

On Tuesday Justice Charles  Mkandawire in his ruling ordered Sulom to hear Dedza Young Soccer’s grievances but did not vacate the injunction.

The judge blasted Sulom for what he said  a “ briefcase administration” body which lacks professionalism  “full of conflicting messages” and “half truths.”

He said in his ruling:”Having looked at the documents that have been attached to the affidavits especially some of the letters which originates from the General Secretary of the respondent (Sulom) with conflicting messages, one sees a brief case administration with half truths.”

Justice Mkandawire said it is clear that is Sulom properly handled the appeal lodged by Dedza Young Soccer on 24th March  in a “casual approach” which the matter would not have reached the standoff  it is right now.

“Mr Innocent Bottomani who is the highest office of the body, confirmed that Dedza indeed appealed against the decision to hold a round robin play offs.”

The Judge noted that  Botomoni informed  that Sulom wrote Football Association of Malawi (FAM) and FAM confirmed that the play-off should be the way out but the Sulom president did not even explain whether the appeals committee sat and what decision it had made.

Justice Mkandawire quashed argument by Sulom legal representative, Shadreck Mhango who argued that Dedza Young Soccer didn’t follow the appeals procedures as they never paid appeal fee.

The court has since ordered Sulom that it should hear the appeal lodged by Dedza Young Soccer .

“I find that the best solution in this matter is to allow for the extension of the injunction that I had granted on March 16 2016.  I order that the respondent should hear the appeal lodged by the applicant using competent authority as per the Sulom statute,” said the Judge.

It ordered that that the outcome of the appeal will determine the road map of the case and further reminds Sulom that it should be mindful that soccer lovers are anxiously waiting and the sooner they hold the appeal the better.

Dedza Young Soccer obtained the injunction because Sulom and FAM were unjust by refusing to listen to their case.

Club general secretary Harold Mmora said they followed the normal channel, but they were not given a chance to be heard.

The general secretary said they were left with no choice after FAM also gave them a cold shoulder.

The club argues that it was supposed to be reinstated as the 16th team because it finished on 13th position just a step below the relegation zone.

Sulom general secretary Williams Banda said they would respect the court’s ruling.

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14 thoughts on “Court blast Super League of Malawi: Ordered to hear Dedza grievances”

  1. komatu zaonekadi kuti ku mpira kulibe malamulo kuli chabe ndondomeko zosokonokela zoyendetsera mpira kukanakhala kuti kuli malamulo bwenzi milandu yonse ikuweluzidwa ngakhale mmakhoti.Nchifukwa chakenso Madzi Nyamilandu adalowanso pampando chifukwa chogwiritsa umbuli wakumpira DEDZA YOUNGSOCCER WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 2016/2017 SUPERLEAGUE MAanyazi onse amene akuganiza kuti Dedza ikapotilira ndiye kuti Dr J Z U Tembo wawina izi ndizampira koma langizo pangani malamulo pochokera mmalalamulo a dziko kuti aKhoti azitengapo mbali mosakondela!mbuli zonse manyaziiiiiiiiiiii

  2. DOBO says:

    I clearly saw it coming. I mean this kind of judgement by this high learned judge. FAM just like its mother body, FIFA is characterized by corruption, wrong decisions, unfairness and injustices behind rule that football matters cannot be taken to conventional courts. This rule should be abused and be taken as a tool to oppress others or making wrong decisions. This rule implies that football matters should be run on clear and straight written rules known to each participants. The problem here is FAM and it deserves punishment because of its maladministration. FAM, in the first place, must compensate all the teams involved in the playoffs and officially apologise to Dedza on behalf of senseless SULAM. BRAVO judge Mkandawire. Your ruling is a lesson to FAM and FIFA who think they are beyond reach from the arm of Justice. US Justice system started it on Blatter. Where is he now?

  3. Brown says:

    I am very sorry with every developments in Malawi including football. It seems most of adminstrators lacks proffessionlism why? Because they are being corrupted by corruption. Hence retarded developments, no progress in our football. Please give a chance to Dedza young soccer as young as they are. FAM! SULOM! Calm down and be sober minded when excuting these things mwatani kodi? Nthawi zonse kuchedwetsa zinthu, fast truck please with prudunce, we are living in a fast world.

  4. MTALIMANJA says:


  5. Bamani says:

    I hate Nyamilandu, Botomani, suzgo, Jangale and the rest of these dogs. Shatapu pachakuti panu

  6. soko says:

    Bwana sulom ndi fam,r u serious? What ur doing will be part of ur profile.pangakhalitse ziganizo zanuzi zidzakuweruzani .khulupilileni. Ngati simukuganiza zapatsogolo chabwino.

  7. Observer says:

    I see an emotional contribution from # 5 (Golo) who seem to be either a member of or follower of this ‘briefcase administration’. Every sane person who has followed the developments, would agree that the conduct of both SULOM and FAM has been to abuse the rules that prohibit taking football matters to conventional courts. If indeed Dedza is wrong, why is it that they have the backing of the High Court?

    FAM and SULOM need to keep the wheels of justice running efficient enough within themselves if the so called FIFA rules will apply, otherwise, trust me the courts will always provide relief to the aggrieved parties

    Remember the injunction is still there and the courts will only vacate it only if Sulom and FAM has acted fairly and justly

  8. John says:

    kandawire ntchito muli kugwira kale. wonani na ise kufika pano. vilekeni Ivo chonde.

  9. chinkhuku says:

    being an under dog doesn’t mean not to be heard. Bravo judge. brief case administration!!!!!!!!

  10. golo says:

    At the end of the day the play offs still need to be conducted.Dedza was relegated among other teams which were relegated.They have no right to claim they are a Super League side when they were relagated from the top flight league. They have been given a second chance to get back into Super League because of an additional slot which has been put into the league. That slot has to be competed for by all teams which were relegated. I don’t see them why they are acting like cry babies. This rule of play offs has been created to provide a fair chance to all teams which were officially and I repeat officially relegated.Each league has its own rules and SULOM has every right to act in the way they are doing.

  11. Chendawaka says:

    Walter and Sulom have to resign basi these Sepp Blater followers have spiling and damaging Malawi football,
    imagin, Dedza has started from the scratch and then into the superleague just like Lester city also the first district to manage into the top league osapemphapempha. but Y!Y! i koma amalawi sanje like this do we think Malawi national team can win… NO!! NO!.

    Bravo Judge Mkandawire.

  12. Mbuya says:

    They need to resign

  13. Mpunga says:

    Dedza back into Super league. Back-stabbers have had their dark day. They wanted injustice to rule. Corrupt brutes

  14. wadie says:

    We will play in the super league,not by bribe but because we deserve that

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