Court grants DPP order to freeze Pika ‘cashgate’ account

Lilongwe Magistrate Court has granted an order to Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) on request from Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to temporarily freeze bank accounts of businessperson Pika Manondo, who is one of a suspect in the shooting of Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Manondo: Account frozen

Manondo: Account frozen

Manondo wanted to withdraw cash at First Merchant Bank but he was stopped from cashing on instructions from FIU that there was an order to freeze the account.

When Manondo challenged the bank through his lawyer Ralph Kasambara that there was no such an order, therefore he could be allowed to withdraw cash; the FIU through the top prosecutor went to Lilongwe Magistrate Court where despite a judiciary support staff being on strike, an order was granted to freeze the accounts of Manondo.

Manondo expressed shock with the way the matter has been handled, saying “how can the court sit without clerks and how did the court sit when there is a strike?”

He expressed concerns that the court granted an order without his side heard, saying “I ought to have been heard in the matter in the interest of natural justice.”

Manondo fears he will not get a fair trial.

As part of investigations, police broke into a safe deposit box at First Merchant Bank (FMB) belonging to Manondo where they retrieved US$184 000 (about K75 million) in cash.

Manondo has maintained that he will testify what he knows about the shooting of Mphwiyo on September 13 2013.

The former National Assembly employee said he left the country through Mchinji border three days after Mphwiyo was shot at the gate of his Area 43 residence and airlifted to South Africa for treatment.

Manondo also threatened to disclose “a powerful cartel” which was beneficiary of the Capital Hill looting.

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43 thoughts on “Court grants DPP order to freeze Pika ‘cashgate’ account”

  1. agalu anjungilanji says:

    from my point of view this manondo took the money and its stupid idea to contest on the matter cos u won at first taking the money now u r loosing.and wat suprises me is that WHY is he saying is gonna disclose something hahahahaha if he had nothing to do wth cashgate?u took the money from gov n hide the very same money to the site where gov controls BAD advise:do it for yourself and family leave the matter find other ways of raisingup your monetary problems

  2. Galu wapananji says:

    Mucyen Manondo adye money! ndalama znayamba kalekale kubedwa. ndi atsogoleli akale!

  3. Decent Citizen says:

    Malawians should stop glorifying thieves if it to develop like other countries.It has created the spirit of laziness among Malawians that to get rich you need to be crooked and connected.Alot of young men and old have fallen into this trap.Making easy money on the expense of the mass suffering.All these crooks needs to rot in jails.

  4. the quencher says:

    Amanondo tindalama timeneto tinakakwana kugulira mankhwala kaya aaaa inutu mufe ndithu


    Udziwaso Pika akutengela madollaz amenewo.

  6. Freck Malunga says:

    Sorry dat Malawians are suffering in de hands of de winked.Pray had please.

  7. Bwana nkubwa says:

    Koma ma guys munalemela mpaka $$$$

  8. Nkasai says:

    If I had a gun,I would use Manondo as my target training practice a shooting range!you stink too much!!

  9. Victor Chidyaonga says:

    Kamuzu anaba,Muluzi anaba,malemu anasolora Mayi wanga ndiye iii Wabwino ndani?Asiyeni anthu

  10. King bwai says:

    My interest: wakuba akaberedwa amadandaula kwambiri, tiyeni nazo ni wina akhala mzanga awonanso

  11. Lawyers says:

    Pika is a thief and cunning. No one understands how he befriended Ralph Kasambara. Ralph was just a good boy at Chancellor College but after winning the Machipisa Munthali case, he went crazy.

  12. Quota system says:

    When should we expect NAC gate cases to start ? 2020 ?

  13. Macbusy macbusy says:

    Malawi has completely gone bad and its abiter place to live in just because of these bad politicians.U are burstard politicians and u must go to hell

  14. Vavlov says:

    Why has it taken this long to freeze the account of suspects in the cashgate. The judiciary is very sleepy. Manondo spill the beans, what are you waiting for, if you have information? These are junior people how did Manondo earn US$184k?

  15. godobaman says:

    manondo chonde usatichimwitse ife wamva

  16. iphani mudye says:

    amangeni amenewo

  17. mpimpa says:

    koma yea!

  18. Malawian too much sleeping mbava nukumaziombela mmanja

  19. Liyaka Bamusi says:

    The first person to be jailed is Peter mathanyula muthalika then the rest will follow.lead by example.You know he is a mbava .Malawians you are very sleepy.You know the truth and yet you are blind folded ma kape .You clearly know muluzi anaba but look he is free no body is talking about that anymore kupusa

    1. Cymru says:

      Liyaka Bamusi, give evidence or details of the theft of the leaders you are mentioning. Malawians are not sleeping but people like you who have the details are not coming in open or exposing how the leaders are stealing. Instead people interpret your outburst here as personal hatred to the people you are recommending to be jailed first. For Pika Manondo there is a case in court and some suspicion of something wrong. For example the millions of Kwacha (thousands of US dollars) in a locker at First Merchant Bank. Please, don’t insult Malawians as sleeping when you people who know the truth are not sharing that information. You should be away that not everybody is in a position to know what the leaders do unless you are close to them.

  20. Richard Pankomera says:

    I am happy to learn that courts are still working!!!

  21. Why always Raphael defending crooks?Law is stupid,wicked,foolish and trickery thats why the ruscals who have studied it very use it to infringe and impimge others.

  22. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Why question action of court? What natural justice? Justice should be to you only. If you were arrested today you could be seeking court bail, you could not say clerks are on strike in courts. Hypocrites!

  23. Abk says:

    I guess the judicial strike is opportunistic in nature, why denying to resume work normally while on the other side granting orders of freezing bank accounts? This clearly means the strike is over, just come open and announce the end, do not cacoonize yourselves. Otherwise there are so many cases waiting.

  24. MKWAPU says:


  25. namatetule says:

    What natural justice?Did you ever think about the people who died in the hospitals for lack of proper care or medication?did you ever think about natural justice when people were left with no salaries for months on wards? Did you ever think about natural justice when university students were learning in questionable environments? Oh ye gods,how when thieves take over and loot,then when they are in a fix they cry foul!!!” You thieves don’t to deserve natural justice,you deserve natural elimination!!!I If it were within my powers,I would just feed you cement so you die and rot in jail!!Only,its not up to me.

  26. Slowly but sure I am getting irritated,

  27. Mbava zimenezo,zigwidwe basi.

  28. PP Propaganda says:

    Ok. Now I got it. It explains it all why cashgaters are sponsoring strikes in Malawi. God is great. You can temporary disable the judiciary, ACB, and many other institutions but not permanently. No matter how long it may take, God will punish you. Kaya cashgate money mukudyere ku Malawi komkuno kaya ku USA but God will punish you evil people because that is not your money.

  29. Hebrews says:

    It is well known that some Cashgate gurus are sponsoring the court strikes so to delay the Cashgate cases. A free advice to everyone who is behind this is that you can run but you can not hide. Secondly no matter how long it takes but the law will find you anytime. Mulandu siumaola. These people know very well that they stole a lot of money. Pika how can you buy over 5 houses in a space of 3 months worthy millions? A mere person like you owning a fleet of cars? A mere person like driving Toyota fortuners? Where did you get the money? Umangidwe basi

  30. Blessing says:

    Mbava zokhazokha , manondo and kasambala , are not the cause for the courts to be on strike? Educated fools men of no moral values .government should have frozen yr accounts long ago

  31. Mathias says:

    Does it mean these idiots were freely allowed to cash our stolen money all this while? Wht a nation ruled by thieves!

  32. Geoffrey Chisalanga says:

    Anyamata amwano owapitsa Mai Malawi zanja mukhamisolo nkusololamo ka khobili komwe anasunga kuti anafe tizidya bwino, mukuyenera kukanthidwa kumene….

  33. Manondo was fired at Parliament because of the same crookedness. The man is a mafia under the guise of business.

  34. Likoma Economist says:

    So all this time (over a year) Pika’s accounts were not frozen! Good Lord please have mercy on us for indeed we do not know what we are doing.

  35. Deficiency Political Party (DPP) says:

    Kodi ndimayesa a court ali pa strike?
    Zuukhala bwa? Mwina judge ndi clerk wina amapangira izo ku nyumba kwawo atawafumbatitsa chi banzi aja akudisha za NAC aja?
    Ndiye muzengenso milandu ya anthu osiyana siyana azaza mdende zoaiyana siyana za mMalawi muno kuti mwina congestion ingacheko.

  36. Patriot says:

    Amafuna akatape misonkho yathu ija?
    Mbava iwe.
    Mpakana K75 million mu safer? In term of dollars?

  37. Gift Kayipa. says:

    Kasambara & Manondo innocent people r suffering nw coz of cash gate

  38. please mrs director do more fast before they use our tax .where were u all this time.mbava za yamba kulira.inu pamene mumaba panali ma clerk strike momwemu akwizingeni.mkaziwe umanena zowona kuti tidikire vs president on be half of my president of Mafap mr Chiwaka igive u acredit.the are the type of pipo we want.

  39. Moya says:

    U people trying to cash stolen money we all know it doesn’t belong to u but the tax payers and donors. Thumbs up to FIU for acting swift. These day time rubbers were trying to use the court strike to their advantage. Are you not the very same people escalating or financing the court the court strike

  40. pac says:

    Mbava iwe asakupase kumene ndalamazo,Malawi is in her needs because of people like you and your friends the kasambaras n amai,u deserve to be in jail

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