Court orders MCP convention within 90 days

High Court of Malawi in Lilongwe has ordered the main opposition, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to hold a convention within 90 days after disgruntled members took the party to court.

Chakwera flanked by MCP membersordered by court to hold extrairdinary convention

Chakwera flanked by MCP membersordered by court to hold extrairdinary convention

Lawyer for the disgruntled members, Wesley Namasala said his clients were not happy with leadership style of party president Lazarus Chakwera whom they accuse of disregarding elected positions in the party and opted to appoint people into positions.

“The judgement clearly says if the convention is not held within 90 days, the Hon Chakwera’s appointed positions in the party are null and void. This means the party will automatically revert to the 2013 elected positions ,” he said.

Namasala said the High Court judgement has not mentioned the issue of cost of the convention which he said means the party should foot all the bills for the extraordinary convention which is provided for in party constitution.

He said Chakwera even created some positions which are not provided for in the party Constitution, saying he just wanted to accommodate  his croonies.

MCP publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila said she had not heard of the ruling and promised to come back after consulting the party leadership.

Namasala said 27 party officials, including regional chairmen and committee directors took Chakwera and the party to court after noticing Chakwera was drifting into dictatorship and was disregarding advice from the party.

He  said the judgement would bring sanity in the country’s oldest party.

Some political commentators had earlier called on Chakwera to ensure intraparty democracy prevails in the main opposition party.

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33 thoughts on “Court orders MCP convention within 90 days”

  1. ME says:

    MCP structures are needed in the South, i suggest that more powers should be invested in the South, otherwise with these disagreements in the party nothing will work out.

  2. jj says:

    ziphiphu , cisokonezo oyambitsa ndi a Dpp kuti asokoneze map nzosatheka chakwera yemweyo kuti wawawa , he is the only one as of now who can run this country well as of now o sati ma Americans any so ayi

  3. savimbi says:

    CHAKWERA MOTO !!! MOTO !!!! YEMWEYO MPAKA 2019 BOMA!!!!!!.MUFUNE KAYA MUSAFUNE IFE MA DIEHARD A MCP tili pambuyo pa Dr Chakwera zibvute zitani basi. A Jumbe ndi ena ma Disgrunted MCP members together with DPP sponsors/{amene akukutumani} who wants to disturb MCP, kagwereni uko.You won’t succeed in this mission of bringing confusion in MCP.That Convention will not take place.Don’t take MCP forgrunted as if MCP has no Lawyers who can defend or oppose the Court ruling.We will even go to Supreme Court to defend that High court decision demanding MCP to hold Covention within 90 days.Pakutha pa nkhani imeneyi, Jumbe and others will be expelled for good.Prophet analotsera kale kuti Dr Chakwera will be the Next President of Malawi come 2019 and DPP is afraid of that.Peter you are dying in April.Thus the last kicks of a dying horse.Chimene Mulungu wanena palibe angachisinthe.DPP will be worsting their time and money bribing and corrupting MCP members like MP Jumbe inorder to disorganise MCP for them to have weak Opposition before 2019 elections for them to win easily.That won’t happen.The writing is on the WALL,This is the time for Peter Munthalika’s DOWNFALL. Okumbira zenje wina kuti agweremo ,umagweramo wekha,for this case Peter is going to fall in that ZENJE. MCP woye!!! Dr Chakwera BOMA come 2019!!!!

  4. for ever MCP says:

    Honestly I voted for Chakwera blindly kumatinamiza kuti Mulungu wakulotesa uli ku state house, SAKHWI wachabechabe!! desparate opportunist. There is no way one can stop serving God to serve gule, God does not contradict himself, FISI ameneyu watirira 2019 sitizamvoteranso ng’ooooooo!!

  5. anonymous says:

    Ine kudabwa abusa awa kuthawa ku tchalitchi kufuna ndale ine ndimkadziwa ndikale kuti muthuyu ndiwachinyengo kaya zanu izo zautambala wakuda

  6. sosholoza says:

    Becareful MCP this also happened to AFORD. Frank Tumpale Mwenfumbo were cheated by the ruling party then to let Chihana out of the party. They did that at Anglican hole in Mzuzu, the end result the party was divided there after, is nomore. MCP do not be fooled with money, if you do that you will lose your integrity. If there is a problem in the party solve it within yourself, these people may use you to kill the party but they will throw you away after wards. The people killed AFORD are just moving here and there like Mad dogs shame to them. You better die poor but noble than die rich but a fool.

  7. kasiya trading says:

    I am failing to believe that MPs in our Parliament were bribed . If endeed bribes took place then even mcp is a rotten carot . mcp mps are also corrupt .

  8. lost says:

    ndizosatheka zimenezo

  9. lost says:

    ndizopusa makhonti musamalowe ndale

  10. Convetion for what? propaganda basi.just want to mislead people we will not allow that.Chakwera 2019 boma.

  11. KOKOTA says:


    1. Kenkkk says:

      Ndine bulutu kumene achimwene but better than you thieving dpp thugs and yourself.

  12. Kenkkk says:

    Why should a court meddle in the internal affairs of mcp or indeed any political party?

    Mcp should tell the court to sod off. No convention will take place within 90 days. What for?

    Dpp thugs are afraid of laz being the strongest opponent of apm and on current situation in malawi, laz would win by a mile if elections were held today.

    Causing divisions and stirring confusions amongst your opponents just shows how low and devoid of any confidence dpp is?

    You bribe MPs to pass bills in parliament and you call that democracy? For a leader who has lived mostly in the west it is very shameful. So how do stop corruption if you self keeps on corrupting? We know dpp is not the party that can or will stop corruption in malawi because dpp itself is corruption.

    You could have put into good use the money you bribe people by donating it to suffering Malawians, or even buying maize for them.

  13. Buyelekhaya says:

    Is Lilongwe High Court the last? I thought we’ve the Supreme Court of Appeal? MCP has not sat down to plot a response to the ruling. Many of the comments are Just so pathetic! In your naivety & foolishness you think this is the end of Chakwera’s political life? You must be deluded! Unfortunately, the article has not mentioned any one name of the complainants. I suppose they are hiding. We’ll exposé & put them to shame!

  14. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Where is MCP going to get the money to pay lawyers in this case, if the Party appeals? MCP can’t even afford the city rates for their properties in Lilongwe.
    We knew o’Chakwera was dictatorial (church organizations are not democracies); and now it took some brave MCP die-hards, no less, to bring this issue to the fore. Baba o’Chakwera needs to change, both his personal as well as official approaches, when it comes to politics.
    2019 is only three years away.

  15. Legacies says:

    Unstable politicians acting like kids the can be only one leader at a time than forming parallel structures and why go to high court if you love your party. I hope this is not coming from external influences since politics in Malawi is a game of betrayal not loyalty. I’m not backing Chakwera so far MCP has a exceptional leader in comparison to JZU era now you want to destroy it. Calls for convention what for????? Ulterior motives can abort a vision before reaching the destination and MCP is only voice with tenacity that can speak with integrity against this struggling government. Im sure there’s room for dialogue than going to courts to seek solutions. If MCP wants to win in 2019 election start majoring in the majors than the minors.

  16. MCP die hard says:

    Dr Lazarus Chakwera lets not blame anybody for this, you rated our MCP constitution, efforts to resolve this internally were blocked and and some members expelled by you. For the 1st time to hear Kabwira ‘WAPHUMA’ kuti alibe mayankho.
    To my fellow MCP, Chakwera was better positioned at a safer place as a church clergy than at a centre of dirty game of politics, I personally don’t understand him. And sometimes we question the integrity of Assemblies of God church, another pastor ndi uyu akinyenga azimayi ku Dwangw….

  17. Jongwe says:

    The judgement does not make sense. How can the judge say MCP should hold convention within 90 days. Where will they get the money from to hold a convention.
    Does the judge think holding a convention is like holding a political rally? MCP should just ignore this judgement.
    Secondly, these guys are DPP and they want to destroy MCP. The lawyer is DPP and the people are also DPP masquerading as MCP. Genuine MCP members cannot sue Chakwera.He is the only hope for Malawi. Tell me, who else can be president of Malawi in 2019. Just look at how APM is running the country. Of the five presidents that we have had, he is thge WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. kamps says:

    Malawi is not moving forward coz of ka chakwera aka ,chakwera this is your downfall ,backto chitipa assemblies of..

  19. Kenkkk says:

    Dpp thugs at it again. Bribing all trouble makers in mcp. It wants mcp to enter into a costly legal battles with the troublemakers’ lawyers who will be racking in millions of kwachas.

    These dpp thugs want mcp to look like a chewa party only, hence not happy with the mcp leadership’s broadening of the party to include members from other regions for national unity. Dpp thugs coaching troublemakers that mcp should remain a chewa party only. We will see where it all ends up. It is of paramount importance and national interest that a party executive membership reflects the composition of people of malawi. This is where positive action is justifiable because of our tribalism voting patterns at conventions just as reflected in general elections voting as well.

    You mcp troublemakers and your dpp mulakho thugs will be exposed soon.

  20. tombolombo says:

    if he is failing to lead a regional party,can he lead the nation?as we’ve heard he is dictatorial at this stage,what more if was elected head of state?

  21. DAD says:

    Kupusa a MCP.DPP is using u for your own down fall

  22. Samuel says:

    Achimwene Lazalo ndikunena mobwelebweleza namondwetu akutchaya uyu mulimba? Ndikuona kuti ulosi uja sunaliwanu. Ukanakhala wanu pano muli ku state house. Vomelezani kuti zakukanikani mufunanso umboni wanji?

  23. Phwisa says:

    Chakwera’s MCP is worse thanks Tembo’s. During Tenbo MCP was the most disciplined party. Its publicity secretary was really speaking for the party not his opinion as is the case today. Chakwera has been directly supporting impeachment even if he knows that is callung for a civil war. He doesnt care. Kamuzu’s MCP of contact and dialogue is no more. Please the disgrantled MCP members you are not alone. We are behind you. We want our MCP. Chakwera’s should go back to church. Tatopa ndi ku tsutsa. Mpaka Life opposition party. Wautali Chakwera

  24. levi-D says:

    its a pasry issue u need to show unity zisamatuluke kunja mutiyalusira chipan chathuchi mukufuna awo apezepo chotinyozera zizithera kucommittee chonde

  25. tengupenya says:

    Intra party discipline nurtures our democracy. if party leaders get away with actions against their own party constitutions, then the nursery for impunity at state level is surely alive and kicking. so it is good developments if parties start to check dictatorial tendencies within themselves! bravo Tambala Wakuda! It will be even better if the tendencies are squarely nipped in the bud. Take a leaf from big institutions on the continent like the ANC of South Africa. The party is bigger than any of its members and any moves to swart party dictates invite sanctions of the highest order. Once Mbeki was recalled from the State Presidency in the interest of the political party. If Tambala Wakuda can achieve sanity in making its leaders toe the line of the party constitution, the party will cross the river that separate dictatorial institutions from modern democratic political parties.

  26. Boma says:

    Namasala ndi mulomwe, MCP sichipani cha alomwe. Inu dziko lakukani kuyendetsa.

  27. Dr Lazarus Chakwera was given the powers to apoint anybody to any position at the MCP Convention, You wanted Right Hon JZU Tembo out of the Party, To day you are taking Dr Lazurus Chakwera to Court, What kind of these people? Instead of working together to make sure that MCP must have strong structures in South region, You are busy fighting with the Partys Leadership,These are the people who want to bring confusion in the party, How you can take your own parents to court inside of raising your problems at the family level?

  28. Game on! says:

    KKKKKKKK. Kwachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kwachaaaaaaaa1 Kwachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kwachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa1 Ufuluu! Ufuluuu! Ufuluu! Ufuluuuu! Mtendereeeeeeeeeeee! Mtendereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee> Khosokhosokhoso. Ndatsamwidwa.

  29. Mccarthy says:

    I think you’re very stupid person, can’t you see how malawians are suffering? And now you said Chakwera must leave the politics; who are you? We don’t like people like you in this country.

  30. bwinja says:

    Vuto lotenga ma outsiders to rise to the highest position mchipani ngati mulibe anthu ena ndilimenelo….zanu izo a tambala wakuda!!!1

  31. Mtumiki Wa Ambuye Kazembe says:

    Kkkkkk! Wokumba Mbuna Adzagweramo Yekha! Welcome Back To The Holy Ministry Rev Chakwera. Leave Politics To The Owner!

  32. Mulakho says:

    This is a Lomwe lawyer sent by DPP to destroy MCP.

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