Court rebuffs DPP plea on bail revocation: Mphwiyo shooting case

Malawi High Court Judge Micheal Mtambo has refused to revoke bail of suspects in the attempted murder case of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Kachale; Revoke bail plea rejected

Kachale; Revoke bail plea rejected

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale , who had earlier withdrawn the application on grounds that it was overtaken by events, re-applied for bail revocation of the suspects including former Justice Minister Raphael Kasambara who is representing himself in the case.

Kachale’s application was based on fears that the accused were threatening state witnesses, particularly Charles Chalunda.

The DPP, who accused the defence of applying ‘mafia-like operations’, submitted before Judge Ntambo a four hour recording in which Chalunda confessed that he was being threatened.

However, the Judge who called Chalunda being eccentric in the recording said the evidence failed to prove the case.

He said the witness failed to identify who exactly was threatening him.

Chalunda disowned his recorded voice and also disclaimed his first affidavit despite telling the court it was correct.

Other suspects in the shooting of Mphwiyo case include Pika Manando, Dauka Manondo, Robert Kadzuwa and Macdonald Kumwembe.

Mphwiyo’s shooting at the gate of his Area 43 residence opened a can of worms into the plunder of government resources at Capital Hill in what has been dubbed Cashgate.

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21 thoughts on “Court rebuffs DPP plea on bail revocation: Mphwiyo shooting case”

  1. Artemis says:

    Vavlov, how does someone with confidence appear? please do not judge a book by its cover, is it a gender issue which is bothering you? Mary Kachale is a learned person and you have no idea how difficult it is to obtain any University Qualification… you sound like a brute to me who has no respect for education, whose value you fail to appreciate,, use your brain dude, and not your eyes for rational thinking…. go back to school!

  2. Nonpartisan says:

    DPP Mary Kachale inherited a case that was badly built by the former team in that office. this is confirmed by state witnesses turning against government. The long period taken to start court proceedings has also lost case texture for government. let us not squarely heap all the blame on Mary Kachale

  3. Miko banda says:

    Lets wait & c pple

  4. Charombanthu says:

    First round 2-0. Let us wait for the 2nd and final round. The DPPs office needs some serious reorganisation here.

  5. Akatswiri says:

    No comment

  6. Shawa says:

    My affidative that this is a political case lays on ur comment here.

    u want the defence team to be found guiltywhile u hav few evidence b4 them.

    follow the procedure of court then muxikuwa bwino.

  7. shanaloli njoka says:

    Kasambara and the crew atafunenso tax payers money Pano pamene ma tax payers ali mbuu ndi umphawi.You can tell from her facial appearance that this Kachale woman is scared and not confident.The only word she kept repeating was’Mafia like’ with no facts but just being emotional.Such positions needs people made of leather hide skin.Ma compensation ena for the tax payers za zii.

  8. Prophet Justice says:

    Vavlov, getting a highly competent prosecutor on goverment side isn’t easy. As of now, I only know Matemba-the current Deputy Director at ACB who is not fully utilised because of politicisation of ACB cases

  9. jean jella says:

    Mary is out depth. She can’t fight kasambara, kita and mwakhwawa.. mutharika goofed by appointing a very incompetent dpp. Now we the taxpayers will compensate kasambara millions

  10. Vavlov says:

    The photo of Kachale lady shows someone without confidence. Does Malawi’s justice system really work? It appears to me that those in influential position can get away without conviction. Does she have the requisite intellect and experience to prove conviction of seasoned thieves and lawyers like Kasambala? She look too miserable, I wonder how competent she is.

  11. MAYO MAYO says:

    A manondo kuba pfuko lonse guys

    Kutembereredwatu uku

    Mulape mulape !!

  12. Ndepele says:

    Mlandu wakhalitsa ndi mphutsi zokazoka

  13. Mbanangwa says:

    Pity the poor lady, Kachale is a lawyer, no matter how much you castigate her she is. Lawyer. We must just pity her that her ntelligence can not match with that of the private lawyers. She entangled herself before and how sh be trusted next? Sh lost some credibility.

  14. Banyamulenge says:

    Marry kachale is just a useless person dull. She will never win cases

  15. happening boy says:

    There Is no true justice system in Malawi but to the poor when they still a got, who Can Say no That the acused were trully intimidating the witness, thèse people are top class criminals, Watch, non of them Will be jailed.

  16. chejali says:

    Koma nkhani imeneyi itha abale ife yatikwanano

  17. makito says:

    Was expected anyway.

  18. peter-Nkosi says:

    I am just a simple villager and have had to read the first sentence several times to figure out what refusing to revoke bail means. I think that the judge has said that nothing about bail has changed, that the accused are still to be free on bail.

  19. fisi matama says:

    Michael Mtambo ndi Judge wa nzelu,waonapo Kanthu, tiyeni tidikile chigamulo chake wedsday. And am sure these guys hav case to answer!!!

  20. Bail ndiyekuti basi atuluka,mukangoyelekeza kutelo muphesa anthu,kodi simukuziwa kuti zimenezo ndizilombo? Mukangowasiya osazandiyimba mulandu chifukwa pano ndiliwokonzeka kutindizawazimise. Ndaona kuti amalawi chibwana chakuchulukilani makamaka anthu oziwa malamulo inu chenjelani.

  21. Lopee says:

    The judicial system is being raped left and right. Am afraid aeems not to be to the advantage of the robbed poor Malawian who will continue to suffer the pangs of the cashgate and the legal fees. I can see this govt or the next being made to pat through the nose damages to tje mighty Kasambara. Poor Malawi!

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