Cousins cook for Karonga hospital patients as festive cheer

Two cousins have set example to the country that even the littlest of resources can positively impact on other people’s lives after they literally cooked and fed over two hundred fifty patients at Karonga District Hospital last Friday – on Christmas Day.

A woman enjoying a meal she got -- Photo by Pius Nyondo, Nyasa Times

A woman enjoying a meal she got — Photo by Pius Nyondo, Nyasa Times

Chikwanda (L) and Lusekelo (R) engaged in talk.

Chikwanda (L) and Lusekelo (R) engaged in talk.

Lusekelo talking to expectant mothers in the maternity ward

Lusekelo talking to expectant mothers in the maternity ward

The cousins, Lusekelo Mwenifumbo, 23, and Chikwanda Mwenifumbo, 24, have since challenged Malawians that it is “actually possible to feed patients in the country’s public hospitals without necessarily relying on government’s subversions.”

They told Nyasa Times after the exercise that with the little money from their savings, and contributions from seven other friends they were able to raise over K200 000 within a week.

“Initially we’d thought of organizing some gifts for children in the pediatric ward but when we assessed the condition of the rest of the other patients we thought of reaching out to them too,” said Lusekelo who has just graduated from the Madiba School of Flight of Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

She added: “We never thought our little savings would eventually impact so significantly. Instead of the fifty children we’d planned to reach out to we ended reaching out to over two hundred fifty patients plus several members of the staff.”

According to Lusekelo, the meal they prepared comprised rice, minced beef, soya pieces and cabbage. They also gave out a number of presents to children.

“It was so exciting to see how happy the patients were after they received the food. I felt bad when I was leaving knowing they would face a similar problem the following day,” she said.

Apparently, Nyasa Times has learnt, the hospital stopped giving out meals to patients – an argument the hospital’s management premise on “drastic cuts of government funding.”

Lusekelo’s cousin, Chikwanda – a quantity surveyor – challenged people in the country to consider doing similar exercises for the country’s public hospitals.

“What happened with our little savings is a manifestation that it is possible for us to feed people in our district hospitals. Imagine if people came up and started contributing towards hospitals in their areas. We think a lot more would be raised for support,” said Chikwanda.

She said the exercise had kindled a desire in them to consider doing more of similar projects in the country.

“We’re not promising anything as of yet. But my cousin and I have that feeling that we need to do more of these activities,” she said.

Karonga District Medical Officer Dr Timothy Bandawe hailed the girls for their initiative saying they had been able to raise the spirits of patients high.

He admitted the stoppage of provision of meals at the hospital due “to poor funding.”

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40 thoughts on “Cousins cook for Karonga hospital patients as festive cheer”

  1. kenkkk says:

    This was a very big act of kindness which the nation deserved to know so that other Malawians could next time emulate and do the same to other hospitals or similar unfortunate situations.Going to the media is therefore not wrong as some people here are suggesting. Always spread the good news humbly without showing off, so that others can benefit from it as Jesus did and taught us. The girls have done exactly that.

    The shame goes to our govt which is terribly failing our hospitals and the health sector in general. Next year we want all hospitals to have food from the govt to feed patients at times like Xmas and everyday.

  2. Anthu akuda says:

    Bravo inu atsikana. I very much like the aspect of dedicating your time cooking for the patientsword That’s philanthropy at its best. You are the Malawian brand of mother Theresa. Next time don’t show off by involving the media. Do it in silence. That’s what God advises. Mugone kutali ndi moto.

  3. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    Young Girls! First it’s refreshing and feels great that we have youthful characters with a great heart. Get this now. It’s supposed to be a responsibility of our government to take care of this…we pay a lot of taxes my beautiful sisters! We got greedy idiots who misprioritise things…my advice is…for ur next selfless act, go deep inside mwenitete, Find girls who need to be proped up, and assist them to become like you. Hospital problems are a combination of poor DHO mgt and largely, capital hill stupidity…you may never sort this problem through selflessness and philanthropy…but surely, u got beautiful hearts…may ALMIGHTY GOD bless you and give greater wisdom to help assist our apparently, clueless politicians

  4. Fartgate says:

    You girls are as beautiful inside as you are outside.

  5. Tiyanjane says:

    Thank you girls. Thank you

  6. Patricia kaliati says:

    Felix and ujeni phiri you are both evil and heart less people with the comments you have made . If you are a saint continue to be one but don’t blame these little girls for what they have done . They have said in the interview that apart from their own personal savings they solicited help from other well wishers and in the world of transparency they couldn’t make it a secret . Give a credit where a credit is due . Nsanje a Malawi.

  7. Tili Chenene says:

    I like Karonga people. So united. Karonga and Chitipa can make a good sovereign province

  8. mbodzole says:

    can a hospital like karonga host 250 patients bodza tamalembani zoona. its true to have such a heart but make your news news please.

  9. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    It seems to me ma rubbish business can be a thing of the past if more Malawians can behave like these two. What am I saying? No, it should start with the people in power, the President, his wife, and his Cabinet and their spouses. But anyway, I am happy for people of Karonga, you have Angels. By the way, I am looking for a girl friend and I hope one of these kind girls is single. Bana kazi baweme chomene.

  10. Ujeni Phiri says:

    The gesture is very great keep it up. The culture of going to media after doing a charity gesture still remains a big blow in my life. I consider it unbiblical. May be could you please enlighten me, what’s the motive? All the same receive your praise reward from us. Well done

  11. Kunta says:

    Ndagha fiyo pobakumbuka abatolwe, Kyala abasaye kangi apyanikisye apo musosyilepo?

  12. Felix says:


  13. redeemed says:

    Wow!, good gesture indeed. Imagine if we could have 10% of Malawians with similar attitude, I’m definate the world could be far a better place.

  14. Gowelo says:


  15. DADA says:

    Well done girls. Just sad the government can’t even provide basic sustenance on a daily basis even to the sick in gov. hospitals!

  16. Sekuru says:

    Great act of kindness that’s the true spirit of Christmas right there……Kyala abasaye

  17. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Ndagha fiyo bakanya!!!

  18. Vinjeru says:

    Keep it up! Cant you make this an annual event for starters. Count me in for funding. Come up with your budget and let me know in September of the year for planning purposes. Thank you.

  19. Mtsogoleri says:

    Lusekelo and Chikwanda please know you are special!! You have the real ubuntu hearts that many of us lack. For your next similar act count me in, share contacts please. Impressive!!!

  20. Blossom says:

    Well done ladies the Lords blessings on you and let the wrath of our Lord be on those that are involved in cash gates and medicine gates while people are hungry and no medicines in hospitals

  21. Wokwiya says:

    Congratulations girls! This is patriotism at best! God bless you more. Enafe we are busy showing off on Facebook with our Christmas holidays at the Lake, or visiting exotic places such as Cape Town, Disneyland, London Eye, WinterWonderland, New Zealand or drinking ourselves silly at Bwandilo, Kamba, Mount Soche, Choma Bar etc spending millions of Kwachas while our very own neighbors and relatives are perishing in grinding poverty. Why can’t we spare just K200,000 and help our people like the two girls? im inspired and next Christmas I’ll join you girls. What’s your email address or phone numbers? Let’s do this!

  22. Wonderful chavula says:

    That is the way we can live.God bless yu!

  23. guta says:

    Thumbs up girls

  24. CITIZEN says:


  25. Jah says:

    Mwati mwenifumbo? Uti ameneyi? Ngati atate wanu ndi frank ndipovuta kuti we shud emulate ur deeds for sure ur parent is filthy rich that’s why u attended madiba sch. Seen!

  26. zim boy says:

    that’s the way to go ,big up the girls!!!

  27. Chinthu Chawaka says:

    Blessed is the hand that giveth

  28. anadimba says:

    iwe chakwera ndi msowoya mwapanga chani? Nan ga iwe manganya? Musamatisokose mwamva? Kupereka ndi mtima osati kukhala nazo zambiri. Congrats girls. be blessed

  29. Murray says:

    Thats the spirit girls. God should richly bless u…………..

  30. guguh says:

    Well done girls and God bless you. However, it should be the other way round, government should own up to its responsibilities by providing as expected in the hospitals and citizens should compliment that as led in their spirit. Otherwise with this kind of government they will get complacent and rely on other citizens while misusing the money allocated for such obligations

  31. rumphi chief says:

    While other women and busy jumping from one country to another being used by Nigerians to sell drugs, these siblings chose to feed the poor and the sick. Too kind of you girls may God bless you and give you more.

  32. dziko says:

    You have set an example . A Pilot and a QS . Ayi zabwino ndithu

  33. tvendort says:

    God bless you abundantly, you are really mothers though below age. We have drawn a lesson from you. Big up girls

  34. BNM says:

    Well done girls! Yours truly.

  35. Dalitso says:

    May the good Lord Jesus Christ continues blessing you girls. You are hope for the future.

  36. Truck says:


  37. The real Ujeni says:

    Good effort and good thinking. Northerners are intelligent can others emulate this

  38. Bytocia says:

    Congrats 4 wel done,it has shown that u lov ur home pple….may God bless u.

  39. Truck says:


  40. mbwangalambwangala says:

    Mwawomba mbombo nunu fiyo. Kyala akutuleni as you are growing into responsible citizens. Ndagha naloli. Ndagha, ndagha, ndagha fiyo.

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