Crime news: Malawi cop caught stealing, Mzimba brothers arrested for murder

There has been assertions that some law enforcers are aiding gang of criminals in the country and the fears continue to gain currency with the arrest of a police officers caught stealing Saturday at Kanjedza in Blantyre.

The man in blue jeans is the alleged policeman. He was stealing alongside his fellow gangs at a gun point.-Photo by Maravi Post

The man in blue jeans is the alleged policeman. He was stealing alongside his fellow gangs at a gun point.-Photo by Maravi Post

The police officer was caught stealing with a gang of robbers and was roughed up  before other cops on duty rescued him from mob justice.

Police said the suspected cop robber will be charged and face the law like any other suspect.

He is being detained as police investigate the matter.

Elsewhere in Mzimba, police arrested two brothers for being suspected of murder.

Police picked 30 year old Kenneth Mphako  and his brother Largement Mphako aged 20 both of Inkosi Chindi who are  alleged to have beaten up Raphael Mphako who later lost his life at Mzuzu central hospital.

The incident occurred on Thursday December 11  when the two picked a quarrel with their relative
resulting into a fierce fight, according to police

“Raphael Mphako was severe beaten and was rushed to Edindeni health centre where due to injuries  he was again referred to Mzuzu central hospital .  He died on Friday”, said the district police  spokesperson constable Gabriel Chiona

“A post-mortem carried out by medics indicates that the deceased died of severe head injuries”, said the police publicist

The two suspects who are believed to epileptic will answer the charge of murder which is contrary to section 209 of the penal code

In another incident Police in the district have arrested a man for allegedly  shooting another person in the right leg using a revolver at Euthini trading centre in Mzimba district

The man identified as Steven Shumba aged 40 who runs a pub  is said to have shot Sebastian Nkhata aged 29 who had come to for a booze at the drinking joint.

Chiona said they have also recovered four live ammunition from Shumba.

He said the suspect will soon answer charges of unlawful wounding and being found with an unlicensed gun and four live ammunition

Shumba comes from Mkhuzo Mumba village in the area of Inkosi Chindi while the victim Nkhata  comes from Nkhweta village in the same area

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62 thoughts on “Crime news: Malawi cop caught stealing, Mzimba brothers arrested for murder”

  1. How can we trust u inu apolitsi.

  2. Vinjeru says:

    Analakwitsa azinzakewo kumpulumutsa. Ameneyu amafunika kuti ayatsidwe moto. Apolisi ndi mbava.

  3. benja says:

    Watsala uyu amamuti Nkhoma tsopano. Kutamika heavy!!!!!!!!

  4. jay chiwalo says:

    Guta kutamika heavy zakuvutanitu apa zamanyazitu izi but why ndakhumudwa nawe osati sewero thank God ur alive nothing much to say just repent to Almighty he is faithful and just

  5. true soldier says:

    Alayiya(civilians) inu, akapokola(apolisi) azikuberani choncho.mayesa munkayankhula chipongwe akapokolawa atapha nsilikali wathu,,ndiye pano mukudandaula chani? Zitsiru

  6. Daniel says:

    Kenneth ws his brother of Raphael and he is 49 largement. Is the son of Kenneth. Mphaka nt mphako whr. Do u come from? this a family member Mr Mphaka

  7. clement says:

    This is so bad police helping robbers.The good judgement is mob.Bullshit

  8. anduna says:

    Guta ananya kuyelekedwa kuvala kuposa wogwira ku Bank zili zokuba asazatulukenso.

  9. kamuzganga says:


  10. Victor Chidyaonga says:

    Shame on the Malawi Police

  11. anduna says:

    Guta watizuza kwambiri afere komko

  12. Penu says says:


  13. mmalawi says:

    Thats why Loti Dzonzi said we have organized crime. ngati wa police is becoming part of it ndiye anthu tithawira kuti? salima is feared on the same.

  14. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    So called: Mapha Ng’ombe
    I am from the south but I don’t see anything to do with tribalism here. I don’t see anything to do with aTumbuka here. As a nation such thinking is archaic, retrogressive, and sign of ignorance. We cannot built a nation that way. God cannot bless a nation with mentality. Not all we people from the south, even those brothers from the center and north think so low. It’s adamant sickness which needs policies, change of mind set and prayer.

  15. chatonda says:

    People have been saying that the amount of armed robbery has come to unprecedented increase because it is the Police Officers who are terrorising in the country.
    Paul Kanyama should arrest and deal with the police officers to demonstrate that he is capable of dealing with theft in the country.

  16. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    As said now and then a substantial crime incidence involves some police officers:
    1. Openly road block corruption
    2. Traffic corruption on the roads, ‘Have money and mini-bus or foreign night buses with criminal aspect pass free against the law’.
    3. Night armed robberies are engineered or supported by night police, or guns.
    4. Bribing suspects walk free, even from custody – poor people languish in there even on small crimes
    5. Some crimes committed will be ignored by some police due to affiliation to the suspect or expectation of eventual ‘thank you’ from the suspect

    The aforementioned issues, among many, spoil the image of the police. Defeat even some good work, devotion and patriotism some police officers
    display. Police officers please stick to your oath of duty and trust in your God and love your country. Protect citizens and property. Bosses of
    police, please investigate what your officers do day and night, anywhere, in any way. Please do not be of bad examples in being greedy and
    breaking the law to quickly get rich.

  17. Kwangwagwa says:

    Zaku Mzimba zisiyeni awo ndi Angoni. Kukhala kwa Angoni ndi choncho. Tingozolowera. Zomenyana ndiye kudya kwawo. Kuphana sikhani ayi ndipo ndiye ungoniwo.

  18. chifundo says:

    Magaye ku chilobwe monga simukudziwa munthu tatiwuzani dzina lake……bwanji kodi?

  19. its not strange at all several thugs r being found in possession with agun as well as police uniform where do they got from?

  20. Victor Chidyaonga says:

    Mumati ata malipiro atachedwa

  21. ndee says:

    Police are the champions of all the robbery .they help in stealing. If you want to be a armed robber partner with them. And they say.goods once stollen buy others coz tatenga.

  22. James Nylons says:

    That’s Guta himself,the chief CID @ Chilobwe Police station!

  23. King . says:

    His duty demands him to “collaborate” with criminals to easily apprehend them. That’s why he is CID officer, uniformless cop. Dont think he has a case to answer even if he was really stealing.

  24. criminal A says:

    wapolisi mpaka kuba!! osamangopempha ngati apolisi anzake mmiseumu bwanji?

  25. freedom says:

    There is a need to flush out criminals within the police itself
    we have these planted criminals with the police,they were planted by those that don’t wish this government well.let us be eyes for one another and report to the senior officers to make sure the criminals are taken to justice.

  26. Chithumwa says:

    I understand that night patrol police collude with robbers, informing them which areas will be ‘safe’ that night. When the robbers strike and the patrol police are contacted they take forever to come to give the robbers time to escape with their loot.

    If the new IG and his Operations deputy want to drastically reduce crime, they need to look into these details. How are patrol teams made up? Who decides where a particular team should patrol each night? Which specific areas do robberies happen on any given night? How do response times compare with the first call for assistance? Do patrol officers seem to be more financially well-off than can be explained by their salaries? One quick way of finding out that a cop is corrupt is simply by observing that he seems to be earning way above his normal pay – you may find a constable has a smart phone that not even a commissioner can afford…

    It is difficult to explain but for some reason corrupt public officers, including cops, cannot resist flaunting their ill gotten wealth. In a way it is as if to say why should I take all these risks if people cannot see that I am rich?

    The secret to curbing crime in Malawi has to start with ensuring that police officers have integrity and are not colluding with thieves. This has to done not through sermons, but has to be enforced. Police forces all over the world have Internal Affairs departments to do just this – why doesn’t the MPS have such a department?

  27. Akanamumpha wapoliceyo chifukwa ,anyasisa ntchito yake kuti ena atengelepo phunziro.

  28. AKaliramanda says:

    Siizi nanga,check this out.

  29. bandawe says:

    the police are so corrupt n they are releasing hard core suspects on bail without court. am crying for my money n other things while the thief is walking freely. God will punish you police pipo

  30. wapano says:

    kondwani, why you? How could it be you, of all the police guys around

  31. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    We will also start beating dpp supporters and destroying their property. Be ready for chaos now. We were waiting just for this. Alhomwe muthamanga. We don’t you in our central region. Munatibera mavoti. Misana yanu!!!

  32. deverson says:

    CID at chilobwe? Criminal initiating officer.

  33. Humphrey Murrey says:

    Akagwidwa kumangopheratu tatopa ndi ma bail out

  34. naphi says:

    Kuulula maina athu awa ndizothandiza inu apolice ndi atolakhani chifukwa ndi athu amene angakuuzeni mmene athu akubawa amachitira ali ndi azinzawo ameneyu tamudziwa kale ndipo amaopseza athu kwambiri ndi wakuchilobwe afufuzidwe ndipo chilungamo chioneke tikufuna ndende ina ngati ya dzaleka athu amenewa apeze polekela

  35. Bazuka says:

    Kanyama himself killed Chasowa which gives the impetus to other police officers to steal which after all is a lesser crime & you must be aware that Peter Promised them 75% salary increament which he hasn’t fulfilled so the police is getting through unorthodox ways. Ask the traffic guys how the supplement their salaries?

  36. hope says:

    i dont see any problem as long as it doesn’t disturb barclays log table

  37. hope says:

    I dont see any problem as long it doesn’t disturb barclays log table

  38. sergeant detective kondwani Guta,maGunners,stationed at Chilobwe Police unit, who hails from Ngabu Chikhwawa aged 35yrs and his longtime accomplices,we are not amused.Iam especially sympathising with the sychological trauma imposed on wife and children,think twice act once,sob sob sob our brother!

  39. vero says:

    CID officer at Chilobwe police unit….you can imagine…police officer…

  40. chefourpence says:

    APK. The cops name is Wilfred Munthali, from Rumphi, male and 34. Zoopsyatu!

  41. padoko says:

    Iri mu ufa EDZI!! Akakhala pa mphika sapheka khoswe!! APM, order Kanyama to start “Shoot to kill” within the police. “Jews first then to thr gentiles”. In that case, Malawi will be assured of its security. Most police man are notorious armed thugs commanding their terror squads.

  42. machendy says:

    mayina achitumbuka. largement, express, difficult, almost, never/nevers, daily, wonderford, kkkkkkkkk!

  43. Iwe dick ukundekukhwimisa chitetezoko si mbava zikugwdwa

  44. NGUGI says:


  45. NGUGI says:


  46. TIUZENI ZOONA says:

    The policeman is CID officer Mr Guta and works at Chilobwe Police where another officer rape a woman and was released on bail. This officer goes out with somebodys wife called Mzamo. they spend MK50 000 everyday drinking beer. Check his phone logs and phone all contact and you will be able to bust a criminal ring that he operates with.Most officers at Chilobwe have overstayed and they connive with gangs of criminals. transfer them all even those not working there but reside there.

  47. Hoitty says:

    Akuti the man in blue is inspector Guta. Rank ya u inspecto kumabanso nde a constable apanga bwanji? Koma these men needed to test mob justice osati kungopakidwa gazi pankhope.

  48. Nyapapi says:

    I also understand that just like the two murderous brothers he is a mtumbuka!

  49. Ettah Mphaka Njobvu says:

    Plz get your facts Right,they not brothers but father and son,the dad is almost 50 and has mental health problems whilst the son is the one who is epileptic.The name is Mphaka and not mphako

  50. Chisenga says:

    Wapolice yo akafere ku ndende ndithu. Koma malawi akupita kuti??

  51. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:


  52. Solution says:

    I am made to understand he works at Chilobwe police where there was an incident of rape by another officer.Chilobwe police unit is becoming notoriousbecause most of the officers have stayed their for too long

    1. bratusha says:

      Grammar; Make should not be followed by “to” The sentence should instead read; I am made understand……… Though it sounds tongue waggling but that is how it should be. Another common mistake; the word “discuss” should not be followed by “about” For example, it should always read, We discussed the story. And not we discussed “about” the story.
      Another common mistake, the word “enter” should not precede “into” For example it should read, We entered the house and not we entered “into” the house.
      Another one; there is a tendency by people saying, ” We will plan “a head of time.” This is incorrect. Just say we will plan…. In fact in what situation would you plan behind time?

      Another one; Wrong use of the words “although and but” See the following example; Although we arrived late but we managed to take part in the discussion. This is wrong. Instead it should read; Although we arrived late, we managed to take part in the discussion. Note that in the later phrase we have removed “but” and just replace it with a comma. Remember that although starts a phrase and when you put but it means you are combining two phrases and that makes little sense grammatically.
      Another one; We slept in a grass thatched house. That is wrong. In any case a thatched house implies that it is made of grass. Instead just say, we slept in a thatched house.

      Leave or take it! These were just my free lessons. Sometimes my heart is troubled to see how grammar is ‘bruised’ in the comments we make at Nyasa.

  53. kamungwe wotani says:

    inu mmati atani mnzanu.survival !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 pamene palibepo ndi mmodzi yemwe wa cashgate anagwidwapo, mmalo moti ndalama mukuononga kumaseterazo kuli kucuklukidwa munakaonjeza malipoilo a mpolisiyu. zosezi fusain gudo gonjwe, apm ndi mamuna ankatuluka mamina kulila ndi bodza pobera ma voti. zkomo

  54. Abk says:

    nyasa times, why don’t you disclose details of the police officer, only disclosing details of mzimba brothers? don’t hide his identities because he’s a cop, a thief is a thief and the nation deserves to know his name, duty post, rank, place of origin, age, what he was trying to rob, +++, just like the mzimba brothers!

    1. j mtewa says:

      Zoona tipatseni dzina lake ndi ma details ake musamubise tsiku lina azaba kwanu ndikukuphelani abale anu

  55. mapha ng'ombe says:

    Mukakhuta khondowelo mungophana bwanji atumbuka?

  56. Dick says:

    Paul Kanyama, can you tighten the security please!! Literally we are not sleeping because f these thugs

  57. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Why not shot to kill those robbers with Policeman Shaa wina akupika 18 years paja wa ku Chileka

  58. I was there when all happened. 3 armed robbers robbed amwenye near Masm clinic at Katimba CCAP. They managed to run away and hid at one of the houses in KJ near Assemblies church. Police come and stomed the building and the operation was sucessful. Mob justice in KJ wanted to finish them but were rescured by Police. one of the those thugs is a Police CID at Chilobwe

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