Criminals dump K4.3 million cash chest, steal airtime

Criminals in Mangochi district on Wednesday failed to steal cash amounting to K4.3 million as they could not manage to break open a cash chest, police have confirmed.

The unknown criminals in the wee hours of Wednesday (August 16, 2015) broke into Airtel Shop at Safari Filling Station and stole airtime top-up vouchers worth K2.1 million but could not manage to open the cash chest containing money amounting to K4.3 million.

National police deputy Public Relations Officer, Nicholas Gondwa told Nyasa Times, the yet-to-be identified criminals tied guards on duty before breaking into the shop.

“They tied the guards on both hands and legs; they made away with airtime top-up vouchers and the cash chest. They used a wheelbarrow that was behind the shop to carry the cash chest up to the Shire river bank,” explained Gondwa.

The criminals, Gondwa said, abandoned the cash chest after failing to break it.

“Some children trapping birds along the river bank noticed the wheelbarrow with the cash chest and reported to their parents who later informed the police”.

Meanwhile, the law-enforcers are hunting for the criminals and have advised business people and communities in the district not to buy the stolen airtime top-up to avoid being linked to the crime.

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49 thoughts on “Criminals dump K4.3 million cash chest, steal airtime”

  1. short wamtali says:

    My question is, from the point of the incident to Shire River where they dumped the cash chest is a bit far, and using a wheelbarrow to that point one would notice some fishy activities going on considering also the time. Where was the police patrolling the town you police officials claim you deploy every night. Safety and security ZERO.

  2. Dr. Mango says:

    A Yunusu mukunenadi zoona. How can a reliable journalist publish a story without checking a simple thing like when the incident took place. Zoona kulemba August m’malo mwa September? How can we readers trust such journalists? Confusing!!!

  3. peeping lizard says:

    malawi wadzaza ndi mbala zokhazokha.ngati andale mumangoba nde mukufuna athu asabe?yambani mwazikonza inu

  4. Phillip says:

    No place for them

  5. Phillip says:

    There is no place for them to hide

  6. Phillip says:

    There is no place 4 dem 2 hide

  7. Oooops! vichi?…may be they are revenging their taxes, stolen by some cowboys & girls,kkkkkkk…roughing masefu ine bwanji

  8. michael says:

    By using the barcode on the airtime,the telephone company can block all airtime and they become useless.Besides,there are many ways to do this.
    Well done,Crime of the century!

  9. Concerned says:

    Hahahahaa, hw can u advise anthu kuti asagule mayunitsi okubawo, ngati mayunitsiwo akudziwika?

  10. chipie says:

    Ife tikuuzeni kuti ma voulture-wo tigula. Mbavazo ndife? Anthu openga mwapanga bwanji? If tisadagwireko vep ya ung’anga. Zopusa! Inu sakani mbavazo bassssi

  11. Wachamba says:

    Mbava zoyamba kumene izi! Ife timasegula zimenezo using urine

  12. Prodigalson says:

    Akuba,anthu aulesi ofuna kukolola pomwe sanalime.

  13. mango says:

    but police musat mek sure that they catch those stupid ppo cos its worse!!!!!!!

  14. Nyazgambo says:

    Ndiye ine niziwa bwanji kuti airtime iyi niyobedwa? Pofunika eni airtime atiwuze ma number wonse wobedwa kuti ngati ife tagula tizitha kuziwa kuti aa aa nambara iyi niyobedwa ndiye tisalowese a police angatigwire.
    Komanso pofunika apolisi kuwapasa ipad kuti athe kupanga capture anthu omwe aba ma units pa filling station.

  15. Nyapala says:

    What foolish thieves! I am sure they are MSCE drop outs. Iditiots, why not dig a hole and hid the voult or better still take it to your house! And why steal a voult if you can not epen it? Theft needs planning you idiots!!!!! Should have let me pull that job! 4.3 Million, ahhh

  16. Ngwachi says:

    Excellent parenting – for reporting the unusuals! Incomplete and not to standard reporting from police!!”

  17. Nana says:

    Its high time we moved away from scratch cards to pompo.

  18. Pata phiri says:

    Inside staff job as how did the robbers know there was money in da safe

  19. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    koma nde ayimba ma phone tu ngati nseru

  20. Wa BB says:

    Zachamba basi. Ma voucher akabedwa amasintha maonekedwe? Nde mumanga mijomba yonsetu

  21. kangaroo says:

    Dont waste yr time they have alraedy blocked them kkkkkkk

  22. Zaire says:

    If you arrest innocent people they will tell you where they bought their airtime.
    You will go to the hawker or grocery and ask where he bought which I like can be the only way of finding the thieves..
    Otherwise, it is not easy and no one can know that he bought a stolen voucher.

  23. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    There is no vuto here! Use that airtime yabooka, nsanje basi, u police cow!

  24. Mbuya says:

    Those thieves wat they do is to sale at a very cheap wholesale rate eg instead of k10g they do at k7g dats hw it goes so its dont buy airtime to unknown wholesalers otherwise u gonna be behind bars

  25. mdk says:

    It’s simple don’t buy scratch cards from unknown individuals.I’m sure people are familiar with where they normally get their scratch cards.that goes to the business persons and any individuals

  26. matako a pusi says:

    But if the buyer of the stolen airtime buys from an open market like a shop filing station etc alibe mlandu the law ptotects him

  27. Geofrey says:

    Kufuna kukolora pomwe asanalime. Ngati mmodzi mwa mbavanu ukuwelenga nawo izi, imva mumtimamo kuti, “WAGWA NAYO, KABE NSOMBA MADZI KULIBEKO CHOTCHINJILIZA(CHEST) KKKKKKKKKKKKK.”

  28. Maximum Prison says:

    Very simple airtel has serial codes for all the air time they distribute. They can easily track batch per batch that has been used and freeze all the remaining batches that were distributed to the area and ask shop owners to account for their air time they ordered.

  29. Mr.Bambo says:

    So there are no night Police patrols in Mangochi town to the extent of thugs moving this freer???

  30. Denguzman says:

    Local criminals, kusiya cash ndikupita ndi airtime basi? Ur dez r numbered munjatidwa posachedwapa.

  31. patrick kamkwende says:

    are u going to mark them that they are stolen airtym?


  32. nyasatimes reader says:

    so how can one know that this is a stolen airtime yet all airtime is just the same? The best is for airtel to block the airtime from usage, they are technologically advanced and they should surely know what to do here.

  33. Chenda says:

    The buyers of air time indeed risk purchase of the airtime innocently because they will not know the stollen airtime described here. Futher descriptive features would be helpful to keep people away from the link of the crime. A solution be found quickly.

  34. Vocal 1 says:

    How would one know that He or She is buying stolen airtime? Makes less sense to me

  35. matako a pusi says:

    Koma anthu anaona chest yo osangobisa ndikuchintchezula ndi gas ndikupeza 4milllion!!!!!!!!

  36. Mhesha says:

    How will the public identify the stolen vouchers? Even they block them the innocent buyers from Airtel’s vendors will just be victimised for something they are not party.

  37. Isaac Bota says:

    It is only a fool that can steal airtime from an airtel or Tnm shop or Warehouse

  38. RSA commentetor Mac says:

    V security companies must provide
    good materials to their guards. W r leaving in v days of technology sichibonga m’manja agwire okuba amakono IMPOSSIBLE. Mac Makuluni.

  39. yunusu says:

    Ma reporter inu zachitika liti mu august kapena mu september?Olo kulakwitsa ko mpaka kusempanitsa miyezi zoona chonde changamukani

  40. nam'bwibwi says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Ineyo says:

    How do people know its the stolen airtime, dumb police

  42. Sambaukwatiwe says:

    We would not knw if the recharge vouchers we are buying is stolen or not, otherwise you will catch the wrong people. Were the recharge vouchers not in the cash chest? Why?

  43. Malawiyano says:

    Let customers buy the airtime scratch cards that’s how the police will easly catch these thieves. If you warn people not to buy the scratch cards it means you won’t catch them , tell people to report any person suspected to sell stolen scratch cards to police.

  44. redeemed says:

    Good parenting, but the daunting question remains, how would an innocent consumer be aware that the merchandise is actually stolen?.

  45. concerned tax payer says:

    Is it not possible for Airtel to block the stolen airtime vouchers? Surely they must know the batch numbers. If they can’t block them, ife tigula basi

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