CSOs ask Mutharika to woke up from slumber or lose ‘legitimacy to govern’ Malawi

Local rights campaigners are strongly calling upon Malawi President Peter Mutharika to “wake up from his slumber and resolve the crisis facing the country once and for all lest he loses “the legitimacy to govern”.

Mtambo:  Calls for President's pragmatic action

Mtambo: Calls for President’s pragmatic action

In a strongly-worded press statement Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for Development of People (Cedep) say observed with alarm a series of developments that may potentially thwart the progress of the country’s democracy as well as enjoyment of human rights by Malawian citizens.

The two organizations say the current situation is as if Malawi has no President.

“CHRR and Cedep are depressed at the rising number of industrial strikes in the country. Right now, ACB (Anti Corruption Bureau), Parliament, Malawi College of Medicine, Chancellor College, Mzuzu University among others have closed shop pending improved conditions from government. The recent sealing of ACB offices by APM’s regime is another disaster –the worst expected of his administration,” reads the statement in part.

The rights groups say the sealing of the Anti-Corruption Bureau also confirms the executive’s continued interference into the independence of the ACB a scenario that does not give any hope in as far as the national crusade to curb corruption is concerned.

“This is regrettable. Already there are fears that this ‘sealing exercise’, as APM’s sole tactic to resolving the strikes, shall be extended to the judiciary and any potential grouping who may resolve to strikes as a way of bringing their grievances to the attention of the regime.

“You don’t just cripple constitutional bodies like that and claim that your government is committed to fighting graft, corruption and also ensure that there is access to justice for all. This is pure hypocrisy, and in fact ‘hypocrisy of the highest order’, that is, if we were to borrow Timothy Mtambo’s branding of Mutharika four weeks ago [in an interview with Nyasa Times].”

The statement says what is even more saddening is that the President Mutharika  is yet to step up to address the aggrieved parties on the feud.

“By failing to rise above the challenge and bring the striking staff to an understandable compromise, the President is painting a picture that he is failing to be a father-figure in the whole saga.  This may also signal a ‘constructive admission’ by the President that he has failed to ‘governor rule’ in the midst of the crisis a scenario that does not speak well about his leadership style” says the statement.

The organizations have called upon the President to prioritize ending the strikes as a matter of urgency saying the real victims of these strikes are the innocent citizens whose rights are being violated.

The two organizations are also reminding Malawian that the 13th January 2015 national demonstrations will also include all other current challenges both on the political, economic, governance and human rights including government’s continued failure to resolve strike concerns.

“These peaceful demonstrations will be staged in all the regions: Northern Region, Central Region, Eastern Region and Southern Region. We therefore call upon all the citizens to patronize these demonstrations as one of the ways in demanding concrete action and solutions on the prevailing concerns from the government,” reads the statement.

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31 thoughts on “CSOs ask Mutharika to woke up from slumber or lose ‘legitimacy to govern’ Malawi”

  1. BigMan says:

    Mtambo, you are barking, barking, barking and barking some more…. for nothing! How much of the cashgate loot has abiti mtila shared with you?

  2. kakha Erutu says:

    People from the north, please be objective. We will respect you more. The more noise you make the more ridicule you earn for yourselves and your children and their children. Do not mistake our quietness for stupidity.we can only ask you to be sensible and start respecting leadership of the day.

  3. meta says:

    u ngos why didn’t you do demonstrations when during cashgate scandle in 2013 during pp and jb regime? didn’t you know that jb with her cashgate crue cld chase donnors? after all where have you been from 2012 to 2014? mwagwa nayo ple learn thr past experience u wl go alone pa mseupo akakuthireni usi.where do you think APM and SC will get money of which your jb stole. God is judging you even atakhala owina pa central with this cashgate scandle stlmore zikanavutabe cos mw depends on donnors. wait time will come when everything will be okay otherwise DPP ndi boma until 2019 Malawians spoke on ballots not in ralies. wishing APM and SC a health and prosperous life. advise him the rout to take for changes rather than blaming him in everything

  4. padoko says:

    NGOs, please feel ashamed. We know you are doing all this to beckon donors for your useless organisations. BEFORE telling us to join demonstrations, explain to us how you expect APM to solve this impact created over a long period of time while you were sleeping? Where were you when our economy was being plundered to work up with a jerk now and demand an immediate solution? Better let demos be against those who plundered our economy. That is what has brought the mess not APM. No wonder you are selling our country by promoting evil western cultures in the name of human rights. If you really mean to help Malawi, go and offer your magical solutions to president or govt instead of impressing your donors without help to your countrymen. I stand for no political party because my Malawi is better than any party or stupid and selfish NGO. You aee hypocrites, you make noise so that you maybe noticed and offered a post then treat us as if we never existed.

  5. Simeon Nyapala says:

    khalani chete afiti inu mukuganiza kuti PM achite chiyani? Mmati atenge ndalama zake akupatseni? Cedep uyankhulepo za mathanyula a uja adagwidwa ndi apolisi.

  6. Baba wa Boyi says:

    Every Jim and Jack wants to make a name by having a pop at Muthalika.

    Its ridiculous.

    When he doesn’t fight back ndiwopusa, Akayanba fighting back muziti ndiwoyipa.

  7. Chibwe says:

    Atumbuka mwayambanso kubwebweta ndi kusokoneza. We had serious maladministration for two years with Jb, kuba ndege, cashgate ndi zina zotero but you chose to keep quite at times asking us to give Jezebel ample time, really? What has waken you up now that you bark at everything even when the president coughs? Wakuvutani ndi utumbuka basi, period! You are out of power and therefore want to cause problems and create a bad image of the government at all cost. Pangani ma demo anuwo palibe ati akuletseni. This is a free country, everybody is free to show their hate and stupidity.

  8. kamfana says:

    Dadaboma No; 12,This is not the way we write things.Iam from the North myself,but I abhor such sayings.Don’t be REGIONALISTIC.Speak sense which can UNITE US AS A NATION.If u do not have something FACTUAL to say,then just SIT PHWII.

  9. daniel says:

    I strongly condems some of these ngos because ndiamene akusokonedza dziko.kodi iwowo amawawuza anthu mmene amayendesela ndalama?koma kutuma anthu apange chiwawa,malo mouza anthu kuti pa 13 january mukalime kwambiri kumunda.inu mumamwa tea bwino bwino koma mukumuwuza osauka azakhale pa dem.shame,,shame,,

  10. Sakhuta says:

    Tilibe mtsogoleri kumalawi

  11. Mulibe manyazi ndithu-Joyce Banda ndi anzake ndi omwe anathawitsa ma Donors poba ndalama za Boma AKA (Cashgate)
    what do you expect him to do? ali ndi Machine opangira ndalama?
    Pitani munsewumo mukam’bwira teargass wa China^don’t say I didn’t warn you

  12. Onasiwelo says:

    Ohoooo ma demo nthawi yomweyi ayaya zamuvuta mkulu uyu kuchita kupambannidwa ndi mzimai mai JB took only two months things started to work we had fuel, sugar cement and you name it but six month I mean six good months nothing to show but stealing NAC money, nepotims, braaaa weddings with nkhalamba inzako, strikes, delay in getting salaries what type of a man are you? Any way ine thing in your stupid manifesto was to continue where your late brother stopped which is very true exactly where he left, poor Malawians another law deal. Any way ma demo omwewo kuti wawawawawa another daniel phiri in the making.

  13. Odala Tili Odala says:

    Go go

  14. Kenkkk says:

    Just wait, watch and see what plans the dpp govt and its thugs will have on these demonstrations!!

  15. Mafikizolo says:

    Should we really be surprised that APM is busy snoring while the wheel nuts are coming loose on this speeding vehicle known as Malawi? I, for one, am not surprised because APM is simply being APM : an incompetent, lazy and clueless professor .

  16. cnkhuto says:

    One problem with CSO’s is that u deliberately create problems and then you ask the president to solve them. When Muthalika was taking govt you advised him not to abandon reforms of Joyce Banda including free floatation of Kwacha. Now the currency is floating you ask govt to solve the crisis. Why can’t you start advising people to work hard and produce for export so that the kwacha can at once gain its stability. You are busy hitting govt left and right and you expect a miracle. That will never happen unless you stat to be positive and objective on you calls. Our problems are non other than donor dependence, laziness, fault finding, jelousy and selfish. The problems we are facing are not in any way doing with executive decisions. I honestly don’t see any serious decision this govt has made so far to cost our pride. Its zero aid budget, what do you expect. To all Malawians lets work hard for ourselves. Don’t wait for account number 1 to feed your families. To CSO’s reduce your donor dependence.

  17. Mhesha says:

    So what you know best is busy writing press stataments BASI?????! You are one of the people who are making this country poorer and poorer because you do not produce anything apart from displaying a begging bowl in the face of your donors who are even bent at nothing good bu distabilizing this small and peaceful republic for personal gains. Stop this madness please. You are press statements just bring in more hate amongst citizens than peace or economic solutions!

    Go and produce something and contribute to the economy meaningfully!

  18. moto mwikho says:

    What legitimacy do CSOs have they cannot even account on how they raise and use funds. They are vultures feeding on the plight of Malawians.

  19. apao says:

    Ndizimenezotu kaya zako izo ndeutanino?

  20. dadaboma says:

    Here in the north we neither voted for APM nor recognize him as our president. We have no president for us. So we’re not concerned about how APM rules his people. If the people who voted for him have become disappointed with his leadership it’s up to them to take whatever step they consider fit and legitimate. But for us we’ll not be part of these demos – we’re not part of Muthalika’s subjects.

  21. tchaka says:

    Mesa mukuti mukufuna ku matcha? Matchani tikuonereni- ndekuti mudana ndi harmonisation of salaries?

  22. Fathara says:


  23. Mmihavani says:

    First of all this ugly tumbuka Mtambo should tell us what he is doing for his mother Malawi. Is he just sitting phwii waiting for his donors to send him more money? Every day people are waking up just to talk about politics. I don’t see people discussing business or production ideas. Nobody is telling the president how to generate extra income but all are talking about expenditure. Thats how dead we are as a nation.

  24. Malawian says:

    A tumbuka you never stop to amaze me. Just because you did not vote for Peter Mutharika you have given yourselves the job of fighting him. Your press statement is void of the economic context of Malawi. Give us some facts about how the Malawi economy can afford to meet the obscene demands being championed by the so called constitutional bodies. Let me remind you Ntambo that human rights without resources is far fetched dream, for instance your organisation is able to make some useless noise because you dupe some whites, through your project proposals, for money. My take is that these strikes are not justified at all because civil servants are the lowest paid government official so far so it was necessary to raise their salaries only. In addition to that main stream civil servants use very old vehicles although on paper it is written that once a certain threshold is reached the cars should be replaced, and they strike to have their cars replaced because they use common sense which is not common in the institutional bodies Ntambo likes.

  25. rif says:

    inu bwanji simunaimilile u president? Mudziimile mu 2019, khalangati muli ndi nzerutu. Mukanakhala inu bwenzitu mutasova zonsezi economy nkumayenda bwino ndi zero aid yi. Kkkk

  26. mzozodo says:

    Sorry William zinthu zakuba kuvuta kusunga Namang’olo zako izo usiye mulamba utelele

  27. Gogo says:

    On top of the agendas,APM should resign without hiding words.The demos should be extended to all districts,trading centres.Malawian lets wake up from asleep.These hard times is when presidents steal money and we’ll wake up one day & realize that all our monies has gone.Viva our CSOs

  28. NYAPAPI says:

    Mtambo what did you expecte the president to do when people just go to work and do no work. Government should protect it property and dismiss all the basatrds and advertise their positions. we need patriotic Malawians not these useless bunch of greedy people whose aim is to run down government. To hell with Mtambo and your CSOs

  29. Mau Apaseli says:

    In his address he will just arise and blame Joyce!..he is such an idiot

  30. Lawyers says:

    The strikes are illegal and the best is for the government not to pay those refusing to go work. You don’t pay people for doing nothing. The Labour Relation Act is clear that the unions are to meet the wages of those on strike. There is no service being rendered to pay those on strike. There is no justification at all.

  31. nkunthamasese says:

    APM does not know what to do. I wonder the use of his flock of advisors. He is a professor without wisdom. those following him must now know they are following an empty can.

Comments are closed.

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