CSOs demand cut in constituencies from 193 to 100: Speaker, MPs rule out

Some civil rights groups have engaged parliament to reduce the number of constituencies from the current 193 to 100 owing to the current economic turmoil, among other reasons.

Mhone: No to MPs reduction

Mhone: No to MPs reduction

Citizen Alliance officials on Tuesday evening met the Speaker Richard Msowoya and all the House leadership in a bid to lobby them reduce the number of constituencies.

Wilson Asidu, executive secretary of Citizen Alliance, an umbrella body of several civil society organisations said Zambia has 158 members of parliament yet its bigger than Malawi.

He also gave an example of South Africa which has 300 legislators yet their population  is more than 10 times than that of Malawi.

Asidu said the huge number of parliamentarians has a huge negative effect on the Malawi economy, saying chopping off the 93 legislators would save Malawi of billions of money needed in the rapidly collapsing public health sector and other critical public sectors now in shambles due to the bad economic situation in the country.

After all, he said, councillors are now in place and handle development projects in their respective areas whilst members of parliament just concentrate on law making and oversight functions.

However, Speaker Richard Msowoya dismissed this idea out rightly, saying councillors and members of parliament do different jobs altogether.

Nkhata Bay Central MP Ralph Mhone and Mzimba north MP Agness Nyalonje – all from People’s Party (PP) – instantly dismissed the suggestion, saying the current parliament seats are just enough to propel development activities in the country.

Academician and social commentator also proposed some months ago that there was need to cut the parliamentary seats by 100, arguing most of the MPs just drain government coffers through huge allowances and salaries and other perks yet they do nothing in parliament and in their respective constituencies.

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43 thoughts on “CSOs demand cut in constituencies from 193 to 100: Speaker, MPs rule out”

  1. I totally agree we reduce number of Mp as reduction on vist of Politics, we have done so withministrial nbrs..ma Ps and this must be part of reforms.please a dpeaker mdoeoya mwatani.aftrr all ovetdight is not complicated mai Lunguzi can do it well ndi a kamlepo raph joom basi plus a njovu ndi lucius..font forget the laws you pass are drafted elsewhrre.. so lets reduce codt of Politics msanyinyirika ayi chokani .just reserve 50 setsa for women, atabwali enani muzikayimba mmanja ku presidential rallies

  2. chagona says:

    CSOs agitating for reduction of MPs are seriously deluded and have lost direction and do not know what they exist for and and have come extension branches of other political parties. Surely when the tree falls so will the branches . Sad indeed .

  3. Elias Nali says:

    those that demarcated constituencies were not stupid.

  4. Jayjay says:

    A Yes: pati pachitike referendum Karen’s cessation mukunenayo mukachitira kuti ya constituencies? You must understand these things: there are mutually exclusive.
    Who refuses referendum or federalism, so Peter wanuyo! Akuyiopa. He will be a president without a state; may for in Mj and To. Don’t expect that lower states will support you when revolution begins. They will fight for themselves and their children.
    Only tried to manage a multi party democracy in a civilized way. He only missed economy by a whisk.

  5. Yes says:

    Apatu a Kamlepo Kalua taiyambani ya referendum ndi nonse a Cesation and Feudalism muone mmene ife kuno kumwera tiisapotere yochita reduce ma constituencies. Bwanji MCP mwangoti ndiii ngati akukumetani. Abusa mukuti uli apa?

  6. Jayjay says:

    Quota system is for equity other things north does not merit them! What type of dogs are you?
    You cannot parliament to discuss issues that will affect them negavely. That’s a non starter. CSOs should know better how to handle that issue and where to refer it for correction or amendment.
    Our economy is in shambles yet we have so many unproductive MPs who only shout ‘hear hear’. They cannot even see any sense or support their fellows who propose issues such as that of investigation of the K577b. They have mighty appetites just like dogs only plunder our country of its precious resources.
    Mind you, they will never be direct budget support for this DPP unless another party comes in. It hurts when you are ruled by selfish, myopic, nepotistic that salivates like a rabied dog. This is our Malawi, why can’t we make it a better place for everyone. No one is greater than his/her country: hence no monopoly of any sort.
    I feel ashamed of DPP leadership; it kinds of let us down and promotes politics of hate and segregation tantamounting to creating civil strife and increased tribalism instead of fostering what he initially claimed to promote- merit. Am yet to believe whether indeed there’ s clueless leadership in DPP.

  7. Tonde says:

    Wika why giving north only 10 mp’s yet u say going to university the number should be equal cake ,amatero aja koma munyatu maprivate onsewa

  8. maganizo says:

    Ndizoona koma munthu sangalole kudzichotsa ntchito yekha. Kuluma chala chomwe chikukudyetsa phala nde ngakhale mutakhala inu. Chitsanzo cha bwino ndi section 65 muwone mmene amachitira aphungu mukalimbikira akatenga koti injakoshoni. Osamangokamba zikakhala kwa anzanu. Nawonsi ali ndi ana komanso abale.

  9. nyenyezi says:

    Briliant idea but I ask CSO leaders to cast the net wider and sell the idea to other stakeholders not parliament, Msowoya sakutithandiza iye angopanga zake kuti zimuyendere. its true Bakili championed this cause but there is room for change. Ma MP enanso amafikira kuchoka pa mpando patatha zaka 5 popanda chochita kwawo nkubwerera kumakapalasa njinga yet amaononga ndalama zomwe zikagwira ntchito yothandiza a Malawi.

    Zoti ma MP asowa ntchito izo ndi zawo azifunsira ndi ma MSCE awowo ngati m’mene m’Malawi aliyense amapezera ntchito, ku MP kusakhale kothawira umphawi ayi.

    A word to Msowoya, your days are numbered usayese kuchenjera. Pamene ulipo panali a Chimango samatero

  10. Mbwindi says:

    I support the idea.MPs are a group of lazy & mostll of them uneducated but receive huge monies for nothing.

  11. Bulldozer Taifa says:

    Wilson Asidu is telling lies. Why cant you start reducing the number of CSOs which are just too many for nothing. Imagine Zambia is bigger than Malawi but Zambia has only 30 CSOs against 295 CSOs in Malawi.

  12. wika says:


  13. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Agalu inu ma MP. You are always absent from sessions yet you drain our purse by drawing huge salaries and allowances for work not done. We are watching you!

  14. Wadyera says:

    The number has to really be reduced. If we can recall the number went up during UDF rule because the former President Bakili Muluzi created Balaka and Neno as Districts thereby creating extra constituencies because those were the areas where he were getting enough votes.

  15. Bande Brian,MBA,BAac says:


  16. Mwalusya kuvotera wamama winu....kkkk says:

    Wat do u mean by creating jobs? …..zomwezi za u MP.Headless Dog

  17. Manguleje says:

    Its true ,look at ndirande ,why two MP in one township,2019 mmodzi wakwana.enanu mukhoza kutgura dera lanu ngati ndikoyenera kutero.

  18. Ayaya kumudzi says:

    Brilliant idea

  19. Malawian Patriot says:

    I totally agree that Malawi has too many MP’s. We need to reduce in order to make this country more efficient and reduce the tax burden of a big cabinet. The money can instead be used to build up the countries infrastructure and improve education and health so that everyone can be more productive.

  20. Taweni says:

    Malawi has serious unemployment problems as such that there is need to even increase the numbers of parliamentarians to spur employment.


  21. Drake says:

    Zambian are urbanised people. Thir rular areas are sparsely populated and most of it it’s game reserves and their population is in Lusaka and the copper belt.Malawians have been a rular farming community and they are scattered all over the ćountry please people market researches beforehand.

  22. K.Linono says:

    Any MP who has not spoken the past sitting of parliament should be removed he is wastimg our tax payers money


    All this idea of too many MPs in Malawi was the plan of Bakili Eleson Muluzi , he went further by subdividing Malawi into useless small districts , that’s the masterminder of stealing government money.


  24. Kirk Hollingsweash says:

    Good move. It is actually easy to get the 93 to be removed. All MPs without first degrees should go. We have to raise the standards.

  25. Tengupenya says:

    One MP per district would be necessary and sufficient for law making. After all, how efficiently is the bloated representation working? How much is the bloated representation facilitating the participation of constituents in law making and oversight of the judiciary and the executive through the parliament?

  26. Kamganje Mchiduli says:

    Good message to the wrong audience.

  27. chakwela says:

    That’s good idea I support that.

  28. anadimba says:

    msowoya galimoto yayiwisi ikukoma angalorere zimenezo.zitsiru ndi anthufe ndi mavotera manyi.

  29. Nyamakumutu says:

    Kukhuta uku. Zambia has less number of people than Malawi. And we are already saying that awonjezeko iwe ukuti achepetse kukhuta chiyani.

  30. Kachulu says:

    Ur proposal is useless,u mean 93 mps must add the huge number of unemployed Malawians?And do know how many people r benefiting from those 93mps?And who can help them if there bosses we call them mps get expelled?Next time think b4 kupangila miliri zinthu zomwe zikuthandiza ambiri.Its like telling Unlever that ur products to b cheap u must retretch 80 worker and remain with 20 is what u mean?Please we crying for more unemployment in our country so this is time to think about creating jobs not expelling workerz.And I can be happy 2hear u guyz asking them 2deduct K200,000 from their salaries/month to create jobs for 10 people in their constituencies to reduce unemployment

  31. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    A fundamental principle of representative democracy is “REP by POP”, or “representation by population.” Rep by size of geographic area should be secondary. And, of course, economic capacity (GDP) is important, but we cannot have democratic representation always adjustable depending on the economic situation. But, like everything else, the economy has to afford the MPs’ wages, etc. It would appear that the first democratic government was overzealous in this area. They could have set the bar lower, and thus, more realistic.
    We, currently, may NOT the most over-represented in this part of the Continent. But actually reducing the number to 100 does seem to make sense.
    Herewith a few numbers crunched , from “over-represented” to “under-represented” (numbers rounded):-

    GDP ($US) MP : POP
    Zimbabwe 890 1 : 71 T(housand)
    Malawi 225 1 : 88
    (…red MPs to 100: 1 : 150)

    Zambia 1721 1 : 95
    Mozambique 602 1 : 108
    Madagascar 450 1 : 152
    Tanzania 768 1 : 221

    So, the CSOs may have a point here. And Parliament should re-think their position. This is one issue where a referendum would be appropriate. But good luck with Parliamentarians cutting off the hand that feeds them!

  32. dungulinya says:

    Brilliant suggestion!

  33. Ha ha ha tichepetsenso maboma kuti ma DC achepe ndie kutinso ma DHO achepa mwachitsanzo phalombe nd mulanje,ntcheu ndi balaka,rumphi nd karonga akhale tiphe limodzi ndipo aaphatikizane.
    Ai ndithu zavuta koma a Malawi sakudziwa kuti mavuto onsewa athe kapena kuchepa chomwe angachite ndi kuchotsa Muthalika pampando basi.
    Anthu otifunila zabwino alibe chikhulupililo ndi Muthalika olo pang’ono chifukwa cha kudzitukumula kuthamangila pa udindo. Ngati akumakwela pachulu kuti ndiolemela komanso ophunzila.
    Mulungu amakana zimenezo nchifukwa chake anatenga Davide m’busa kukhala nfumu.

  34. Shuk Shukor's says:

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  35. matombodya says:

    Good idea and the DPP should pursue it

  36. PICHI says:

    Ndipo the new constituencies akhale according to population ya athu not geographical. Ma MP ena angochita phokoso ku parliament pamene 3 quarters ya constituency yawo ndi forest. That is a people’s house ahhh

  37. Point of corection !!!!!!!!!
    RSA has 400 MPs,led by ANC with 249
    DA 89
    EFF 25
    IFP. 10
    NFP. 06
    And tizipani tina ting’onoting’ono ngati UDM,COPE,ACDP nd other they do have less than 3 mps.

    Yes,Malawians are going through tough time like never before,we reduce the cabinet by half. But am still waiting for someone show me the tangible results of this reduction.
    CSO’s,do you think triming the number of our MP’s is going to help? Which group will be targeted next,are you going to reduce our wards? Maybe police,chiefs mmmm. Zavuta basi

  38. Green Grass says:

    Parliament is an interested party so there response is obvious. I for one support the proposal and even the number 100 is still on the higher side. Can the donors please consider this as one of the conditions for aid restoration otherwise Parliament is another resource wasting institutions that is badly in need of drastic reforms.

  39. Yeah says:

    There is much substance in this proposal. I think MCP and other opposition legislators would back this up despite Msowoya showing cold feet on it. Bravo CSOs. Much of the MPs are just drainers of the ailing pulse. Mukafuna ma demo pamenepa ndiye tiyendanawo basi. Achepe-achepe basi. Ung’ono-ung”ono wa ma constituency womwewo kuti wawawa! The quota allocation should be, Southern Region 50 constituencies, Central Region 30 constituencies and Northern Region 20 constituencies. Bwanji pamenepa? Imeneyitu muikoke just like Access to Information Bill. I know donors will add this as one of the conditions for aid resumption. How can TZ and ZA, or even Mozambique huge as they are have fewer constituencies? A Msowoya apatu mwapepelapo apa. Tawafunsani Abusa a leader of opposition who has the welfare of people at his heart, he will tell you that this is the way to go. Bravo bravo CSOs. I have said you have the support of the poor masses in Malawi on this one.

  40. Sapitwa says:

    This requires a referendum and should not be sent to parliament for approval. It’s non of their business. The boundaries can be reversed to what it was before 1994 save for Phalombe which is a District.

  41. jmc says:

    Good idea, but mad strategy of implementation. How can u ask employees to decide whether to cut their own jobs or not? If u thought MPs represent the poor man’s interests, then mwadzikwata ndi chala for too long.

  42. The Analyst says:

    Are you sure you can ask a thief to approve a proposal to increase the number of police stations or buy new 997 vehicles or anti-crime tech and expect the proposal to pass? Are you sure you were asking the right people? Come on dude! You should have known that Msowoya and his cohort wouldnt even want to lend you an ear, let alone an earlobe on such a butt-bitting proposal!
    Are you surprised therefore that you were sent back even before you opened your mouth? How come the rest of us are not surporised? That proposal would mean that the lazy n good-for-nothing MPs would have to significantly compete for a seat. And chances of making it to parliament would become paper-thin! Now take the proposal and sale it somewhere, am sure there are willing customers to buy it coz it somewhat smells yummy!!!

  43. Banda says:

    Anything that threatens people’s interests will face resistance

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