CSOs hold ‘day of rage’ protests Thursday in Lilongwe: Plan 7 days revolt from April 28

Some section fo the civil society  organisations (CSOS)have said they will be holding protests marking a “day of rage” among the people,  on Thursday March 2 2017 in the capital Lilongwe to demand an end to impunity which they claim has reached disturbing levels in the country.

Timothy Mtambo of CHRR, Trapence and Rev Macdonald Sembereka: Thursday is the day of rage

The organiser including Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), Centre for Development of People (CEDEP), Youth and Society (YAS) and Church and Society (Livingstonia Synod) also said they will be demanding transparency and accountability as well us fighting corruption without discrimination and end the practice of the rich to hold stockpiles of undeclared cash.

The CSOs however said they would not support calls for a general strike because it would cause economic disruption.

They nonetheless plan a seven day mass protest from April 28 to be joined by opposition parties calling for  “last push” of the government if it will not address their concerns.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera has already  persuaded  for Malawians to confront President Peter Mutharika’s regime over worsening corruption in the country.

Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president,  argues that Mutharika has defied the will and wishes of Malawians long enough, and it is time for Malawians to defy him.

“The corruption levels among his top officials have reached a critical stage and should he decide his laissez faire approach to issues, I will have to lead Malawians myself into the streets to protest against his administration,” Chakwera warne don Friday when he addressed reporters  at his Parliament office.

CEDEP executive director Gift Trapence said his organisation is one of ther leading organisers of the Thursday march to demand President Mutharika to implement all recommendations of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Irrigation and Public Accounts and the State-sanctioned Commission of Inquiry on the ‘Maizegate’ scandal.

“We demand  nothing but full implementation of the inquiry recommendations,” said Trapence.

He said there should be no selective prosecution on corruption, demanding President Mutharika to ensure  those in the corridors of powers have no amnesty to indictment.

The CSOs pursuant to the watchdog mandate in defending peoples’ rights and good governance are in deep shock at the uncovering of the millions of local and foreign cash at the residence of fired Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

“Undoubtedly, this  suspicious development smacks of criminal acts akin to the 2013 infamous cash-gate in which several public servants were caught with bags of money looted from the public purse. We are left with the impression that looting of public resources (cash-gate) by public servants has continued since 2014 under President Mutharika’s watch”, the statement issued by the organisers reads.

It adds: “One wonders how a Cabinet Minister could be in possession of huge sums of money amounting to 124 Million Kwacha and 58 000 USD among other foreign currencies stashed in suitcases at his residence”.

The CSO’s have since declared that they will hold nation-wide mass civil action against the gross corruption and impunity under the current political administration on 28th February 2017.

“All Malawians, CSOs, and development partners are invited to this solidarity march” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, the CSO’s have commended the Commission of Inquiry and the Joint Parliamentary Committee for their patriotic and credible inquiry reports into the maize scam which has set a tone for action by relevant prosecutorial institutions such as the ACB and Police.

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Zitsiru zokhazokha. Reverend Sembweleka ndi anzake. DPP ndi UDF patsogolo. Reverend Chakwera wanuyo anakwiyitsa Mulungu. Sadzalamulila Malawi mpaka mmanda. Ndani Mbusa anakhalapo President pa dziko lapansi.




Malawian don’t love their country. How can someone smile with all this mess by DPP lead government. A lot of money being idle in somebodies bedroom while the relatives’ people from his own constituency and many more are groaning with poverty!!! Brainless aguments. I support demostrations. Malawi is burning fire for the poor!!! United we stand, devided we fall!


Amalawi kupepela….mwayenda kangati? agalu inu mumangowazunza anthu ndizilakolako zanu……muwawuze ‘Amalawiwo’ kuti izi ife azungu atithandiza tilemela koma inu mudikilabe mwina mpaka zaka eight.


There is sense in this concept. Go ahead.

Kudzadza Lembwende
Stolen votes to become president and ultimately form government. These people were not ready to manage affairs of government thats why they are just stealing, they don’t care, they have no remorse. Matching is vital but organizers should make sure to safeguard lives of attendees. Sometimes it is worrisome to see oganizers dumping attendees once they have achieved their goal such getting donor funding. They chew the dough alone in offices. No wonder well named demonstrations, in Malawi, are ateended by a few people. Oftentimes even organizers have hidden agendas. This demoralizes people. Observation has shown that Bt and Nkhoma… Read more »
The Analyst
O……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………O The past is for us to learn from; and yet people seem to forget? Kodi . . . . . . What happened when people marched against Bingu? . . . Did we have forex and/or fuel the following day, week or month? . . . Is there anybody who thinks that corruption will end/lessen with these protests? You see, the idea of marching against a govt, is based on the assumption that the ones being marched against, have a clear conscience and wisdom, hence integrity and reputation (to protect) and therefore a sense of shame if protested against.… Read more »

Perhaps a ‘Day of Rags’ would be more appropriate.


Chitini cha empute phokoso thu matchi.

Mwana wa Hule
You are a stupid and sell out person. It is doubtul indeed if you were born of lawfully married parents. Unabadwa ku uhule ndithu. Any right thinking person can not condone what is happening. What is happening is killing the week, poor and vulnerable people in society. And you do not see anything wrong? These actions are about asking the government to do the right things. A group of thieves who most of them have never known what it means by liberating a country (economic refugees) are running this country and they do not want to listen to the common… Read more »
Nya Phiri
KKKKK! Make some noise the donors and those that Fund you will hear your plea and release that cash so that you buy beers and splash it around bottle stores and women around. So you think that people should leave their chores attending to gardens and join you! Who monitors your activities and how do you account for the cash you get from your bedfellows. Am yet to be convinced by these idiots and everyone knows where they lean!Why not use that money and assist the flood victims or buy some ART bwana Sembeleka!KKKKK. I wonder the passion you have… Read more »
Baba Maduapera

Nyaphiri, ndiwe mwana wa hule!!! A bastard!! You have no personal values, virtues or even goals for your life. Leave the CSOs and their supporters alone!! Malawi belongs to us ALL and not alomwe (DPP) ONLY…

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