CSOs hold demo, petition govt on Malawi Savings Bank sale and ‘toxic’ loans

Hundreds of people have protested in the capital Lilongwe and delivered a petition to government and another to Speaker of Parliament against the impending sale of state-owned Malawi Savings Bank (MSB), urging government to recapitalise the bank instead of selling it.

The petition to government was presented at Ministry of Finance where spokesperson for the Ministry, Nations Msowoya, received it .

Petitioners march towards Parliament  and gives 60-day ultimatum on MSB sale

Petitioners march towards Parliament and gives 60-day ultimatum on MSB sale

Mayaya (L) handing over the petition to Chiphiko at parliament.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

Mayaya (L) handing over the petition to Chiphiko at parliament.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

The protests in Lilongwe against 'new cashgate'' through MSB sale.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

The protests in Lilongwe against ‘new cashgate” through MSB sale.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

Some of the palacard protestors carried.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

Some of the placards the protestors carried.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

Handing over the petition to Parliament to Chairperson of budget and Finance Committee, Rino Chiphiko, one of the organisers, Billy Mayaya said the “concerned Malawians” want the recapitalisation of the bank should go through parliament.

“The MSB recapitalisation process should go through parliament,” said Mayaya.

“We demand that the National Assembly debates and approves the re-capitalisation of MSB to the tune of K5 billion so that it continues to operate,” said Mayaya amid chanting by members of the CSOs.

He also said Malawians are also against government’s move to clear toxic loans totalling K6 billion owed to the bank by private sector players.

“The loans should not be passed on to Malawians,” he said. “We will not allow our taxes to be used to pay off individual loans of greedy, selfish, hard hearted politicians and businessmen,”

The petition demand that those who defaulted must repay their loans, failing which “their assets must be seized.”

Opposition lawmakers claimed in parliament that government wants to hand over the bank to FDH Bank, owned by Thom Mpinganjira, whom MCP MP Peter Dimba described as “Mutharika’s crony, tribesman, DPP campaign financier who sits on the public reforms commission.”

Receiving the petition, Chiphiko promised to deliver it to the Speaker of the National Assembly.

“As members of Parliament, we have also taken government to task on the same; we even presented a report in Parliament on how transparent we want all this to be,” he said.

Some of the politicians who joined the match included MCP spokeswoman, Dr Jessie Kabwira who always exercises her right to demonstrate, youthful politician Levi Luwemba also took part.

Many people have described MSB sale deal as similar to Cashgate—the systematic plunder of billions of kwacha from Treasury.

Meanwhile, government is reported to have set up a yet-to-be-named independent agency to collect outstanding loans owed to MSB.

According to press reports two of the individuals earmarked for the job are Chadwick Mphande, former chief executive officer of Carlsberg Malawi Limited who also serves as a director of NBS Bank and chartered accountant Nkondola Uka, a managing partner in accounting, audit and business advisory firm Deloitte.

The strategy, according to reports, is for the team to collect the debts owed to MSB to demonstrate that government was not bailing out the politically linked debtors.

The petition, addressed to the Minister to Finance, Goodall Gondwe, and copied to Secretary to Treasury and Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya, says the CSOs will hold vigils at Parliament and all MSB branches across the country if government does not comply with the demand.

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68 thoughts on “CSOs hold demo, petition govt on Malawi Savings Bank sale and ‘toxic’ loans”

  1. Tonde wa tonde says:

    This is not apondium of stupid comments ,if u are wise enough bring good ideas why to sell msb or why not sell it not talking nosence zakozo ,we dont eat politics we eat our education ok u must learn to understand,

  2. moramo says:

    Usually I do not read article on blogs, however
    I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do
    it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, very great post.

  3. Moatize says:

    I have friends, most of them gule wamkulu and vimbuza dancers. Educated but savagely thinking DPP can be toppled by this one galatian Chakwera and husband snatcher JB and chidempete Jessie thru idiotic and stupid foolish CSOs. Kuzikwata ndi chala kwenekwene. Muyenda mminsewu anadonza Bingu mutopa. 2019 ndiye mudzalire ndi yeneene landslide. Tangotini pheee. You will see!

  4. chefourpence says:

    Polls? Is this a coup? Is MCP planning to rule through the backdoor? Bullshit! All you psychos who suffer from delusions of political granduer know this: you cant fool people again like on July 20.

  5. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Demo Popanda Okufapo Nde Ndi Demo Imeneyo? A Mayaya Mukuchedwa. Dpp Will Rule This Country To The End Of Their Term Ok…..

  6. No tribalist lomwe. says:

    Why not use cherrif. Just remove the political protection and msb will remain 4 malawians but in this case it looks like ceaser is honouring this coruption and he is ready to turnish his image bcs he benefited heavly from this. Bankyi inali yathu, pano yabedwa tikuwona tifune tisafune.mavnta vota.

  7. NELSON says:

    masiku osiliza palibe azabwelese mtendele ku Malawi tiyeni tifunefune mtendele from our beloved JESUS


  9. Mnzako says:

    CSO mwaiwala munaphetsa anthu pa20 july11 ndalama zochitira chisakho muzitenga kuti? mudziwa zapakhomo panu osakoneza aMALAWI.Ndafuna kuti muuzeni aMALAWI mugwirizano pakati paCSOndi MCP nthawi JESSIE KABWIRA akhalepo nsanje ai PP adayamba zaف MBS DDPai

  10. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    There is this saying that’ you recover a loan when you are making it’. How were these loans made in the first place, if we may ask? Creation of a separate entity to recover these is just a heat cooling mechanism by those advancing the sale. Another drain on tax payers money while options do exist to recover these loans if they were made in good faith. Who is cheating who!

  11. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    According to eye witnesses, the reporter’s estimate of (a few) hundred people showing up is indeed credible. The organizers now lack credibility, given the population of Lilongwe (metro?) to be 670000!
    As predicted right here on this website, the usual busy bodies, like Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula, and their families, and aganyu (hired hands) showed up. And many people showed up only for the free eats and drinks! This demo was a failure by any measure. Symbolically, may be not. And CSOs now have something to tell their masters: but please tell them the turnout too.
    The governing party must be lapping all this up.
    It’s really hard to turn people against this government. Anthu anachenjera masiku ano (people know that the government is acting in good faith, and has their interests at heart; but it is hampered by lack of money, stolen by PP, the soon to be disbanded party). Asa!

  12. Che Peter says:

    Demo yopanda kuswa galasi olo limodzi? Lol. Wastage of time. So eneffective. Borrow a leaf from ur counterparts in Greece, Spain, Missouri USA, when they say demos they mean business. Osati kumangoyenda mumsewu mutanyamula masamba mwati mukuchita demo, who will hear u??? A Malawi kupusa nsete zanu. Its only on July 20 we witnessed a modern demo in Nyasaland, the rest nsete zokhazokha

  13. Paul Vida says:

    DPP yatikwana ndipo 60 days yachuluka, Agaru a DPP chomwe amadziwa ndi umbava basi. Anabera chisankho panonso akufuna kuba MSB, fuck off stupid mother fuckers.

  14. Guley says:

    Good investigative journalism will unearth the truth about these toxic loans and the real issue behind all this will come to light. The same investigative journalism should look into peters recent trip to America whose reason was shady. That trip had a lot to do with asset declaration of millions of dollars in USA. The money was being deposited during this trip

  15. bookwormer says:

    Stupid. All those people at the so called demo were stupid lazy people expecting to get fanta. When are we going to stop being jealousy of others

    1. Paul Vida says:

      You are the one who is very stupid. Nyini ya mako chitsiru.

  16. Atambwalisametana says:

    Where is the Law Society in all this? Despite the fact that many of the arguments regarding the sale of this national asset are legal in nature, there has been no single statement from the Law Society. During JB’s time the society was not coy to issue statements…are executives of the society card carrying members of DPP?

    The Law Society is part of civil society, giving considered legal opinion to guide Government and the general public. It is not a court of law, but its guidance has assisted Malawians to understand legal implications in matters of national importance since the dawn of multi-party democracy in this country. Why this deafening silence now?

    The society can make amends by clarifying whether an independent entity can enforce recovery of a bank loan which essentially is a contract between the borrower and the bank. Is government hoodwinking us by creating this independent entity which may not have a legal leg to stand on?

  17. BigMan says:

    Typical Malawian CSO trash. Barking, barking, barking and barking some more………for nothing!!

  18. Frank Ndili says:

    Amene mukunyoza demoyi, umunthu unakuchokerani kale ndinu zinyama. Who can soberly support govnt on this inhuman move? Anthu ena ali ndi nzeru ngati zamutu wankhuku. Ambuye akudalitseni a Mayaya ndi anzanu for speaking on behalf of the voiceless!

  19. Kulibe kantu says:

    At 25, whether someone used Muli or not he has to bear the consequences of his action. That is the price you pay. As far we know, Muli got the money. let hime pay.

    By the way, Mwanamvekha is not an MP, he was just handpicked to be a minister.

  20. Kulibe kantu says:

    At 30, ma petition ali ndi impact. As we speak, someone somehwer BP yakwela. Next you hear cardiac arrest. You do not that when people demonstrate against you, you become stressful?

  21. Chithumwa says:

    koma aMalawi chonde ili siboma phada weniweni,ndikukumverani chisoni inu nonse amene munathandizira kubera chisankho chija kuti dpp ilamulire chifukwa kwatsara pang’ono kuti mulandire malipiro anu mdziko la Mulungu wachilungamo,kaya zanu izo!!!

  22. The Truth says:

    Hundreds of people??? I’ve seen more people in Church “Big Walks” than at this stupid demo… And the 3 ton truck with speakers blasting local music, thats not how to show dissatisfaction… Each and everyone in this demo looked like they were waiting for their Fanta at the end of it. Face it, Malawi is rotten, and nothing will change that. Integrity in Malawian Politics and Government was lost forever when Kamuzu came out and Bakili, Mutharika, JB et Mutharika 2 appeared on the scene…

  23. Kes says:

    Zamalova ndi madobadoba apatauni inshort people with a lot of time on their hands to waste.
    Because I don’t believe any sensible person with a family and a livelihood to maintain can be doing this nonsense on a working day.

    Ma demo Anatha this is time for nation building.
    A Mayaya, trapence ndi Amtambo osango yambitsa chipani bwanji?
    Under the pretence of demonstrating against the sale of MSB ena ananyamula Ma placard a Za umatanyula.
    So that when they go to Geneva aziti inali demo yazama gay.


    kaya mumafuna akwane anthu angati koma dziko lalankhula and kalata yapelekedwa. Amene mukupanga reffer ndi zammbuyo mukakolope nyanja. Muyelekeze kugulitsa MSB. Demo ya chisawawa mukuifunayo muiona.

  25. hango says:

    A Malawi kodi tidzakhala OPUSA mpaka liti? Achinyamata akuvutika chifukwa cha dyera la andale-KUBA too much. Each problem has a solution if not an expiry date. One day zidzaululika ndithu.

  26. Rozina says:

    Uka anayambapo watolera ngongole?Nanga Mphande yo anatolerapo kuti.Bwanji osamtuma mzimayi uja ali ndi Debt Collection agency uja Patricia?

  27. Zachitika ku Lilongwe kokha chifukwa chiyani?Lilongwe ndiye ili ndi anthu okonda mademo?

  28. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Good job guys,we know you love this country whole Heartedrly,how come this govn knoes who owe the money but they want all of us to pay?????somebody tell me/teach me to overstand things…

  29. pitala says:

    loan imeneyi idziwika kuti anatenga ndani
    palibe zoti independent agency itolere ndalama zimene akabweze ku bank konko
    ngati sizichitika continuous demostrations basi
    misonkhonso tisiya kupereka

  30. mjiba says:

    demo iyi yokha must continue until the truth is known. Aruta continua

  31. Yamikani says:


  32. Gule Wamkulu says:

    Nanga Billy Mayaya ndi anzake abwenza liti MK150 million imene anaba ku HRCC. A Malawi akufuna kudziwa chilungamo pa ndalama zimenezi. Panopa ma donors onse monga Norwegian Embassy ndi DFID akukaniratu kuthandiza bungwe la HRCC chifukwa cha umbava wa Mayaya ndi anzake. Ndiye mwati naye akuwona mbava zinzake? Koma pa Malawi abale!!!

  33. Yamikani says:


  34. john says:

    tiotcha property ya mulli boma likayerekeza kumuperekera ngongole. alipire yekha basi

  35. Eish 3 says:

    Thom Mpinganjira, my free advice, do not buy katundu wa political noise. 2019 ikabwera MCP which is likely, you will lose your money.

  36. Chopwicho says:

    Koma zomapereka ma petition nizi zilibe impact, lets just demostrate continously until the govt takes ana action

  37. TRUE JUDGE says:

    Ine ndimaona kuti atha kugulitsadi bank imeneyi chifukwa amadyerera nayo ndi andale komanso ndimaona kuti kagulu ka indipendent kotolera ngongole wa cos akanakhalamo ngati bwana mayaya chifukwa ndimaona ngati ndi a chilungamo atha kutiuza zoona osati atipake phula kumaso ayi.

  38. whats up says:

    You guys thinking that these guys had nothing to do u r all ignorant. The bank is 100% owned by Government which means it is for all Malawians ndiye u other stupid pple u think these guys are not doing a good job. And wina saying awasiye awagunde u r dull man. The bank is for Malawians, the bank helps a lot of pple even those who are on government supported college fees and other expenses!!! Go back to ur books and then put ur trash here. Those who went there to protest we thank u. U hv done a good job. Ndalama zanthu shld be used wisely!!

  39. Kkkkkkk panalibe anthu ndithu
    Anthu anachenjera

  40. Ntchisi boyz says:

    Nowhere to run malawian everywhere are cashgate in govt

  41. Kaliati wamisala says:

    Mulli challenged in court the validity of this loan against him. Instead of taking him head on the government has decided to “Bail ” him out. Why ? you may ask. The truth of the matter is that Mulli and co never got loans from MSB. If they had then the bank rules of providing security etc would have applied. They lent their names to this Bank robbery for a commission, the large amount was taken by somebody in a very very high office.
    The Government by taking over what they call toxic assets are indirectly admitting to knowing something which they do not want to tell us. Mulli would insist in court that his share of the loan interest be calculated on the basis of the kick back that he received,
    Somebody up there does not want this information in the public domain.
    Mwanamveka was the gentleman who okayed the loan as the Chief Executive of MSB , he is parliamentarian now He should tell the Nation that I am a liar , and then Tell us the truth.

    1. Galuwapananji says:

      This seems to be the most reasonable explanation so far. DPP’s own version of cashgate where some people were used to obtain campaign money for the party.

      There is no way APM and DPP would allow their names to be dragged through the mud the way this whole saga has done UNLESS not protecting the toxic borrowers would lead to some deep seated DPP secrets coming out into the open.

      “Chule anadabwa m’madzi muli mwake”

  42. Mr cool says:

    Mwachitabwino. Amazolowela anthuwa.

  43. Politcal analyst says:

    Did I hear you correctly? Did you say hundreds of people demonstrated or ten people? Hehehe…..Malawians learned a lesson from those Bingu demonstrations. You can’t use them again to achieve your personal goals as joyisi did last time. They are smarter than you think. What a shame!

  44. Dr Titoh says:

    My life is full of joy coz i only pliz God not munthu nde osamachedwa ndi za zii

  45. AGOGOAKWANU says:

    ameneyodi alibe nzeru

  46. Pragmatic Boy says:

    Good Job!!!!! Those against this demo are bad citizens. Blind loyalty to your party is the same as being a SAVAGE!!

  47. onjoya says:

    Zamkutu: i saw people who were there, nyasa times should not fool us, the number did not exceed 100. mcp supporters only led by hule chili pa amuna jesse onyasa kabwila.

  48. ujeni says:

    Apa ndiye timangoti Petet Mutharika has failed miserably.

  49. mwahana says:

    UKa and Mphande have connections to same Lhomwe mafias!!!!!!

  50. Totolitotoli says:


  51. Gogoda says:

    Senti-Chimoka please usatikwiyitse ndi mbava zizakozo mumabera pamodzi mavoti pano mufuna mutibele bank. Dziko ili ndi lathu osati lambavanu, non-patriots. We are claiming what is ours. We have worked for it through and through osati ena amene anathawira ku America makolo athu kuno akulima generating wealth for Malawi. Kabwila, thumbs up, another patriot!

  52. yaki says:

    Izi ndiye mbuzi za athu zingofuna chisokonezo mdziko pitani kwa aluya ngati mukufuna zimenezo.
    Handful people shame on you

  53. dapalapa says:

    Poor Malawians!!!!!

  54. Chikadzakowani says:

    The Deloitte connection: Nkondola Uka values (or rather undervalues) MSB, Jimmy Lipunga organises the ‘sale’ of MSB, and Thom Mpinganjira pretends to buy MSB. What do all three have in common? Answer, Deloitte. All three worked together at Deloitte, Blantyre in the 1980’s. Jimmy and Thom left after some years while Nkondola remained and has been managing partner since the late 1990’s. After working together for a number of years in such a small office, it is safe to say that the three are close friends. There is nothing “at arm’s length” about the whole transaction.

    And to top it all, Nkondola is again appointed to ‘recover’ the toxic assets! If you want to recover a loan from a difficult person you don’t send an accountant. You look for the toughest lawyer you can find…in any case we are told that these loans though toxic, are secured. Why is the collateral not being called in? Why should taxpayers pay Nkondola and Chadwick millions of Kwacha to recover secured loans that MSB could have recovered on its own if the toxic borrowers were not being politically protected?

    Fellow Malawians, it is bad enough for the DPP government to steal MSB from us; but to expect us to lose even more by paying Mr Uka and Mr Mphande for unnecessary debt collection services is a big insult. People like these two gentlemen are not cheap – their charge out rate for one hour can translate into 3 months salary for you and me!

  55. mona says:

    Iwe senti chimoka ndiwe galu wa munthu ndipo ulibe nzeru anthu ngati inu simukonda dziko lanu kapena naweso uli ndi ngongole ku msb ko, ndiwe mbalame

  56. eeeish says:

    Kenyattayo anamutchenetsa kale nchifukwa chake amangobakira zilizonse

  57. Welcome Development Continue
    We will support You
    Good Citizens

  58. SENTI Chimoka says:

    Mwasowa zochita ndinu Malova kodi zinakukanikani kutseketsa shoprite, game store, izi ndiye kuthamangira , Nanunso a police asiyeni tiwagunde ndi galimoto munseumo.

  59. Pichi says:

    Mukuti hundreds of people gathered? Koma abale

  60. matako anu says:

    Kabwira azafera za eni za ziiiiii

  61. jean jella says:

    How will chadwick mphande and nkondola uka be able to recover money’s that msb lawyers failed to.
    Govt shd understand that malawians view this thing as a mere tribal arrangement, to enrich another lhomwe – thom mpingaanjira.

    1. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

      That’s my question as well. If the bank failed to collect the loans which obviously had collateral when they were granted, how on earth will these two old men be able to do it? Mind you, its Mull Brothers the major defaulter here. Anyamata ankhanza and okupha

  62. independent agency says:

    ngongole abweze musanagulitse msb
    billy mayaya please make sure asatinamize za independent agency

  63. independent agency says:

    ngongole abweze musanagulitse mbs
    billy mayaya please make sure asatinamize za independent agency

  64. Bola says:

    Good job guys, Mayaya and all those we saw at City Centre kunyauda. Mbava zimva m’bebe. You thought you will continue taking Malawians for a ride but patriots will not allow you to continue swindling us. Mavote kubera ndiye mutiberenso bank pamene the benefits you are getting are not yours

  65. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Daylight robbery by DPP. You know who borrowed the money and you ask the whole nation to pay on their behalf. These party cronies are running profitable businesses and are able to feed their families, drink whisky and braai while we starve or live from hand to mouth. Are you trying to swindle us and stash the dollars away for the 2019 campaign through your party financiers who are responsible for the toxic loans? How different is this from cashgate?

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