CSOs slam ‘NACGATE’ defenders, as CONGOMA disowns Matewere stance

Civil Society Organisations under the banner of Anti-NACGATE have hit back at “proponents” of NACGATE –taking money from National Aids Commission (NAC)  to fund activities that have nothing to do with the fight against the HIV/Aids pandemic   – citing that their arguments raise more questions than answers especially on their motives and integrity.

MacBein Mkandawire : Matewere was  not delegated to speak on behalf of Congoma

MacBein Mkandawire : Matewere was not delegated to speak on behalf of Congoma

In a statement presented at a news conference in Lilongwe at Crossroads Hotel, Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Centre for Development of People (Cedep), MANET +, MANERELA, and MHEN said they had noted with open-mindedness and intrigue some lines of thinking and arguments being advanced by some quarters in support of NAC gesture in releasing funds to  First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust and tribal grouping Mulhako wa Alhomwe .

The Malawi Interfaith and Aids Alliance (MIAA), National Aids Commission (NAC), Maxwell Matewere (Vice Chairperson of CONGOMA and board member of BEAM Trust, Mavuto Bamusi (President Peter Mutharika’s Advisor on NGOs and board member of BEAM Trust) and others have been in the limelight justifying “NAGGATE” citing NAC funding is for everyone, and hence there was nothing wrong in the implicated institutions in accessing it as part of HIV AIDS mainstreaming drive.

Just recently Matewere faulted CSOs who are demanding justice and the truth on NACGATE of being rushy in their decision to hold demonstrations.

“It has to be made clear here that much as NAC funding is for the public, this does not render the body easily manipulated by government forces, as has been the case with BEAM and Mhlako wa Alomwe.

“Primarily, NAC funding is for national HIV and Aids response and within the national response, there are strategic organizations, (not the two in question) that play a critical role in the national response whose financial allocation has been decreasing recently; constraining realization of evidence based targeted impact.”

The CSOs, stated that they find it imperative to question NAC moral justification to swiftly release funds to the said institutions.

“For sure BEAM and Mlhakho wa Alhomwe can never be said to be strategic stakeholders in the HIV and Aids response,” reads part of the statement signed by Timothy Mtambo (CHRR executive director), Safari Mbewe (MANET + executive director), Gift Trapence (Cedep executive director), Martha Kwataine (MHEN executive director) and Macdonald Sembereka (MANERELA executive director).

“NAC denies having granted any money to Beautify Malawi but rather participated in the Beautify Malawi launch activities through buying dinner tables for stakeholders and advertising during the launch.  Ironically, the First Lady Madame Getrude Mutharika’s consents having received the K5, 000, 000 million grant for her BEAM Trust but defends herself of not using any political influence to get the money. What a contradiction!” reads the statement

According to the CSOs,  it was more insulting for NAC to claim that the release of funds for Mulhakho Wa Lomwe and Beautify Trust were part of its “high level advocacy initiatives”.

“More insulting is NAC’s defence of release of funds for Mulhakho Wa Lomwe function as part of its ‘high level advocacy initiatives’. How does NAC define “high level advocacy initiatives” for HIV and AIDS? Did we really see any “high level advocacy initiatives”, or even “low level advocacy initiatives, on HIV and AIDS in both functions? If NAC defines “high level advocacy initiatives on HIV and AIDS” as such, then we should all be afraid of entrusting a body whose minimum targets and standards for measuring HIV and AIDS advocacy and impact initiatives are far beyond the public and global expectations. Which budget line did NAC use for these initiatives?  NAC statement did not manage to address any of our concerns, if truth be told,” argue Mtambo, Trapence, Kwataine, Mbewe and Sembereka.

The CSOs also took a swipe at Matewere questioning his reasoning on the nationwide demonstrations plan as being a rushed one as well as representing  CONGOMA on an issue he has conflict of interest for being a board member of BEAM trust.

“We, the CSOs are not sure if Matewere was speaking in his capacity as CONGOMA vice chairperson or a board member of BEAM, the beneficiary of NAC-gate in question.  Otherwise, we take it that CONGOMA is a membership body and we wonder if Matewere’s arguments are as a result of consultative process with CONGOMA members. Nevertheless, we question his reasoning that the nationwide demonstrations plan is a rushed one. For someone to assert that our decision to have a nationwide demonstrations as being rush considering the background of a 7-days ultimatum which was given to all the implicated parties involved to respond and refund the money is totally misplaced, and only indicates lack of objectivity on such a person.”

The CSOs added: “Instead of receiving the expected responses, and refund of the abused NAC money, what we got was sheer ‘executive arrogance’ not only from NAC but also the institutions in question in particular BEAM trust who through Presidential Advisor on NGOs Mavuto Bamusi indicated they cannot refund the money, and the CSOs should go ahead with the planned demonstrations. After all, there is still space for the concerned organisations to refund the money before January 13th 2014.”

Meanwhile, CONGOMA has distanced itself from remarks made by its Vice Chairperson Matewere on the matter citing that such remarks were made in his personal capacity.

In an interview with Malawi News of 20th December 2014, CONGOMA Chairperson Macbain Mkandawire said that CONGOMA did not have any consultative meeting amongst its board members to discuss the issue and come up with a position on the matter, as such Matewere’s views cannot be said to represent CONGOMA. He denied having delegated  Matewere.

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34 thoughts on “CSOs slam ‘NACGATE’ defenders, as CONGOMA disowns Matewere stance”

  1. Kengere Kengere says:

    Do we have leaders at our beloved Mlakho wa alhomwe to see what harm this issue is causing to our tribe.The issue here is not about NAC giving money to Mlakho but the attack on the Lhomwes.If it were any other tribe getting this money we could not have heard all this noise.Our leaders at Mlakho use your eyes to see this malicious damage to our tribe.How many are we(Lhomwes)that we can fail to contribute for the refund of this money?Simple Mathematics,if the money our association received is K5million and we have 20000 tribesmen that can contribute it means each will contribute K250.Let’s take the population of old people in Phalombe only,can’t we manage this contribution what about MJ,TO,Chiradzulu and some Lhomwes in Zomba?If the number of people who are willing to contribute is 200,000 it means each one will contribute K25.What about our own sons and daughters in the Lhomwe belt who are in the private sector and government you talk of Mulli brothers,Mike Chilewe,Hon.Kaliati,Chaponda,Chiyembekeza,Mwanamveka,Kachikho and all MPs who are from the Lhomwe belt and are Lhomwes cant you see this issue as damaging to our tribe why cant the leaders think of this?Open an account for those in town to put alittle something so that we give back NAC-Tumbuka money.I myself will be happy to see our leaders coming forward with a good idea of making sure that our tribe is insulted as if all the able sons and daughters are dead.Think over this issue Mr Mpuluka,you are at the helm of Mlakho.

  2. ruth warren says:

    Kodi mukuchedwelanji kuyamba kuotcha atumbuka, mukapeza ntumbuka mgireni, mmangilireni, muthireni petrol. Tiotche agalu amenewa basi

    1. mabilinganya says:

      Yambani zimenezo!!! Mukungo khanyula kukamwa kwanu kununkhako tikuti yambani!!! Ka malawika ka there pompo!!! Ya mumaona ngati timakuopani!!! All district centres in the north are full of southerners even the rural trading centres are full of people from the south!!!!!! They are peacefully doing their business palibe amene akuwatukwana!!!! Ndiye mukayamba nyasizo!!!! Anthu anu aonanso!!!! Go and ask john tembo, he has a good understanding of the repurcussions of what u want to do!!!!!!!! Try that nosense anf u will see whay follows!!!!!! Inu muona ngati ndinu madolo!!! Tiyeni nazoni!!!! Ineyo i have 70 tenants caged on one farm ;ndiye mukayamba zimenezo awa okha ndithana nawo!!!inu muzika vutika kusaka muma office! For me they are in one spot!!!!!!!! Game yake izabeba kwabasi

  3. nzingha says:

    Really this is getting to be so old!! YAWN!

  4. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    What matters is how the money was used not who got the funding. Every organisation has the opportunity to receive funds from NAC as long as the activity is in line with, the capaign awareness on HIV/AIDS, Advertising the dangers of HIV/AIDS, There presence alone is a message to the people else you can display posters only and messages will still reach the gathering. Cleanliness alone is one way of preventing the suffering of diseases that are airborne which can affect HIV infected as they are very pron to diseases because of reduced immunity. Intelligence people also need to be aware of the problem of HIV/AIDS as the move a lot away from families. Cultural practices can be good or bad. Some may be encouraging polygamy or prostitution therefore messages needs to reach out to these people. Some of these issues needs to be dealt with in house not to the world as such. You are damaging your own country for no reason at all. Mukufuna madonors asiye kupereka thandizo popanda chifukwa cheni cheni? WAKE UP MALAWI. Enanu mumangonena zinthu zopanda umboni.

  5. del horno says:

    akt nac ilibe ndalama nanga izi zinachoka pati? And why contradicting each other? Ena akt anangothandiza kupanga decorate ena akt ndalama tinapatsidwadi kweeeee pamalawi too much appeasing policy

  6. Maliseni says:



  7. Jumbo says:

    When this ATumbuka and ALohmwe mudslinging is going on what is the response from the President to foster national unity? Or should we say his quietness is a sign of siding with one side?

  8. Bazuka says:

    Its a shame that some people tribalise national issues. Singling out Tumbukas in this issues shows how mediocre Malawians are. Peter & Getrude are jeopadising lives of all Malawians that have & are affected by HIV including Lomwes in Molele if Global Fund withdraws its funding. What a pirty that some people see things along tribes

  9. Ine says:

    Nkhani yafika kwa atumbuka. This is how u stupid lomwes want to water down a national issue. Nanga martha kwataine
    ndimtumbuka anthu opusa inu

  10. Zebron h banda says:

    There is just so much hatred among malawians and along tribal lines.malawians post kamuzu are damn lunatics with their authorities in the fore front.kill each other anthu amisala.

  11. pilizi says:

    What are CSOs for? White men are stupid I think. They do not know what their donor moneys do in NGOs or CSOs. Inu atumbuka tayeserani manyi amene mukufuna kupangawo. Soon you will find yourselves swept clean from our south and central regions. You think this can not happen? Listern around and you will realise how tired people are to see you around with your tribalistic tendencies. Inu anzanga, kwezani maso ndipo muwona zonyansa zomwe atumbukawa akuchitira inu pamodzi ndi ana anu omwe.

    1. mabilinganya says:

      U will also be swept clean from our beautiful north!!!! Yambani tione amene ataluze!! Kukhala kwanu malilo kwathu malilo!!! Ifenso tatopa nanu!!!! Mwina secession tikufuna ija itheka!!! Mbuzi inu ana anjoka!!! Ndikuti yambani zimenezo we are more than ready for that!!!!!

    2. mchawa says:

      Try to start something sinister against tumbukas and you are going to see our rage which we have been hiding for a long time• You will no longer go to TZ to collect your cars or buy commodities• Don’t intimidate us agalu inu• What are you waiting fof• Foolish people•

  12. muthu otani osasamba? says:

    Chenjezo kwa kandawire musatengera ma southerner pa gongo.

    Tikuziwa zolinga zanu and tikamva mukuyankhula chonchi mtima umakwera.

    Tsiku lina ku malawi kuno mtendere wathu uzasokonekera chifukwa chazochita zanu inu atumbuka, amene mukusogolera timabugwe timeneti.

  13. Chikopa says:

    A mkandawire simukuyambisa nokha apa, zikuoneka ngati zomkhweka zinthuzi sikulina zizabala zinazake azi zimene mukuzala dzizabala zipaso zake inu ama NGO MUKHALE PASOGOLO khani yogawa mitundu shaaaaaa

  14. matiki says:

    Asembeleka ndiye ndi kapenso aliyense akuchita kudziwa kuti ndi MP wa PP ndi azakewo ayesele tiwapanga deport

  15. Demo says:

    Kodi atumbuka mumafuna kuvuta bwanji, ma demo anuwo mukapangire kwanu kukaya kumene kuli zitsiru zizanu

  16. Umunthu says:

    Anyone supporting NACGATE is senseless and useless Malawian. Ndiye kubera mitembo kuja. Tangohitiuzeni for demonstration. Mbava izi. Mmesa mabungwe wamba’wa mukafuna kwathandiza mumawapwtsa ma condom. If you had given BEAM and Mlhakho some condoms do you think anyone was going to say something? No! No! APM and DPP mbava nyatwa pa Nyasa pano

  17. Angozo says:

    Can CHRR shut up because they did the same in 2005 when they were celebrating 10 anniversary, they used K33.9 million meant for HIV/AIDS and human rights acitivities instead they used the money for their 10th anniversary which took place at Lilongwe Hotel and they told to refund the money, uptodate they not done. The project ended pre maturely.

  18. Thengereland says:

    If Matewere was not delegated to speak on behalf of CONGOMA, how can we believe that you, Mr. Mkandawire from the north, are not speaking on your own behalf but on behalf of CONGOMA? You will get ashamed with the patronage of your demos because Malawians know the truth now. You can’t deceive Malawians twice.

  19. Jelly says:

    Bain Mkandawire very nepostic how come YONECO has nORTHERNERS only including a messenger? its actually a family NGO shupiti

  20. mtila zomba says:

    this is an appeal to all lomwes in all coners of malawi more especialy in the lomwe belt that if these so called selfish leaders of cso continue with demos because us the lomwes used a share of taxpayers money of which we lomwes are entitled to pay that must retariate to it by chasing all tumbukas from southern region because that is region gate (abandoning ur own region and copeat for resources in other regions). burn all offices of cso’s in the cities of zomba and blantyre because the same people were queit when billions of tax payers money were looted by pp led gvt.

    1. o says:

      The message is crystal clear boss. For your own info, on the ground everything is ready. We are waiting. Let them dare, they will regret for the rest of their lives.

      1. kanchenga says:

        And what arrangements have you made boss for the safety of our lomwe brothers working in farms in the North. lets recall them so that their bwenubwenu farms have no workers. We will house them in the houses that the bwenubwenus are going to leave behind. Bwana pitala will feed them. Boss i have heard that the chewas dont like us for stealing their election victory and are planning to chase us the monent we start chasing the bwenubwenus. Do you think pitala can feed our brothers in the bwenubwenu houses without the help of the nyau people? What i see here boss is a complicated problem which our dull pitala can not solve. I have also head that the Bwenubwenus living outside have started buying guns for their brothers in the north. You know most bwenu bwenus who run away during Bandas era did not return when they head that Chihana lost the election to Muluzi. Boss can you start arming us also.

    2. mabilinganya says:

      Do that then we will also chase ur relatives who are busy farming in our areas/the tenants! Kodi ku north kulibe anthu akumwela! Yankha mbuzi iwe?

    3. chakwanuleka says:

      Mbuli mbuli mbuli mbuli

  21. Chiku says:

    Mabvuto Bamusi akuso kolowera. Is it not a shame that the same Bamusi we thought had some guts is such a coward? Anyway, we know kuti this is his end so be not worried. Akuyenera kupanga zimenezi so that his shameful end will be historical. I am always surprised at how much we have deliberately chosen not to learn from history. Bye bye Mabvuto.

    As for Mlakho and BEAM, these are useless. We do not need such institutions. These are the best way to wasting (as in more that spending – i.e. using money for less than optimal level of importance) money.

    NAC – I look forward to the reaction from Global Fund. Those in the know will nod their heads.

    As for Malawians – This time, it seems we are beginning to know that we can question on what belongs to us. I a impressed. Let us re-read DPP’s manifest and demand what they promised us.

  22. kushu says:

    I never new that Mr. Matewere is shallow minded until his recent comment on NACGATE

  23. mona says:

    Bamusi wapenga ndi ndalama. Koma ndalama za nac zibwelere basi

  24. Nanu Amalawi Kuti Chani Sopano Inu Mukulandira Ndalama, Koma Abale Anu Kumudzi Akuvutika. Lero Mukufunaso Kuti Donor Wa Nac Nayo Asiye Kuthandiza Afe Ndi Abale Anu Lekani Zina Izi, Love Ur Country,bye

  25. EYES says:

    This to me is a battle of egos and tribes where on one side are Tumbukas and on the other side are Malawians. Just to put matters to rest NAC should profile all organisations that have benefited directly or indirectly from NAC and those with pending proposals are NAC. it appears most organisation headed by Tumbukas have an upper hand in funding because they go out there to cheat donors that they are being marginaries while they spend more acquired to buy houses and cars. Stop barking Tumbukas.

    1. mabilinganya says:

      Iwe ndi unyapapi wakowo answer these questions: is martha kwataine tumbuka? is safari mbewe tumbuka ? is sembereka tumbuka? why is it u fear tumbukaz so much u idiots! Nsanje basi! Nac funds were abused ! and those motherfuckers have to refund the funds!!!!! Palibe zoti tumbuka tumbuka apa ya!!!!! Pay back the money period!!!!!!! Pa nyo panu

  26. chakwanuleka says:

    These are thieves. Demonstrations are inevitable to teach them a lesson. I am sure their arrogance is coming from the fact that they have looted billions and not faced any consequences so far. To date the 92 billion cannot be investigated and yet the nation was informed that the German government provided funding for the cause. This DPP is capable of stealing this money as well.

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