Daud Suleman contesting for Sulom VP post: Pledges to empower Malawi teams

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) elections has attracted the candidature of former Basketball Association of Malawi general secretary Daudi Sulemani who wants to for the vice president at the March 14 polls.

Suleman: Nyimbo music online

Suleman: Eyes Sulom VP post

He is likely to face Gift Mkandawrire, who is in the outgoing executive committee of Sulom.

Suleman, an IT guru, has pledged to empower football clubs in the top flight league by introducing initiatives such as Mpira Sacco, medical schemes and branding.

“The football brand in Malawi is undervalued due to a number of challenges that currently exist in the game,” he noted.

He promised to ensure “a vibrant commercial and marketing departments of Sulom to improve the value of the football brand which shall result in a trickledown effect to stakeholders in terms of value and reward.”

He also promised to increase football coverage through digital marketing, broadcasting and websites

“Within the next three years, Sulom shall see to it that TV content around Malawi league football is produced and packaged in DVDs that can be distributed across the country to further expose the game

“We shall also produce and package club related content for TV consumption to help clubs draw supporters close to their brands”, he said.

He also promises cash payments at all levels, enhancing refereeing quality and establishing stadiums at district kevels so that countryside teams such as Mafco should  be fulfilling home fixtures in Salima.

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31 thoughts on “Daud Suleman contesting for Sulom VP post: Pledges to empower Malawi teams”

  1. Kanyimbi says:

    The man is not suitable for Malawi Football.

  2. extreme says:

    daud u got my vote onenawo sanagwirepo nawe ntchito ife wi knw u inside n out n how innovative u r

  3. Seleman? says:



  4. bongozozo says:

    The guy is exposed and I think he can lead. But those who are saying ndiozikonda are right. Its never too late to change Daud. I don’t think the ozimva thing is all abt decampaigning but how how you behave. A leader is a servant and with the ozikonda life it will be difficult to lead. All the best though.

  5. supply chirw says:

    ya i think its high tym for new blood in the footbal arena,lets give this guy a chance

  6. omudziwa zenizeni says:

    firstly i would like to say if you went though yesterday papers and also the plans that he has plan to put in place one should be given a chance. He played basketball yes and also many other sports and did well am sure football he will be even better. Jose Mourinho Never kicked a ball in his life and is one of the greatest football Managers, let give the guy a chance and let him get a fair contest just like the other one are and see what he can bring……ohh most of you are sitting behind the computer and writting Hatting comments cos you envy the Guy period………Go Mr Suleman

    1. ujeni says:

      Inu a Zenizeni,
      Mourihno is a football man through and through, he was never a Tennis coach. As for this Doubt guy, he wants to use Football administration as a springboard, he is wrong. Football is not Basketball, basketball is way below football popularity wise and following both in Malawi and globally. With his matama, football will eat him alive. By the way if he has so much passion, why not join CIVO administration, help the club and transform the idle and dilapidated CIVO Stadium

  7. Abk says:

    What a votegater with the so called IT guru! He played a bigger role in trying to bring disorders in the country by feeding Jessie Kabwira, Lazarus Chakwera, and the entire MCP false information that it had won 77 parliamentary seats. He is too selfish and greedy, he can even claim victory for himself before the actual announcement of the SULOM’s election results.

  8. Chendele says:

    kape uyu wachokeraso kuti wakumbidwa kuti ndipo ndindani wamufukura .mpira amauziwa ameneyu.baba tangopangani za fulaye yanu uko osati muzisokoneza athu apa fokolo demeti xxxxxxmmm.ngati mwakhuta therere pisani chala kukhosi musamze malume.fulaye yakukanikani uko mwati muyetse zaamuna ayi dala please lekani kulota. the problem is that you feel inside that u are a big person in malawi and a celebrity. mistake reduce yourself and carefully analyse yourself and rightly find where you belong. and that will definetly be an ordinaly person like me. a plebian or kandabwanga. Munatchuka za usa inde that doesnot mean you can do anything pa malawi.

  9. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Limbikira m’bale, ung’onoung’ono ukubwera bhoo ngakhale ndi bodza lamkunkhuniza limenelo.

  10. YANKHO MAJIGA says:

    Daudi, you may have good experience in sports, especially bball. But man, ndinu ozimva too much. Man, you are bloody selfish, I remember how you used to chase your school mates from taking part in school basketball team at Chipasula Sec School, even now, how you snub your old friends, pretending as if you dont know them. Daudi, umaonjeza. Ndiwe ozigomera. So I wonder how will you be enteracting with the soccer fraternity with your bloody selfishness. No vote from me.

  11. Njobvuyatopa says:

    Mukamamva kuti pali anthu ena ali power hungry amakamba za mabakha ngati awa! Eeeeish!

  12. Wewesa says:

    Koma zinaz ukamva

  13. Citizen 'O' says:

    But you are a basketballer!

  14. ganimunthu says:

    Please give this guy the vote. He has performed where ever he goes

  15. ujeni says:

    Sulam cannot build stadiums how? is he on drugs? A club without own stadium should not be allowed to exist. With such kind of regulation, you will see clubs like Bullets, Wanderes, Tigers be serious and construct at least small grounds.

  16. kangali says:

    feasilibility and practicality matters.I don’t see strategic leadership in you.Every football fan knows what’s Malawi football is facing. You need to think deep not just fallacies.65% of Malawians are poor likewise our teams.

  17. Mathews Gondwe says:

    Thats good one different from what we use to see before, we need poeple like you.
    you have my vote

  18. tambwali mchanda says:

    This is not good reporting. I expected in this story the candidates background including qualifications and experience and why he should be elected apart from telling us what he will do, things we are not sure about.

  19. mbuzi iwe says:

    Wabodza uyu. Anawanamiza abusa Dr Chakwera kuti apeza ma Members of Parliament okwana 77. Alibe ndi manyazi womwe

  20. mxii says:

    Koma Daud fame unayifuna, ayi, limbikira mbale wanga, chamawa sichidziwika. Koma mbolo siyidwala dzina limenelo unaliganiza bwanji?

  21. khuda castle says:

    IT Guru?la xool kake ka mmanjako..tisayambanepo apa pita uzikangosewela ku mimbulu

  22. blaze khwikhwi says:

    ka mdala kozikonda aka…mukuona ngati kamaluza bwanji za basiketibolo..kandithamangitsako kuka party kake..and wea is nyimbo muzic

  23. dart man says:

    daud is a guy who has failed everythin….

  24. peter muthanyula says:

    Greed!! Wekha ndale, basketball, music, soccer… Zinazi kumasiyila ena, osaphangila zones ngati Tay Grin

  25. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    Go Daud, Go!!!

  26. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    U have my kudos

  27. c ngoleka says:

    SULOM VP establishment of stadiums at district level, may you please explain how. Is it Malawi Govt Vp ? lets wait and see.

  28. Malanga langa says:

    That’s a good development. You have my support Daudi!

  29. Nyekhu nyekhu says:

    We need pple like him osati mbava zinazi goooo Daud gooooo!

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