Dausi abuses spy office: Allocates cars to kids, wife and relatives

Government Chief Spy Nicholas Dausi has been living a life of luxury like a Chief Executive of a big conglomerate by abusing resources of tax-payer-funded National Intelligence Bureau (NIB).

Dausi: Malawi spy chief

Dausi: Malawi spy chief

Dausi has allocated himself FOUR cars, three of which are used by members of his family and people of his village in Mwanza.

Insiders said Dausi has allocated a new Toyota Fortuner registration Number 7885 for his children and has sent a government lorry MG 282 to his village in Mwanza which is being used by his relatives.

Dausi has also made sure that when his wife wants to go to the market, she should not use just any other jalopy but a comfortable SUV, a Toyota Prado TX.

“All these vehicles including his official Prado TX are operating under the NIB account starting from fuel to maintenance,” said the source.

Some civil servants are wondering if Dausi is part of the same civil service which is talking about austerity measures because of an ailing economy with his extravagance.

“I don’t know of any civil servant who can be doing this, not even the current ministers, he is operating like a chief executive officer of a huge international conglomerate. I wonder if his bosses are aware of this extravagance,” he said.

By law, Malawi has no independent intelligence system with Malawi Defence Forces (MDF) housing one within its legal mandate.

The National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) was first established by the Bakili Muluzi regime.

When taking over power after the landmark 1994 general elections that ended the one-party system, Muluzi formed the NIB to replace the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

The SIS, which was a branch of the Malawi Police Force, was mainly used by the former ruling Malawi Congress Party to track down and detain or liquidate any perceived opponent of former president Kamuzu Banda.

Late president Bingu wa Mutharika dissolved NIB and restructured it but the spy agency in a bit to make it perform efficiently and effectively but it has remained a notorious arm which is associated with clandestine activities.

The spy agency has been implicated in the mysterious fire that gutted a Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) warehouse in the capital, Lilongwe, reducing to ashes electoral materials worth millions.

The warehouse – situated in Area 4 along the Paul Kagame Highway in the heart of the city – was housing ballot boxes at the centre of a parliamentary result dispute in which an opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate has sued MEC for a recount of the ballots whose official tally after the May 20, 2014 elections declared President Peter Mutharika’s governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate the winner.

“They used the owner of the shop next to the warehouse and went through the roof to petrol bomb the warehouse,” said the source.

But Dausi said: “Don’t just make speculations out of paranoia.”

He continued: “That’s not true, freedom of the media on lies, speculations, conjectures and innuendos, no that’s senseless, thoughtless and lackadaisical .”

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69 thoughts on “Dausi abuses spy office: Allocates cars to kids, wife and relatives”

  1. kesterkalonga says:

    Zowoma anthuwa ndi amoz ngat akupasidwa busa cash gate ya campaign pali chabwino.Every one is making his stomach bigger the poor will remain the poor.

  2. mphwiyo says:


  3. Atchona says:

    Kaye nditindale tanu topusa tapamalawi.Ife Ndichifukwa tinachokako.Politicians are always toying around with taxpayers money and nothing happens to them.Malawi will never amount to anything with that kind of leadership.

  4. Lackadaisical says:

    Tatipatsani maina a makape onse alimu the so called nib mo

  5. Thyolo Thava says:


  6. mwam'na says:

    Please dont compare DPP’s time and that of MCP. Better be in DPP leadership than be in the MCP especially the MCP of do first and complain later when even we being labelled as dead people by KK 11. 30 years of Kamuzu are worse than 5 year of Muthalika. Leave Dausi to enjoy his life.Some of these things go with your post. Dausi’s post is a sensitive one he is supposed to have as many cars as possible. Don’t forget its the same dausi who toured the whole country praying with the catholics when JB wanted to kubera mavoti.

  7. Real Imran says:

    Contributor number 5 you must be coming from Pakistan or Afghanistan or Vietnam or you are a member of bokoharam or alishabab in somalia.

  8. Fury Road says:

    Once you footed at one point in life the more you must stand still.’Malawian paranoia’

  9. Wazake says:

    Anthuwa Ndi Amozi Palibe Angasinthe Malawi Tikhalabe Osauka Maiko Anzathu Akutukuka Zidayamba Ndi Boma La Muluzi Ngakhale Tingasinthe Siziphula Kanthu Chisanzo MCP Ilikunja Kwa Boma Koma Zikutheka Kupanga Chinyengo Kulandira Ndrama Zobedwa Mboma Kuti Athandize Chipani Akalowa Azaba Zingati Ngakhale Mtsogoleli Wake Ndi M’busa

  10. manganya says:

    dausi ndiye akudzitafunatu ndalama za misonkho yathuyi.its just as good as kungosiyatu kupereka msonkho coz its not coming back to poor malawians through developmental projects.
    kumangonjoyera ndi ma concubines kunja basi. koma malaw i abale sadzatukuka ndithu

  11. Gerald nkhoma says:

    Iwe daus uziona sindalama koma mabvuto

  12. Zatonse says:

    Bwana president Njoka samaweta, koma ndikudabwa nanu bwana, Ndinu president oyamba m`Malawi muno amene mukukwanisa kuweta Mphili ngati zimenezi,,,Zikatafunatafuna zomwe mwaziponyerazo zikatha musazadabwe mawa zikukugagadani inu nomwe remember NJOKA SAMAWETA Bwana President

  13. Makwasa says:

    Civil Service Reform………” We are going to have sweeping overhaul of the civil service” ……really???? What a joke!

  14. Dwambazi says:

    Civil Service Reform out the window !!! It’s business as usual in Malawi

  15. Chimani. Game says:

    Malawians are good at talking and complaining.why can’t you just put a bullet or two into the head of those messing up the economy?

  16. Jang'ala says:

    Its ur tym Dausi, idya ndalamazo. Ena timawaona akulembana ntchito pachibale. Kugawana katundu waboma mmaparastastals umo koma osamawalemba. Kma mukuti Dausi ndi amene akuoneka ophweka.

  17. patrick lipenga says:

    The lord is watchng

  18. chatonda says:

    Is Dausi paid for setting MEC offices on fire/ For breaking into the German Official’s residence? Njauju’s death? and abusing the scarce government resources like he is doing and fucking prostitutes using our taxes? Where is the leadership bwana Mutharika and Chlima.
    Please bwana Peter and Chilima, do something. Do not pretend that you are foreigners in your own land. People are disgruntled with the current trends of events. Fire and clean the system by removing all these silly fools from the government payroll. My warning is that time will come when people will react and this will be very bad for you guys in government. You can take or leave it. The choice is yours.

  19. Balaka says:

    This is happening because peter mutharika is the weakest president since kamuzu who can not make decision at all. God is watching you Dausi. Ya chi 40 ikukwanira.

  20. Imwe bantu do not get worried with Dausi’s extravagance.Every monkey has his own day;and that day will soon come to pass.That is abuse of office with impunity.A country whose 40% of the national budget comes from external donors;you still find wasteful baboons.Shame!

  21. mzika wa nyasa says:

    Dausi is a savage a terrorist remember how he terrorised people during MCP rein with the myp.

  22. Khonsolo says:

    Kamba amamnyera yemwe wamtola! Dyelera uzayankha wekha.ask ur friends pan Ali kut mwanna? Akutka kundende mwanna!

  23. Khonsolo says:

    4 cars with 1 person?

  24. Wa BB says:

    Dyerera mmwana!!! Bola zina uzisunga usazatinyase ngati Gwanda

  25. And you expect Malawi to work at some point in our life time. Well with this crop like Dausi’s of this world dream on. This is a failed state in the making. 2years down the line we will be worse than we are now. Because nobody holds these kahuna’s accountable. Our laws are so damn weak to a point where dausi hopes on them with one leg and one hand in the air, and say to his wife if I can do it you can do it too.

  26. chigumula says:

    Intelligence was supposed to have been helping to slow down crime rates in the country; But daily we hear of citizens being butchered like goats. If Malawi had a sound intelligence chief, by now most of the “suspicious” fire accidents could have been investigated and concluded! We could not be walking in fear_ But Alas! The intelligence chief himself is the master-minder of all mafia killings for the DDP Govt.
    Guys God is not sleeping. Your judgement is coming soon! We will march in the streets shortly. We are tired with this nonsense!

  27. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Malawi’s economic failure is loading coz of dpp cows!

  28. che says:

    its happening everywhere in government.go to state house you find an ordinary bodyguard with three official vehicles.the bodyguard has his own guard to guard him.the president is very weak

  29. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Whatever you may think, don’t forget that this is Malawi, a country where anything done by people in the ruling party always makes sense. It will only stop making sense to them when another political party comes in and the members of that new party start doing exactly what they themselves are doing now in exactly the same way they are doing it. Malawi means flames. We are on fire, and always will be till kingdom come.

  30. jimbo says:

    Why does Malawi need a NIB? What has Malawi got that another country would want? What kind of intelligence is the NIB concerned about? The SIS had a place in Banda’s dictatorship, but now that Malawi is a democracy, does it need a NIB? Cars are a big status symbol in Malawi, and the bigger, more luxurious the car the more it says about a person’s status. That is why public figures make it their business to acquire a car by fair means or foul. It would be interesting to know how much the government spends of tax payers money on the importation of vehicles. This uses up a massive amount of forex when there is so much else of greater need and importance to spend forex on. Greater accountability is required on the part of government and the opposition parties should be enforcing it.

  31. Masharubu says:

    If anyone wanted proof that we sent a total stranger to go and occupy State House, they should look at Dausi’s issue . No genuine Malawian (meaning “born and bred”) Head of State would even consider appointing Dausi to any important national position such as the one he is holding now .

  32. ... says:

    Uyu nde eee ayi musalimbane naye.
    Wa mosad uyu, he is still living in Kamuzu era.
    Akusowesani. Kafuseni Chasowa ndi Njaunju.
    Mutayeni ameneyu.

  33. mjiba says:

    Abuse of national resources?? palibepo nkhani apa. stories without facts. there is no amounts in terms of Kwachas of how much they have abused, no amount of fuel which have been drawn to be used by his family, on what dates, going to where. A Malawi let us learn to be objective and not Nsanje minded. Mumafuna mukanakhala inuyo ndiye bwezi mukuti Mulungu si Jemusi!!!! Fcku yuo!!!!

  34. Change says:

    People think that APM is a fool. I don’t think so. He is watching this Dausi closely. He will act when the time is right.

  35. Blantyre says:

    I suggest that should be within the conditions of service because everybody in this organization is driving poshy cars . Go in beer halls they take prostitutes with these cars.

  36. Dauson says:

    That is Dausi. He is there to enrich himself and he don’t care about this government and the president at all. You will agree with me soon or later.

  37. wadabwa says:

    why should i comment on the issue that has no vivid source. Unless Nyasa times themselves disclose the real source. otherwise, as Dausi always says, Don’t just make speculations out of paranoia!!!1

  38. zisandikhudze says:

    Very soon dausi will bring this nib down the car used by his children is SA 7885 a Toyota fortuner,his wife uses a Prado Tx while himself is driving a Prado Vx cp 3421.the lorry was assigned to his home village to run his personal errands at the expense of the taxpayers money.as of now dausi is in china with his concubine Naomi wisiki enjoying while people at this organization are suffering.dausi analipo anzanu anazisiya ur days are numbered too.

  39. dagobert says:

    Who is controlling whom? It seems Dausi knows to much, but we will see Mr President.

  40. matako a pusi says:

    Kodi why is this dausi man always in the news for wrong reasons kuotcha mec warehouse abuse of cars now etc APM fire this bastard otherwise is putting tge govt to shame and ridicule

  41. musisipala says:

    All the comments contained here in againist Nicholas are based on JELOUS. Leave him alone.. Dont pop your dirty nose where some one is entitled

  42. Nicholas Dausi says:

    There is more than this that this guy is doing. People are struggling at nib just because he only favours few people. His girlfriends naomi wisiki, mervis chilakata and florida mwakapugha gets favors like international trips each and every time even office privileges. They are the ones running the office and controlling everything. Hold Mtimuni on the other is swimming in cash which they just get from the information bureau account which they use for their personal gains. There is more that this guy is doing plz acb probe him and Mr President Sir please fire this guy as he is always on the next flight… when does he write reports to the president the.

  43. Malawiyano says:

    Gentlemen and Ladies , we are in a Civil Service Reform , what are your problems ?

  44. The real ujeni says:

    Look he has even put on weight, wearing for the first time a decent suit, look at his cheeks, all because he is dipping in government coffers. From a torn shoe footing man from kandjeza to town centre to having three personal cars.

  45. The real ujeni says:

    This is exactly what happens when you employ a savage, a person with no class, a low life thug to be a Director. Malawi is not going to start developing with thugs like these in corridors of power.

  46. zanga phee says:

    osandaula , Boma lathu ndi la China silichedwa kutha, azisiya zimenezo,
    kunali anzawo koma pano ali kuti azifunse okha a Dausi.
    kodi ameneyu DPP imankondera umambala omwewo eti , sindiona chomwe amachita, ngakhale sindinamvepo kuti a NIB apeza zakuti zakuti.
    kungotha ndalama za misonkho yathu basi?

  47. Webster Munthalika says:

    I wonder why people are not commenting on this article when its their tax that is misused

  48. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    #17 Was he a cameraman? I thought he was a driver.

  49. Truck says:


  50. kolani mavi says:

    I remember the day he came to my office at Catholic University of Malawi, asking to be registered into a degree program as a mature student. I asked him to show/bring me credentials (I.e. certificates and things like that) so I can complete the registration processes for him. He never came back with them. And now he’s our spy chief? Like seriously?

  51. Mo says:

    Vehicle registration number7885? What is that? Tell us the trueth,when r u probbing this vehicle gate?waiting achoke kaye m’boma mxiiiiiii musandikweze ujeniiiii

  52. Tigawane Chikondamoyo says:

    And thick heads cannot see the need to decentralize accout #1 by allocating national resources to regional administrations. What is happening at NIB is the reason a few people are resisting empowering regions through a federal system. They have to protect Acct # 1 for their personal use. It is sad that the rest of Malawians from the south especially know about this but are blinded by tribalism and hate towards people who are askiing for resource empowerment of regions. Is it fear of kuwonekela n’gamba?

  53. chatonda says:

    Dausi is one of the old MCP killers and without him , MCP is very clean. He was walking from Kanjdza the toher day and having no lunch this guy. He was just a Cameraman during Kamuzus time and not intelligence at all. Find out from reliable sources. He has no clue about intelligence I bet. Peter does not fire people even Kaliati is still messing up with our money by telling women in Blantyre from Housing to start zibwenzi if their husbands are not satisfying them in bed. What a nosense cabinet shit.

  54. chivwamba says:

    This is lackadaiscal whatever it may mean

  55. Xeenoph says:

    Eeeeeee! muyembekeza kuti a Malawi angasinthe? ndizimenezo tiyenazoni, tizione mathero ake.

  56. aaah inu musiyeni dausi naye aupeze wadyera tsabola nthawi yaitali mu nthawi ya bakili buluzi imafika nthawi ina dausi ndikumadikula pa nsanja pa msomkhano wa mcp anthu ndikumamufupa kuti akadye kwawo, Dausi pseda ndalamazo ino ndi nthawi yako

  57. Chindazi says:

    He does not know APM…. He will be replaced soon…. just wait and see for yourselves

  58. Dikisan says:

    Musiyeni mmwana adyenawo. Sudzapezekaso mwayi wotere. Mwana Takata nthawi ndiymweyi. Malawi adasokonekera kale. Dausi akudya pa mimba. Amalizila Mutu. Mwanza woyeee!!!!!!!!!!! 2019 Wooooooooo!!!!!!

  59. mangochi kabwafu says:

    What else do you expect form DPP DOGS?

  60. vin mongu says:

    what else do you expect from empty tins? after all he is doing this under behest of APM. Lets see if he can be fired if he is serious with his austerity intentions.

  61. kwakwase says:

    tikwere zimenezi basis misonkho ya anthu ena. zovuta pa mw

  62. chivwamba says:

    Mapwevupwevu connection as usual in DPP

  63. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Nthawi wosangonena zinthu out envy ,inu akazi anu angapite kunsika wapansi….asaaaa

  64. JUPITER says:

    bola kukakhala ku TZ

  65. 5555 says:

    President Petala please fire this useless idiot!! Malawi is in financial crisis and this can not be accepted.

  66. vwapuvwapu says:

    Ikagwa m’mbale idya. (sima).

  67. 666 says:

    Can the OPC, Secretary to the Treasury and DHRMD revisit this issue of cars allocated to senior officials in government. There is gross abuse of these facilities across the board mainly in parastatals. CEOs of parastatals are living like Kings and infact are more comfortable than Ministers or PSs. Introduce the car loan system so that officials access such to buy their own cars and not wantonly abuse government cars. Only one official car for each CEO is fine and the rest of the staff should be accorded loans to buy cars. I mean these few CEOs are living like we are in welfare state when millions are starving and in dire poverty. Some may argue that its their conditions of service but some conditions are not cast in granite.

  68. maa says:

    Donors please force Govt to do something this is too much not forgeting the theft of 500 bn report!

  69. Mr. President, please control Dausi otherwise, it is not proper that the scarce resources are misused just as Dausi is doing.

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