Dausi abuses spy office: Allocates cars to kids, wife and relatives

Government Chief Spy Nicholas Dausi has been living a life of luxury like a Chief Executive of a big conglomerate by abusing resources of tax-payer-funded National Intelligence Bureau (NIB).

Dausi: Malawi spy chief

Dausi: Malawi spy chief

Dausi has allocated himself FOUR cars, three of which are used by members of his family and people of his village in Mwanza.

Insiders said Dausi has allocated a new Toyota Fortuner registration Number 7885 for his children and has sent a government lorry MG 282 to his village in Mwanza which is being used by his relatives.

Dausi has also made sure that when his wife wants to go to the market, she should not use just any other jalopy but a comfortable SUV, a Toyota Prado TX.

“All these vehicles including his official Prado TX are operating under the NIB account starting from fuel to maintenance,” said the source.

Some civil servants are wondering if Dausi is part of the same civil service which is talking about austerity measures because of an ailing economy with his extravagance.

“I don’t know of any civil servant who can be doing this, not even the current ministers, he is operating like a chief executive officer of a huge international conglomerate. I wonder if his bosses are aware of this extravagance,” he said.

By law, Malawi has no independent intelligence system with Malawi Defence Forces (MDF) housing one within its legal mandate.

The National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) was first established by the Bakili Muluzi regime.

When taking over power after the landmark 1994 general elections that ended the one-party system, Muluzi formed the NIB to replace the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

The SIS, which was a branch of the Malawi Police Force, was mainly used by the former ruling Malawi Congress Party to track down and detain or liquidate any perceived opponent of former president Kamuzu Banda.

Late president Bingu wa Mutharika dissolved NIB and restructured it but the spy agency in a bit to make it perform efficiently and effectively but it has remained a notorious arm which is associated with clandestine activities.

The spy agency has been implicated in the mysterious fire that gutted a Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) warehouse in the capital, Lilongwe, reducing to ashes electoral materials worth millions.

The warehouse – situated in Area 4 along the Paul Kagame Highway in the heart of the city – was housing ballot boxes at the centre of a parliamentary result dispute in which an opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate has sued MEC for a recount of the ballots whose official tally after the May 20, 2014 elections declared President Peter Mutharika’s governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate the winner.

“They used the owner of the shop next to the warehouse and went through the roof to petrol bomb the warehouse,” said the source.

But Dausi said: “Don’t just make speculations out of paranoia.”

He continued: “That’s not true, freedom of the media on lies, speculations, conjectures and innuendos, no that’s senseless, thoughtless and lackadaisical .”

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Zowoma anthuwa ndi amoz ngat akupasidwa busa cash gate ya campaign pali chabwino.Every one is making his stomach bigger the poor will remain the poor.




Kaye nditindale tanu topusa tapamalawi.Ife Ndichifukwa tinachokako.Politicians are always toying around with taxpayers money and nothing happens to them.Malawi will never amount to anything with that kind of leadership.


Tatipatsani maina a makape onse alimu the so called nib mo

Thyolo Thava



Please dont compare DPP’s time and that of MCP. Better be in DPP leadership than be in the MCP especially the MCP of do first and complain later when even we being labelled as dead people by KK 11. 30 years of Kamuzu are worse than 5 year of Muthalika. Leave Dausi to enjoy his life.Some of these things go with your post. Dausi’s post is a sensitive one he is supposed to have as many cars as possible. Don’t forget its the same dausi who toured the whole country praying with the catholics when JB wanted to kubera mavoti.

Real Imran

Contributor number 5 you must be coming from Pakistan or Afghanistan or Vietnam or you are a member of bokoharam or alishabab in somalia.

Fury Road

Once you footed at one point in life the more you must stand still.’Malawian paranoia’


Anthuwa Ndi Amozi Palibe Angasinthe Malawi Tikhalabe Osauka Maiko Anzathu Akutukuka Zidayamba Ndi Boma La Muluzi Ngakhale Tingasinthe Siziphula Kanthu Chisanzo MCP Ilikunja Kwa Boma Koma Zikutheka Kupanga Chinyengo Kulandira Ndrama Zobedwa Mboma Kuti Athandize Chipani Akalowa Azaba Zingati Ngakhale Mtsogoleli Wake Ndi M’busa


dausi ndiye akudzitafunatu ndalama za misonkho yathuyi.its just as good as kungosiyatu kupereka msonkho coz its not coming back to poor malawians through developmental projects.
kumangonjoyera ndi ma concubines kunja basi. koma malaw i abale sadzatukuka ndithu

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