Dausi in ‘ivory-gate’ at Nyika National Park

Head of the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) Nicholas Dausi has, for a year now, been orchestrating and funding poachers at Nyika National Park who shoot-to-kill elephants for ivory, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Dausi: Ivory-gate

Dausi: Ivory-gate

Dausi, a long time politician who served under President Kamuzu Banda’s government in several capacities as his collaborator and was accused of withholding information on atrocities committed during the dictatorship, is said to be using his office to manoeuvre through at Nyika untouched.

We have information that Dausi uses the services of his wife’s relations – near the Park – to get into the protected area and kill the elephants for ivory for selling in the Mainland Republic of China.

Dausi’s wife, a Nyausowoya, comes from Hewe in Rumphi district – about fifty kilometres from Nyika National Park.

An insider at NIB told Nyasa Times that Dausi “is using the relatives of his first wife (late Nya Gondwe) to kill elephants at Nyika” and that “at times” through “use of government guns.”

Dausi, we have learnt palm oils the poachers through an NIB officer who is stationed at Rumphi Boma. He is, also, said to be using his driver, a Mr. Mussa, for his “ivory errands” plus several others including the ongoing construction of his two houses in Lilongwe and Mwanza.

“The officer does not know that the money he receives from Dausi is payment for the poaching that is happening at Nyika. All he thinks is that his boss is simply supporting his extended family,” said our source.

The government chief spy reportedly travelled to Nyika on December 22. From Lilongwe to Mzuzu he used a government vehicle, a TX Prado registration number BR 6501.

But when travelling to Rumphi from Mzuzu, Dausi changed number plates and came back from Rumphi the very same day – but late at night.

According to our source, “Dausi’s markets are in China” and “he is dealing with a lot of Chinese businesses in Malawi.”

Asked why Dausi was not being reported to relevant authorities when they had enough evidence to nail him down, our source said “there is nothing” they could do.

Said our source: “The last desk to report to on issues like these, according to our hierarchy, is Dausi’s. Even if we reported, there is no way action can be taken on the matter.”

The source claimed that the syndicate was not a one man show, arguing that “several senior officers at State House know about the scam.”

But, the source said, it seemed “President [Peter] Mutharika is kept in the dark.”

When asked to comment on the allegations, Dausi could neither confirm nor deny.

“I don’t have to comment anything. There is no need for you to ask whether it is true or not. Just go ahead and write,” Dausi told this reporter in a telephone interview.

He said no matter how much hate-talk was published about him only truth would set him free.

“This is a civilized society, and your kind of journalism is one that must be encouraged because it brings to the fore the inconsistencies in our societies,” he said cutting the line.

But after about six minutes Dausi called again and asked: “Is it because I am married from Rumphi that people are accusing me of this?”

This reporter said it was an already known fact to him, and insisted on that he comment on the issue at hand. Dausi did not.

This is not the first time that Dausi’s name is appearing in media for nasty doings.

Last year some people calling themselves “concerned citizens” published an article that highlighted Dausi’s abuse of office at NIB.

They claimed that Dausi was “fond of abusing funds meant for the smooth running of the public institution [NIB].”

Ivory trade is the commercial often illegal trade in the ivory tusks of the hippopotamus, walrus, narwhal, mammoth and most commonly Asian and African elephants.

Ivory has been traded for hundreds of years by people in such regions as Greenland, Alaska and Siberia. The trade, in more recent times, has led to endangerment of species, resulting in restrictions and bans.

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40 thoughts on “Dausi in ‘ivory-gate’ at Nyika National Park”

  1. patrick banda says:

    You abuse our tax,you destroy our chikangawa and you are now butchering our elephants and you call yourselves leaders,all you think about is money,money,and money pali za integrity ndi patriotism apa?

  2. Nachisale Thakolambuzi says:

    dyera basi za ziiiii. muzingodikirana zaka 5 zikatha mulowa

  3. Its good to do such business internationally why our nation Is poor. koma akanakhala munthu opanda dzina bwenzi mtammanga ndinu opusa

  4. Thomas Simau says:

    Ndikudabwanazo.Anthukwawokoakuti Simunthuwabwino Komamdziko Tikumuonakuti Alibwino.Akuwonetsa Wu Dausiwake

  5. Nathan says:

    Izi sizodabwitsa ayi. Limeneli ndiye khalidwe la Dausi lenileni. Ife Dausi takhala naye ndiponso tagwila naye ntchito limodzi. Ngati anthu ankaponyedwa ndi kudyedwa ndi ng’ona nthawi ya Kamuzu, sidausi yemweyu? Dausi ankayika anthu mu zimatumba ndikuwaponya ku ng’ona.

  6. Folena Tambala says:

    Hahahahahahaha Koma Zili Ku Malawi Thuni Ayayayayaya

  7. tonde wakufa says:

    aah!!aah!!tsano apa muti mchiyaniso?mwagwidwa ni nyanga zo njovu yayi muluzisaka omalawi

  8. Winston Msowoya says:

    My sister choose a man who is decent and humane,do not be attracted by wealth of somebody.This guy is among those who don’t care about the economic development in hinyaland,they would even be happier to destroy everything left in our region in order to leave Hinyaland a barren piece of land.Nyika National Park,is one of the best in the world,but it is located on the hated part of the country.Mind you I would not choose the husband for you,if I have hurted your feelings,I beg to apologies for that,but keep in mind that,our brothers and sisters from the South and Central Malawi will celebrate if our Region is decimated from our planet.

  9. dee kay says:

    No 21 Paka, woopa chiyani? Uja ananyamula ngona zinali ku MCP uja siemweyi?

  10. dee kay says:

    Paka,woopa chiyani? munthu uja ananyamula ng’ona za ku MCP kupitisa ku DPP siemweyi?

  11. Big Kahuna JNR says:


  12. ineyo says:

    Adausi mutakanika kulemera nthawi ya that non-malawian so called kamuzu; pano mwati muphule illegally though.

    Chabwino tamangobani minyanga osati nkumapha anthu osalakwa ngati Njauju.

  13. vavlov says:

    This asshole should be arrested and his house searched for wildlife trophies. Malawi is losing lots of wildlife, due to poaching by thieves like Dausi. he shouldnt think that he has immunity from arrest; not at all.

  14. Mzanga Dausi says:

    “Is it because I’m married from Rumphi?” Nooooh!
    That’s not the reason, but because you are poaching, which is a crime Mr Dausi.

    Or can you prove yourself innocent?

  15. Peeping lizard says:

    Dausi ndimunthu oipa kwambiri ofunika amfufuze bwino

  16. king says:

    mr dausi chonde ngati mukukhuzidwa mukulakwa yanganani kumene mukuchokela

  17. Robert Seunda says:

    He is also using these ladies Mercy Chilakala and Florida Kayira to find links for the Chinese. They are all working in the Internal security department. Check them up. They

  18. Akungolonje says:

    Mmalo mofufuza olakwitsa ayambanso iwo omwe kulakwitsa, ndiye awafufuze mndani? Koma mulandu wake ku khotiko ndiye ukakhala okoma kuumvelera, chifukwa Lawyer wa Bomayo ndiye adzapezeletu omumasulira chingerezi paja chake D originality yake siungaimvetse. Mmalo mophunzira kusukuluko basi ankangokhalira kuswata ndi kuloweza dictionary basi. Tikumba mang’a aonekera. Malawi kukoma, its no mans land !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Paka Bush says:

    Dausi ndi munthu owopa Yehova…Sangachite zachibwana zogulitsa Ivory….Mukungomunamizila basi…

  20. Gamalio says:

    usiku ungatalike koma tsiku lija kudzacha basi.

  21. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    This story of Dausi rekindles the one and half tonnes of ivory the State President is yet to destroy publicly. Plus this seizure (if found) then apm can do this ceremony. Malawians are waiting for burning of ivory by the President.

  22. thom says:

    Please dont kill innocent animals, we need animal rights in Malawi

  23. poacher dausi says:

    Hiii kadausi kamunthu kosaphunzira Kali mmadzi.

  24. Dausi The Poacher says:

    Hiii kadausi kamunthu kosaphunzira kali mmadzi. Pachitumbuka amati: wabira pachande msana ukuoneka.


    ochapeko mkamwa O Dausi ah ah mwachitika bwanji, wenanu mulemba izi pali pano muli mu room ni hule koma mulufuna khalangati ongelo!!!

  26. wayanikidwa padzuwa dausi umayenda mbali

  27. Amwali says:

    Kill him too vile excuse of a human being. Mxiiii

  28. C Lungu says:

    Wachilungamo says:

    There is no secret under the sun! it is just a matter of time. Time will come when those shielding him will say ‘enough is enough’, and he will be in. When people pray, God listens. Mind you, He sees, He hears and He knows.

    Those oppressed by Dausi are not just sitting phwii but talking to God. So he is not above it.

  29. ELINA MAONJERA says:


  30. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Tiyeni tione kuti Bwampini apangapo chani? Kodi the other ivory which was impounded, where is it? Paja tinkafuna kuotcha, pano zili pati? Tiyankhuleni ku Boma ko.

  31. KUNENEKUDE says:

    Mbuzi yakwa Tolonkhondo ku Mwanza, Nthangala za Manachesi M’mimba thooo! Amvekere’HEAD OF STATE SPY’ Chilungamo chibwera poyera, Dausi must dance the tune, Malawians we have suffered a lot under his Leadership at NIB.

  32. zakoizo. says:

    Eish so bad

  33. Never says:

    Peter is aware of all these. Last year, a truck loaded with ivory was intercepted along Salima road. It had both ivory and illegal logs. We were sent by State house at night to witness and we verified it to be true, but APM took no action because he has to shield the sacred cows.

  34. Reading with a critical eye says:

    Wow! It appears the opposition in this country are afraid of Dausi being the leader of NIB. They are failing to break Dausi. I think DPP is so smart. They put the right people at the right time. Dausi is rightly positioned at NIB. By the way, I know why the opposition is cooking such stories against Dausi. Yes your guess is my guess too…….the leakage of Whatsapp group coup d’état. Hahahaha Dausiyutu simumutha. Leave him alone.

  35. Kenkkk says:

    If this is true, then Dausi is completely going against his own boss and the president of the country who has declared war against poachers. This clearly undermines the president stance on protecting wildlife and endangered species.

    If apm doesn’t do anything on this then we will know that he is a hypocritic and fooling us with double standards whilst behind the scene he is also involved in the same evil trade as Dausi. This would be typical dpp as we expect. I wonder what happened to the ivory that the govt was holding.

    The same abuse with timber from chikangawa.

  36. Achimidizimidzi says:

    The name Dausi always come with bad news. A tree is known by its fruits

  37. wellihno says:

    mmmh so bad,

  38. kadamanja says:

    Now the truth is coming up. Lets poach Dausi’s ass and sell it to China. I hate these politicians that enrich themselves.

  39. Naman Wakhate says:

    Be careful with DPP.

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