Dausi says Malawi VP Chilima relieved of his public service reforms work

Minister of Information and Communications Technologies Nicholas Dausi has disclosed that the Public Service Reform Commission  (PSRC) functions have reverted  to the Office of President and Cabinet and that Vice President Saulos Chilima and his team are now out of it.

Mutharika and reforms commission: Dausi says their mandate jas expired, duties revert to OPC

Dausi, who is government spokesman, said the mandate for Chilima’s commission expired on December 31, 2016.

“The mandate for Chilima and his Public Service Reform Commission  came to an end on December 31, 2016. It finished,” said Dausi.

“Public Service Reform Commission had a life span of one year and now it has expired,” added Dausi.

He said all activities of reforms will now be under  the Chief Secretary to government, Lloyd Muhara.

President Peter Mutharika launched the new public reforms programme on February 11 2015.

Mutharika appointed Chilima to head the ambitious programme, with several changes already under implementation and  others in advanced stages of discussions.

Chilima   provided strategic leadership in the implementation of the reforms.

Further, to have evidence-based decisions on plans and priorities, some members of the commission had a benchmarking study tour to Kenya, Singapore and the United Kingdom to learn best practices, which Malawi can effectively adapt to the local environment.

The Vice-President’s press officer Pilirani Phiri said he could not comment on matter as Dausi is the government official spokesman.

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41 thoughts on “Dausi says Malawi VP Chilima relieved of his public service reforms work”

  1. winston msowoya says:

    I Vehemently uphold Chilima’s courage and his patriotic stance to challenge the corrupt and tribalistic President Muthalika.This reminds me of 9th September,1964,when rogue Hastings Banda,fired six very intelligent Ministers Viz: Willy Chokani,Augustin Bwanausi,Masauko Chipembere,Kanyama Chiume,Orton Chirwa,Yatuta Chisiza and Rose Chiwambo for criticising him the way he ruled the nation soon after independence.The crucial reasons why the Ministers raised against the dictator were: Forthwith Africanization of civil service,hospital fees,dictatorship,fraternisation with imperialists and colonialists of Rhodesia,South Africa,Mozambique,S.W.Africa (Namibia) and Guinea Bissau Islands etc.Soon after that,Banda authorised MYP under Aleke Banda and Gwanda Chakuamba to beatup and kill those who supported the ex-Ministers.For many of you,who were not yet born or you were not in Zomba then,you might think it is a jok,many people were killed and arrested,thanks God I managed to break loose,and travelled back home to the North and my Head Master at Zomba Government Secondary School opened the same year,Mr.Mohamedson,thought that I was murdered with other people.My concern is the life of Chirima,because DPP is a corrupt and murderous regime.I think,we have learnd alot for electing leaders on tribalistic grounds instead of merits,GO AHEAD!!!!!

  2. Deadend says:

    Malawi is a sick country, led by a sick president with sick ministers and shortsighted politicians. Chilima will become President before 2019 as he is probably the only solution God has to prevent the country from going to the dogs. Chilima will then kick the buts of all the bad guys in DPP and form a party at that time to mark the formal end of DPP (the party can not survive without the Munthalikas. Watch this space!

  3. Banakawaghe says:

    Chilima Usadande Iwee, Tangolowa Mcp Basi

  4. God loves Malawi and He alone will give us best things at the best time. AMalawi amzanga, tiyeni tipitirize kupemphera dzolimba, nkhondoyi siyathu ndiya Yehova. I still believe that with good leaders, our systems can change and our country can develop, after all it it blessed with a lot of natural resources.
    Wina wake akubwera amene adzatidabwitsa tonse ndipo sitizakhulupirira kuti ndi Malawi yemwe uja. ooh yes I believe.

  5. I LOVE JULIET says:

    Achilima zofuna dala izi.Munawathandiza kubera chisankho lero ndi amenewo akuvulani thalauza pagulu.Simunati zikubwera zambiri mukomoka ndi ma BP ndipo muyamba chanu chipani cha anthu anayi.Ndinu kapolo kuposa a malawi omwe munawaberawo.zimatero kuno ndi ku malawi.This is DI PHWIPHWIIIIIIII. Mukhaula madala bola ku airtel konkuja dyera.ife tinazolowera umphawi pitani kalimeni kachewere kwanu uko

  6. Jembe says:

    Bilimankhwe ndiwedi bilimankhwe. Mutu sukoka. Would one be talking about Atupele leading this country now? We want progress please and Atupele wachepera kaba by far. Would even even be worse than agogo akungogona my state house panopa

  7. kamko says:

    Mwapalamula chitedza. Chikuyabwani a DPP. Kuchotsa tayala la bwino mkuyika lakutha.


    In all likelihood, Chilima heard this news through the media. Not even a phone call from the president.
    But then, again, what was on his mind when he made that odd statement at the church?
    Perhaps he was misunderstood or quoted out of context?

  9. John says:

    Let us wait and see. Definitely water and oil do not mix neither light and darkness going together.

  10. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    There is no reform there. They were just having nice time in overseas with big allowances. That’s how they make money when you work in government. Reform could be blessed by the parliament composition of all parties so that no political party will change it. Just be used with Malawian politicians

  11. misozi banda says:

    dausi kwake nkuwuwatu, amaona ngati akatelo nde kuti walankhula zakupsa. kkkkkkkk cinganga ca mowa ici. kkkkkkkkk anenapo za nzelu zotani awa. ku mpingo amangowacititsa manyazi anthu kulozerana.kkkk .olo mupereke ndalama-zakubazo. zibekete izi mungoikidwa mmipando ma pitibull a boma. sangayankhepo zoveka popeza poyamba sakudziwa kucita analaizi nkhani.

  12. DPP won because of Chilima. The guy is a marketer and he managed to market the party. If they remove him, I do not see DPP winning come 2019. Who do you see in DPP carrying the flag? Chaponda, Mwanamvekha, Mutharika!!!!!! Mukikohe alhopwananyu (Ask me, fair minded guys) . Kohulhelhanithi, muhikipalhe( I have told you do not bother me in future). Who do you see being voted for by Malawians.
    You also need to look at current election results in Africa. Rarely have incumbent parties like DPP made it back.

  13. 2019 President says:

    If you help the crooks to achieve they goals, they now that you are more advanced more than them, therefore they isolate you. Mr VP you deserved to be fired, and you lack because of our constitution. DPP it has got the owner you are not part of it.

  14. mjiba says:

    There is no politics at all to this. The Public Sector Reform Commission had a life span. It was not a permanent establishment. They delivered their final report. What you journalists should be doing is querying Dausi/Government how they are implementing the recommendations of the Commission? They are action plans available for each of the key recommendations. Let us be objective. Dausi as a mouth piece of Government STOP being a loudmouth for nothing. Dont be a true reflection of an empty tin that makes a lot of noise. Consult before opening your mouth and tell the truth without politicising issues.

  15. mkamthama says:


  16. Sugar free says:

    Tiyeni nazoni koma chilungamo ndi chimene chanenedwacho..nde poti ambilife ndi mbuli m’mutunso ndi ma zero tiyeni tiziombabe m’manja..ku town ngati kumudzi magetsi tinayiwala…koma vuto osaliona ntchito kukwela ma lorry kumapita mmisokhano mnyumba mulibe chilichonse uchitsiru wake wotani

  17. Naphiri says:

    God bless chilima, you have my vote come 2019. Don’t join mcp you will not win, initiate your own party. Will be behind you

  18. Bilimankhwe says:

    Malawians do we real read the news with clear minds or our brains are full of water or we are drunk. Chimima his term of office was for one year so why should he continue
    Have you been told that he is no longer the vice president.
    Whether Chilima or no Chilima Malawi will still be there. He doesn’t even know the cruelty of Mcp during Banda because then he was a toddler or not born.
    His statement to the church was questionable.Thats the problem of using the pulpit or church for political statements. Let him go ahead to form his party. We also have young Atupele with much sober mind he is young and well experienced than Chilima.
    Please quit now so that we can bring in our young and experienced man Atupele

  19. Mphwache says:

    Deja vu. I have this nagging feeling that we have been here before.
    I have a nagging feeling that 2012 is upon us again.

    Beware the Ides of March

  20. umziya says:

    Mr Vice President thanks for telling us not to clap hands for useless speeches. We knew what you were talking about and thats why these fools have acted this way. Mulungu akuona worry not. Dzitsiruzi ndi dzakuba dzayaluka basi

  21. Hot potato says:

    Chilima has been sidelined for too long and as any normal human being he got tired of this shit. His functions whether government or political are never beamed on TV Malawi and aired on radio MBC. Mfiti za DPP zitamva kuti Peter wadwalika and could die anaopa nkuyamba kuloleza kuti azioneka pa TV zitamvanso kuti wapulumuka back to sidelining the VP. Mudziwe kuno ndi kunja and History can repeat itself. Mukutamikila Peter wake yemweyu okhalila ma painkiller daily yu? nanga ataona za Bingu mutani? Inu si Mulungu anthu a DPP.

  22. Satyagraha Reichstag says:

    This is the end of an era. These are not political mistakes but opportunities. Nowhere in history has a Minister of information confessed that he is being fired for saying the truth. Nowhere in history has a sitting VP passionately spoken that enough is enough with empty hand crapping. Malawi must clean up. Or risk remaining a poorest nation for a decade. Now the cleaning mould is set. Those who feel they are winning are cheating each other.

  23. Dipipi was Udiefu says:

    These guys are not serious. Reforms can not and are not short terms issues. Was Chilima appointed on that position as Vice President or someone who had the ability to do the job?Do we expect any continuity in these reforms or as it has always been the same in this country where thing including programmes are instituted in order for the long handed to benefit. Things have happened because Chilima decided to say the truth munyumba ya Chauta.

  24. Fabiano Kamanga says:



    KATANGALE. REALLY????????????


  25. 2019 says:

    Chilima you are my Man vuto uli pakati pa alhomwe mbava!!

    1. iwe ndi mfiti mulhomwe wakuyamba chani ?

      1. john phiri says:

        mlakho umanunkha bambo. Iwe ngati uli mlakho ndiye kuti ndiwe wakuba, umadya mbewa

  26. [email protected] says:

    Pangani ndi m’mene muthere ndinthawi yanu yathu ikadzafika simudzachitanso kufunsa”

  27. last trumpet says:

    Politics politics politics!!!

    Indid, the more things change the more they stay the same!!

    We hav gone thru this road before. Is d office of d 2nd man cursed?

    Here is a good news ,if history of a 2nd turning into a 1st man wil repeat itself the dpp is puttin a spell on itself.Hv thy forgotten tht a stone tht builders refused becomes a chief corner stone.Amfuse jb mmene anaiphulira game.

    Mr money is charismatic, intelligent n crafty ( av no doubt he is a student of robert green’s 48 laws of power).

    He has a big catholic base.He has bn mixing well with his church leadership,His age attracts the delusioned youths.He is respected by Dr Laz.He is sympathised by the media…….

    The cracks the dpp is creating are costly.

    Am gettin excited.it looks like we wil b witnessing more goodies this year.

    The political arena is being shaped!!!!

  28. Rude boy says:

    Chilima doesn’t need to join another party, he needs to form his own with vibrant ideas and action oriented . He knows why Malawi is not developing, who is stealing and how dem are stealing, we people of good will of our country will vote for him. This time around we are not looking where the leader comes from but which person will take us out of shame. Everyday young men and children are trekking to SA and if you thieves saw how they suffer, you could think twice before you embezzle gvment monies. We are a laughing stock in all these countries we pass through because of shame you brought upon us! Jah fire is upon your heads! We people of the south will vote for him. Forget about the yellow party cause in this time of terrorists, no one would love to associate their country with these barbarians.

  29. Rude boy says:

    Chilima is an ambitious young guy who bemoans how poverty has struck a common Malawian and can’t stoop too low to join those wicked people who think they are in a different planet, taking Malawians for a road show! Come 31 at January, 7 rotten minister names will be in every Malawian ears and the citizenry will ask Petele why he lied to the nation that he doesn’t have scavengers in his den? He will need to answer of breaking a section upon which he swore on his inauguration. That will be the End of him. We don’t want cartoon leadership and I remember during campaign period , he promised to jump start the economy, has he lost the jumper cables, come to me I will borrow you one!????????????

  30. Dr Patel says:

    Nyambaroo shit coming in

  31. Advisory Committee says:

    Without being partisan but only being objective, I am of the humble view that Chilima and his reform commission handled the reforms in the public service nicely and the reforms were becoming visible. All factors being equal it would have been better if the Chilima reform commission had continued

    1. kondwani Moffat Phiri says:

      sound statement

  32. nkhulambe says:


  33. Rift Valley says:

    This was coming anyway. Chilima has started biting now.

    1. NO one can vote for Atupele. He is a looser. He had good chance but lost when he joined JB and then DDP. U see once u are a party leader u dont abandon the party and join another party. Its like a ship captain or army captain dont leave the ship or group. Atupele lost because of his stupid father. Chilima is not stupid. If.they think they can treat him like.a dog. They are making a mistake. All these is.because of Chaponda. This is not new to Malawi when It comes to VP. Malawi has a disease or VP syndrom. This.country people are rotten minded. When it comes to min set. Peter is.a purpert of Chaponda and.other gurus

  34. tiwonge says:

    Zayambika.Tiyeni nazo tione mmene zithere.

  35. chatonda Mvula says:

    Is this because he told the church on Sunday that Malawians should stop handclapping to mediocrity leaders?
    Big cracks in DPP. Malunga of DPP nsanje has resigned also. Kuba too much DPP gurus and alot will happen soon. We welcome Chilima to MCP if he wishes to join us anytime and we will give him the respect he deserves.

    1. apm says:

      Chilima has told the church the truth. This is retaliation to his speech but i still believe Chilima was not targeting the president but all political leaders including Chakwera. There is heroe worshipping in our political parties. Kwanunkha Mphira.

    2. NO one can vote for Atupele. He is a looser. He had good chance but lost when he joined JB and then DDP. U see once u are a party leader u dont abandon the party and join another party. Its like a ship captain or army captain dont leave the ship or group. Atupele lost because of his stupid father. Chilima is not stupid. If.they think they can treat him like.a dog. They are making a mistake. All these is.because of Chaponda. This is not new to Malawi when It comes to VP. Malawi has a disease or VP syndrom. This.country people are rotten minded. When it comes to min set. Peter is.a purpert of Chaponda and.other gurus

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