Dausi slams ‘politics of inertia’ in Chakwera: MCP blasts his ‘morally bankrupt’ arguments

Government spokesperson and Minister of Information, Communications and Technology Nicholas Dausi has torn apart  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera recent statements blaming the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led government for the socio-economic woes facing the country.

Dausi: Chakwera is making mere political tantrums

Chakwera has been on record saying the Peter Mutharika leadership lacks a vision to move Malawians out of problems such as drug shortages, lack of maize in Admarc markets and dwindling education standards.

However, government spokesperson s Dausi said the criticism is unfortunate and unfair.

Dausi said there is a lot that government is doing to resolve all the challenges facing Malawians.

“This is politics of inertia by Chakwera, mere political tantrums,” said Dausi.

However, Chakwera reiterated his recent criticism of Mutharika that he has failed Malawians and pointed at increased corruption within senior ranks of government and State owned enterprises such as Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera), Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) and Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) as more worrying.

“The allegations of links between members of Mutharika’s Cabinet and the mismanagement of K236 billion remains uninvestigated and the ministers in question continue to spend our taxes,” said Chakwera.

But Dausi said Chakwera, as leader of Opposition, should appreciate various initiatives government has employed to tackle corruption, hunger, water and electricity problems.

He said Chakwera should come forward with evidence on all corruption allegations.

Dausi said the opposition leader still harbours hatred to Mutharika because he lost elections to the president.

“Ask him to bring evidence, he will not because he (Chakwera) is saying this out of hate and anger for losing the election to the president. What he knows is to say the president has failed when the opposite is true,” he said.

In his year end speech, Mutharika told Malawians that 2017 would be a better year if people adhere to the principles of patriotism, integrity and hard work.

Meanwhile, MCP deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka has attacked the “morally bankrupt” arguments by Dausi.

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28 thoughts on “Dausi slams ‘politics of inertia’ in Chakwera: MCP blasts his ‘morally bankrupt’ arguments”

  1. mwanzy says:

    Tikuyankhula zakukhosi mwaufulu,mesa ndi ma bishop a chikalika adamenya nkhondo kuti zitero?Ife tonse ndife ana amulungu,nkhakhale my Bible mukawelenga nkhani ya political mukayipeza,

  2. Chambe says:

    Dausi the ex MCP secret agent who knows MCP from head to tow. How I wished to see Dausi and Chakwera face to face in a debate. The casualty would be MCP stripped apart by Dausi. We would hear new revelations that even Muluzi as former Administrative Secretary of MCP might not have known. We will see the dirty shocking linen of the MCP.

  3. chemuyaya says:

    Mr. Pido u are just as foolish as a naked dog. I dont understand up to date how a man with two solid testicles can stand and say dpp is doing well. Chakwera or no Chakwera Peter has failed us big time. We dont need someone from pakistan to tell us this. If you happen to eat something from these thieves and failures just eat it a Muluzi anati akabwelesa katunndu landilani but dont stand high on the mountain and preach any good about these bustards


    you speaking like an Angel you wear like gent you move like Shepherd you preach like JESUS but but in deep your heart you know problems that Malawi is facing is not MUNTHALIKA EVEN if Malawi gives you chance you will never mitigate it IF YOU are TRUE leader why don’t you invite mr PRESIDENT TO share the solution people will keep in trust you please we all belongs to Malawi let stop just critsize but give solution i mean you MR CHAKWERA

  5. yandula says:

    a Dausi aiwala kuti ankakwela njinga ali a Vice P to Jzu – angokamba za ziiiii za Chakwera – Chakwera made vivid points about what DPP leadership is!

  6. Chakwera always goofs big time. Ever since he dished God and ventured into this Money making business of politics, he has never spoken anything commendable. One wonders if Chakwera is indeed man of God because his ever cries from the defeat of presidency has made him a savage who make a lot of empty noise. A real Pastor is one full of forgiveness, humble, loving, uniting and one who encourages peace. But from the look of things, this savage will keep on talking rubbish until he is elected President of Malawi. This will never happen to you Chakwera, because you’ve shown us Malawians the kind of leader you are. How can you dump your own people who made Malawi Congress Party for Sidik Mia? How come you are failing to unite the party and make it vibrant as it was before? Why are you always on the neck of Chatinkha, Jumbe and the whole group? You better ask yourself if indeed you are a true Pastor that Malawians can trust you with this big position of presidency. Otherwise, be ready for Hell/Jehena.

  7. chamba says:


  8. Jowel Masina says:

    Chakwera did not lose. The vote was rigged big time, That is why they are failing t govern.
    Fact; Why swear a president immediately after results were announced? Why the rush?
    Fact; why did you burn the votes in Lilongwe when vote recount was eminent?
    Fact; How can everybody vote one party in Blantyre, are their no intelligent people who used their brains.
    Fact; Why did Mbendera cry before announcing the results, was it not because he had betrayed Malawians and as a christian he had been forced to announce wrong things?
    Fact; why were votes from very nearby centersto Blantyre delay by 48 hours, was it not to play the satanic cards for rigging? Shame n you Party of thugs and liers.

  9. Robertson says:

    Kodi inu mulibe manja? Just work hard and develop your family. Osalimbana ndi ma polititcian there is nothing even DPP/MCP can bring on your table. Muzafa aumphawi. Muzilirire nokha ndi ana anu. Mulibe minda? mulibe Manja? mulibe miyendo? mulibe nzeru? Why being obsessed with so called polititcian yet God gave you powers to do anything on this beautiful earth? You are a leader to make meaninful change on your table. Muyang’ana Dzuwa amasochera. Nxiiiiiiii.

  10. DOBO says:

    I read Chakwera’s first statement .It has solutions What kind of solutions are needed. Evidence to who? To DPP?

  11. ade says:


  12. Miss Nafe says:

    It’s very unfortunate that politicians use our problems to advance their political affiliations. First off, it could be true that Chakwera is simply offering criticism because he wants to prove to Malawians that his counter part is failing, so that he politically positions himself on a better place to the Malawian populus. On the other hand, we can see from Dausi’s response, that this battle is amongst them as politicians, its not a battle to make Malawi better. These people share interests, and one can not help but to wonder if indeed they are here for Malawians. What I’d like to say is, criticism is very important, it is the only way to correct these problems, but it has to be done constructively without sounding overbearing. And also, government officials to start looking at criticism positively because everyone who criticises istaken to have been sent by the opposition or is advancing opposition interests. Finally, I’d like to say that the opposition, should learn to lobby action to make real change on serious issues that are affecting Malawians such as these becaus pointing to us that the president is in the wrong can not help us anything, they have the real power to facilitate the change that we have to make as Malawians, and can do better than merely pointing fingers. Thank you.

    1. Let’s talk and write constructive points please malawians.

  13. Zinenani says:

    Evidence? Are you normal Mr dausi? I don’t see any lie in what chakwera has been saying. Inuyo a Dausi zoti magetsi akuvuta simukudziwa? You cheated the nation about water levels, what excuses can you give us now? Even at the time when we have the rain, we still have water problems.

  14. konda nzako says:

    Abale ndi alongo mr dausi akalankhula zotere ndiyetu zanzeru ko, pakamwa potere pangalankhule zabwiono ?? kkkkkkk

  15. youna says:

    A Dausi kungolankhulapo kuopa kudabwidwa kuti sakugwira ntchito koma pansi pamtima akudziwa kuti this is nothing but a sleeping government. Malawians ali pa mavuto adzaoneni. Lets try Chekwera in 2019 mwina tingaoneko kusintha.

    1. Pido says:

      Chakwera? Utiyo? He dished God’s work for politics. The same one who is failing to solve MCP wrangles? Give me another one not this good for nothing Chakwera lazalo

      1. Palani says:

        Iwe ndiye chitsirudi chamunthu. Is Chakwera the first person to retire from church duties and go into politics? Is Chakwera any different from other professionals like lawyers, accountants, doctors, engineers, agriculturalist, scientists who are now politicians? Daft people. Chakwera is just ready to lead Malawi to prosperity 2019. Chakwera 2019 Bomaaaaaa!!!

        1. Pido says:

          you are a fool and a half Palani. A gabgantuan idiot for that matter. If I have said I cannot support your money and power hungry chakwera that does not give you stupid palani a lee way to call me names. with your brain as tiny as your chakwerra’s you think everyone would be down for him for his dull propagabda? I can vote for a pig not your fool Hear that … stupid idiot!

      2. Bright mkosi says:

        Akulu muzukamba zoveka ndipati adanena kuti mbusa sangalamule a malison ndau sia busa mufuna kutiuza zotani

  16. mabusa says:

    Don’t listen to the so called Dausi, he is confusing Malawians and if you will listen to him brothers and sisters of malawi then you will be in hot soup forever

  17. zudi mzee says:

    Let’s try mcp & chakwera in 2019 not mbava zilipozi. Mcp&Chakwera you are the only hope of Malawians. MCP &Chakwera 2019 Bomaaaaa!

    1. chisale says:

      MCP already ruled this country and was one of the worst parties, a Party of killers. God will not allow MCP to come into power again because Malawians prayed for its ouster and I declare that MCP will never come in. They might even be losing by one vote.

  18. wa Mwale says:

    Truly Dausi is an empty noise good for nothing tin, he lost value longtime a go, he used to speak wisdom during the time of Bingu because Bingu was performing, but with this good for nothing bwampini there is nothing Dausi can say, he is asking Chakwela to bring evidence? Evedence for what? Stories of corruption are everywhere almost daily does he not live in Malawi himself? He thinks that Malawians are happy with that? If Dausi and his bosses can not see that corruption is daily encreasing, it means we have wrong people in power who can not see, hear, or sense what is happening around them.
    Our resources will go without them trucking them down, if dausi and his fellow looters cannot see and would want someone to come show them where corruption is taking place, it means that everyone in this govnt is a their and does not mind of anything. All Malawians know that corruption has encreased rapidly in this govnt than when UDF introduced it, but if Dausi can’t see, am sorry we have wring people in power who must be voted out.

    1. Jowel Masina says:

      Awa ndi anthu okanika, osafuna kudzudzulidwa, apuludzu, nkhutukunve, mbewa za fuko, matong’ondo, agonthi. Kodi mumati anabela mavoti chifukwa chiyani? Amafuna kuti adzabe zambiri, komanso kuti adzaononge umboni wose wa kuda kwawo zaka zammbuyomu. A Dausi simunthu wanzeru koma anawaika kuti azikamba mbwerela zaozo, zosanvekazo ngati akuuza wana. Mwadya zomwezi, mwatchela ku mwezi, nkhanga zawona. I can assure you, these people if they lost elections, will all run away to other countries, moti nthawi ikamatha chonchi mitima yawo ikuthamangitsa mwazi kuopa.

  19. the pillar says:

    What sort of evidence is Dausi looking for? Has government done anything on university fees wrangle? How about Water/Electricity load-shading, now that the rains are here? Nanga Maizegate, anthu akuvutika. Kuba misonkho yathu basi ndi chimene chiziwa inu, a Nankhumwa azitenga kuti ndalama zogulira katundu yenseyu achita donate kwaoko? Mankhwala mzipatala etc ..anthu okuba inu, osafuna kuzuzulidwa….but what you should know is that no condition is permanent on earth.

    1. Pido says:

      kuyankhula kwa olira

    2. Jowel Masina says:

      Dausi ndi munthu osapemphera like the rest of the team in DPP. That is why Ndau was dropped because he could not contain the lies. We need a true God fearing leader like Chakwera, who can stand for the truth, speak the truth, and call a spade spade. Ndiye Mulungu akukusambulanitu, mwaona zisankho zazing’ono momwe zikuyendera? Tiona 2019, musayese kuti mudzabelaso chisankho, takuwerengani, ndipo ufumu wanu taudziwa. Munaotcha mavoti kukanengo, kuti asawerengedweso. Pano mukukana electoral reforms ,mukudziwa kuti ngati zotsatila za masankho zingaulutsidwe pa polling center ndiye kuti mwawi wobera palibe. Please the concerned parties on reform of this law, help us poor Malawians, we are tired of being governed by fake, crooked leaders, who do not win but get power bu hook and crook. Chilima is indeed in a wrong camp.

Comments are closed.

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