Davido reveals on Instagram plans to perform in Malawi

The Nigerian artist Davido who recently annoyed Malawians for his deplorable conduct when he was in the country for other engagements under Go Green Initiative has announced plans to perform in the country soon.

Davido: Malawi show

Davido: Malawi show

He says on his Instragram account  that he will first make his “next stop in LA, Kenya, Malawi, Burundi, Gambia, Malaysia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola.

“See u soon…Get ur tickets” he says.

During his recent visit to Malawi Davido irked Malawians for bad attitude towards his Malawi fans. The Sikelewu musician was shown in the video (https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=348855651981733) ignoring and snubbing his cheerful fans mostly the schools pupils.

As this was not enough, Davido was shown in a video wearing a long face snubbing cheering school pupils who were happily shouting his name.

The aye musician stunned the cheering crowd when he seemed irritated by the welcoming hug by the Deputy Mayor of Lilongwe Kwame Bandawe.

The Nigerian singer defiantly pushed and blocked the Deputy Mayor with his right elbow from further clinging to his hand, but unperturbed, Bandawe seemed not discouraged as he happily continued trailing behind the rude musician.

And the worst of his behavior happened at Lilongwe Hotel where he violently broke the hotel’s computers and other materials as he was refusing to pay the hotel bill of about MK1million he incurred the previous night.

He is also reported to have slapped the hotel’s guard in the process.

In reaction some DJ’s in Blantyre said were making plans to punish the musician for taking Malawians for granted by giving no air play to his music in both radios and entertainment places.

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72 thoughts on “Davido reveals on Instagram plans to perform in Malawi”

  1. aurora says:

    What is that thing?the trouble maker! in MDUBS AGAIN..NO WAY!!I THINK HE MADE amistake to mention malawi,he meant mauritios.kkkkk amalawi tionekere umbuli sopano..if i liked that stupid MotherF i coould have gone to his show but mmm naaa,even though i went i would have shot him right in the leg..MR davinyo please dont come coz we r ready for you and you gonna be hurt,we can boko haram too u know..we warning u

  2. KLELVIN HARRY says:


  3. solz says:

    Fuck u all malawi davido is ur boss.don’t ever compare ur bullshit country to nigeria

    1. opportunist says:

      Boss to whom .Tell him that he’s not welcome here. May he’s a boss of Boko haram

    2. skirt chaser says:

      you are very stupid! what is so special with your rubbish country? have u ever seen Malawians flocking to Nigeria like you fools do

  4. dr bakha says:

    dont come here in malawi.do u think we are stipid.dont dare coming here.you are a bitch ass nigger.can i come to nigeria and do what you did in malawi

  5. I ink I hate this thing called Davido

  6. ANALYST says:

    Iwe Davide, ooh kani Davido – ngati umamva Chichewa nachi: Usadzabwerenso kwathu kuno! Sudzapeza munthu wopita ku dansi yakoyo!

    Ngati umamva chiTumbuka: Iwe DAVIDE, kwizaso kuno ku Malawi charaaa! Palije munthu uyo wizamkuluta ku vyakuyimba vyako ivyo……!

    Ndikhulupilira wamva uthengawu – any well wisher may transkate for him…

  7. Tsotso says:

    Davido, or whatever you call yourself, know that you may be a musician of the moment but you are not the best. We have ever hosted reputable musicians before but did not even attempt to do what you did in Malawi. Some of them are music kings and queens in their respective countries and who are you? Stupid man!

  8. xodabwixa says:

    zoba ameneyin kuno ayi

  9. maxwell says:

    Stupid Davido, who de hell r u . Malawi is de warm heart of Africa while Nigeria is de worst country in Africa, so leave our country alone do not step foot in our country

  10. kk says:

    Davido don’t come here, we hate you. Nyimbo zake ndiye ziti za season zomwezo. We listerning to Soldier Lucius Banda, Paul Banda, Don Williams, Michael Bolton, Clergy David, Justine Timberland, Joyce Bond, Judy Butcher just to mention a few everlasting songs osati zakozo ” sekelewu ndiye kuti chani. Usatikwane.

  11. Maggie Lucius says:

    Mhuu whoever is allowing this donkey to come is not right upstairs. The guy degrade us on social networks, belittled us, even was disgusted by our own very best hotel what type of animal is this Davido. He must be ashamed and embarrassed. So he now wants to perform before a boring crowd in a boring country, then he must be a bore himself. No but thanks Mr Davido or whatever your name is.

  12. Kangankude says:

    Davido wherever u r,,u must hear this,Malawians dont need u anymore,dont u ever again step ur foot on dis land..

  13. tipha akangobwera watitora galu ameneyu

  14. asabwere adzaona zakuda watitora et akangobwera tidzamupanga robbery

  15. gadaffi says:

    this guy should not be allowed to come.anatinyoza refuse to grant him a visa.we don’t need such people in Malawi

  16. mbwiye says:

    don’t come here davido we don’t want u here otherwise nzakuchuta boko haram a he goat iwe

  17. Chams says:

    I don’t know why we are so overtaken by these west African musicians. Yes they have made a name but I tell you the music that many of these artists give us is no better than what our local artists can give us. Yes, our artists are not much exposed but they are far much better than many of these west African artists. Artists like Maskal, Bucci, Taygrin, Theo Thomson, Dan Lu, Tigriss, Lulu, Lawi etc have all it takes to make it internationally than these West African noise makers. Vuto la a Malawi, we think zonse zakunja ndizabwino even if that thing is of poor standard. As Malawians, lets promote our artists. Ma DJ, pa radio, TV, Clubs, mzikwati etc, play the local stuff please!

  18. G-K Daddy says:

    Abwere ndi Diamond osat mbuzi muneneyo!

  19. basa says:

    Chiwanda basi. Devil get out in Jesus Christ name

  20. kanunkha says:

    If he thinks he can change the image of him by posting that on his social media, sorrry aarrrrgh!! stinking musician, we do not need him here… Let alone his music doesnt even make sense to many. Malawians, we may be poor but the peace we have is the ultimate gift God gave us. The boko haram in nigeria is finishing the people, soon that nation will not be same as it is now!! stupid davido….Police, immigration, do not allow this satanic brat in here!!!

  21. Its very easy to punish this scumbag,kakabwera just pretend to be one of his die-hard Fans ,as you’re getting closer to him spit on his fucken face and show him the middle finger`believe you me that would be a lesson he’ll never forget
    Or else osagula ma ticket ake,
    Koma aMalawi being the poorest and the most stupid pple on planet earth ena mudzanva Davido emweyo kuti wa wa wa wa wa!
    ndalama ndi zake you benefit nothing from him

  22. sagna says:

    This son of a bitch irks me. He’s a pain in the ass.

  23. [PROTOTYPE] says:

    He can eat a dick for all I care. I don’t listen to his music anyways

  24. Phyxly says:

    Eeeeeeeee bola hule

  25. adona kuseli says:

    Kodi akuoneka ngati chanii??

  26. senior says:

    My ass. Mxiiiii

  27. Shasmin says:

    Davido nkanyama kanji paja?

  28. Avicenna says:

    This pig davido degraded us last time he was here,he should never step in malawi ever again mbuzi yosatha kulankhula chizungu

  29. kashushu says:

    Eeee Mk 1 million 1 night

  30. lex says:

    Lets forgive him guyz

  31. Jose' says:

    I want Davido back in Malawi. Let him come back and let him know what Malawians can do to stupid fellows who think they are above all else like him. He will come, and ALL of us will agree not to patronise his shows. All our hotels will decline to host him as he has proved not able to honor his dues. We will conduct business as usual. Maybe Lucious or Lulu or Dan Lu or somebody will be holding his local show and ALL of us will patronise the MAlawian show.

    Organisers, coax this dunderhead Davido to come. That will be our only chance to revenge. How can he beat our own guard in our own land? He thinks this is in the middle of no where? Can a Malawian do that in Nigeria and be able to come back home? and still be nursing ideas of going back to Nigeria? No! Malawians – Muloleni abwere tizamukwapule ife! SHUPIT Davido

  32. mchewsa wa ku liongwe says:

    no room for this stupid nigerian in malawi fuck you Davido

  33. mboba says:

    Davido you will be alone at yr show

  34. sabiti says:

    Let P Square come not this lad we hate him he failled to respect us in the first place why should we welcome him now

  35. Nachithidzi says:

    Asabwere munthu wamwano uyu… Chonde ma organisers musalore izi.. Humility in this boy is zero!!! No no no!!! Malawians should not be taken for granted!!!!

  36. Talibo West says:

    We don’t want these man to come to Malawi for the bad behaviour he showed to Malawians when he came

  37. eve eve says:

    Those who humble themself God will lift them

  38. Winford Kayange says:

    We dont want notorious musician to perform in Malawi he shown inhuman conduct last time, why bringing k5000 & expecting to be accomodated in HOTEL for somedays later on refusing to pay the bill?

  39. musolin says:

    This rude boy should not come to Malawi…..

  40. MMBWATALIKA says:

    amene adzapite ku show ya davidonyo ndi chitsiru

  41. MMBWATALIKA says:

    davido abwereso kuno, amalawi mukadzangopita ku show ya davidonyo ndinu zitsiru.

  42. Kapyepye says:

    Asabwere basi ameneyo. We would rather have Kasambwe brothers entertaining us than someone waring a rude face. Not a Malawian for that matter.

  43. Tentacles says:

    Asabwere! mwana wamwano ameneyi,,, akumazimva sugar bwaaaaaa!!!!

  44. cbk says:

    dont dare to come back yu son of a bitch,get lost with yur ass!

  45. sunderstar says:

    Please block this man from coming here, he can go elsewhere but not Malawi. We tried to promote him but he was rude to us, I understand he also misbehaved in Zambia when he performed there. Please lets bar this naughty boy Malawi is not a country to play with, we are warm heart of Africa yes but when one crosses our path whether black or white we have nothing to do with that person. I would rather ask the organisers the invite some Nollywood
    people to come and interact with us that this Rascal.

  46. chims says:

    first get him arrested, if not arrested,boycott his shows. but I know us.we are very stupid,we will patronise his shows enmasse but I promise boko haram.there will be more bananas

  47. Nkhombokombo says:

    A Malawi! why should we be bothered with these juju lads? Just give him a backside smile, he’ll start respecting us. What is he after all? We have had our own A. Namoko, the Malawi Chubby’s the Phukas, the B. Nkhata, and who is this bafoon? He even doesn’t deserve the face of a man. Don’t even bother cover his tours in your/our dailys. Shupiti yoruba!

  48. juzi says:

    I think it will be weired to welcom this Davido Gate again in Malawi he doenst have manners maybe I call him a Davido Haram

  49. Kokotowa says:

    Fuck it!

  50. wapano says:

    Who ever is making any communication with this dovido, or whatever you call him, pliz tell him that malawians do entertain self centered artists. We do not want him here, period.

  51. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This Davido stinks. Do not even write anything about him.

    Let him clean toilets in Nigeria. Asati bowe!

  52. PRECIOUS BZ says:

    That’s madness, akuzatani? Wamuvomelezayo ndi Mbuzi. Okey Amabweletsa nyama ndi mpunga? You mean we can’t stay without Davido. Dont try, i will deal with him, wait.

  53. kuno ayi kape ameneyo komweko zauchitsiru zakezo we dont like him

  54. Uchindami says:

    Ukuti ubweranso? Ok

  55. wanache says:

    Thanks but no thanks. Hosting you again wil a total disgusting to our nation.

  56. Yankees says:

    Dont Come to MW tidzakuthila tsabola opela ndipo sudzafnanso kubwela ku MW, ife ndima Bornafied malawians enieni, mahule akuno kwathu mukangolandila chitsilu ichichi munya nonse, Nyombo zakonso sitikuzisowa ayi, Mungatibweletsele Ebola pachakuti pamako.

  57. Tata says:

    Never dare to come

  58. Jokujoku says:

    With all this i can’t do going to his musical shows otherwise i might be mud and mad

  59. Wawatu says:

    Stupid crazy silly musician. Plz cancell his Malawi show; we don’t need him here.

  60. Bertha says:

    Please don’t let him come. We are tired and sick of his arrogance and stupidity. It’s better that we listen and dance to our local music of Lucius Banda blacks chinga moffat etc

  61. edda mwalweni says:

    I hope next time he will behave like any other person otherwise i was very disappointed with the way he treated us his fans.

  62. Patriot says:

    At the airport, staff of Zomba mental should check him if he is mentaly fit to enter the country.
    Amisala aku nigeria kwathu kuno ayi.

  63. harry gwape says:

    Davido shud be made illegal here in Malawi…kwawo konko zimenezOO,,

  64. opportunist says:

    This idiot should not come to our country. Let him perform to bokoharam since they are the ones he respect most

  65. vikhalenthena says:

    He is stupid. He must not come to Malawi

  66. nanzikambe says:

    Welcome home son. Malawians love you.

  67. enuf said says:

    And who invite him and for what cause

    He shows drinking and being with half naked women in his video

    And his music talks about shaking ass

    Now y would we Want our children to be inspired by that

    On the flip side

    If we have invited him already

    it was our humble duty to make sure all his bills are paid

    You don’t invite som1 and tell them he has to pay his bills

    Davido was being an idiot

    And we Malawians who invited him
    Were a terrible host

    So again it’s our fault!

  68. Jahpipo says:

    we don’t need such a spoiled blat here in Nyasa..akaimbe kwinako bwa?? com on guys, munthu uyu alibenanfe ntchito!!! lets show him that he aint bigger than Malawi!

  69. thoko says:

    Me hate this luminado eishh

  70. mondwe says:


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