Davido rocks Malawi capital, plants ‘celebrity tree’

Young, rich and famous that’s what Nigerian multi-award winning music sensational Davido is.

Davido mobed by school girls dancing

Davido mobed by school girls dancing

Davido with Lilongwe deputy mayor Kwame Bandawe as businesswoman Manganaye Kambauwa takes a photo using her iphone and local hip hope artist Tay Grin looks on

Davido with Lilongwe deputy mayor Kwame Bandawe as businesswoman Manganaye Kambauwa takes a photo using her iphone and local hip hope artist Tay Grin looks on

Davido plant a 'celebrity tree'

Davido plant a ‘celebrity tree’

He arrived in Malawi on Thursday afternoon and already caused huge euphoria in the capital  Lilongwe where hundreds of his music followers traced and  followed him to wherever he went for public outing.

The Skelewu wonderboy was out again Friday  to Chimutu Primary School in Area 18 in Lilongwe where school classes were held to a halt for a half an hour.

Clad in white Lilongwe City Council branded Tshirt and black thigh tight fit track pants, the Nigerian ‘Go Green ‘ initiative ambassador was received by screaming youngesters who chanted his named.

“Davido! Davido!” they chanted and other danced while singing “See gobe Omo see gobe…eh”

He planted his celebrity tree, spoke for while telling the youngesters who thronged to the venue “noone can stop you to make Malawi green because you are already in Malawi.”

Coversating in intermittent pigeon language with Lilongwe City Deputy Mayor Akwame Bandawe,  the ‘See Gobe. star said  he was happy to be in Malawi.

Nigerian multi-award winning music sensationalso visited vt Standard Bank head offices in Lilongwe to interact with employees and plant a tree.

Davido—real name David Adekele—arrived in Malawi on Thursday to fulfil commitments under the “Go green” campaign being implemented by the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Natural Resources and the First Lady’s Beautify Malawi (BEAM) Trust.

The campaign aims to encourage Malawians to plant trees during this rainy season and conserve vegetation as one way of combating environmental degradation, the prime culprit for debilitating floods in Malawi.

Standard Bank is one of the banks that supports environmental sustainability efforts and has mobilised support to victims of floods in the Lower Shire.

Many ladies in the capital took turns for celebrity photo opportunity to Davido and  social media has been awash with “selfies” of Malawi ladies with Davido and indeed the Nigerian super star is expected back in April to perform and sing:  “Girl your behind is a killer I can see you’re sensual, See gobe
Omo see gobe….”

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41 thoughts on “Davido rocks Malawi capital, plants ‘celebrity tree’”

  1. Swag ya mbola ngati imeneyo!

  2. kamfana says:

    Shaibu, U have spoken sense.Titengerepo phunziro apa.U respected him[Davido}but he did not see U as people.He totally gave U his PRIDE.Even nyimbozo zina zimamveka kuti mulibe malangizo a umunthu.A Malawife UMUNTHU WATHUWU,TISAMAPATSE WINA ALIYENSE NGATI AMENEYO.Mawu amati: ‘RESPECT THOSE WHO ARE RESPECTIVE’.Becoz
    they know what it means.Ine ndimauza ana anga kuti; I don’t like his songs,but they urgued,koma sono nawonso amva okha zomwe wachita musician wao.

  3. SAPITWA says:

    why dd u nt invite Koffi Olomide ? Mumafuna za satanikizo ?ndy tu eeee!wakupangani adopt in a satanic way , nxt tym invite Koffo olomide.

  4. Hope says:

    Opusadi ameneyu!!!!!

  5. opportunist says:

    Useless singer

  6. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    Za ziiiii. cerebrity ndiye kuti chani

  7. Daniel Phiri says:

    Fu….. Whoever called this idiot. Why are we so happy swimming in mediocrity? Nyero zanu

  8. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Hahahahaha people are commenting as if they have grey matter in them but all are empty comments. This campaign has opted to use this FAMOUS star on the international stage than our myopic malawian singers who fail to sing

  9. jk says:

    Manganaye munkhaniyi amafunika kuti atchilidwe? Zopusa basi. Mpaka iphone kuitchula?

  10. Shaibu says:

    Malawi Malawi Malawi my country. Tumatengeka ndi woyimba akunja kuwapatsa ulemu ma newspaper, media, atolankhani kulemba ubwino wa munthuyo even a Police amakhala busy apa ndi apo akuti security but yet ma musician athu eni eni akapita kunja palibe even newspaper imodzi imalengedza. Even oyimba otchuka omwewa palibe especialy in South Africa I had never seen any paper, media, radio station kulengedza za oyimba from Malawi. Koma kwathuko oyimba akabwera akumachita kulandilidwa ndi minster with a government convoy but yet athuwo akabwera kuno even area manager sadziwa kalikonse unless amalawi omwe ali around that side. I did feel so sorry after kuwona mene a Malawi munamulandilira Zahara ku airport that was around 2012 or 2013 mpakana ma minster kuchita kukamudikilira ngati iyeyo she is someone working in government kuti akubweletsa nkhani zothetsa umphawi dziko lathu. Please Malawi Malawi lets wake up and support our own people than kuchemelera anthu ena by giving them more respect while they mean nothing to our society. Ma repporters nanu lembani mbiri ya munthuyo of which what you know and not just adding staff of which it doesn’t mean or fit. Cry of my heart.

  11. nocks says:

    ndalama anaba ku NAc kuja ndizimene mukumupatsa Davido….hahahah nde nabolani mukanamupatsa GWALADI…

  12. Hate it or love it Davido is a * young talented mfana wozisata zikumpweteka akasume basi luv u O.B.O even if w don’t go green in naija am just happy wakawonako ku malawi adopt one kid kumemeneko bring him/her here mark the body with tatoo so that s/he never 4get that s/he was once adpted with naija ppo O.B.O

  13. bob says:

    Its sad we cant even think of taking our own initiative to appoint an ambassador within our local celebrities, for how long are we going to promote foreign brands when local is good and affordable? Let the attitude change! Lets go green ourselves! Go green Go Malawii

  14. zex says:

    Cécilia Mawaya, what’s this thing you call ‘pigeon English’? Do your home work properly.

  15. ujeni says:

    Hehede kuyaluka ndi kususuka aMalawi, he is going to war torn Nigeria and tell his relatives kuti ive found anthu a tulo, go there and open ma hawkala, they will give you red carpet. kikikiki tulo aMalawi

  16. Kanya says:

    No way am going toplant a tree because of Davido? celebrity tree? what a crap.
    We should plant a tree because we know its benefits not because of Davido…wake up Malawi!

    Buying a ticket and spending millions just for one street singer to plant a tree? priorities priorities!

  17. jumani says:

    Does he go green in Nigeria? the commitee which was responsible for this sinaganize bwino.Does this man encourages nigerians to go green? Some times i look at malawians kuti we are stupid.. in the sene that that we dont LOVE OUR OWN musicians or promote those on grass root… …..Am so jelous when it comes to this … this young boy musician is not GOOD EXAMPLE….of course he rich.

    I think anthu akulu akulu amaudindo Adisiya kuganiza bwino………those were the days we used to respect and honour elder people on decision making know that they were paving good and respectable future for the country…..we used to run away when we see azibambo mmanyumba or kulikonse….Amalawi love and promote your own musicians like other countries do…you will never see white people on national occasion this like this taking or using foreigners in fore front DISREGUADING their own youn people ….. What ashame….. National or Republic ..state event……malawi eeeeh

    1. Stellar says:

      Wake up Malawi our music sucks. Malawi will never be developed because of anthu a tulo like you

  18. wayaman says:

    i agree with number 15………..

  19. musukuma says:

    zopusa zokhazokha amalawi who is davido his songs has no meaning at all koma ndikudabwa nazo anthu mumatsatira ngat mwina iyeyo ndi best mmalawi yonse kaya

  20. lilian says:

    I was so shocked to see the whole Mayor welcoming him at Lilongwe City Assembly.President wathu atha kupita Ku RSA osakumana ndi Zuma or Mayor eish Malawians timaonjeza ndi umphawi wathuwu

  21. Too much praise inflate the Ego
    I really don’t understand why people adores message-less songs of this guy, the songs has no meaning”our own Overton Chimombo is far much better than this guy”-The tendency of rolling carpet for mediocrity should stop in Malawi,most of these artists you crap hands for are not recognised in their respective countries,
    Only in Malawi we treat mediocrity as a hero

  22. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is good development i don’t know perhaps he will also adopt a child,but hey this guy is Illuminated watch out oops see my name.

  23. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Malawi I have been wondering as to why you are failing to get rich…. How can the whole Standard bank, BEAM and Ministry of energy spend millions on one person just to plant one or two trees? You could have used that money to plant thousands of trees if had used Malawians to do that, say by saying I’d a school plants and maintens 1000 tress we will give them K100,000 to pupils and their teachers. Or the village plants & maintens 10,000 trees will build a school block for them. Malawi is not poor but it’s people think poorly Bingu said and I quote

  24. Yankeez says:

    A Lucius Bend nanunso mudzale wanu mtengo!! Wadzala mtengopo mzanuyu tidzamangapo Stadium, stadiumuyi tidzaitcha dzina, DAVIDO STADIUM!!!!

  25. liquor says:

    Nigeria ndi power, the future of Africa. go go naija

  26. OneMic says:

    Who is thia guy? What important thing has he done on Earth? za chibwana basi

  27. nuji says:

    Manganaye kuli konse…. eish this woman with 4 kids kkkk

  28. sayin it like it is says:

    nyau king osafuna kusala ai

  29. Mphwache wa Bingu says:

    Malawians kusowa chochita

  30. BUGUDOSHI says:

    I salute Jesus who died and resurrect into life again not ahuman being like me nononononi

  31. thana nawe says:

    Kiko, I think your brains are located in your genitals. You such a primate.

  32. Mccarthy says:

    Indeed this is really pathetic, I wonder why malawi is only best on clap hands for everyone.

  33. Sorry says:


  34. Southner says:

    Cerebrity tree nde chani zachamba basi

  35. May that tree be named afta Davido!

  36. phiri la dzunje says:

    cant wait for his shows eeiish!

  37. Kiko says:

    Szalowa chibwana mpaka kuzala mtengo

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