Dedza Sec alumni regroup to support alma mater

In an drive to give back to their alma mater, former students of Dedza Secondary School will next weekend pay the school a visit to appreciate some of the challenges present students are facing.

Ben Phiri handing over the minibus to Dedza Secondary School

Ben Phiri handing over the minibus to Dedza Secondary School

Dedza alumni chairperson Banks Mdalla Kachinda told Nyasa Times that among other activities, the former students will paint classrooms and identify students in need of financial scholarships.

Kachinda said the school was currently in a “dilapidated” shape and needed their help.

He, therefore, called on all other former students to join in the cause.

“Our fellow alumni should come in large numbers and see for themselves problems that the school is going through,” said Kachinda.

According to Kachinda, it was unfortunate that the school was going through such shoddy financial woes when most of its products are wallowing in affluent positions and businesses in the society.

Pres Peter Mutharika is one of the former students of Dedza. Last December, Mutharika handed over a minibus and promised to rehabilitate the school. He also pledged to pay for the maintenance costs.

According to his personal assistant Ben Phiri, the maintenance project will cost the president K20 million.

Other former students of the school, highly regarded in the Malawian society, Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) executive director Dalisto Kubalasa, Nyasa Times Managing Director Edgar Chibaka, military lawyer Dan Kuwali and Finance Minister Good Gondwe. .

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24 thoughts on “Dedza Sec alumni regroup to support alma mater”

  1. osman usu justin says:

    Inenso ndinali pa box48 pompo koma ndamaliza chaka chatha pano ndikusowa ntchito mundiganizire

  2. alukosyo says:

    APM was there and we Hv learnt that he is a billionaire. let him donate 2Om and name one structure for himself sitidandaula not zopenta cell zija. this will be for a good course

  3. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Rhehabi Chimzizi, thanks for being concerned. My # is 0996366367

  4. mesho says:

    Bravo peter

  5. gwepenya says:

    Mabwana ndi Madona, let’s borrow a leaf from ankhwere as they are our neighbours- UMBWI former stu

  6. Tengupenya says:

    Ma sukuluwa bwanji? Dilapidation? Who is responsible for maintenance and rehabilitation? Local education authorities pano ndi ndani? Who owns these schools? Ndi za masiye za Boma?

  7. Jihad John says:

    Most of the schools are now in pathetic shape. All the multiparty presidents have literally done nothing to improve the standards of education. Why should the president spend K20 million to facelift a school. We pay taxes on daily and monthly basis and what is the use of these taxes? Do Malawians really love their country? Have we stopped giving birth if we let our structures deteriorate like this? How did Dr. Kamuzu Banda run his government? Are we in government just to meet our present needs and forgetting the needs of our children? All we hear is yhe president having over US$8 million which is unexplained. Most of the roads and buildings still remain those built by Kamuzu. From schools, offices to hospitals are mostly Kamuzu. Utsiru too much.

  8. Dedza Alumni says:

    Many of us who were at Dedza Secondary Schools are working outside the county. Can we get the phone number for Kachipanda so that we can contribute as well to follow the good example that the president has set

    I hope someone will see my comment so that i can contribute

    Rhehab Chimzizi

  9. Charger cha mutu waung'ono says:

    Nafenso amene tinali pa Robert Blake lets do something on our school.

  10. malawiana says:

    Soms of us were at Liwalazi in Dwangwa and the school is no more and we have never been arrested before. Advise where we should we go and paint?

    1. chikoya says:

      Liwalazi is a brand new sch after gvt upgraded it to a full day sec with a girls hostel and it does not need any painting. May talk of building more tchrs houses. Zikuonetsa kuti pa net pa ena tikungopereka irrelevant comments due to lack of knowledge on what has happened to our former schls since we left them.

  11. Legacy says:

    Are all secondary schools in Malawi dilapidated?

    What does the school do with its budget?

    Malawians are very good at encouraging others to steal. if alumni are to help, they should be helping with things that are not budgeted for like Buses, not maintenance.

  12. mvumbi says:

    dont forget dr kingdom kwapata,dr emanuel fabiano,herny kachanje,prof grant kululanga.dego is burning!

  13. alangizi says:

    Comment mighty DEGOSS woyeee

  14. Trusha says:

    Musakalembeso mu matoilet

  15. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Comment: One may as well ask why is the school dilapitated? Is it because of govt wrong priorities? I have always maintained that Godall Gondwe is a spent force who now lacks original thinking

    1. JJB says:

      What has it got to do with Goodall gondwe?

      Dilapidation takes years, not days.

      So Gooddall Gondwe should have left his job in Washington to come and fix Dedza secondary School?

      Some of these comments are a sign of how idiotic most Malawians are. NO Mfundo, just attacking people for no reason.

  16. chejali says:

    Ok no comment to ben

  17. GUGUDA MASTER says:

    Good initiative. I will be there fore sure. I hope the flag raising ceremony is still in place. I loved it. SAPERE AUDE!

  18. sakhwi says:

    We do things in reverse where we’re you when it was being destroyed? Pep talk is more important to situations than fixing. You can sort Dedza SS by not talking to Umbwi too as that’s where war comes from kids need role models who they can look up to and emulate but zandalezi Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

  19. chikoya says:

    Dedza,Blantyre,LL girls and Mzuzu Sec Schls have been undergoing rennovation since 2009 and they are almost new now. What do u mean therefore when u say that Dedza Sec Is Dilapidated?

  20. che misi says:

    Don’t forget George Mkondiwa the Chief Secretary

  21. Afumu Phiri says:

    Bola osakalembalemba kuti afana Mdalla was here before for you

    1. Bob says:

      Kkkkkkkk. Alumni wankulu akabwera mumpenyesetse. He likes that.

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