Deputy Speaker Chiwaya denies rental accusations

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Dr Clement Chiwaya has reacted angrily to accusations levelled against him and first deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje that he benefitted from unlawful rentals paid to him.depu

Salary benefits

Salary benefits

The conditions of services

The conditions of services

Chiwaya: Out of order not sustained

Chiwaya: Out of order not sustained

Chiwaya has described the accusations as unfair and meant to tarnish the image of the two deputy speakers.

Speaking to his political supporters at his residence in Mangochi, Chiwaya said he is in the process of buying the house that he is staying in and that payment for the same was not yet completed.

Chiwaya, who produced his Conditions of service, indicated that facts peddled in the Weekend Nation newspaper were “entirely erroneous” in that the conditions of service for the two deputy speakers are clear on what is entitled to the them as approved by the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Said Chiwaya: “Section 5.1.1 under Housing and Furniture, the conditions state that: The Government shall provide standard housing at the duty station. In 5.1.2 the conditions of service further state that: Where government is unable to provide such standard housing, it shall provide housing accommodation per month as stipulated in appendix 1. In rental value, subject to Government valuation.

“Finally in Section 5.1.2 Where the Deputy speaker opts to occupy his or her own house, government shall pay allowance as stipulated in appendix 1. That allowance is Currently at K550 000. In view of the above no Deputy Speaker ever got more than what she or he is entitled because whether you are in your own house or you are paid an allowance the amount is K550 000 per month. The conditions of service were submitted to us the two deputy speakers through a memo from the Clerk of Parliament.”

He noted that one thing is clear that either the person providing the information is “ disgruntled or has a sinister motive”.

The paper on Saturday reported that first deputy speaker Esther Mcheka-Chilenje and second deputy speaker Clement Chiwaya each is alleged to be drawing K550,000 per month which is K300,000 more than their required K250,000 per month allowance.

According to the publication, the two cheated the government that they rent the houses they stay in from elsewhere so that each could be carting home K 550,000 every month in housing allowances.

Mcheka-Chilenje also said she was dismayed with the report.

The deputy speaker said she was in Kenya on official duties and that she will grant interview on return.

But she denied any wrong doing.

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If Richard Msowoya thinks he can be famous by fighting his own office where he is buzy creating stories against his deputies then he is cheating himself .Eventually he will fall in his own pit.Watch him!! God knows the truth of what he is doing


We know mcheka she is is a playful woman with integrity ….If you have a personal grudges find the right forum. do you call our respected mps mbuzi. ..This only show how shallow minded you are.. failure

Alibe Matumbo

mcheka chilenje ndi oipa zedi, kaya mbuli za ma MPs sizimaona kaya


Chakwera also gets 550 000 like the two deputy speakers why targeting them..Richard msowoya is entitled to one cellphones but he has bought himself two phones…Tichborne msowoya get 800 000 as monthly house allowances…This is pure political hatrage by Richard msowoya….He is the worst speaker we have as a country







But that thief Muluzi brought unsurpassed stupidity in this country. Why do fools like these deserve to get such amounts of money yet the people who are making the money are paid peanuts? Is it any wonder we are the poorest nation on earth?


Iwe ukuti Fumbani kaya you are very stupid. ..and dumb…2 wrong don’t correct each other
Kaya wipilidwa ndi hule lakolo mcheka mukunamizana…why did she declare her house as ya rent and not her own? Kuba kunayambira pamenepo…you can’t cheat us….awawa akalowa ku ndende U speaker watha basi..


Kodi chibwezi cha mcheka ndi chiwaya chikanapitililabe? Muyaluka!


Mcheka nde watenthedwa uku walowela uku walowela, mutha ngati nsalu muona. Olo mulembe aganyu oti azikuyankhulilani simupita nao kutali. MA comment Ena akuchita kumvekelatu kuti akudya nao awa. Hehede this is another cashgate.


Richard msowoya gets k800 0000 as a condition and Razaras chakwera gets 550 000 while also dwelling in their houses…why biased teporting

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