Deputy Speaker Chiwaya denies rental accusations

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Dr Clement Chiwaya has reacted angrily to accusations levelled against him and first deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje that he benefitted from unlawful rentals paid to him.depu

Salary benefits

Salary benefits

The conditions of services

The conditions of services

Chiwaya: Out of order not sustained

Chiwaya: Out of order not sustained

Chiwaya has described the accusations as unfair and meant to tarnish the image of the two deputy speakers.

Speaking to his political supporters at his residence in Mangochi, Chiwaya said he is in the process of buying the house that he is staying in and that payment for the same was not yet completed.

Chiwaya, who produced his Conditions of service, indicated that facts peddled in the Weekend Nation newspaper were “entirely erroneous” in that the conditions of service for the two deputy speakers are clear on what is entitled to the them as approved by the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Said Chiwaya: “Section 5.1.1 under Housing and Furniture, the conditions state that: The Government shall provide standard housing at the duty station. In 5.1.2 the conditions of service further state that: Where government is unable to provide such standard housing, it shall provide housing accommodation per month as stipulated in appendix 1. In rental value, subject to Government valuation.

“Finally in Section 5.1.2 Where the Deputy speaker opts to occupy his or her own house, government shall pay allowance as stipulated in appendix 1. That allowance is Currently at K550 000. In view of the above no Deputy Speaker ever got more than what she or he is entitled because whether you are in your own house or you are paid an allowance the amount is K550 000 per month. The conditions of service were submitted to us the two deputy speakers through a memo from the Clerk of Parliament.”

He noted that one thing is clear that either the person providing the information is “ disgruntled or has a sinister motive”.

The paper on Saturday reported that first deputy speaker Esther Mcheka-Chilenje and second deputy speaker Clement Chiwaya each is alleged to be drawing K550,000 per month which is K300,000 more than their required K250,000 per month allowance.

According to the publication, the two cheated the government that they rent the houses they stay in from elsewhere so that each could be carting home K 550,000 every month in housing allowances.

Mcheka-Chilenje also said she was dismayed with the report.

The deputy speaker said she was in Kenya on official duties and that she will grant interview on return.

But she denied any wrong doing.

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43 thoughts on “Deputy Speaker Chiwaya denies rental accusations”

  1. Wabonda says:

    If Richard Msowoya thinks he can be famous by fighting his own office where he is buzy creating stories against his deputies then he is cheating himself .Eventually he will fall in his own pit.Watch him!! God knows the truth of what he is doing

  2. yyyy says:

    We know mcheka she is is a playful woman with integrity ….If you have a personal grudges find the right forum. do you call our respected mps mbuzi. ..This only show how shallow minded you are.. failure

  3. Alibe Matumbo says:

    mcheka chilenje ndi oipa zedi, kaya mbuli za ma MPs sizimaona kaya

  4. msowoza says:

    Chakwera also gets 550 000 like the two deputy speakers why targeting them..Richard msowoya is entitled to one cellphones but he has bought himself two phones…Tichborne msowoya get 800 000 as monthly house allowances…This is pure political hatrage by Richard msowoya….He is the worst speaker we have as a country

  5. MANKHAMBIRA says:



    NOMWENU !!


  6. Zagwa says:

    But that thief Muluzi brought unsurpassed stupidity in this country. Why do fools like these deserve to get such amounts of money yet the people who are making the money are paid peanuts? Is it any wonder we are the poorest nation on earth?

  7. MaiMai says:

    Iwe ukuti Fumbani kaya you are very stupid. ..and dumb…2 wrong don’t correct each other
    Kaya wipilidwa ndi hule lakolo mcheka mukunamizana…why did she declare her house as ya rent and not her own? Kuba kunayambira pamenepo…you can’t cheat us….awawa akalowa ku ndende U speaker watha basi..

  8. NSHENANKULU says:

    Kodi chibwezi cha mcheka ndi chiwaya chikanapitililabe? Muyaluka!

  9. Waganyu says:

    Mcheka nde watenthedwa uku walowela uku walowela, mutha ngati nsalu muona. Olo mulembe aganyu oti azikuyankhulilani simupita nao kutali. MA comment Ena akuchita kumvekelatu kuti akudya nao awa. Hehede this is another cashgate.

  10. mwelekete says:

    Richard msowoya gets k800 0000 as a condition and Razaras chakwera gets 550 000 while also dwelling in their houses…why biased teporting

  11. Judas says:

    It sad and pathetic that some Malawians are defending daylight robbers. The two speakers are hardcore thieves. Why should they be stealing our hard earned tax? Why are in support of thiever? Malawi never develop because it lead by a very rotten generation voted by a sick people

  12. Mlangizi says:

    Koma anthu akudya makhobidi pa Nyasaland. Vindakama vonsezi. K550,000.00 hse alce, fuel 1000 lts (mk800,000.00 at mk800/ltr). Koma shaaaaa!

  13. Judge Joash says:

    Kuziunjikira nokhatu ndalamazo.Sheeee.Tangondiponyerani ine K100,00 yomwera.

  14. Palibe nkhani apa jealous ndiye Vuto

  15. Tili Chenene says:

    K550,000/month housing allowance

  16. An gobi says:

    If you don’t know speaker Hon.Richard msowoya gets 800 000 and leader of opposition Dr Chakwera also gets 550 000 house allowances as deputy speakers why targeting deputy speakers who are pro government ..tiwonetstsetu apa

  17. Zuze says:

    Zovuta zedi. Let the Law take its course.

  18. Ndege says:

    Mbava they deserve to go to Maula. Hehede! Mbava yachikazi ina mbava yopunduka. I thought you guys would be nice people. Awatu LA 40 lakwanila. A page resign. Pay back to Malawi Government or go to Maula prison. By the way uyu Mcheka Kuba nde anayamba kalekale. She sleeps around ndi to MA ben ten and pays them money to do what she wants. Lero game yakugonelatu mcheka hahaha. Ulo uwuze tima Ben ten kuti tizikuyankhila apa zikuchita kuwonekelatu kuti a hayala awa. Nkhani ya straight ngati iyi win a nkumati sinalakwitse hahaha Ali ndi bwititi okomadi mchekayi eti. LA 40 lakwana basi.

  19. jen says:

    Anthu okhwima pa ndale ziketele amapanga resign.

  20. vwapuwvapu says:

    Ok buying his own house kkkkkkkk. Kuzigula wekha chinthu chako. Zikufanana ndikugula nyumba ya nkazi wako eti?

  21. Willie Chimseu says:

    umphawi tikuwuwona ndife anzanu k550,000 housing allowance.mmmmmmm

  22. nkhedu says:

    wasted generation

  23. Fumbani says:

    The conditions of service are very are very clear. These guys are not thieves as we thought. The reporter failed to do her work properly. It is sad that this issue is being dragged this far. These guys are entitled to 550 000 whether they live in a hostel or their mansions….nothing wrong and nothing like 250 000 our dear incompetent reporter has tried to fool Malawians with.

    Now what makes me laugh is that, the article does not mention as to whether the speaker himself is also involved in the malpractices? Is he clean? Is he renting his own house or not? By the way his house allowance is at 800 000. The reporter could do us some justice if she enlightened Malawians on the affairs of all the speakers.

    Further, the Leader of the Opposition has the same conditions of service as of the deputy speakers. But he was spared off by the dear reporter. According to Parliament reports, (accounts department) he is also pocketing 550 000 every month while living in his house. So why was he left out on the article of Saturday Nation publication? This brings me to the next point of malice and deformation of character of the said honorouble deputies.

    That article leaved a lot to be desired. It is a blatant attempt to bring the two deputies to shame. But woman, know that these are honorables elected by people who trust on them. They have families and people who look up to them. By tarnishing their image on this public forum in that manner calls for an action. So please next time I read your articles I would hope to see opinions based on established and concrete facts.

    Finally, Hon Chiwaya and Hon Mcheka you are freed! !!!! Whatever action you intend to take am here to support you….

  24. Beast Msonda says:

    THE IMPACT OF JEALOUSY AND HATRADE ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The Case of Northerners and Southerners in Malawi.

    Hon. Chiwaya and Mcheka Chilenje please if you think you are injured go to court for defamation. They claim to have evidence so let them produce it before the court.

  25. clement says:

    Following closely….

  26. anadimba says:

    ta ndiuzani za mcheka ndi ankhoma ukwati ulipo?ndimawafuna ankhomawo andikwatire

  27. Professional Vendor says:

    Let us correct the issue here.
    For Chiwaya, no house in Area 49, New Galiva is worth Mk550,000 in rents now (Kuba zedi). misewu njadothi, fumbi lokhalokha. No sensible person can rent a house at that amount in that location at that price. Secondly the Deputry Speaker has been building this house over a period of time hiring local builders who are ready to testify that this house is Chiwaya’s and he has been paying them over the labour even before being Deputy Speker

    For Madam Chilenje, her house was build in her first tenure as Deputy Speaker. She built using Parliament Trucks (ferrying Njerwa and Mchenga) and sometimes Prisoners were coming to do some building works there. When she went to US, it was rented out to Mr & Mrs ……. Upon return from US she claimed it back and she is confortably staying in it in Area 47 Sector 1.

  28. captain zanchepera says:

    vuto ndiloti it does show that the reporter deliberately misrepresent facts possibly aiming at tannishing the image of these two deputy speakers. what is wrong if any are the condition of service the two speakers were given. having read and seen condition of service the two did nothing wrong. The reporter did this because he/she knew that the public will be very upset when he/she twist the facts so he/she will be paid well by his/her masters. Reporters do great work but when they misrepresent facts leaves a lot to be desired. This is a big damage to image of these two speakers when what they have done is follow condition of service. Let the reporter tell us the sections in the condition of service he/she has based the facts because according to presented condition of service section 5.1.3 that also refers to Appendix 1 where appendix 1 says K550,000 house rent. Section 5.1.3 says where the deputy speaker opt to occupy his/her housing accommodation government shall pay allowance as stipulated in Appendix 1 you can see that they did nothing wrong. So for us to be fair and have correct facts in what this report tells us let him/her tell us sections referred in the article. This can help us the public to see the truth so we raise our anger appropriately so we can demand refund of public money

  29. Atupere Muluzi says:

    Achiwaya, ndinalakwa kugulitsani nyumba? Are u sure mukadandilipirabe? If that’s the case then why did i give u the title deeds? I even sold u my house at a cheaper price koma u are still making money out of it? If i knew u are this cruel & not compassionate to poor malawians i wouldnt have sold u my house.

  30. Achimidzimidzi says:

    How long does the process of buying a house take? Just signing legal documents or changing ownership of a house.


  31. phodox says:

    Buying his own house. This world. Very interesting.

  32. MaiMai says:

    Iwe comment 7 kaya ukuti Ndiwe Hell on Earth! Nsanje yake itiyo? Now you are telling us Chiwaya bougjt house from Mac daughter and Chiwaya is saying nyumba sadagule ndipo siyake but is in process of buying it???? Uluyiona game? So you are defending a crook to my surprise. You are even telling us the truth but the thief is hiding ndewampachikatu mnzako.

    Conditions are clear: Stay in government rented house, get mk550000 house allowance or stay in your own home and get mk250000 house allowance nde nkhani ili apa ndiyoti: AWIRIWA AMAKHALA MMANYUMBA MWAO OR GOVERNMENT RENTED? Basitu alowa ku Maula …U Speaker ukhalapinso yapa? Palibe

  33. Jelbin mk says:

    The Nation newspaper was clear that both of these people’s names showed up at ministry of lands that they owned the houses but had employed state agencies to protect them that they were renting those houses and that they used the same houses as collateral for their loans at some banks. Now the question is that how can anyone declare a rented house to a bank as collateral? Impossible because to do that you have to prove to the bank that you really own the house with title deeds of which you can’t possess unless you have fully paid for the house. I my self have worked with estate agencies here in sandton south Africa the process is the same and you are not allowed to exceed three months to pay for a house. The more chiwaya wants to spin the issue the more he implicates himself.

  34. MP says:

    ACB, Please check the assets they declared in order to clear the air. Maybe they also lied on their declaration and that is a criminal offence.

  35. Dorobuchi says:

    What is the rent entitlement, K550000 or K250000? Or is it both? Chiwaya says it is 550000 whereas The Nation also mentions 250000. Can National Audit verify, please.

  36. Hell on earth says:

    The truth is that the plot belonged to Mrs Mary Kumtembwe. Mac daughter to her sold the house to Chiwaya who is paying for it. Anthu inu yavuta ndi nsanje. You are hating Chiwaya for nothing

  37. Kwazulu says:

    Dr Chiwaya, you are suppressing important material facts about this matter and your spin shall not help you. I have seen your conditions of service and the truth of the matter is that: a) “when Govt provides/rents a house for you, such a house has to be evaluated and an amount is arrived at; but there is a limit/cap. The limit is K550,000.
    b) when you opt to occupy your own house, you are given K300,000.

    This is the truth of the matter as I know it.

  38. Wambugu says:

    A Chiwaya mukayamba kulemba mmanyuzi pepala chonchi ndikumanama oh nyumba siyanga, oh ndidakalipirabe…oh fwefwefwe it shows you have a case to answer. Uzimvere chisoni munthu olumala koma kumaba?

    Chikhala Chilenje ukhuluku adayamba ndikale, mwano ndiwake, kumenyesa ndikwake, nyumba akukhala ku 47 tafufuza ndiyake. If you guys are transparent, why did you declare houses you are staying in as rented? Why? Your Own houses?

    You can cheat us but Mfumu ya Mafumu izakufunsani muzaulula too late straight to hell. To avoid hell repent and pay back excess cash you pocketed like mnzanu Zachaeus! Apo biii wakumoto. You can win earthly court case but heavenly courts are different …one judge master of all universe. cheating in Him JESUS CHRIST!

  39. chepetsani says:

    He has houses Mangochi. What house is he talking about? I saw his house by the airport. GOVERNMENT SHOULD REDUCE ALLOWANCES. PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING PLEASE. WHY WHY WHY

  40. Bishop says:

    Chiwaya is lying and contradicting himself. He’s saying am in process of buying the house am staying in and payment is not complete? ????? Guys what is this thief saying here????? Its either you bought the house it’s yours but you are still paying. …or you are simply a tenant..which is which sir? Mwagwidwa.

    Secondly the conditions of your services on housing says if you occupy your own home then you get k250000 but if you are renting k500000 so why are you quoting the conditions wrongly to Public here?

    Thirdly, why are you defending your girl friend Esther instead of concentrating on your own defence? Kkkkkkk kuonesa chikondi ndikysamalira adona?

    Abwana mukalowa kundende inu ndi Esther wanuyo
    Above losing U Speaker hehehe

  41. Chinde says:

    Kwachuluka a Kongelesi ku Parliament. Too much kusema vinyau. Since when did Parliament become dambwe? Dr Chiwaya ndi Mayi Mcheka Chilenje Nkhoma sodalakwe chilichonse

    1. He says:

      defending mediocrity here

  42. captain says:

    Something is wrong here , he is saying is still buying the house yet the house is his for all these years, the plot is in his name hw can he buy his own house

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