‘Diplomatic cashgate’: Malawi recalls deputy ambassador in Ethiopia

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation Dr George Chaponda has ordered a recall of two officials at the Malawi Embassy in Ethiopia on allegations  of  defrauding government money amounting to  over $30,000 ( K20 million).

Kapanga: Recalled and to face investigations

Kapanga: Recalled and to face investigations

Chaponda confirmed to Nyasa Times that the suspended officials  are deputy ambassador Doreen Kapanga (former police deputy chief) and  Fletcher Chowe the first secretary responsible for adminstrtion.

The Minister said he has ordered suspension of two senior officials at the Embassy as
one way of showing seriousness on issues to do with looting out corruption.

In an interview with Nyasa Times soon after his arrival from Ethiopia, Chaponda said, the suspended officials were already on their way to Malawi after being recalled.

“What was happening was that the officials were writing cheques in their names for themselves and when I got hold  of the news I immediately took action,” said Chaponda.

Chaponda said he will leave no stone un turned and make sure that all people found stealing government money are brought to book.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has since formulated an audit plan for its missions whose audit reports have not seen the light of day.

It is reported that about K3 trillion of government funds spent over the years has not been audited.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Principal Secretary Dalitso Kabambe told a local paper that there were ongoing audits at the Brussels mission in Belgium and the mission in Germany.

“We are processing audits for New York, Harare, South Africa, Nairobi and Maputo. In the end all embassies will be audited as mandated by the Public Audit Act,” he said.

Chaponda traveled to Ethiopia on his first trip as Chairperson of Ministerial Panel of African Union.

He was elected at the position during the 28th Ordinary Session of the executive Council of the African Union in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia.

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34 thoughts on “‘Diplomatic cashgate’: Malawi recalls deputy ambassador in Ethiopia”

  1. dz. soko. commentator says:

    Izizi ndidanenapo pena kuti c gate ili posepose kuyambira ma district council onse, gvt departments & offices and there is neede to hire the private firms to conduct a such general national audit chifukwa ena akugwira anzawowa nawoso zawo ndizomwezo.

  2. OK Lets say this (express) says:

    I have just obtained names of recalled officers and some of the letters. These people from Ethiopia (4 not 2) were recalled a long time ago for what your good boys called “exigences of service”. Is that a new definition of cash gate, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Chaponda? Or is that your way of covering up your own error in judgement? If you are a true patriotic Malawian you would worry about using taxpayers money to pay damages and legal fees to the wrongly accused innocent people. If that happens, I will be calling for you to resign and for your stooges in Malawi embassies to be removed from office for incompetence.

  3. Chemusa DPP branch says:

    Vuto losankha anthu andale kuti aziyendetsa ma embassy. Kuba akuba wandale koma kufuna abisale pa anthu wamba.

  4. John Finye says:

    Fletcher Chowe, matukutuku onse aja kani ndi ndalama zakuba. Timaona ngati musiya kuba mmene mwapita ku Foreign Service. Zaku Accountant General and Treasury zija mukanachitabe? Mbava ziwirinu takulandirani ndinu amene mukuthandizira kubweretsa umphawi kuno ku Malawi chifukwa cha mtima odzikonda. Boma likusowa mankwala koma inu mbala ziwiri kuonjola K20,000,000.00? Chowe, welcome to Area 25 again, Maula Prison to be more specific. Chartered Accountant wakuba.

  5. Zondiwe says:

    What will happen if the money was not misappropriated by the officers but was for some other official use?
    Let OPC Auditors or the Gove Auditor General deal with this issue in a professional and mature manner, and not Hon Chaponda’s method.
    When the truth comes out, one would wish that things were done differently.

  6. Mike longwe says:

    Only $30,000 sure that’s what I make in 5 months.

  7. Mphembedzutsokonombwe says:

    What about the 570 billion!!
    Where are they?

  8. Emmanuel says:

    What about the big cahoona who plundered 570 billion Kwacha.

  9. Makweya says:

    This is our money from taxpayers, not donors! Donors left in 2013 after the shooting of Mphwiyo on cashgate, forgotten?
    The thieves must face the law!

  10. Mlauzi says:

    This is a fabrication by Chimango Chirwa that short homosexual pervert. Never ever appoint short people to such positions they feel insecure. If thete is evidence why investigate the matter? Addis Ababa and RSA have the worst heads of missions. Simply because your backer fucks your wife it doesnt mean you should take it on innocent people. Shupiti zamanu.

  11. Chipalamandule says:

    Sorry Chowe and kapanga are not northerners

  12. Khumbo says:

    If there is evidence that they have stolen $30000 why investigate again?

  13. Fred says:



  14. Malingamoyo Bauleni says:

    Chaponda was jealousy because the guys did not share part of the loot to him. The way the guy loves money lo! If they parted away with a few millions for his pocket he could have done nothing. It should also be known that a minister has no powers to discipline a civil servant of any caliber. What he should have done was to report those two to the appointing office -OPC to deal with the issue, not Thupatula himself. He can be sued for by the two for abusing his ministerial position. If I were the one I would have not moved an inch unless I received a formal letter of discharge.

  15. MCP chipani cha pa Zodiak pokha basi says:

    Kodi zikuoneka ngati kubaku it’s endemic to the Northerners eti i.e. by percentage? Do your research you will vindicate me. Nchifukwa chake Khumbo ndi Nzomera akuti PP belongs to the North popeza iwowo ndi amene anachita benefit much pa boma la wakuba uja JB. No wonder cashgate yawatibula zedi anganyawa.

  16. Chambe says:

    We are used to this. In JB administration, we saw a swam of Lhomwes fired and many recalled from Embassies and High Commissions.Such decisions were carried by Politicians of the day.
    This recall is to give room for investigations as theft can not be condoned and be allowed for cover-ups.

  17. smart chiluwe says:

    koma inuyo a chaponda munapangidwa audit.zismangokhala kwa anzanu okha zanu nkumazibisa stupid

  18. Zondiwe says:

    A Cabinet Minister has no authority to deal with civil servants the way Hon Chaponda has done. He is not an auditor, and cannot decide ‘just like that’ to recall a diplomat.
    Let the process take its course and arrive at a reasonable conclusion. Emotional decisions can embarrass!

  19. al hajh says:

    inu a zinduna ndi andale nonse, chonde musanayambe kuchotsa anthu mmaembassy chifukwa cha nkhani zosiyanasiyana muzifufuza kaye chilungamo chake. anthu ena amaembassy mabodza too much, kusemela dzinyau anzao. some diplomats omwe mukuwachotsa are just innocent and very professional. koma ndale zikuononga maembassy kwambiri. sikomo kwadyinji.

  20. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good development, all ministers should emulate from you Sir i love it Clean Malawi.See my name

  21. xconstable says:

    Comment no. 11 by Tuvitwana2, you r lying. Doreen was married to L Mwalwanda, she was interdicted for embezzlement at MPS, she used MPS resources to construct two houses, one in Area 47 and the other in Area 43. She was very lucky to get out of the hook because she promised to spill the beans as most senior officers were also involved in shady deals. She is now single bcoz she dumped Kapanga, he is a womaniser!

    1. November Rain says:

      Every man is a womaniser. Only that some have opportunity (financial-wise, mfundo-wise and mphamvu-wise) to practice it; while others dont. And some are caught while others are not.

      If you think am lying, know that if any normal man is given a choice to fuck one woman or two women per week with no any strings attached even if pregnancy arises; they would choose two, without a second thought. Even iweyo ngati uli mnyamata or mzibambo you would make a similar choice.

      Nde inu ukuti bwanji?

      Just say they had issues not he was a womaniser coz every man is; only that others lack opportunity.

  22. MERCEDES says:


  23. Tuvitwana2 says:

    Yes Kapanga is nee Chavula from the north. But she has learnt how to steal after marrying a southerner. M’mene amachoka kwathu anali asanabepo. Kkkkkkkkkkk

  24. gogodus says:

    Charlotte chinyama sanabe koma normal recall komanso anapita ndi Joyce Banda akuti ndi mzawo ma amayi awo nde paja boma likasintha zonse zimasinthatu………

  25. zibonya says:

    Chowe anapita ku addis ndi matama, anali ndi cholinga after hearing kuti akhala one of the signatories. The deposits account mma embassies is what these people are harvesting za ma visa etc kumakhala ndalama always. Chowe bought an exoensive car within a short period of time. Wa mabodza amapanga harvest mabodza omwewo, ndi bambo wa ntopola talking ill of others always.

    What u reap……

  26. Visulo says:

    Tribalists at work, instead of discussing the issue you busy kukumbana mitundu !!! mbuzi

  27. Malawian in Diaspora says:

    #2 (tuvitwana), For your information, Doreen Kapanga is a northerner. She is Doreen Mwalwanda Kapanga. Next time, please check the facts before posting your comment on this platform

  28. Pimbisa Ambwiye says:

    @ comment No.2 Find out the maiden name for Doreen and you will swallow your own words! Upeza kuti watukwana.

  29. Charles says:

    Maiwa ndi aku Karonga ndiye anakwatiwapo ku Zomba hence the name Kapanga. Mwamva a tuvitwana. kkkkkkkk

  30. digongo says:

    comment 2, kapanga is nee chavula ndi mtumbuka kkkk wapoila

  31. Nchanga wa Nchenga, Zambia says:

    Oh, a fish rot frm the head! There is so much more to be uncovered. The Lomwelised state which has the rotten Excutive arm of gvt, the rotten Judicially and one third to half of rotten Members of Parliament.

  32. tuvitwana says:

    Ntumbuka alipo apa, paguru lakuba apa, nanga NDATUKWANA??

  33. Chisankho says:

    Mrs Charlotte Chinyama was also removed unceremoniously and was told by Chimango Chirwa the Ambassador not to come near the office nayenso anaba? Penapake Umunthu ndi ofunika when dealing with such issues. A person is innocent until proven guilty but in this case people were treated as guilty until they prove their innocence. Dziko tu lozungulira ili tiyeni tisamale the way we treat our staff as bosses. DPP will not be there forever. Others their terms of office expired but they were treated as dogs heeeee chaona nzako chapita mawa sukudziwa what will happen.

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