Don’t be scandalous, be exemplary: Lawyers advised by Malawi Judge Mzikamanda

Supreme Court of Appeal Judge, Rezine Mzikamanda has asked senior lawyers in the country to be exemplary and to always avoid denting the “good image” associated with their noble profession.

Kaphale receiving his Masters

Kaphale receiving his Masters

Commercial law graduates

Commercial law graduates

Mzikamanda made the remarks Friday at Mount Soche  hotel in Blantyre where the University of Malawi (Unima) with financial assistance from National Bank of Malawi (NBM) awarded 10 lawyers  who have graduated with Masters Degree in Commercial Law.

Notable graduants, among the 10,  included the current Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale, Wapona Kita, Ambukile Salimu and Ted Roca, among others.

“We have newcomers in the industry and it needs you to lead the way well so as for people to continue having confidence in us,” said Mzikamanda, who once served as Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

Mzikamanda, who represented Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda, also commended National Bank of Malawi for supporting the first ever masters program in commercial law which produced nine credits and one distinction through Kaphale.

And NBM Chief Executive Officer George Patridge said the  country will  benefit from the program as previously there has been a gap in the commercial law when it came to solving commercial disputes.

Patridge, an alumni of UNIMA himself, said his bank believes that issues of law and business are interdependent hence their intervention  to sponsor the program.

“We are satisfied with the crop of the graduants and as a bank we believe that the contribution we have made will bring much needed result in the country’s trade deals,”said Patridge.

The NBM CEO  also expressed optimism that Unima will continue with the program despite the pulling out of sponsorship by the bank.

On his part, UNIMA Vice Chancellor, Prof John Saka told Nyasa Times that the they have put in place measures that will see the program being sustained.

He said the Masters Degree in Commercial Law programme is well established because of NBM’s financial support, adding it will add more value to the country’ judiciary.

“Some of the sustainable measures include enrolling self sponsored students who will not need anything from the school,” said Saka.

The program  which is first of its kind was sponsored to the tune of K50million.

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19 thoughts on “Don’t be scandalous, be exemplary: Lawyers advised by Malawi Judge Mzikamanda”

  1. No.11 We chikonyofu. Mala ghako!

    1. Nduli Sukutu Labwi says:

      Kikikikikikikiki!!! Uwese lole po watuka

  2. Nasibeko says:

    Yankho Msukwa, we need to know all graduates & not only the so called “notable graduants”, are you trying to gain favours from them because they are well established.

  3. Zibo says:

    Munakawauzanso asiye kusuta chamba

  4. Elizabeth Chitseko says:

    I think those are wise words from Mzikamanda JA, but to the wrong crowd. These are guys who are already in practice and are among the most morally corrupt lawyers out there. So as far as those ones go, the ship has long sailed. that advice should be reserved for freshly admitted lawyers, hoping that they will be a new and different breed. otherwise, the kind of idealistic and principled lawyering that the likes of mzikamanda and co practised in their days is long gone, replaced by the crooked, greedy, thieving lawyering that has lawyers answering theft and murder charges, representing known swindlers and murderers. yes everyone has right to legal representation but it wouldnt kill these lawyers to have some principles once in in a while. As a result, lawyers today are seen not as officers of the court, experts in the law, but as bad as the crooks they represent if not worse. If the Law society had any respect for their career at all, they would strengthen the disciplinary aspect of legal practice, and disbar some of these thieves for life!

  5. atate says:

    Most of them they win cases by corruption not by presenting facts. They know the right person to deal with during ur case

  6. Daniel Phiri says:

    A Kaphale ndi Kita kutchuka konseku ndi ka Masters ka pa UNIMA pompa apa paaChikanda! Meep! simungathe kupitako ma university alumna or pa JonI pompa for exposure? Nkuona our legal system is backward. Too much Chikanda mentality

  7. Eeetu eeeh says:

    Anthutu sachita comment chifukwa Kaphale waphula degree ndi distinction. Akanakhala wa kujaku mukanamva matama ake. Amvekere mtundu wathu ndi wanzeru kuiwala kuti mbutuma zambiri zathawira kunja kumachita phokoso pa net zachokera kumeneko. Musovenge. Ndatchulako ine ngati?

    1. kadamanja says:

      Kodi Kalekeni ndi wakuti?

  8. Cadaver says:

    I would have loved if the sponsorship went to new graduants and these established lawyers could have paid for themselves! why sponsor those who can afford and not those newly graduated lawyers?

  9. mphwanye says:

    I better praise a teacher than these crooks. busy eating deceased monies, cashgate as well. By the way one of the graduates is conected to cashgate archtects. stinking lawyers, God will punish you!

  10. We do not exemplary lawyers in Malawi, instead we have thieves, Wapona, is answering cash gate cases, today you are saying he was by the bank. It is unbelievable.

  11. brutsha says:

    Those words are like seeds sown on a rock. There is nothing like exemplary in the language of law. They are all crooks! They thrive where there is confusion.

  12. powder says:

    zoonadi, lawyer shld not bhave like kasambara! he is an educated savage! how can ….. he is akind of aperson you cant discribe.

  13. Mwama Du says:

    Sponsored! Ndalama pa ndalama zinzake!

  14. maframes says:

    congratulations to the Attorney General for scoring a Distinction, you deserve it.

  15. mwiithotho says:

    Mumvetuu! Some of you ndinu a nkhanza kwa amayi, others of you cashgate beneficiaries. It’s totally in disorder. Get the profession cleaned up

  16. Mngoni weniweni says:

    Guys, can you please school me why lawyers are being referred to as learned people? Does it mean other professions are not worth to be called learned men and women? By the way, if am not wrong, the law profession is one of the fields in this country which had never invented anything new worth pointing at. They survive by memorizing verses and court cases already done by their fellow friends sometime back. If there is a government department which to me is useless and most corrupt, then it’s judicially. To hell with lawyers!!

  17. Mary says:

    Indeed be exemplary!

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