Don’t deceive Malawians abroad on ‘Cashgate’, Mr. President

Turning the hands of time…

Your Excellency, President Mutharika:

1. I submit the attached report, which my office received from the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

2. The Reserve Bank of Malawi is working very closely on the issue raised in the report and several other cases.

3. We appreciate Your Excellency’s leadership in the fight against corruption and fraud. It is apparent that a lot of public resources are being misappropriated through such practices.

President Peter Mutharika: Warns Cash-gate culprits

President Peter Mutharika: Warns Cash-gate culprits

4. I wish to commend FIU for their increased efforts in combating financial sector crimes including money laundering, fraud and corruption.

5. I submit the report for Your Excellency’s information and future guidance, Sir. SIGNED, Dr. Perks M. Ligoya, GOVERNOR—MEMORANDUM TO HIS EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT (BINGU WA MUTHARIKA), 17TH FEBRUARY, 2012

The late President responded in his own handwriting: “I have noted the report and will act on it…SIGNED…19/02/2012”.

The late President never did!

Actually, “Your Excellency’s leadership” in the fight against corruption and fraud that Dr. Ligoya is talking about in paragraph 3 of this Confidential Memo never existed.

It was merely some ‘business language’ by Dr. Ligoya because, until Bingu wa Mutharika died ‘one day’ in April 2012, no single person had been arrested for fraud, corruption or theft of public resources. This was the extent to which the DPP government tolerated fraud, corruption and theft of public resources until a new administration came in.

The Peoples Party government – the administration that replaced the Bingu wa Mutharika regime in April 2012 – took action on allegations of fraud, corruption and theft of public resources. It instituted a forensic audit of all concerned government institutions and departments.

Through support from the United Kingdom’s (UK) Department for International Development (DFID), the PP administration engaged Baker Tilly Business Services Limited (Baker Tilly) to provide forensic and system security audit services following the discovery of irregularities by staff of the Accountant General during a routine examination of the Budget Exception Report.

Investigations by the Accountant General had also revealed that significant amounts of government money appeared to have been misappropriated. The incident is widely referred to in the Malawi media as the ‘Cashgate’ scandal. Following the forensic audit, a report of findings was presented to the relevant authorities, including the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), the Office of Director of Public Prosecution and the Police.

About 50 bank accounts suspected to have been involved in illegally transacting Government cheques were identified and frozen. Close to 200 people were arrested; some have been convicted; about 150 are still on trial. Indeed, the results of the actions taken by the PP administration to get to the root of the ‘Cashgate’ are being seen today. The ‘Cashgate’ investigations had already covered substantial ground.

Following the tripartite elections on May 20, 2014, a new DPP administration came into place to replace the PP administration. On assuming power, the new leader, President Peter Mutharika promised Malawians and the world his administration would not deviate from the path taken by the previous administration in tackling the ‘Cashgate’ scandal.

To many well-meaning Malawians, Mutharika’s appearance on the Presidential horizon seemed to have heralded a new political era of business unusual and a breath of fresh air. They could not be more wrong.

In no time at all, Mutharika started reshuffling and sacking the very officers at the core of the ‘Cashgate’ investigation and prosecution, including the DPP, the Director of the ACB, the Inspector General of Police and his Deputy, the Attorney General; virtually everybody. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the actions by the new administration would affect the progress of the ‘Cashgate’ cases, somehow.

Now, Malawians are alarmed at fresh proclamations by the Head of State on ‘Cashgate’. Meeting Malawians living in the United States last Saturday, it is reported that the President “promised them he would net the big fish in the ‘Cashgate’ scandal. What ‘big fish’ is the President referring to? One is inclined to think that at the time President Mutharika was promising Malawians that he would “not deviate” on ‘Cashgate’, he was well aware that a prosecution rhythm had already been established and justice was surely and steadily taking its course.

Surely, reading from his public proclamations about “netting big fish”, only one thesis emerges—Mutharika is only bent on using the infamous looting at Capital Hill for his own political expediency.

It is clear the President is not interested in evidence, which is a crucial element to help prove wrongdoing beyond any reasonable doubt and secure convictions for any offence let alone those related to ‘Cashgate’. The President would not have fired key ‘Cashgate’ investigators and prosecutors if indeed he were looking for evidence to speed up investigations or catch the so-called ‘big fish’.

One is tempted to believe that if the talk about ‘big fish’ is real and not mere political rhetoric to misinform Malawians living in Diaspora, then President Mutharika is intent at using the ‘Cashgate’ scandal to victimize innocent Malawians for political reasons.

Therefore, President Mutharika will stop at nothing to concoct and manufacture evidence and charges against those he perceives as an obstacle to his political survival. Surely, it defeats common sense when the President, in a high-pitched tone, declares to take a different ‘Cashgate’ path, than the one that is already established and acceptable. Your guess is as good as mine!

*Hastings Kandoje is a Malawian social and political commentator. He writes exclusively for Nyasa Times in his own right

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51 thoughts on “Don’t deceive Malawians abroad on ‘Cashgate’, Mr. President”

  1. Vavlov says:

    Without doubt PP’s bigwigs were involved in the cashgate but looting of this magnitude started during Bingu’s time. Joyce , her team and party benefited from funds being looted, so lets see the list. Hope for once those implicated will be adequately punished. Even business people involved should be punished, their property acquired through stollen money should be auctioned to recover the funds.

  2. Vavlov says:

    Mr Kandoje you are spot on. I also don’t believe DDP will deal with cashgate effectively. They waste too much time window dressing. In fact I suspect some of them were involved in looting as well. Malawi may be in for rough 5 years under DDP. The president doesn’t give confidence as a man of action. He appears to be still campaigning. Madala, you are president, we want action and not empty promises!!!!!

  3. wee asene mesi pp oyeee says:

    a DPP nonse ndi ma nosense lets a gree with the truth not just

  4. comrade says:

    Mr Kandoje is very keen on protecting JB he fails to see his own contradictions. Ligoya’s report is dated 19/02/12. By 05/04/12 President Bingu was dead. Mr. Kandoje believes Bingu should have acted on the matter in the six weeks he had. Mr Kandoje’s President never acted on the report until Capital Hill Thieving blew up in her face in September, some six months down the road! Who are you trying to fool Mr Kandoje???!!!

  5. wobeba wanga says:


  6. Jose' says:

    Too much of your personal opinions in this article. Give us facts not opinions

    1. The article is well articulated! hat more does the commentator need, What facts When facts are being hidden by the current regime!

  7. Malungo Fansidar says:

    How can you clean the house when the same dog, amanyela mnyumba a few years ago is still in the same house? Anthu ake ndi ati kodi? Si omwewa a Peter, Kaliati and the rest of them amanya mnyumba pa dzana paja. Nanga munawaphunzitsa kuti adzikanyera panja ngati? Mwangowatolanso basi muli pano ndiye ziyende? How stupid of us Malawians to chose the same that was treating us ngati ndife nsanza and then expect them to treat us differently this time? Zofuna izi!

  8. mbuje says:

    Anthu enatu amachita kutumidwa kodi mumakumbukira za Milton Kutengule ndi MK20 Million yake nanga a Mulamba anakabisala kuti?

  9. alex says:

    if I were Mr. president I would have washed my hands by looking at the audit report of 2005 to 2010 and then the report on cash gate. Then I would have dealt with the issues to the expectations of Malawians. DPP may find ruling Malawian difficult if these issues are not sorted out. Malawians from central and northern regions want federal government because of the cash gate and unconscious people like you when choosing people to high authorities. Mulakho basi. this is ridiculous

  10. Tate wa Cash Gate says:

    In Few Words Cash Gate Started in the 2005 up to 2010 when Bingu wa Mutharika of Bineth Trust was ruling Malawi…2010 was a cradle of looting of Public Resources….DPP itself is the supreme agent of this Cash Gate!

    Had it been Malawi has accountable/transparent Executive and Judicial System, Culprits of Cash Gate could be seen been punished…Individuals involved in Cash Gate are to be barred from Political Arena for Life…Any Political Party or Companies involved in it are to be disbanded and dissolved as a lesson to Malawians like the Mutharikas,Muluzis who come into power to loot Public Resources!

  11. lecklessness says:

    Muluzi, Bingu, Joyce and Peter forms a qoutate of theives in this country. The sickness with this nation is the high levels of illiteracy which these fools have capitalised. We have good brains in this country capable of leading the nation out of the poverty it is swimming in now. In this country you even touch the poverty and its as if we have never had leaders. How ashamed would I be if I were a president and I see my people in such dire poverty. I am sorry to say that we have chosen a wrong path and we will continue to wail. DPP is the genesis of cashgate, PP said if ‘DPP did it why not us’. So until such a time that we will wash our face and realise that MCP is the only party that can move us to the promised land we will continue dancing a poverty song.

  12. nenazako says:

    Mr Zomba Banda, the period was not too short because the OPC, Treasury, The Police, ACB were already aware of this issue – did Bingu give instructions that the matter be investigated? And when JB came into power why didn’t the authorities who knew about the issue inform her? coz they were all alomwe and trying to protect DPP image. The truth is APM must accept that the problem was there long before. Mr Kandoje thanks for the info.

  13. nenazako says:

    Bwana chekambewa. Mr Kandoje is just trying to inform us that DPP knows about cashgate as this was reported to several govt agencies. DPP must take responsibility and acknowledge that cashgate started with them as their hands are dirty and now they are posing as if the they did not know this existed. Let APM come in the open and admit. HE can get copies of that memo from the Reserve Bank or OPC – which is kept under lock and key.

  14. Mdzukuru says:

    The truth of the matter is that before Ligoya reported to Bingu,the FIU had been reporting to the relevant line ministries including the then Head of the civil service, Secretary to the Treasury, the Police, PS for Youth – on Kamuzu Stadium flood lights in which over K20 million was abused and other relevant offices on the matter and was promised the matter would be looked into. this trend started a few years before Ligoya reported to late Bingu and DPP knows. DPP should not paint themselves as saints, take responsibility. some of the dubious companies are reported to be in China, India etc.

  15. Mtumiki Woyamba says:

    Mr. Kandoje, you are trolling right? Anyone with half a brain knows deep down their heart that Joyce Banda’s Cashgate investigation (& the subsequent arrests) started ONLY because Paul Mphwiyo was shot. Not because she wanted to curb corruption as you are trying to mislead us here. One simple question, if you were the president & someone donated 22 BRAND NEW cars to the party wouldn’t you raise an eyebrow? Ok, let’s give JB the benefit of the doubt that maybe she didn’t know about the gvt cheques, but how do you explain the min of tourism buses? Either way if you are a leader but have no clue of what’s going on in your house then clearly you are not fit to be the leader.

    You can write all you want, sir, but some of us will never believe that JB was against corruption. Mwatchera ku mwezi nkhanga zawona.

    1. Boko says:

      Mtumuki woYamba you have no brains. What did the Mutharika’s do to curb corruption. You are a alomwe and really sound exactly like your fellow people the thieves of Thyolo. Fotseki, leave JB alone, Bingu died like a dog becoz he thought Malawians were foolish and he can do anything he wished with them. Today his gay brother is doing exactly the same. Even a 2months old baby will tell you who the thieves of this gvt are. Yes JB is no longer the leader but what is your Matanyula doing. The country is like a headless cow right now. Nobody knows whether we are going to coming. Idiots like you should just keep quiet when they have nothing to say.

  16. Matako says:

    How can some one argue that Bingu did not have enough time to act? Who says executive powers stop when the president dies? Thats why you have others to take over . In this case Joyce Banda should have acted on that memo if OPC is anything to go by. APM is the big fish he should tell Malawians what he and his brother did with MK92 Billion of our taxpayer’s money. While at it please tell Malawians where the royalties from Kalekera mine are going.

  17. Zomba Simeon says:

    I say Mr Hastings Kandoje should not deceive us here in Malawi.How are you assuring us that what you are saying is genuine??Its an opinion from you.Thats why it is mo difficult for us to put trust in you,so called ‘political comentators’ and human rights organisations.Koma poti ndi ndalama zilembani zimenezo but we will never support your so called fact.

  18. Smart namwali says:

    H/E himself is aculprit in MHC so whatever he can say about corraption is what we call out of order

  19. Kenkkk says:

    The diaspora is well informed about Malawi and cashgate, so mr kandonje the president can’t cheat the Malawians abroad.

    The president is not trying to tell the diaspora what happened, they already know about that but is trying to tell the diaspora how his govt will stop corruption and punish the culprits. That is what the diaspora are interested in so that their money earmarked for Malawi development or investments as the president wants the diaspora to do is not wasted by corruption.

  20. Don Chigwe says:

    The fight against corruption must start from Muluzi, then Bingu’s DPP and Joyce Banda

  21. besta singilet says:

    my brother once told me not to bother with the print midea because they are people who survive on selling lies.kadonje is surely one of them. we are in 2014 not 2012 and the current president is PETER MUTHARIKA not BINGU WA MUTHARIKA

  22. the northern speech says:

    we re being decieved all along

  23. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Peter Mutharika and his late brother Bingu were all involved in plundering tax payers money, hence Peter is a big cashgater! Let us drag him down just like the way President Zuma is being dragged by Malema Julius and his cohort in RSA.

  24. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Chitsiru ndiwe chekambewa, galu woti akakupatsa nsima ya ufa woyera umakanyera gaga kapena kuti deya. Ndi anthu ngati inu amene mukufunika cardiac arrest!

  25. Zomba Banda says:

    I personally think that the period was too short for the late President to act. He received the letter from DR Ligoya on the 7th of February and two months later he was no more. If it was you or me, what sort of action could one exercise within two months. the magnitude of issues to do with corruption and fraud are not as easy as you may think, they need more time to investigate to avoid hitting a deadlock.

    I still don’t understand how Bingu could be blamed out of this. you should also spare the incumbent president because he was not the president and we don’t have evidence if he came across this letter,

  26. augustine says:

    Well said. At least he is fooling no one.Malawians know better.

  27. Jabulosi says:


  28. Tili Chenene says:

    I have liked the dressing of the first lady here

  29. johnM says:

    Kadonje is naïve. Mai JB called for forensic audit by the Audit firm from the UK because she was under pressure from the donors. I do not think she would have done it without the donors intervention. In fact, by allowing a British firm to conduct an audit of our accounts we had lost our national sovereignty. To me, it is the biggest embarrassment ever in this country’s history. Cashgate like all other cases of fraud can be ably handled by the national institutions in the country. By resulting to foreigners, especially the former colonial master, mai Joyce Banda had admitted that she and other Malawians are unable to handle their own affairs. You Kandoje and other naïve Malawians should not be proud of this episode

  30. binali gama says:

    Cashgate masters are now in power and are hiding behind political platform.

  31. pt says:

    i dnt understand wy fools lyk calling others fools! f u fail 2 ague jst leav de issue on de hands of knowlegeable ppo hu can postvly contribute rather dan wasting ua tym commenting nosense!

  32. MaiMai says:

    President wachulukisa ma ADVISORS thats why zamusokonekera nde ma ADVISORS ake akhale Amalawi okhaokha….koma inu. He has created a huge bunch of GOSSPERS naming them ADVISORS…..So each one is competing to tell better lies to keep him/herself on payroll.

    By the way DONT EVER THINK THAT PETER WILL FIGHT CORRUPTION forget it Mk92 Billion? Inapita imeneyi basi…A Bakili nawo ka cool mk1.7 billion anadyapo ndi ana ake a Atupere!!!

    Tiyeni nazoni kumuziko ife tili pheee kunja kuno……..

  33. lufina says:

    Fact check: the Inspector General of police has not been fired at least not yet

  34. Devils Advocate says:

    The Taste of the Pudding is in the eating!!! Zapota m’mimba!!! We need Usogoleli not Nepotism and selective Morality!!!!

  35. MuharaF says:

    Peter is planning a political show trial hiding behind a veneer of fighting corruption

  36. chekambewa says:

    Kandoje cholinga chako ndinyani on the issues you have raised? do ou wish good for malawi? you must be stupid thats what you were taught in class? is this for our benefit or our suffering? kodindiwe wa PP eti munya muona

    1. Malawiana says:

      Bwana chekambewa, chimene akutanthauza Kandoje nchakuti kuba ndi katangale ku Nyasaland kuno ndi chikhalidwe chathu ndiye pasapezeke onamiza anthu apa kuti iye athetsa katangale pamene kulimbikira campaign konsekuja cholinga chake chinali kuwina kuti nawo akasolole.

  37. Malawi will not develop till the DPP government is bashd out. I always ask myself how dull and foolsh da ppo wu voted 4 pta r.

  38. Nabanda says:

    Guys lets not be biased here and portray it like any politician has ever fought corruption in Malawi, well may be during Kamuzu’s time but I wouldn’t know. To the best of my knowledge none has, you know why? because they are the biggest beneficiaries, they will say stuff to misguide attention from the real issues and make people believe that they are doing something about it so that they are taken off the suspects list. Until we stop thinking about individual benefits in everything that we do as a country and allow for some level of patriotism of what can I do for my country, we are doomed. If each one of us 15 Million people living in this country would spare 2% of their effort dedicated to making things work for the country am sure we would get somewhere but we have this lazy attitude and a pull down syndrome of afika Nazo pati amenewa that we sit in the peripherals and wait to see who ever is taking an initiative to fail so that we can talk about how bad they have failed and how we knew they were going to fail. We are a pathetic nation and yes me inclusive because I always wish I could do more for my country but I don’t and I am like everyone else sitting in the peripherals thinking I am going to watch and see how it ends, but who pays at the end of the day when things get fucked up? its not them its you and me, they continue flying to Washington for meetings, their cars will always have fuel…you know what I mean………..feels like we are cursed !!!!!

    1. onyasidwa ndi ali kaka says:

      Nabanda : you have nailed it, we are cursed. We should not be naive, these politicians all steal from public coffers once they are voted into power.
      Goodall was even quoted that “during DPP, there was no cashgate but corruption”. One wonders the difference between the two. Kaya dziko lathuli !!!!

  39. pearson sadala says:

    Playing a saint in vultures,skin.
    Please clean your mess before you mess others peter mutharika

  40. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    Apa ndiye pagona ndale,Bambo Kandoje,izi mwa panga apazi ndi zaboza.Sindikudziwa ngati mutu wanu ukuyenda bwino.zimene mwabwebweta apazi zilibe umboni chifukwa sign yake ya Ligoya kapena Bingu sikupezeka.Mwinatu mwaiwala kunyumba kwanu.Zonsezi ndi zabodza Ngati mumaganiza kuti Bingu sakuyankhani ineyo ndamuyankhila.Tikufuna ife mutiwonetse pamene awili awa anasayina basi.Otherwise, osamatiuza ife za mkutu.







  42. John says:

    i think secession is what should be our priorities right now. DPP makes me puke!

  43. Chabwera Phiri says:

    I have said time and time again that these UDF group of Parties are the same. It is about shielding each other and settling political scores. Zomwe zija izi!!!!!

  44. MBANDANGA says:


  45. baba oniwa says:

    Zoona ija inali Campaign munthu opanda mano mkamwa ungalume,
    Kodi ndi Amalawi angati akatenga maminbus anyuwani abale inuuuuuuuuuuuu ati 5yrs old panyasa pamenepo?

    1. ISIS says:

      Kuona mano a Pitala nkudekha.

  46. Abiti says:

    “Amayi ndi abambo wolandira ndiye kuti waba nawo” “Ayiiiiiiiiiii” ” Koma otengatu eti????????” EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” End of quote so JB was fighting corruption????????????

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