DPP cadres disrupt PP rally, 3 arrested: Cyclist assaulted for insulting Malawi President

Violence reared its ugly head on Thursday afternoon when Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youths clad in their party regalia, some wielding panga knifes, gatecrashed Peoples Party (PP) rally that was being addressed by party northern region chairman Rev Chimwemwe Mzomera Ngwira in Chitipa.

Police pounces on DPP youth cadre who were disrupting the rally

Police pounces on DPP youth cadre who were disrupting the rally

Mzomera Ngwira addressinga PP rally in Chitipa

Mzomera Ngwira addressinga PP rally in Chitipa

Police struggling to arrest one of the DPP cadre who was disrupting the PP rally.-Tiwonge Kumwenda - Nyasa Times,

Police struggling to arrest one of the DPP cadre who was disrupting the PP rally.-Tiwonge Kumwenda – Nyasa Times,

The actions of the DPP youth provoked PP supporters who immediately sought to eject them from the meeting but attracted the wrath of the ruling party youth who started a fight.

Ngwira had to restrain youths from his party after police providing security at the venue appeared to have failed to stop the DPP intruders from disrupting the rally.

The DPP youth started pelting stones and hurling insults to the PP members.


Police managed to arrest three DPP officials for suspected to have caused the violence.

Chitipa Police Spokesperson Solemn Chunga confirmed to Nyasa Times the arrest of the three DPP members but denied to identify the suspects.

“The three will answer charges of conduct likely to cause a breach of peace after all the investigations are done,” said Chunga who shielded their identities.

Meanwhile, a police source revealed to Nyasa Times that one of the arrested suspects is the DPP Regional Committee member who was also the DPP campaign director of the district Philemon Mtambo.

‘Seething anger’

In his address, Ngwira condemned the DPP for “anti-democracy activities”, saying that PP may not be able to control its angry supporters if the reports of attacks continue.

“It is very unfortunate to see that the party which is supposed to portray a good image is involved in violence and wants to rule by the pangas and guns,” said Ngwira.

Adding that “this is a clearly indication that the DPP government is a failure and they know that they did not win the 20 May election which was clearly rigged  that is why they are afraid of the Peoples Part that come next election we are going to eject them from power.”

He pointed out that there was a “seething anger simmering across the length and breadth of Malawi” which DPP should avoid to trigger reaction.

Ngwira who spoke to PP supporters for few minutes as he was told to leave the place for safety reasons, expressed worry with the development.

“As you are all aware, I was in DPP as regional governor but dumped party. It is a violent party and lacks discipline.”

He also advanced a call for federal system of government, saying DPP does not like the northerners “so it is wise to be on our own.”

DPP impunity

The Chitipa violence comes after DPP cadres on Wednesday jumped off the governing party’s branded pick-up in Mzuzu and beat up a bicycle taxi operator for allegedly insulting the party and President Peter Mutharika.

The mob descended on John Mphande, 31, around 11am when he termed DPP a club of thieves as the blue pickup passed by National Bank of Malawi Mzuzu Service Centre around 11.30pm.

According to press report, Mphande was feeling pain all over his body but would not seek medical attention for fear of being arrested or suffering further assault.

University of Malawi political professor Blessings Chinsinga described the provocation as hardly serious enough to warrant a beating likely to remind Malawians about the ugly scenes of intolerance and impunity DPP supporters unleashed on Malawians during the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s rule.

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Vekere wavekere

Mzomera,next election,which election,PP wil neva rule Malawi that party z dead & buried dont bother urselvs in politics,tamangodyani za cashgatezo basi.Otukwana a pulezidenti atchaibwe,no mercy on dat 1

mlomwe wanzeru

pp inalephela kuwina ili mu boma kodi pano mukwanisa? thats why you are tkiog the indipendent state to the north you tht you shall not win 2019 and you are strengthen the northerner instead of build up your party where you didnt voted how stupid you are

mlomwe wanzeru

palibe nzeru apa mwaiwala kuti peter wakhala akumangidwa mutimisonkhano tomwe amapangisa kumbukilani ku ntchisi,madisi,kunkhoma komwe anakhazikidwa pansi pamodzi ndi abusa a CCAP imeneyo ndi home groud ngati akumenyani kwanu kodi kwawo we are talking ku south mukabweza?kumenyedwa home ground is so sad amenyeni akakuputani


Ndale za umbuli ndi zomwe timaona pa Malawi.Anthu m’malo mokamba mfundo zothandiza anthu mumalimbana kulalatira zipani zina ndiye ziwawa zingathe? Iwe Ngwira umakupangitsa ndi ufiti? Tiphanapo pa Malawi ngati zopusa zanuzo mupitilize and whatever you can say against DPP will never change anything.Mavutoomwe alipo is DPP yabweretsa ndipo aliyense akudziwa.Tikufuna anthu omwe angakhale ndinzeru zothandiza kuti Zinthu ziziyenda bwino not kumaoneka ngati mashasha muli zitsiru bullshit.


Not convinced. Just hearing from one side.Pali be Nkhani APA!


Dziko kupereka kwa galu petulo

Chief Zion

Federalism chief supporter and what is z progress so far on z issue bwana ngwira?

Victor Chidyaonga


Nzeru za akulu

Koma eee……mukutumulanadi simunati

Dim-witted Political Party(DPP)
Dim-witted Political Party(DPP)

Dim-witted synonym is IMBECILE.
No offense.

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