DPP Councillor sexually assault pupil: Arrested and granted bail

Police in Mulanje have pounced on Councillor for Namilonje Ward on an allegation that he defiled a 16-year-old girl some six months ago but law enforcers were reluctant to arrest him for unexplained reasons.

The girl is currently carrying a five month old baby and droped out school while in Standard six at Mkumeya primary school in Mulanje.

Nyasa Times understands that it is on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 when some people protested on the matter and threatened to take unspecified action when the police pounced on him

Police have confirmed that Councillor Biston Chikadewa whose ward is in Mulanje West Constituency was arrested over the matter  but could not explain why it has taken them over half a year period to act.

Kadewere, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Councillor appeared in Court on Wednesday where he pleaded not guilty.

He has since been granted bail at a bond of K50, 000.

Should he be convicted his seat will become vacant.

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17 thoughts on “DPP Councillor sexually assault pupil: Arrested and granted bail”

  1. James kotoki says:

    That’s the best these dogs can do

  2. tsetsefly says:

    Mbuzi za atsogoleri. Walking with zippers open all the times. With such people who prioritise sex to anything else, there is lillte wonder that the nation is under developed. In his mind moves words like gondolosi, circumcision, mkwapukwapu and many other. Stupid idiot. You must be prosecuted, sentences and rot in jail.

  3. Kagolo says:

    Mwaonjeza Akulu.

  4. the girl was defiled 6 months ago and is currently carrying a 5 months baby meaning the councillor pounded her when she was 8 months pregnant, Nyasa reporters this ca never be defilement for the girl was already impregnated only that may be the councillor did it for some rituals if the story is true which is also doubtful

  5. ISIS says:

    You mean the girl was “defiled” when she was 9 months pregnant? Don’t forget marriage age is 15 years according to the constitution. Kodi defilement mchani?

  6. Patriot says:


  7. Asogoleli amenewo? Choncho nanga titani poti alomwe ambili ndi zisilu amavotela zilizonse olo kungotenga nsalu yoti pali chimanga chinayi [4] ndikuisetela muwaona aivotela. Nsete zeni zeni.

  8. zanga phee says:

    where is Patricia Kaliati, can u please handle this with keen interest. fodya ali pa mphuno apa.

  9. Fenali A L says:

    Iwe Kaliati tiyankhule. Usangopanila nyembayo chifukwa choti uyu ndi mulhomwe nzako. Mboliiii zamanu alhomwe

  10. Teach me Teacher says:

    The girl or woman was already out of school, now carries a 5 month old baby, and the accused defiled her 6 months ago? The language used does not make sense, and the whole story is iincoherent e.g. it means she was “defiled” when 5 months pregnant. Unless it was rape and the woman is mentally unfit, a 16 year ild pregnant woman should know what sex is and what it’s consequences are and, therefore, is a consenting adult.

  11. sabata says:

    standard 6 aaaaaa malo amanewa kukwata si nkhani

  12. Never says:

    Nkhani yovuta imeneyi khoswe wakhala pa n’khate pamenepo.

  13. He is Mulli’s friend who wanted to contest as a member of parliament in 2019. Ndipo akanawina poti kumeneku amatha kuvotela olo tombolombo bola kumuveka nsalu ya DPP.


    Politically connection played its role here. Very funny such things happen in the heartland of where the president is coming from

  15. Miccateez says:

    Ar0mwe kukwata, mpaka kuturuka, Kariati urikuti pakamwa as if as U,re cir0mb0 mb0 mb0 mb0 mb0,

  16. Fenali A L says:

    Alhomwe alhomwe alhomwe how many times have I called u. Dzitsiru dza anthu. Kukonda vigololo mpaka kusiyitsa mwana school choncho? Kodi BUYAYO munayimva kukoma nokha? Thats why uyu mukuti mtsogoleri wanu opanda mano mkamwa, che mathanyula, kkanalolera ukwatira MTEMBO OYENDA, che Gututu la ku BLK. Kuyigomera BUYASTIC? Mukufa alhomwe mpake HIV/AIDS prevalence is high ku lhomwe belt. Kudanaso ndi ma condom anthu inu. Mufe ndinthu

  17. ben phiri says:

    has to be jailed despite being of DPP l will follow this case with kneen interest since am also in legal framework.let a spade a spade

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