DPP denies crisis of confidence: Hits back at MCP

Malawi’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has his back at opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for their criticism to Peter Mutharika administration on governance concerns.

Kasaila:  DPP spokesman says MCP criticism not merited

Kasaila: DPP spokesman says MCP criticism not merited

MCP president and leader of opposition in Parliament, Rev Dr Lazarous Chakwera told a news conference in Lilongwe that the six months of the DPP and Mutharika leadership has been unproductive with little intervention on issues of national importance.

But DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila has denied there is a crisis of confidence in Mutharika leadership.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times, Kasaila urged MCP and other critics   to come up with alternatives than just criticizing government.

“It is unfortunate to note that up to now that Malawi is having an opposition which is just opposing for the sake of opposing. They should be constructive and over alternative solutions,” he said.

“The opposition believe that by holding press conference they will remain relevant to Malawians. That is not the case, Malawians are very clever now they want solutions,” said Kasaila who is also government leader in parliament.

He trashed Chakwera’s accusations as “lame” and “utterly flat” saying as the leader of opposition he  should have known better that President Mutharika is doing “everything in making sure that the economy is back on its feet.”

Kasaila said government has issued a circular banning frequent travels by members of cabinet and the other senior government officials as part of austerity measures.

On security, Kasaila said government has increased recruitment of Police Officers from 1,000 to 1,500 despite financial constraints.

“On top of that government has bought 50 vehicles for Police. So should we say Dr Chakwera is not aware of all these government interventions?” wondered Kasaila.

“Did the President not invite those who stood during the May elections to the State House? Did Chakwera turn up? So should Malawians believe him today?” Kasaila added.

Kasaila said the door to State House is open that anyone with alternative views on how Malawi can succeed socially, economically and politically are free to offer to the President.

Chakwela told reporters that MCP are disturbed with increased cost of living, lack of financial prudence and delay in implementing Farm Input Subsidy ( FISP)   as some programs which government is failing to successfully implement.

Government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa accused MCP of trying to make political capital out of the issues.

He admitted that the DPP government is experiencing challenged and said “noises off” to critics who raise concerns.

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50 thoughts on “DPP denies crisis of confidence: Hits back at MCP”

  1. M23 says:

    What do you expect from a party that only sees barriers and fail to see what lays beyond. Visionless, directionless is all I can say. A party that sees all criticism wrong. Because its leadership is not sharp, it will end up digging its own grave. This time it will be for good, never to resurrect again.

  2. haswel bello says:

    pangani zanu a chakwera ndi uneneri wachinyengowo! musiyeni peter akydziwa chimene akuchita, so pliz zachamba zanu za ku dambwezo ayii!

  3. Umunthu says:

    Kansaira please don’t irk some of us. In 1994 Bakili said he was rebuilding the economy. 10 yrs later he was a multi millionaire. Bingu lied again to say the economy was in tarttters. In 7 yrs he constructed Casa Blanca. Yet the economy was hospitalized in ICU. Then Joyce again claimed the economy was in a very “sorry” state. Lero Peter atinamizenso? No No Not at all. DPP, PP nonse ana a UDF, the worst criminals on the land. Like daughter like mom. cHAKWERA WAS RIGHT.

  4. Dodoli says:

    Malawians time isn’t yet, you wanted proffessor who failed to manage Minstry, aportion of Gvment, how do you expect him to run the Gvment well? proffessors are not meant for presidency,but for public lecturing and authorship. Zero aid budget /Zero deficit budget are one thing lets not be confused here,the same type of budget that gave us headache now again,its good to depend on our own but we shouldn’t rush in implementing some of these programmes they are the ones to our incompetency. DON’T CRY YOU VOTED FOR HIM.

  5. Kambuku says:

    Kasaila, mwasiya kuona mavuto chifukwa muli m’boma? Ndikuvetsa! Mukuona ngati chakwera akupangandale? You want him to please u by telling lies? Mukuona ngati amene angaone mavutowa ndiyekhayo anapita kwa president? Amene alindimaso akuona.Alimife kugulitsa fodya dolla ilipa k350. Pano tgule zidazaulimi dolla ilipa k540. Ndiye tisalire? Ayi bola inu!.

  6. Nkwanda Wilson says:


  7. Master says:

    Hey u! Its time to show malawians what u can trully do and what u cant.pls learn to say yes and seek others to help.

  8. chakwanuleka says:

    DPP is well known for being clueless. Bingu’s first term in office sounded like we had a promising party but those who know better advised that he performed well because of extreme opposition pressure. He proved himeslf as a complete failure when he was given a full mandate. This APM is indeed Apa Palidi Mavuto.

  9. Gray Gutas ba Bikoko says:

    DPP Drug is slow to heal. Malawi should be healed today not tomorrow. I expected 1st wk DPP in power kumachotsera ma problem koma we’re just adding one on top of another kenako they say we should wait for three years.

  10. Mngoni says:

    I knew this guy called APM had nothing for malawi. Nanunso a kasaila, Chilungamo mukuchidziwa bwino koma poti munthu sungalume chala chomwe chimakudyetsa.
    To be honest APM is not a leader, he has no crue of what running a government is. Six months down the lane but nothing tangible progress.
    Amalawi phunziro tipezepo, kuonetsetsa pofuna kusankha mtsogoleri wathu.

  11. Parables says:

    Bingu left us and all agree that that was funeral, loose one family member malawians contribute atleast something as condolence. no one tells you that after this funeral you should heal your orphanhoon by this.
    amayi was at funeral thats why some things went somehow good and i wonder fools think she was wise that she managed this country well, it was sympathisers who did and they cant continue. kill PETER Today, People come to help but don’t think things are ok when you are covered on funeral money and fuels and dollar and so so so. Malawi now need to stand up and struggle to get out of this poverty that came coz of the lost of the father. we will condemn our leaders but mind you that poverty is right there in our homes, insecurity is right there in our homes, we know some of these thugs and some are our brothers and even our dads but we complain insecurity yet we can’t report these. Change your mind set malawi please WAKULA. I love you my malawi and God bless you abunduntly. Kiss Kiss kiss my malawi………

  12. chichi says:

    If I were u, I would rather listen because things are not all good in nyasaland koma panja ndi DPP. But don’t forget the patience of malawians has a limit

  13. DUWA KALIRANI says:

    I hear The robberies that took place at Veep and Atupere’s residences were engineered by DPP. Akuti trying to disenfranchise Chilima and Atupex. Nawonso a veep and Atupex manthongo too much mmaso, they can’t see this. Anyapapi akukhazikani pansi. Kwa Chilima ankangofunako ma vote wo basi anathana naye

  14. Ezekiel says:

    But what DR Chakwera is saying is totally true anthu akulira inu mmangonena kuti akunama mkango khala m’ma office phwii muzifunsa AMA business ang’ono ang’ono akuyzani zenizeni ma Venda akukana ku choka mumisewu Chifukwa chake ncha anthu akulira kwacha yagwa ngati mwayipangaso devalue, katundu chikwelereni, lero chinthu Chomwecho akuza mtengo wina mawa ubwere wina. Apangeni protect anthu anu ndamene anakuvoterani kuti mawa azapangeso chimodzi M’modzi. Wo lira kwambiri M’modzi wake ndine, nde daily pin pasiku kulephela kukwanila nanga amene angapeze n’javi anthu inu Mulungu azakulangani nzeni zeni, auzeni aMalawi tsogolo la ziko lawo chonde, basi mukukhala anthu anu akunzuzika inuyo muli zili bwino kulakwa.

  15. Malindima says:

    We are in deep economic crisis and people need to be informed for all reasons behind this. To the Government that straggled to prepare a budget without Donor funding and also found a debt from borrowing of over K100bn, it is obvious that the delays to the Implementation of Farm Input Subsidies could be due to lack of funds. Perhaps the Government should have been communicating these critical issues to the nation on the relevant media to prepare them.
    Cost of leaving is indeed high and the depreciation of the Kwacha is contributing to this mess. There is indeed a need for Government to communicate to the nation giving advices to people for them to resort to finding alternative resources to their needs. We have so many short term plans but if there is no money to implement these, they can not be realized .
    We beg the Government to double their efforts to seek Aid Funds to every rich nation that can sympathize with us. Countries In the UAE, China etc may be!

  16. arnold says:

    sometimes i wonder if our president is indeed a professor.the guy seem to be clueless on how to run a government.again i am told by a friend of mine in dpp that he gets instructions from his first wife ben phiri.ben phiri is more powerful than saulos chilima.i dont see how the country can move forward when a form four graduate like ben phiri is left to run it.

  17. odalla gracian. says:

    Hahaha Chakwera Nzeru alibe munthu oti anathawa ntchito yake ya ubusa ndikuyamba za Ndale. Achakwera zoti muzalamulira dzukoli iwalani.

  18. Nobel says:

    It funny to hear the minister saying govt will buy or has bought 50 police vehicles. What we need is security and not vehicles; tell me, is the robbery at Veeps residence due to nonavailability of vehicles? What about Atupele home theft, do we need vehicles for security officers guarding ministers homes? Dziko lili m’manja mwa AGALUDI!!

  19. DUWA KALIRANI says:

    A Kasaila ndinu ovetsa chisoni mpake u Speaker unakuphonyani.

  20. Central says:

    Mr Katsaila, it is too difficult for MCP to give alternatives with the obstacle APM is seeing bewteen him ans Laz.

    Dr Chakwera more fire!! Kasaila amagwa uku, wakhala akugwa pamoto osamva kuti akupsa, kufikira atatsitsimuka mpamene adzamve kuti zinthu sizili bwino zoona!!! More fire MCP, tell them there is an obstacle its difficult o suggest solutions, ndi mbuzi izi!! Why were you cheating you were ready to turn the econmic performance of the nation to a wonder because your would be business unusual, is this what you meant?? Mbuzi za mano kunsi, mpaka mwana wa std 1 kudziwa kuti zinthu siziri bwinooooooooooooooo!! Sindinaone, what more with the remaining 4 years and 7 months???

  21. pajatu samatsutsika koma akuwona kut amalawi akuvutika maka akumudzi.komabe adzayakha nthawi ikubwela

  22. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Let soldiers take over the government because these idiots have failed to run the country. kapena angochita resign chifukwa pano zafika posauzana kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  23. big thought says:

    Kodi anthu inu mungo wuwa ngati osazindikira bwanji, simunapite kusukulu? Mmalo modana ndi Cashgate mukudana ndi olamula bwanji? Ndalama zathu zinabedwa zangokhala osagwiritsidwa ntchito mmabanki mo, inu a khoti fulumirani kuweluza milandu yonse ya cashgate kuti ndalama zibwerere kuboma nsanga, aphunsitsi alipidwe komanso akukhoti awonjezeredwe malipiro. Sibwino kufuna ma donnor kuti atipatse ndalama pamene ndalama zambiri zili Mmalawi momuno. Apulezidenti muchitepo kanthu basi.

    Mwina mundipatse ine ndalamayo mukatero muzikamba milandu yanuyo pambuyo.

  24. Plebian says:

    When you want bipartisan solution to a national issue then borrow a leaf from USA. Apa Palidi Mavuto (APM). Don’t remember that he failed to run mere ministries then you will be scared to the bone. Chakwera was pointing out problems then Kasaila should have concurred with him & outline ways of solutions not trashing him

    1. chakwanuleka says:

      Brilliant description. APA Palidi Mavuto. Malawians chose to be led by a clueless president

  25. Ulaha Observer says:

    Dont comment for pipo to know.its not asecret that pipo r suffering.dpp get peoples suggestion then u will be commended.why r teachers in problems every month? Fire failures pliz.we r tired wth ur leadership. Just surrender to mcp govt.u will be comended for job wel done. Go n get the cash u stole n run the country. Come n get advice frm me for free.zichepeseni

  26. aKilly 2 says:

    Kasaila shutup ua mudfucken probosis!, my relative is rotting in Police cell while ua Mlopwana is just dormant to the strike of Judiciary chindere chomene!

  27. giftkondowe says:

    Voting for DPP people trusted that the so called the Professor would improve the crisis in this nation,please ask JB on how to govern a country, now you are saying MPC should give you the solutions do you the professor has failed to find the solutions,running a country I different from running an estate.

  28. Khongoni Boy says:

    Dziko Lili Mmanja Mwa Agalu

  29. chiku says:

    When we were going to the polls back in may,Malawi was already expected to experience this economic turmoil.Donors had frozen aid before Muntharika’s regime come to rule this unfortunate land,suppringsly we are criticising a government that inherited a lame economy which in my view, six months is not enough to fix.We should condemn and strongly criticise areas that indeed requires doing so but where the problem is an inherited one i think the best we can do is to demoatrate a cpnciderable degree of patience. We are blaming DPP not because the Party is slow as we claim but because we have a strong but unfounded belief that these folks are rulling us illigally and in this case it will be hard to appreciate whatever postives that comes from the party.

    1. Anzanani says:

      The MRA collects about MWK30 billion every month; other govt agencies also collect substantial amounts on a daily basis. Cashgate and withdrawal of donor funds should have affected (big) development projects but not daily recurrent expenditure. In other words there is really no excuse why the country should appear to be at a standstill when funds for running the country are being collected daily. What is happening to these funds?

      Civil society, journalists and opposition parties are letting Malawians down by not putting pressure on the DPP regime to account for how the taxes, fines, fees, charges etc that we pay daily are being used. The narrative in Malawi needs to change – we should expect big projects to stall, but not every day activities. DPP has the responsibility to keep this country moving based on the funds collected daily from Karonga to Nsanje, and Mchinji to Nkhotakota.

      While the impact of cashgate cannot be minimised, it should also not be seen by the DPP, and indeed Malawians, as the reason for all of Malawi’s problems. There is a lot that can be done with income that that Malawi generates locally, other than just funding the luxurious lifestyles of the president, his vice, the first lady and other top DPP officials…

  30. zebe says:

    From what I read here, yoou have accepted that we are in a crisis but you are only begging MCP to suggest alternative solutions to these problems on top of pointing at them, isn’t it? But honestly, how would you say the door to state house is open to people like Chakwera when in fact you could not see him at a podium at HTD? You think people are fools? The measures pointed out here should better have figures to explains the extent they are going to improve the economy, the extent they are going to improve security, etc. This is not time for try and error Mr Minister

  31. katakwe says:

    The DPP government is sleeping too much. By the time they were taking over government the economy was already in bad shape due to the suspension of bugdetary support by donors. They should have immediately(within a period of six months) come up with short-medium to long term measures that there gvt was going to implement to rectify the current economic situation but they havent done that up to now. we are hearing nothing about green belt initiative,nsanje port and other crucial projects to reverse current economic trend. At least that should have calmed the general public but alas!

  32. Blessed Banda says:

    There is no hit back here. Who doesn’t know that Malawians are suffering? What alternatives are they looking for? The press release from MCP contains issues the government should speed up doing and concetrating on. Kasaiyira with all his education can’t understand it or is it because he is from Engineering background he understands drawings than statements. May be he needs drawings to understand what Malawians are going trough.

  33. unfortunate says:

    Unfortunately those doors are open to people with big names, people who never tested poverty, open those doors to the ordinary citizens. How can you expect the opposite side to bring solutions, in every country the opposition they never been friendly with government, so don’t be surprised, I think that is the way how multiparty governments works.

  34. Old APM says:

    A Kasaila vomerani , your damn president has no confidence to rule this country. Chakwera is saying the truth. So you want Chakwera to remain silent when your president is failing in his duties????. If you have failed to govern just surrender govt to those who can ably govern.

  35. Kkk says:

    Inunso kusaila mufuna mutinamize chiyani sitikuona kuti DPP Yalemphera mudakakhala anthu anzeru mukadakhala pansi kuti kodi zimene amanena Dr Chakwera akunama kapena ndi zoona ife tikugwirizana nanzo ndizoona kagwere uko kusaila

  36. naliva says:

    that’s true mr katsaila,why he denied contributing the thought that mighty assisting malawians whenever called by mr president.this is selfish speaking and remember running government is a serious business(bakili muluzi said)

  37. Ok says:

    Not sure whether Kasaila argument have any sense. FISP ikufunikanso ma ideas ena ati? Mwadya ndalama mwady ndalama basi. If not mvula yayamba kugwa give people farm in puts after all yachaka chino ndi misonkho yathu. Salary increment kukhala ngati mwazondotsanso, it lOoks more pro rich than the poor koma motengo ya zinthu yakwelera onse. A shame.

  38. A COMMONER says:

    Doors to the palace are opened! Stop lying here, I have followed protocol to get to the palace but access denied cos am told am ineligible, no name, and am a commoner.

  39. Noaxy says:

    Thanks you agree that things are not alright but MCP should should come with solutions

  40. John says:

    A Kasaila nanunso,
    Yes you have hired security, but are you paying them?
    Yes you bought cars for the police but does Malawi have petrol for the cars to be usable?
    Yes gvt is doing “everything it can to bring economy back to its track”, whatever that means, but why are you doing it the long way instead of just adeptly doing simple measures that will unlock aid?
    Teachers on strike ✔️
    Judiciary on strike✔️
    Cost of living unberable✔️
    Varsity school fees hike unfordable✔️
    Hospitals without medicines ✔️

    Now Mr Kasaila I can go on and on till tommorrow, but tell me this,
    What’s the use of increasing salaries of teachers but end up NOT paying them? What kind of thinking gets people believe your gvt is making sure education is accessible to everyone BUT you hike the fees so high that only a few YOUs can afford it? If you haven’t noticed, for every good deed you claim to have done, your gvt created a counter measure that cancels it out, making it irrelevant and useless.

    1. Mbwiye Wapata says:

      And all you think are measures to unlock aid! 50 years of independence and you still aid is the only way out! Can’t you think of other ways in which we can depend on ourselves! What if the donors still withhold the aid? Are you aware of the causes of the problems we are currently facing as a nation? If you are, offer wise solutions,John. Hon Chakwera is aware of the reasons donors are withholding aid. He is aware that this started long ago and is expected to continue. Every Malawi leader has once tasted this bitter pill and nobody from opposition should think would have been different. The only solution is to stop depending on foreign aid and develop strategies that would see us prospering without it. Offer solutions not accusations. Malawians would trust you if you don’t just point at a wrong,but rather offer an altenative that is practical.

      1. Central says:

        Nawenso Mbwiye Wapata, wapatacho ndi chani ndalama za NAC?

        Are you serious? You mean DPP has run out of ideas in 5 months? Has APM removed the obstacle he sees between him and Chakwera?? Mwamufuna tsopano and now there is no obstacle because you need them to provide solutions, and you team should be getting salaries without sweating for it!! Mbuzi!!

        Nobody denies that, its mno good to depend on aid, but we have to get weaned slowly NOT through disappointing the tax payers and donors?? Mukuona ngati the tax payers will be happy to have their tax misused with you STUPID zero aid budget?? Anyani, dzikodi lili mmanja mwa agalu!!

  41. Fuel prices globally have dropped why only in malawi?
    Kwacha is drastically losing value is,that not crisis.
    Day robberies and rampant rapings. Is,that not crisis.

  42. APM says:

    Dont deny kusaila,i’ve failed to run this gvt.now am going to us embassy to reclaim my green card,cant u see that those judges who put me here hv turned against me,oh! my God i sinned against malawiamms by riging the votes.i beta resign and go to usa.

  43. Tilipo says:

    Is buying police vehicles intervetions on the economy? Search me?
    How can you make us believe that the door to state house is open to Chakwera when you could not see him at HTD function while sitting next to Bakila on the same pondium?
    Search me!

  44. Talibo says:

    Chakwera ofunika kumulowetsa mkalasi kumphunzitsa kuti opposition imagwira bwanji ntchito ndi boma

    1. ndangodutsa chisale says:

      Mbuzi ya mano kunsi.

      1. Central says:

        Sangaumve mwambiwu koma kumuuza chindunji kuti, ndiwe “chitsiru” iwe, osaphunzira ndiwe, ndipo ndiweyo amene ukufunka kukalowanso mkalansi!!

        DPP yayaluka basi, kuba ndikhalidwe lanu ndipo simunati, muyalukabe, mpaka wina cardiac arrest ndithudi!!

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