DPP denies Mutharika, Chilima rift: Malawi ruling party clears ‘smoke’

Malawi ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesman and Leader of the House, Francis Kasaila has dispelled rumours that there is a rift between President Peter Mutharika and his vice president Saulos Klaus Chilima.

President Mutharika his deputy Saulos Chilima who chair the reforms committe.- ... - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika his deputy Saulos Chilima : DPP says no rift.- – Pic by Stanley Makuti

There has been fevered speculation that some people are trying hard to divide the two and brewing anarchy in the ruling party to advance their political interests.

Kasaila, who is also Minister of Transport, said those dreaming of presidential fissures were “wasting their time” as the DPP administration remained solid.

“The relationship between President Mutharika and his vice president Chilima is very cordial,” said Kasaila.

“Those who are dreaming of a division are wasting their time,” he added.

Kasaila stressed that “there is no room for division”.

His comments comes after influential Lomwe chief Traditional Authority Ngolongoliwa said during the late Bingu wa Mutharika memorial service that the presidency should guard against gossip mongers from splitting them.

“These people will come to you will various pieces of advice but not all will be correct,” said Ngolongoliwa.

Ngongoliwa further advised Mutharika that no advisor should separate him with his Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima.

“If you start fighting amongst yourself it’s very dangerous because what will happen is that your Vice will be going and talking ill of you somewhere and you will also be disgruntled somewhere, but always remain united for your beautiful future,” said Ngolongoliwa.

The chief said the governing party should set focus in serving the people and ensure it delivers.

During the entire speech by the chief, Mutharika fondly known as APM was seen nodding his head agreeing to Ngolongoliwa’s advice.

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42 thoughts on “DPP denies Mutharika, Chilima rift: Malawi ruling party clears ‘smoke’”

  1. precious says:

    Lets pray that there should be no divisions in the government

  2. Chimalilo says:

    Manganya anati MUSAKANGANE PANJIRA mbc TV mutabwereza that tikufelanji script

  3. Ronnex Kayira. says:

    Our Government is well organised, there is corperations, what is your problems, stop! tolking words which can not help us, this government and its leadership is really after to upgrade/promote our lives it is acarering government with good leadership I salute our leaders for agood governonce,

  4. Jose Morigno says:

    Chilima umayika me badge ambilimbili pa jekete imodzi bwanji? Mbendera ya Malawi, Badge ya DPP kaya chinacho ndi chani? Be civilized. Unamuona President Mutharika atayika zonsezo? Kuchita kukhala ngati ma mendulo a ku keyala (KAR).

  5. solizo wa soko says:

    Dpp and the word Denial are twins.So you think we care about your lift?We will have other people who can lead Malawi better than time wasters.Zitayani nthawi kukangana gogo ndi chizukulu chake.

  6. face gazer says:

    Saulosi’s face looks puffed up like chimwana chomanidwa chibanzi.Look closely how Pitala mbyofo mbyofo Nyapaphi is intimidating this boy in his tinted grass.There is alot to it than the eye can see.

  7. dwight msiyeni says:

    Chilima had lucrative post at airtel than rushing for power at his tender age.He doesn’t know that he is swimming sharks.They will do all sorts of things to frustrate you until they find you some little mistakes.Since Chilima wanted to be bed mates with some old crooks in Malawi,he should learn to stand the heat.Most of the Dpp people do not want Chilima on that post.They would rather have their Lomwe homeboy than Ntcheu Ngoni.Limbanazo mphwanga unaziputa wekha.

  8. Chimani. Game says:

    No smoke without fire.. There is no eye contact between the two and that tells it all

  9. nzanani phumisah says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk koma ndale zapakwathu pano kayaaaaaa mapeto ake timva kuti Atupele what what shame. Alakwa chani angoni?

  10. Sokosi says:

    I can see the hand and the finger prints of Ben Phiri and Dausi all over this division to come. Let’s wait and see.

  11. Kamtekete bambo. says:

    This must be true what we know most Malawian leaders donot want to work with their vice think of Bakili & Jastine, Bingu & Cassim and then Joyce, & Joyce as good and Khumbo. No communication. Galu ndi fisi.

  12. Eya! says:

    Fools never differentiate between smoke and advice. The chief was offering a piece of advice knowing what JB did to Bingu and the rift that was there between chair and Malewezi at one point in time. Indeed fools speculate as Undule says.

  13. Patrick Sams says:

    Lets Wait And See The End Of All This, I Think Tizingowapemphelera Basi

  14. cash gate says:

    UDF ikutha chifukwa cha zinthu ngati zomwe akuchita a lomwe, munalakwitsa chipanichi kuchiika ngati cha ku banja la a muntharika komanso ngati chachilomwe, phunzirani ngati momwe imachitila MCP, Oyamba anachoka ku kasungu, wachiwiri anachoka ku nsanje, wachitatu anachoka ku dedza, wachinayi akuchokera ku Lilongwe, bwanji pamenepo, osati zosinthana pa chi brz kapena ndi mwana. a chilima ingolimbani mtima, inuyo munafika pa bar basi, a lomwe sangakusankheni, ndi atsankho

  15. Same old mistakes, in Malawi the problem is jealous that’s the biggest enemy.

  16. Chitukuko says:

    If I try to surf a history of our country I find that starting from Colonial rule while our ancestors were celebrating that they were freed by Missionaries from tribal wars and slavery.Colonial Government oppressed them to death.John Chilembwe and others tried to relieve the situation which seemed to find its fulfilment in Dr H.Kamuzu Banda who ended up to be considered a dictator and oppressor.People cried for a new leadership and it appeared as if God had answered through work of Multiparty Democracy.Things turned sour when Bakili reached second term people cried for a savior and he appeared in the name of late Professor Bingu Wamthalika,however,misfortunes never come singly,mountains started again against him until he rested in peace.When Dr Joyce Banda came into power,people relentlessly expected some change alas cashgate spoiled everything and people commented badly against her on media and other sources of information.Now we have another savior people have already started commenting bad of him.Malawians let’s learn to be constructive in our approach knowing that no president shall be 1000% the current president seems to be understanding let’s wait and see it is only God who is without side effects.


    Chonde akulu akulu musadane. Tatiyeni muyendetse dzikoli limodzi. Athira kuwiriwo aponyeni uko.

  18. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    All of them are thieves , very soon you will see them fight.

  19. Kenkkk says:

    A very complex matter.

  20. chingolopiyo says:

    The chief is a wise man. Giving sound advise to the president and his vice does not mean there is issues surrounding them. Every responsible parents will give advise to children, but that does not mean all children who receive advise fight. Some receive advice because they love each other and the parent/s are happy and don’t want that brotherly love to be spoiled. The problem we have, we think there is something wrong because our mind are filled with wrong things. Mutharika and Chilima will rule the country to the end and he will pass the mantel to him after his tenure of office. We will gossip, even not sleep putting our ears to the ground, we will be denying ourselves sleep, while the two are happy, enjoying their sleep with their families.

  21. Who cares what the useless president and his coffee maker are up to anyway? They Can be whosoever they want to be and nothing changes. After all he is a president of the lomwes the ngolingoliwas(whatever the hell that means) I’m dead tired of dpp that,mutharika this!

  22. dembere says:

    Muluzi and son ruling from the balcony, keep on warming the bench chilima.go back to airtel. this game is not for you.

  23. Namukachapa says:

    Kkkkk. Now more people will know about the rift, real or imagined. Commenting on rumours always feeds and sustains, even confirms, the rumour. Elementary, Mr Kasaila, to borrow from Sherlock.

  24. titus Scoti says:

    If what people are insinuating ends up to be true then Malawi has no hope. This pair was the best and the start has been fantastic. It is my hope and prayer that it is all the way to 2024

  25. Chifira says:

    The rumors are coming from well placed individuals in DPP just to let you know. So clean your house first .

  26. Cholapisa says:

    Usually,,,this iz how it begins here in Malawi n’ now we are jst used coz very soon it will be official hearing from them too that Mr Saulos Klaus Chilima iz no longer a vice-president of the Malawi republic, why, they are taking us for granted n’ i hop one day they will be them who will be fooled,,,lets wayt n’ see

  27. Viva says:

    True.. No rift between the two… Kungoti alomwe a mu cabinet sakondwera naye mwanayu.. Although he is the only sane person in the party

  28. On says:

    why was he seen nodding? kkkkklikikk!

  29. one says:

    The whole story makes no sense. I case where the division is between Peter and his deputy, as persons it is rather questionable that a party spokesperson comes out to refute. I would make sense if peter said it. Malawian have seen all the four vice presidents having feuds with their bosses. And people like Kasaila have always come in to refute but luckily times have passed and Malawian have intelligibly seen for themselves. So, lets wait and see.

  30. The powers to appoint the vice-President rests in the hands of President so should be the power of firing

  31. Sapitwa says:

    The media can speculate false information sometimes. How can APM meet his G/Reforms without his VP? I see this as a propaganda to separate the two but they are pretty smart for this rubbish.

  32. TrueFact says:

    Mwayankhulatu amfumu Ngongoliwa apa! Mfumu yachilomwe sinaama! Kikikikikiki

  33. commentator says:

    Pafuka thunzi, pali moto

  34. Oh! says:

    So Atupele is wasting time by positioning himself?

  35. kokakoka says:

    well to those who were hoping for a rift mwagwa nayo and APM has been well advised by the chief. we all know there were some gossipers now they know that its out there

  36. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    People Just Want Muthalika And Chilima To Split But I Tell U This Is Another Type Of Muthalika. No Division But People Just Wish. Wishfu Thinking.

  37. chatha says:

    Vuto ya ngulu samayamika chiilima anageira ntchito yotomandika kwambiri kuti peter awine lero akufuna chilima amutaye dpp itha basi 2019 tidzavotera mcp basi mwana wa mnguni usadandaule mulungu akuumenyera khondo suliwekha ayi tilipambuyo pako tikuudza zochita wanva sharp

  38. Yakweyakwe says:

    What I seem to understand here is that there could be some people indeed within the party who want APM and SKC to be pulling in different directions so that they should achieve their own political ambitions. On the other hand, it can happen that the rift is not there but some people of ill-will mainly from opposition would want it to be there so that they should achive their own political agenda. Therefore, APM and SKC watch out. Nevertheless, even opposition parties know that your combination is a gem. A opposition ali ndi mantha heavy.

  39. Misi anguisher says:

    Wait and see muntharika’s clan ever thrown away their running mates after taking the govt this is the beggining of smoke hence fire will seen so soon

  40. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Utsi sufuka popanda moto. Lhomwes in DPP doesnt want Chilima as there is conspiracy not to let power go to either central region or northern region. DPP as a party will die as AFORD coz the power of the party is derived from Mutharikas and Mulhakho wa Alhomwe

  41. YOLANDA says:

    ngongoliwa oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  42. Bandasiime says:

    If there is no division, imagined or not, why comment on it instead of letting it die a natural death? The Chief could not just talk about it without “smoke”!

Comments are closed.

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