DPP governor Sanga tells North Malawi: ‘Support Mutharika or forget about development’

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regional governor for the northern region Kenneth Sanga has heaped blame on Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as retrogressive for making the region “dead north”, saying people of the north should “support President Peter Mutharika” or “forget about DPP’s developmental projects.”

DPP candidate Manda

DPP candidate Manda

Sanga had told thousands of supporters at a rally during the launch of campaign for the ward-councillor by-elections scheduled for August 25 this month, that he role of opposition parties in the country is to oppose.

DPP is being represented by George Manda. Other contestants include Gibson Chisale for Alliance for Democracy (Aford) and Charles Mulogera for MCP, Ulaya Kaunda and Esmie Jere for Umodzi Party and Mike C. Phiri standing as independent.

“The other day, we, as government wanted to allocate K10 billion towards the National Food Reserve Agency to curb the looming hunger but they [MCP] rejected it,” claimed Sanga.

He added: “Why should you vote for opposition after all?”

Sanga said it was because Mzuzu’s mayor was from opposition that Mzuzu was registering shoddy development.

Mzuzu City’s mayor William Mkandawire belongs to former ruling People’s Party (DPP).

Sanga, who hailed Mzuzu City MP Leonard Njikho for joining the ruling party, accused Mkandawire of simply “taking tea at the Mzuzu civic offices.”

Despite making such statements, several quarters say DPP’s candidate George Manda may “not win the elections.”

Malawi went to the general polls last year, elections which saw the ruling DPP – which was in opposition – emerge victors, ousting then PP government that had assumed power following the death of Pres Bingu wa Mutharika – the current president’s brother.

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62 thoughts on “DPP governor Sanga tells North Malawi: ‘Support Mutharika or forget about development’”

  1. JB says:

    Sanga umuona umphawi wako uthela ku chipani.ndiwe chinsilu cha munthu thats why Goodall analuza kwako

  2. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    By the way who is this sanga animal? Go to hell with your dpp and so called devt projects.

    Ukawopsedze amako ndi mahule ako aja mbuli ya munthu iwe. north belongs to us all not u stupid fat pig.

  3. Prescott says:

    I am a Southerner but am tired of hearing people from some parts of the country advocating for Regionalism. It pains me when i look back and see that instead of rebuilding this country, we are busy insulting one another. If the country is disintegrated who is going to benefit. I do not think there is any portion of Malawi that can claim superiority. This cancer called quota system must undergo radiotherapy to root it out. We have had enough of it. Let the deserving students get what befits them, instead of sitting on them. After all we are all Malawians and deserve a share of the cake. These fake politicians must stop manipulating us. Let us all remain united

  4. ARICHO says:

    People like Sanga need to be stoned to death and he was supposed not to be born after all Chitukuko chiku kanika ku lomwe belt ndiye muanamizepo atumbuka apa kaya mwina akumverani poti ndi ogona

  5. BWITOTO says:

    By the way,do we have a president in Malawi? I wonder,,,….

  6. Mmalawi weniweni says:

    So you should wondering if northerners want to go on their own?Federalism is the only way,than wasting time with people like the sangas and the useless oldman Pitala.You think anthu aku north ndi ogontha as these other tribes which you can easily use them?Tread carefully when talking them.Dpp should forget from the north.You have decampaigned yourself.Pitala is going to retire with a few southerners and sent to Maula with cashgate issues.

  7. Real Patriot says:

    This Sanga must be a dunderhead.So he thinks northerners will be swayed by such useless threats?So taxes are only paid by Dpp people in Malawi and Pitala is the president for the Dpp only.No wonder Malawi will never go far with this cheap politics.It will still remain at the base of the most impoverished country in the world.Mr Sanga you can hang with with your useless blue party.To hell with your useless Dpp party.

  8. MANKHAMBIRA says:





  9. Concerned Citi says:

    DPP,SANGA and Kamtongaka ka George Manda go to hell shit, why all these no sense, A George mumadyesedwa ndi Mkazi wanu, Nyumba ndi ya makolo anu pano Lehema watenga ngongole ku ntchito ya galimoto yomwe mukuyendela, ndiye mukanyoze azanu. I know George pple of Chibanja not vote for him ndiwozikonda, hule and ask him kuti ku airtel anamuchoselanji ntchito now its 3 years ali pa ulova ndiwakuba ameneyo vote for MCP, PP, or Aford osati mbuli izi

  10. Mugowokereni uyo anyina mbahule ndicho chifukwa iye ntchindere chakufikapo.Pala wakwiya Kenneth Sanga unganiyimbira pa 0 888 185 448 mbwenu tasangana ine nkhopa nyifwa yayi charo ichi ntchatose.

  11. Concerned Citi says:

    Kkkkk a DPP akumuwopa candidate wa MCP momwe zikuwonekela, i once attended MCP rally kunalibe zonyoza azawo koma ku rally ya a DPP ndiye shaaa kunyoza kwambiri azawo kwenikweni target yawo inali pa Mlogera wa MCP, koma chodabwisa mwanayo sakuwabwezera, kukhala ine George Manda

  12. mabvuto says:

    sang as comments are very useless. I don’t expect a sane politician to speak the way he does.thus retrogressive

  13. chiya says:

    dpp yakhala m’boma for 10 yrs now koma palibe chitukuko chawo ku north. sanga, mamina ako.

  14. Tili Chenene says:

    Chindere chakufikapo

  15. Byron says:

    MCP,PP,and AFORD should form an electoral alliance and make sure DPP doesn’t have any seat in the north and center.With Chakwera as president, Malawi will experience civilized politics and real development regardless of region and party affiliation. For somebody to tie development to party support is both primitive thinking and out of this multi-party world.I think this Sanga guy must be checked by a neurologist.

  16. ungwelu says:

    Running government is serious business……..Hmmmmm. Who said this? You can not tame snakes……..Hmmmm. Who said this?

  17. belekiya says:

    Sanga thinks using the mouth. He should not discredit the President with his silly thinking

  18. Tango says:

    Time to call for federalism now. This Governor is so stupid and i can tell mmutu mwake mwangodzadza mphutsi zokhazokha. He is an asshole.

  19. Bazuka says:

    Uyu walephera

  20. Shocker says:

    People of the north do not be cheated by this so called Sanga. Do you remember what DDP government did to the people of the north after they supported it massively during the 2009 election? Remember DDP brought quota system of selecting student to university in order to reduce numbers of student from the north who were selected on merit. The then president late Bingu Wa Mutharika called the people of the north all sorts of names for opposing quota system. He said people of the North cheat their way to university and while there lecturers and students from the North connive at Mzuzu corner to cheat during college exams. People of the North MUNGALUWANGA.

  21. Peter Mathanyux says:

    Promises and lies!!! In Ntcheu we have always voted for DPP but there is NOTHING DPP can point as a tangible project!! A ngoni let us OPEN OUR EYES. WE ARE BEING USED BY AHLOMWE.

  22. tingopenya says:

    aku north samapeleka msonkhonkho? mbuzi ya munthu.

  23. ovidy says:

    kodi umodzi party ili pacampaign?

  24. mwene says:

    Just eat from your unholy chalice and shit!!!! Old thinking! no connection between developing a country and a party!!!! Developing any corner of this country benefits the nation as a whole!! for example, Who has benefited most from Chikangawa/Viphya platation ???? Is it your home?????

  25. Obster says:

    Dull people always makes stupid talks, if you don’t know what to tell the people keep dool than being laughed at, people from the Northern are waiting for me to rescue them

  26. KAMBWE says:

    Anzanga chonde votani mwanzeru . ichi chaoneselatu kuti ndi mbuli ya chinthu…chizete, chizeleza, mbumbuzi yamunthu., gwalawala wenechu uyu..it is the responsibility of the government to development everywhere ….stupid boy wazikumbila manda mfana…

  27. kazeze says:

    Sanga ndi mbuli yoopsa. If this is what to get development means, then to hell with it. We in the North want to stay the course on justice and the truth. Inu ndinu anthu opepera kotherathu a Sanga, you are a disgrace to the region. I thought this President is the state president regardless of whether or not a particular region supports him or not? If what Sanga is saying is true then tis president is for the South only, so sad

  28. Achikulire says:

    Basi i think its time for federalism! We need it like yesterday! People from the north shud stop paying taxes to this dpp government becoz their money is being used for development in other regions! Why pay taxes? Federalism now now! Let the northerners pay taxes to their regional authorities for their own development! This is utter nosense !!!

  29. george says:

    stupid govornor….no room for DPP in the north

  30. Malawian Patriot says:

    This is the time for Malawians to prove that we want real change. I believe that people should now be looking to the future. What is it that we want and how can we get it. The duty of any government is to provide infrastructure and make lives better for everyone. If a party can tell the voters that development comes only if you vote for them, it clear that they do not know what governance is. This type of politics should be relegated to the history books. We now need jobs, schools, factories and good infrastructure. The party that can deliver this is only UMODZI PARTY. So people of Mzuzu please vote for Mai Jere in your multitudes to show that we are ready to move forward as a nation. Pass this message to everyone who loves this country and is committed to bringing progress to the nation. United we stand, divide we fall. Umodzi wafika, muumodzi muli phamvu.tikakhala pamodzi tizamanga- sukulu ponse ponse, zipatala ponse ponses, chitukuko ponse ponse, nthito bwee. zikatere ziri bwino.

  31. chakhalira says:

    Anthu akwathu, Anthu Akwathu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this Sanga saying? What has Development to do with the President of a certain party? This primitive politics of Sanga. These are very useless type of people from the North. “Support Mutharika or Forget about Development in the North” Really? This is madness! Is north in Tanzania or Malawi?

    There is opposition Party in South Africa as well. This is not the way they run Government activities. Development is embedded in the National Development Policy. If the so called North is in Malawi, it is entitled to Development even without voting for DPP party and their president.

    Koma umphawi ndi umbuli si zinthu!!!!!

    May God help us!

  32. Zeru palije says:

    I think this Sanga doesnt have brain, kukhala ndi udindo doesnt mean victimising others with it. ndiwe mbuli ya ndale!! The north deserve the same access to development. U r busy castigating William Mkandawire who has never said a bad thing to your BLOODY DPP,why? If he is drinks tea in city offices, sugar amadzatenga kwanu?? That clearly shows your lack of sense. No wonder your name “SANGA” meaning ‘u dnt have eyes’ to see ahead. u only focus pa kaudindo anaku paka nakoko. Hamba wenaa!!

  33. Balamanthu says:

    Taxes used for financing development are paid by all malawians regardless of party.It is this terogressive thinking of linking development to party support that has made malawi what it is today.No politician should tie development of an area to supporting a political party because such talk is not only retrogressive but but quite backward and not necessarily true.

  34. Obey GOD says:


  35. Analyst says:

    You don’t have to politicize development. Everyone pays tax regardless of political affiliation. As a matter of fact it is the ruling elite who earn more with tax exemptions and sometimes they evade tax.This Sanga thing must be so naive and stupid. In fact he is very primitive. Why is it that most of these fools in the name of governors are always overzealous when given a podium I don’t really know.

  36. Mhesha says:

    At least waynkhulayo is another Mlomwe sichomcho??? Politics intoxicates pipo…

  37. ANALYST says:

    Mxiii; go to hell with your DPP!

  38. Chikhoso says:

    sanga msonkhano wa ward mpaka kukatengenga athu Mzuzu yonse and saying tinali ndi anthu over 1000

  39. The problem of some of you you praise even manyi waite for six month tizaone

  40. Chikhoso says:

    That’s primitive politics issues at ward level can’t be compared with national issues, development at ward level is discussed at full concil meeting.

  41. Muhekere wa Muhekere says:

    Traitor Santa!!!!

  42. The real ujeni says:

    Stupid man who does not have a clue or idea what multiparty democracy means or is. When we say Malawi is full of ignorant illiterate idiots this one is a good example. When IMF and World Bank say you are the poorest country on earth, now you know the type of leaders causing that.

  43. Game over says:


  44. mphande Galazinyake says:

    Chindere Chakufikapo ichi ivi chikuyowoya vya kudumuka mutu shupiti zako iwe samala nakayowoyero kako.

  45. Jelbin mk says:

    What is the use of multi-party democracy then if we should all vote or support every move taken by the ruling party? Who will do checks and balances?

  46. Mary says:

    Sanga u r an idiot!!

  47. Mwanangwa says:

    I can not believe the governor saying this at this time. He lives out of time for his thoughts are out of comprehension, politically and morally. If he chose to be born in the north let him tell me. If he chose from which father to be born from, let him tell me; and if he chose what language to speak, he defies Gods wisdom. We cannot be swayed to party lines every time because of required development. I am sorry I am living in a foreign land in my own country where i am denied my full rights to the resources and provisions of this country

  48. Malongo says:

    Iwe Sanga vinjeru nivyakuperebera nadi ngati belemeza panji mutondoli!

    U need mental diagnosis, it is with this regretable thinking that most political parties fail to embrace multiparty to foster development especially the so called ruling parties!

    Sanga know this Northern Region wil be there as it has been, but pple like you wil come and go so u better shut up your stinking probosis!

  49. CHEJALI says:

    Kkkkkkkk sanga mtumbuka opusa kwambiri koma atumbuka muzatheka inuiuuuuu

  50. Dr Mrs Ben Phiri Mutharika says:

    You are all foolish perfect idiots supporting DPP and mathakonyula. Atumbuka simudzatheka, is it not MCP government which made Mzuzu as City to act as nucleus of development in the north? Is it not MCP government which tarred most roads in the north? Is it not MCP government which initiated and implemented Vipsa plantations in the north where certain lhomwes have plundered with you tumbukas clapping hands? Is it not MCP government which established many agricultural institutions including linyangwa agricultural research station? And many more; development is a process. Stop that madness of criticizing MCP on everything. Have Yu already forgotten your relatives which were killed by DPP regime? Keep quiet and just concentrate on screwing each other as your number one entertainment. You had JB and Khumbo why didn’t they initiate development in their own homeland? Instead they were busy screwing each other , merry making and stealing. Stop that cry baby. F……..k

  51. Is it only DPP cadres who pay taxes in Malawi for this idiot to say that nosense? Mutharika is a President for the whole country,must not concetrate development to his home area only.Iwe Sanga kodi ni amayi wako okha amene alipila ma taxes for development.Primitive politics will not take you anywhere.

  52. Edwin Mwalwen says:

    Stupid Sanga

  53. bright says:

    People like this one, they deserve to be killed together with Vuwa. Foolish man, how can u say tht, what have gained from the dpp. Jst because they have given a fuckin chance to stand under their brand. You are a sucker Saka.

  54. Chindani Umo Mungathere says:

    Atumbuka nonse munya. Palibe akuthetsa quota system. Ngati analephera Atumbuka anzanu Khumbo Kachali ndi Joyce Banda, ndiye mufuna DPP itani? Get lost hypocrites.

  55. Airforce 1 says:

    Democracy must be so scaring if it is shaped like such. Or may be someone might have missed its pillars.

  56. Chinde says:

    Atumbuka Atumbuka kumamvetsa zinthu! Without Mutharika and DPP, the North would have still been dead. Atumbuka nonse munavotera Mtumbuka mnzanu Joyce Banda, yet despite all her stupidity, Joyce Banda never abolished the quota system. Ngakhale Khumbo Kachale anali wosangalala kuti Mtumbuka mnzake Joyce Banda sanathetse Quota. Where was Nyondo and the notorious Livingstonia Synod during Amai’s time? Ndiye pano Atumbuka muli yaviyavi, mwati Quota ithe, munya.

  57. mtumbuka1 says:

    You can go fuck yourself, who gives a damn about your dpp? How many mutharikas and dpp regimes have ruled Malawi and what have they done to the north besides killing 20 people on July 20 and imposing quota system that punishes people from the north? You and your dpp leader can go and screw each other. People of the north equally pay taxes to this useless government and we don’t need some peter mutharika or some dpp party to have development we rightly deserve it just like any other tax paying citizen so don’t politicise development.

  58. Odi uko amayi adults says:

    Kunena kwandithe ndithe nanthambwe anazitengela Sungu you are a foolish man

  59. Syo says:

    Ndale zachimidzi. Anamutenga kuti ameneyi munthu osokoneza osakonda dziko lake.

  60. Malawiyano says:

    You can go to hell with your DPP , you will either not win

  61. Mapiri says:


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