DPP gurus jolt on Misa-Malawi elections: Nankhumwa tells MBC staff not to vote for Zodiak’s TT

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is running scared on the Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) Malawi chapter elections slated for May 6 and has instructed employees at the state controlled MBC not to vote for Tereza Temweka (TT) Ndanga who works for Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation (ZBS).

Tereza Ndanga of Zodiak vying for the chair post

The DPP takes Ndanga and ZBS as sworn enemies due to her determination to report the truth and has never been in good books with the DPP including State House.

The fearless Ndanga will be competing for the presidency of Misa against corporate journalist Frank Phiri.

Nyasa Times can reveal that DPP gurus have now come out in the open and offered their support to Phiri and have instructed employees at state controlled media houses, MBC and Malawi News Agency to vote for Phiri.

“It was Local Government Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa who met some of our collegues and relayed the message that we should not vote for Ndanga but Phiri. But then this is a secret ballot and I don’t know how they are going to know if we have really voted for Phiri,” said one of the employees at MBC.

Nankhumwa, known for acquiring vast wealth within two years as cabinet minister has promised to ‘pump in millions’ in Phiri’s campaign.

“He said he will make everything possible to make sure that Ndanga is not elected Misa Chairperson because the media will turn against DPP if Ndanga wins,” said the source.

Ndanga is vying for the chairmanship with Times Group’s Cliff  Kawanga as her Vice and Pondani of Times Group as well completing the team as National Governing Council member.

The MISA Malawi Chapter has seen many of its activities slowed down since the body stopped receiving financial assistance from the NAMISA regional headquarters two years ago.

Currently MISA Malawi is being chaired by Thom Khanje, with Yvonne Sundu as his deputy and Winnie Botha as NGC member.

This year’s AGM is slated for May 6 which will fall side by side with commemorations for World Press Freedom Day with Lilongwe playing host to the events.

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14 thoughts on “DPP gurus jolt on Misa-Malawi elections: Nankhumwa tells MBC staff not to vote for Zodiak’s TT”

  1. ndondwa says:

    Tereza Temweka Chirwa Ndanga yemweyo I like this fearless lady asafuna asiye iyaaaa

  2. khanyiziral says:

    Kuyalukatu uku. Kodi simmayesa ma vote amakhala a chinsinsi! Nkhani yake?

  3. Wanjiko says:

    Malawi !!!! A sinking country under Lhomwe government.

  4. Boma Loyaluka ili, kuchita kuopa ndi Njokaluzi yomwe, Hedeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    “Tereza Yemweyo! Kuti Waaa! Waaa! Waaa!!

  5. Nyau Thing says:

    Nankhumwa is a thief and Tereza Ndanga is NOT GOOD! Palibe chabwino apa!

    Vote for Ken Msonda instead! Why? Because he floored Brian Banda another useless punk yemwe zomwe anadya za cashgate zamuthera!

  6. mtete says:

    I assume MBC staff are professionals and will vote as they see fit. Why vote for Phiri who will not exercise professionalism once elected but bend to the whims of Nankhumwa who, by the way, has so far failed miserably to crack his whip on errant Chiradzulu DPP councillors who have openly told all of us that they want to use government resources for party functions.

  7. staford nduwaluwa says:

    Koma anthu manyazi mulibe ndale zili zose hahahaaaa wadabwa chule mmadzi muli mwake mndanga woooyeeeeee

  8. lucius says:

    in a secret vote they will not know who has voted who

  9. Muonosile says:

    Ndanga yemweyo

  10. zatonse says:

    Koma boma la alomweli very shameful in all angles, fear for the unknown, angowopa chili chonse. Ngati mukunena boma mukuyendetsa bwino, who can write against you ……….. why? why? mantha inu a DPP running away from your own shadow? The WHOLE minister campaigning for Misa-Mw elections?

  11. santana says:

    Does MISA have the muscle to shake the ruling governments that there can be fear to the extent of spending millions? Give me an example of a govt from Bakili’s to APM where the govt was shaken and lost control because of this group. Malawi, whose majority of people are in the village do not use the media to get wholesome information about their govt. The only information which is true is the one coming from their loved politicians, not the media. So there is no fear for Ndanga or whoever. What I can smell here is just a propaganda to make hatred between the two allied parties as this lady is a wife to a prominent figure in the UDF. But this has failed from the start. Is it not the same Ndanga who was shivering in the presence of APM during the press?

    1. amango says:

      Stop peddling lies unashamedly. Tereza is not married to UDF’s Ndanga. Her husband is in the military.

  12. Nyerere ndiye ineyo says:

    Zabereni paja inu kuba ndiye kwanu a DPP tione ngati apa mungadutse….Tereza woyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  13. zax says:

    Ndale ndale chilichose pa malawi hmmm

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