DPP gurus want Muhara back at Malawi Revenue Authority: Masangwi championing move

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) gurus are pressurizing President Peter Mutharika to remove Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Commissioner General Ralphael Kamoto and replace him with former Commissioner General now High Court Judge Lloyd Muhara.

Justice Muhara:  Favourite of Mulhakho movement to head MRA

Justice Muhara: Favourite of Mulhakho movement to head MRA

Impeccable sources confided to Nyasa Times that beleaguered businessman and DPP MP Noel Masangwi is the one who is in the fore front of pushing Kamoto’s exit and has brought in some big gurus from ethnic grouping Mulhakho wa Ahlomwe to strengthen their case.

Masangwi caused  controversy at MRA after he was assisted corruplty for his export banned round wood to China worth millions of Malawi Kwacha.

Another source from Capital Hill colloborated the story saying Secretary to the Treasury Ronald Mangani was instructed to find a replacement for Kamoto but declined to do so.

Masangwi and his Mulhako group is said to have sent a message to President Mutharika warning him of risking the support of the grouping if he were to maintain Kamoto.

“Masangwi and company are proposing the name of Muhara to have a second go at MRA because he is one of them and easily to manipulate,” said the source.

As a result of the development, President Mutharika has summoned the MRA Board of Directors headed by Evelyn Mwapasa to a meeting this coming Friday at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre to discuss the issues.

Most members of the Mulhako wa Alhomwe feel ‘insulted’ by cracking down of Masangwi who is touted as being the ‘untouchable’ as long as MRA issues are concerned.

Kamoto has also come hard on Asians of Malawian origins for tax evasion cases. Most of the Indian businessmen dine and wine with top government officials including the President and are the top “well-wishers” of the DPP as well as the Head of State.

In an earlier report, Nyasa Times investigations revealed that MRA is chasing after more than K22 billion in unpaid taxes from Indian businessmen through the courts.

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Telling the Truth

MRA has been subjected to political interference since its birth in 2000. In Zambia and Zimbabwe the persons who were appointed Commissioner General of the Revenue Authorities in 2001 and 2003 in these countries are still running the Revenue Authorities In Malawi Kamoto who is not performing is the 6th Commissioner General since 2000. It cannot be true that all previous incumbets were not performing except Muhara and Phiri. Comparatively MRA is bringing in less tax revenue in real terms than before MRA


There is no pure truth in this imaginary story tale. Can Masangwi and Mangani put pressure on the president? Even a goat will known its a pure lie. Masangwi and Mangani are not DPP gurus. Reporters, if you want to go higher in the field, its time you start reporting true stories not this hearsays. We will love to hear true news which have full evidence, not this dream stories.


MALAWI IS WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha Lewis

Mulungu akakuotcheni mbava zonse


Kamoto is failing to meet targets because they have been raised abnormally high in order to fund the ZERO AID budget. The targets of the predecessors are not the same. Secondly, the biggest businessmen in Malawi are Indians and the politicians – if one forgoes those, then where will he get the money to meet those effen crazy targets!!! Sankhani chimodzi anyapapi a DPP…

Chi things

Ukutchula Biziwick ndiwe chitsiru. Biziwick is a hule, he slept with most married women and he is nepotistic. We don’t want him. Bringing him back means Agnes Katsonga will also come back. Please we’ve had enough of Biziwick and Agnes’

A Kulemeka should retire please. Tatopa kutchingilidwa malo pa MRA pano

Free advice to that attendants of the so called meeting: Review MRA’s performance since Kamoto and Mbilizi joined MRA. Compare with their predecessors. Was there need really NEED to remove Biziwick and Kulemeka, a perfect combination that made sure MRA never missed its target? Now missing targets is no strange for MRA. Review WHY!!! If you wanna remove Kamoto, remove Mbilizi also but be careful with who you replace them with. Swallow your pride and put Biziwick back. After all, he is already on MRA pay roll as Commissioner General. You can try others also like Jimmy Lipunga. If you… Read more »
Mr. phiri Nyasulu

Anthu akuMalawi sitidzatutuka, chifukwa timalephera kusiyanitsa ndale ndi ntchito. Mapolitician akuno ndi adyera amafuna zonse zikhale zawo. akumatengeka ndi timamillion tomwe amwenye amapeleka kuti alemerere mmanyumba mwawo , uku amwenyewo akuthawa kulipira nsonkho iwo nkumawasekerera. Amwenye amenewa akusugulira Mabillions ankhani nkhani ansonkho koma boma kudzera kwa ma advisor a president akumawasekerera chifukwa amawapatsa ndalama kuti azilemera ndimabanja awo anthu enafe tikuvutika. Padakali pano mankhwala mulibe nchipatala. petrol akweranso mu August muno . ALHOMWE musiyeni Peter ayendetse dziko musamubalalitse, zinthu zasokonekera kale. Anthu adyerawa amanene akumupanga advice president wanthu zolakwikwa atienjeza…KAENDE, KASAENDE????????????????????????????

Saweta Njoka Mnyumba

Not a well researched article though. The article fails to tell us that Kamoto is the Uncle to the VP’s wife (brother to her mother) and that he was strategically put at MRA by the VP. He should also go, I don’t care who replaces him, but his close relationship with the VP’s family smacks of bias and favouritism at its best.


if these mulakho guys think they can persued Peter mutharika to do their wishes alemba mmadzi ndithu. munapha kale brother wake Bingu ndi inu nomwe agalu inu. muzingolira chomwecho basitu, namalomba is the best ever example that peter alibe nanu ntchito afiti inu. akakhala namalomba yo uchitsiru wake ndi umene uinampweteketsa kaya.

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