DPP hold demos against ‘sickening rumours’ on Mutharika

Hundreds of followers of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Saturday afternoon took it to the street to demonstrate against those who have been spreading rumours that President Arthur Peter Mutharika is critically ill while others reached the extent of claiming the Malawi leader is dead.

DPP demo

DPP demo

DPP supporters take to the streets in Blantyre

DPP supporters take to the streets in Blantyre

The rumours gained currency after  government’s silence and the president’s delayed return from the United States of America where he went to attend a United Nations General Assembly meeting.

Mutharika left Malawi on 16th September for the assembly and was expected back home on 29th of the same month.

But speaking to journalists during the march to Blantyre District Commissioners Office where they delivered a petition, DPP Governor for the South Charles Mchacha said the party has gone through rough and tough times reading the comments about Mutharika’s claimed ill-health due to his delayed return through social media.

Mchacha said as much as his party understands that people have a right of freedom of speech-as stipulated in the constitution of the Republic of Malawi, but said they are supposed to have limits.

He said people have being talking alot of ‘nonsense’ towards Mutharika.

“So today we submitted the petition to show our grievances, we want the social media, all ill-intentioned Malawians to respect our
president” said Mchacha.

The petition was signed by Mchacha himself and was delivered to Blantyre DC Charles Kalemba.

In the petition, Mchacha wants action against those who “exceeded the boundaries of freedom of speech”.

The march protests started at Sunbird Mount Soche through Clock Tower to the DC office all the way to Southern Region DPP office.

President Mutharika is expected to return home this Sunday through Kamuzu International Airport at exactly 3:00pm according to latest information from Presidential Press Secretary Mgeme Kalirani.

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9 thoughts on “DPP hold demos against ‘sickening rumours’ on Mutharika”

  1. Big Man says:

    I think the main issue here is about communication. I question Minister of information and spokes-person if they know and respect the power of communication. i expect them to address this issue once and for all by concisely address the public with the comprehensive information. Advisors would advise the president to address Malawians and refute or dispute the rumour.

    However, you are busy making noise (to me it is noise) to intimidate those people, lying and making nonsense comments on the health of president. Thats stupidity to protest against the rumour because we Malawians we have been renient for our president. how can the president be in silence for 34 days – we are talking of a month and four days without addresing any issue of our interest as citizens of Malawi.

    I am giving you a due date of this coming friday 21 October 2016. If i wont see president in public, i will do these two days.
    1 declare him incapacitated
    2 I will declare SCC the president

  2. Gomezga says:

    Ngakhale mutayankhula bwanji Chitsiru sichingave. Ngakhale kuti magetsi, madzi zikuvuta kapena kuti kulibe chitsiru sichingawone, ngakhale pamatchapo akanakhala ndi amene dziko likumusawa ndiye zikana mveka chitsiru sichingazindikirebe.

    Ndatopa kukhala pakati pa zitsiru zowombera manja ziri zonse.

  3. Malawi says:

    There is only one who defeated death and that’s Christ alone. Because of that we are afraid of death and therefore anyone who speculates death of another person, it is considered immoral and inhuman and must be condemned with the best words available. Worse is to speculate about death of a leader like a President. It creates unnecessary tension in a country.

    I hear we have freedoms but think of someone speculating death of your mother, father, son or daughter. How would you take such a message? A president is not an ordinary citizen, let us begin to respect the person holding the Presidency of the Republic of Malawi.

  4. Dr Alex Maulana says:

    You DPP fools f-u-c-k you ku nthawi za nthawi. Mudzayimbila mmanja mtembo. Chiprezident chanu choso mbuzi mach ende

  5. Nganga says:

    Hahah why shud their president be an exception? DPP talked alot of trash about JB, undressed her with words while she was the head of state, now zikhala bwanji zoipa kwa iwowo?. are malawian wring kufunsa kuti olembedwa ntchito wathu ali kut? even iwowo ukalemba ntchito munthu ngat sakuziwika komwe ali u ask thats nt a crime wake up my fellow Malawians. Instead of matching for zinthu za nzeru e.g. demanding solution for the electricity problems we have nw, stupid introduction of taxes u r busy with such nonsense? if u defend mediocrity how r they going to change? when we surfer are you immune, mesa its the whole economy that collapses?. Mukutiphera ufulu ndichibwana choika kumbuyo atsogoleri akamalakwisa. Time for serious change

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Mchacha and your DPP don’t intimidate us.

    Lest you don’t know,the president and government of Malawi use money deducted from my salary. I spend 30 days walking to and from work to earn my salary. Its not free monies at all.

    1. Malawi says:

      The story is told that when Unoka was visited by Okoye he asked Unoka for the two hundred cowries that Unoka had borrowed two years earlier. Okoye needed the money for the ceremony in which he would purchase the third highest title of honor. Unoka burst into laughter and pointed to the wall on which he recorded his debts. He told Okoye that tradition required him to repay his largest debts before repaying small ones like his debt to Okoye. Okoye left without his money.

      Those who pay real tax ali phee. Inu a ma pay-as-you earn ndiye mukusokosera apa. Tax, tax.

  7. che uzi says:

    Kkkkk that’s politics, a dirty game!!!

  8. moze says:

    But why were they chanting saulos achoke. What wrong has chilima done?

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