DPP is breaking and falling from inside, Ntata v Ben Phiri: Malawi politics

In most cases, Malawians distort history while it is made, especially about politics, because they are usually prejudiced against truth that does not endorse their political opinions. Malawians usually want to be told what they want to hear, and when they are told something different, they tend to stick to what they think is the truth, even if it defies every logic and available facts.



I read an article entitled, “Solution to Allan Ntata Vs Ben Phiri: Malawi Politics” . The article is a very good example of how Malawians deliberately distort the making of history in our politics, reject available substantiated truth and opt for speculation that best feeds their unguided curiosity and suspicion.

The author of the article stated that there is a political problem between Allan Ntata and Ben Phiri, and the problem requires a political solution which must address the root cause. According to the author, the root cause of what he thinks is the problem between Ntata and Phiri is that Phiri is a greedy guy who wants everything for himself, and that President Mutharika lacks cultural manners of appreciating those that helped to put him in power.

On Ntata, the author asserted that Ntata criticises Phiri because he needs a job which Phiri can get for him from the President. The author concluded the article by suggesting that Phiri should have secured a diplomatic post for Ntata somewhere far away in order to silence him.

The article is a sad example of distortion of truth, and history while it is made.

Before I get to my business, let me make it clear first, that I do not agree with Ntata continuously calling President Mutharika a Puppet and Phiri the Puppet Master because while these two may in some way relate in such type of a relationship, such titles are considered personal insults and demeaning of the Head of State. Ntata is entitled to his opinions and has the freedom to express them in every manner he deems right. I however, feel he needs to choose his words carefully, considering how Malawians understand certain type of words, unless he intentionally chooses such a word – which of course does not change my opinion that it is improper.

After giving my free advice to Ntata, let me now set the records straight on Allan Ntata and Ben Phiri to discourage erroneous sentiments that some facebookers, columnists and propagandists so dearly hold. I believe that both, Ntata and Phiri, would love the nation to remember them by truth of what really happened, and not by distorted facts.

First, Phiri is not greedy for failure to give Ntata a job neither does President Mutharika possess uncultured manners for failure to reward Ntata, because Phiri was appreciative and generous enough to consider Ntata for the post of Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), but Ntata himself turned down the offer. Ntata himself is on the record to have confirmed that Phiri told him that he had him considered for the post of ACB Director, and that it was out of his own will that he turned down the offer, because he was not interested to secure a job with government. It is therefore, illogical and a deliberate choice of ignorance to accuse Phiri of greed and failure to offer Ntata a job.

Second, Ntata’s criticism against DPP government are not a cry for a job as the author of the article I mentioned and some propagandists assert, because apart from turning down the consideration for the ACB post, it is a well known fact among interested parties, that Ntata has a job which I believe pays much better.

Ntata works as Company Secretary for RAK Gas which is one of the oil companies in Malawi from the United Arab Emirates. Apart from that, he also does consultancy services for international organizations such as Transparency International. It is thus clear that the assertion that Ntata is only frustrated and needed a job from Phiri and Government can only come from individuals that are prejudiced or are lazy to research on individuals before they write or comment on their lives and motives.

Third, my observation is that there never was anything like “Allan Ntata vs Ben Phiri,” because while it is very true that Ntata has persistently criticised and attacked Phiri, something which I personally acknowledged in my previous article, Ntata’s main war is against mediocrities of DPP government in general. Phiri’s behaviour just happened to be one of the mediocrities that DPP needed to sort out. To appreciate that the interests of Ntata stretch beyond Phiri, we need to consider for instance, that Ntata was one of the first whistle-blowers on the sale of MSB and exposed the mysteries and evils surrounding the sale. Ntata also criticised the Public Service Reforms and recommended reducing the Presidential powers. Ntata also recommended on netting the big fish in the Cash-gate investigations and the need for Cash-gate criminals to return the stolen wealth to government. Ntata has shared a lot of issues of national interest which had nothing to do with Phiri.

Fourth, it is highly imperative to always remember how Malawian politics work. After Elections, the new governments always reward those that contributed remarkably towards a victorious election while throwing away liabilities. The new ruling party also employs those that it considers assets to its party and government, even if they were members or supporters of other Parties during campaign. Ntata is both, an asset and a remarkable contributor towards DPP success since the very first term of DPP Bingu’s regime; the late Bingu wa Mutharika, entrusted Ntata with strategy and several leading capacities on the ground and in the media during the 2009 Elections campaign which DPP won with a landslide victory. Again, Ntata’s contributions towards DPP 2014 campaign still linger fresh even in our short- term memories. Ntata did a great job, and that is the reason why some believe that he ought to have been rewarded by Phiri and Mutharika.

Now, with this knowledge in mind, about Malawian politics and the history of Ntata with DPP, it is very easy to appreciate that Phiri and DPP could not have left Ntata out of the new government. Therefore, if Ntata does not have a job in government, then he definitely chose not to have the job, because that’s the only politically logical explanation and of course the truth.

Finally, having put the record straight on Ntata and Phiri, let me appeal to the DPP leadership, to put its house in order. The truth is that DPP is breaking and falling from inside. President Mutharika need to personally address the matter and heed the many voices whether from Cadets, Ntata, or anybody who has sense in what they say.

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32 thoughts on “DPP is breaking and falling from inside, Ntata v Ben Phiri: Malawi politics”

  1. pamsundu says:

    Tired of gossips don’t they have something to do?

  2. DOBO says:

    The truth is that this story is written by Ntata himself in disguise.He seems to be frustrated.The best Ntata can do is to join PP or MCP other wise everything behind his dids including his writings are nothing but frustrations to provoke favours from DPP. I think he has to take another approach rather than crying thinking that parents will hear you.

  3. Namacherenga says:

    Gada, I wonder how DPP wrestled power from MCP, which power? As far as I remember, DPP wrestled power from PP. The last time any power was wrestled from MCP was in 1994.

  4. beb says:

    Ben phiri has built flats at CI in Blantyre. This man from store boy where did he get such money if not through corruption

  5. Kalithera says:

    I’m seeking and tired of this Ntata issue , If I were the news controller of the online, I would have given the Ntata issue a six month break. Amangwetu , yesterday Ntata , today ntata , tommorrow the same thing. Ladies and …………., give us a break

  6. Moya says:

    Malawians why do we accept mediocrity among our system? We need the new Dr banda, Dr chakufwa chihana, even the old brave muluzi to challenge the government by calling a sped a sped thats why we need to give those former leaders 5 stars they were brave but now we have a bunchl of cowards and making a lot of noise like pigs. I would call it piggy behaviour we are left with now.

  7. Tengupenya says:

    the prospect of a certainty of “nsima” on the table all the time voted DPP into power. go ask the majority who voted for DPP then you will find out the truth!

  8. manyuchi says:


  9. Chipapwiche says:

    Can we have a break on this Ntata Ntata articles. We want to read articles on how we can develop Malawi and not somebody salivating for a position which never comes. Ntata or whoever must know that we are tired of reading these Ntata Ntata articles. The author of this article,if its not Ntata himself,has miserably failed to give an honest assessment of the so called article… Ndikutumire ukandifunsire kwa Ntata kuti kodi iye ndi political analyst kapena DPP analyst? Zikuchitika ku chipani cha PP sangalembepo ksnthu? Aaaaasa

  10. Mngoni says:

    Whether Ntata or who so ever, malawi is falling because of appeasement politics…, we are tired reading about Allan Ntata…., please write us issues we need to get ideas on how malawi can develop not begging the whole country to sympathize with one feller.., who seems lost because the party he thought would do him favours…for whatever reasons best known to them seems forsaking him.
    Its high time as nalawians and as a nation we need to think big let’s graduate from attracting attention to these petty issues,
    Malawians let’s focus on real issues…don’t draw our attention to these nonsense of issues!

  11. Gada says:

    The level of corruption in DPP and this administration is beyond what Malwians can comprehend. To think that Ben is the head of civil service is not only corrupt but also a way to undermine the integrity of those in civil service. Based on this article and the comments by the DPP cadets it is obvious that Ben and Ntata gave the DPP the election. Remember the text messages that were exposed by some one towards the end? Well if that was true then we should be afraid indeed. Thse DPP cadets are not cheaters but they have already started bragging about their man as the chief justice and that come 2019 they are already guaranteed another presidency. What is interesting how ever is how they have come to that conclusion. We know Mbendera gave them the election so it would not be surprising if this is their plan come 2019. never the less I am sure the Expose by Natat will shade more light as to how the DPP wrestled power from MCP through their connection with the Judge Mbendera. I think this equation can not be complete without Bright Malopa who is also jostling for a position within the DPP cadre. If he had his way, he would have both Ben and Ntata done away with as he is the one who ushered DPP into power during Bingu and therefore the major architect of all the fortunes DPP has had over the years.

  12. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Voters made peter the president not little known ntata or malopa they are just wasting their time

  13. Sapitwa says:

    DPP breaking and falling from inside? This time had passed longtime ago when Abiti Ntila had just taken over. Remember the exodus. People never gave it a slightest chance to survive and many were happy to ensure in diminished. It is therefore incorrect to assume that Ntata and Ben Phiri are equals DPP that if these two continue with their personal fight then the party will die well wrong!
    People are saying DPP mbava; adabera mavoti, has a clueless President. Nothing new. What I can say is that whether they won through umbava, well then ndi chipani cha mibanga! Very rare to see a party that relinquished power to come back to win elections in what ever way like DPP.
    These same clueless puppets will still win come 2019. Ambiri adzakomoka, kinyeredwa,kuzimbidwa etc. osamawadelera alomwe chifukwa ngakhale kampeni yowopsyeza, iwo amaiziwa. Mukafunse mamuna wa Akweni, akuuzani.

  14. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Great article, only a shallow fool would disagree

  15. Nanenso Analyst says:

    The author is agreeing with Ntata that ‘prime minister’ Ben Phiri is responsible for top jobs appointment. No distortion therefore. Secondly, Ntata did not really turn down the ACB appointment; rather, he knew he would not have made it through parliament. Rember how the public reacted so viciously to the rumour about Ntata’s possible appointment to ACB! As they say these days: ‘anayiwelenga patali’

  16. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Sizikutikhudza ife. Some of us are busy starting our own enterprises or making them a float. While you are doing your useless researches on individuals that do not matter to you, Burundians, Tanzanians, Nigerians, Pakistanese and Indians are busy getting rich in the same enviroment that you are in. Why should precious Malawians waste their time with the talk of Malopas, Phiris and Ntatas? Who are they anyway? Wake up Malawians and smell the coffee.

  17. Kenkkk says:

    Better article this time but totally agree with Makito observations. It is absolutely abnormal, 100% wrong that Ben should be offering positions or appointing people, who is he? Or should I say should have been? But the writer of the article somehow seems to think that is or was okay.

    The article confirms what most of us free thinkers that ntata to some extent was or is right in his criticisms of this govt. He is also not a frustrated man as dpp boot lickers have always falsely claimed.

  18. Getu Petulo Trivia Salanje says:

    DPP party of mother fu…..kers, tribalists, fortune seekers, crooks like Noel Masangwieeel. Socerers like JIJO Chapondera, mbava ngati Le si tone Mullipo.

  19. Getu Petulo Trivia Salanje says:

    DPP party of darkness and murderers. Chasowa, July 20 victims et al. Fuel shortage looming. Kaya koma kubera zisankho

  20. God where are we heading to,bless our mother Malawi.

  21. douxy says:

    All politicians in Malawi are actors and actresses. They should just join the film industry.

  22. Jose' says:

    ACB Director, Allan Ntata — kkkkk- hahahaha mwandisekesa. In rocks?

  23. Aaron Nsena says:


  24. Sekulu says:

    How easily people forget. The spirit of truth will always move on despite the shakers fading to black. Incredibly balanced piece of writ.

    Keep the fire burning and relive the Kinn spirit. U are not alone.

  25. John says:

    I am seeking Ntata in this article, trying to balance facts here and there but largely written in favour of himself.

    By the way, can someone school me how Ntata handed Peter the Presidency? At least for Bingu, iused to see him on TV with Moffat Banda, and other guys campaigning so hard for Bingu in the run up to 2009 elections.

  26. Steve says:

    U should be writing to us often. i ges most of us arent well versed in this research thing you are talking but resort to shortcuts to conclude matters.

  27. Soko says:


  28. drakes says:

    Very good article

  29. half man half biscuit says:

    mr malopa mukuvutikiranji ndi kulemba izi. article iyi muli language yanu ndi ya ntata. nkhani ndiyoti are the three of you (ntata, malopa & phiri) so indispensable the president is failing to make a decision? kodi a president tamufunsenikoni saulosi on how to deal with this. as vp he is ur chief advisor.

  30. makito says:

    The author of this informative article has made many assumptions. First that he knows better than anyone else. Second, that it is agreed by all Malawians that posts in government are for sharing by the ruling party diehards. And he finds it normal, nay, extraordinary, that Ben Phiri could be that “generous” as to offer Ntata a post at the helm of ACB. And he hasnt forgotten that Ben was only a Special Assistant to the President. This is characteristic of a sick club where what is normally abnormal is seen as normal.

    In truth therefore, from the beginning, his biased/distorted view of things renders his views just an opinion like any other person’s. It is not setting any record straight. Actually in my view he has done more damage to the whole situation.

    Ntata and Malopa might be assets to DPP, just like sometimes you do need the likes of Akweni and Kudontoni, but they have not demonstrated any leadership and technical skills. Really no one should be telling us they are the best Malawi has ever produced, because they arent.

    Lyson does write well, seen from this article, but lacks critical analytical skills. This is just an opinionated article.

  31. thinktankmalawi says:

    Oh so Phiri is the de facto appointing authority…So Ntata is right after all

  32. phwiyonaire says:

    Well said.

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