Mchacha dismantles DPP structures in Kalindo constituency: MP kicked out of party

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has finally kicked out “attention seeker” MP Bon Kalindo and has since dismantled all constituency political structures for Mulanje South constituency.

Mchacha: Kalindo has no control of DPP structure in his constituency

Mchacha: Kalindo has no control of DPP structure in his constituency

The decision to fire Kalindo comes barely 10 days after he was summoned to a disciplinary hearing.

DPP regional governor for the south Charles Mchacha confirmed that the party was replacing all political structures set up by Kalindo in Mulanje South.

“We are reorganising the party in the constituency because we discovered that they were set up without following party policy,” said Mchacha.

This literally means Kalindo has been kicked out of the DPP.  The MP resigned his post at deputy spokesman and as a members of the National Governing Council.

Mchacha said Kalindo will have nothing to do with the new constituency committee which he said will be set up soon.

Kalindo, a comedian-cum-politician, is accused of insurbodination after he organised a nude protest a few weeks ago to demonstrate against the barbaric killings of people with albinism.

DPP says he should have asked for permission from the party before urging Malawians to walk naked.

Kalindo said he is yet to receive communication on the matter.

He will however remain MP for his constituency until 2019 when the mandate of all legislators expire.

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Chipani chomwe ndimachidziwa ine ndichimenechi cha DPP ndichyambi chabe ichi tichotsedwa ambiri kkkkkkkkk

Owen Khamula, if you are a trained journalist, you have no right to characterize Kalindio as “the attention seeker”. Your job is simply to report other than giving names to people. Kalindo can sue you because he has no forum on which he can hit back to you for your unprofessional journalism. If this is what Mchacha and company called Kalindo, your job is to report as such and am sure how to frame reported speech.If you hate him, don’t show it in public, otherwise I would advise to stop practicing journalism. I am not surprised that these days even… Read more »

For your own information, these online publications do not have qualified journalists, editors whatsoever.Sometimes they publish stories based on social media reports without any effort to investigate. Its a shame for Malawi as most of us with the internet age tend to read more online news due to their flexibility than wait for a paper in the morning…But in the end we are getting a raw deal.




DOES This mean DPP is supporting or behind the killings of our brothers and sisters of Albinism?


KOMA DI PHI PHI AYAYAYAYAYAYA , ikanakhala congress apa mukanatumiza MBC TV , Kalindo you are a great man.

chief activist

what if we had ten ppo of kalindo type?………………………..wat kinda of a party which preaches unity in its set up find itself firing sb else whose common cause tallied with the the governing party?………..appeasing isnt a panancea,,,,,,,,,in political; partisim,,,,,,,,,,,,hon kalindo thumbs up up……..for having expressd yo freedom to the boundary,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,alimo ena mu dpp onga ngat kalindo but cowardice is failing dem to come out,,,,,,,,,,,,its high time we be like PORTIUS PILATE during the trial of jesus who chose to distance himself frm the truth fo fear of being disshed out of his govenor ship by then


Oh my first impression after reading the title was that Kalindo is fired from the party. But reading the article, I realize that the firing caption is just the interpretation of the author and not what has actually happened. Malawian journalism hihihihihi

Honeycomb Chidyaudzu

I think the problem is Nyondo and not the writer of the article. You can easily see that the DPP has contructively fired Kalindo not otherwise.

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