DPP MP says Malawi hunger no longer looming but a reality: ‘People eating water lilies’

As Malawi elected leaders and others are lavishing course after course of meals, a law maker for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Dr Chidanti Malunga has drawn the attention of parliament that there is  a food crisis and millions of Malawian now cannot afford a decent meal.

DPP MP Malunga: Malawians are starving

DPP MP Malunga: Malawians are starving

Malunga who is MP  for Nsanje South West, told parliament this week that people in his constituency and other parts of the country are starving.

“For more than three months now, we in this House have been talking about looming hunger in the country. I am afraid, Mr Second Deputy Speaker, Sir, that in Nsanje South West, the situation is very scary. Hunger is no longer looming. It is a reality, and there is hunger now,” said Malunga.

Malunga told the House that he visited villages in his constituency and found” appalling and pathetic” levels of suffering of the people.

“I found some people eating water lilies. Water lily is an aquatic plant scientifically known as Nymphaea Odorata locally known as Nyika. For those of you who do not know, I have carried some and I would like the cameras to show this,” said Malunga.

He showed Nyika, a water lily to the House, saying “these are the roots.”

“It is very sad that some Malawians will have to eat this, while others are enjoying elsewhere,” lamented the parliamentarian.

He said for the entire weekend that he visited his constituency; there is no maize at any of the two ADMARC markets that serve area.

He asked for information “if there is anyone in this House who can truthfully stand up and tell us, the people of Nsanje South West, where we are exactly with the maize purchase. We need to know.”

Malunga continued: “One may ask why has the situation in Nsanje South West changed from looming to reality, quicker than the rest of the [flood] disaster areas?”

He explained that Nsanje South West is made up of two ecological zones, the aquatic zone, which accounts for about 40 per cent of the constituency and where it is prone to flooding and the terrestrial zone accounting for about 60 per cent of the constituency, where it is prone to drought.

Malunga said both of the zones are subject to agricultural activities, which under normal circumstances complement each other in a year but the 2015 season, the situation was different as both zones were hit by natural disasters.

“There was flooding in the aquatic zone and drought in the terrestrial zone, consequently, leading to serious food shortage,” he noted

“For example, maize that is largely grown in the transition areas between the aquatic zone and the terrestrial zone had reduced in yield by about 38 per cent in May, 2015, compared to the same period last year.

“Millet, largely grown in the terrestrial areas, has been reduced by 58 per cent under the same comparison,” he said, calling the figures “alarming.”

Malunga stressed that Nsanje South West is one of the areas requiring immediate food assistance.

“My appeal to government is to ask if they can respond to the situation as soon as possible.”

Commenting on the issue, Leader of the House Francis Kasaila said the country has enough maize to keep it going through the lean period.

He said there is “enough grain reserves in our storage facilities [at Kanengo in Lilongwe].”

But his statement attracted interjection as the Leader of Peoples Party (PP) in the House, Uladi Mussa stood on a point of order.

Mussa, who is MP for Salima South said Kasaila was “out of order” to say that maize is available at Kanengo, yet people are suffering in Nsanje.

“For maize to be at Kanengo is one thing; and for that maize to be available to the people who are suffering is another,” said Mussa.

Kasaila then said: “in far as the information that I have as a Minister is that we have enough grain in our reserves. What is the problem here? In the opinion of government it is that there is a lack of coordination. As leaders, if we know that there is a problem in our constituencies, let us take it upon ourselves to consult the relevant ministries so that we are assisted.”

He advised Malunga that “information has been taken care of and maize will be made available to Nsanje South West. “

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66 thoughts on “DPP MP says Malawi hunger no longer looming but a reality: ‘People eating water lilies’”

  1. vavlov says:

    The entire SADC experienced drought this year; therefore, if the government of Malawi hasn’t sourced food, famine in the country will will make the country ungovernable. It would be foolhardy for DPP to ignore the issue of famine in Malawi

  2. Chingaipe says:

    Where are the Joyce Banda printed maize bads which were filled with “rotten” maize? Mbava za ma politician…..mulibe manyazi as you do it!

  3. burnettie says:

    food for thought:there is hunger people are eating water lillies or people are buying abag of maize at k9800 or people eat nothing at all going to bed on empty stomach.inuyo muli ndi mareserve ku kanengo mukanatumiza kuti?

  4. Tepsyliam Tepsy says:

    Not only nsanje its countrywide people in rural are starving imagine this month people are getting a bag of maize k9,800.govt should act.

  5. Nivindele says:

    Kunsanje amakonda nyika ndikale. Apo ayi bambaya. Kumadya maliseche alipantunda, Ameneyo Nde mtchenambo. Wa!

  6. C2K says:

    Since Kamuzu’s reign there’s no any company or factory being opened in Malawi, all we hear is the disappearence of govmnt money why are u still killing our beautifull Malawi and how many people will rely on business affirmations. Too much greedy on our Leaders if u are failing to run this small country plz many people will be living outside malawi to look for green pastures inorder to accomplish their dreams. How ca n you manage to drive expensive cars in a road full of pot holes and many people living in poverty? To all those who take themselvses as Leaders of Malawi try to coppy what Kamuzu was doing interms of standard of living. Chinese were behind Malawi in 31 yrs but now China is where we are getting a helping hand, if u knw hw to spend money u must knw how to make it. Very disapointed with Malawi’s of today plz2 Leaders try to attract neighbouring countries to open up companies by reducing the customs duties and Tax by doing may be people can find jobs in their own countries coz being a foreigner is no good at all . May this sms touches the Heart of Our Leaders

  7. kapalamula says:

    vuto kuti lithe tiphasule cabnet yonse kulowesa oti sanapangepo ndale thn zinthu zizasintha vuto aliyese akalowa mpaliament amatengera zazake ndiye vuto la copywrite Ndilimene tikulionanoli. Ndango dusa nkhwani ba thyolani

  8. Bandawe says:

    No no no. Nobody will die of hunger. We are a filthy rich country we cannot be talking about poverty and hunger we have plenty maize ( sitting in silos) and sound policies ( on paper). And please journalist don’t print this we need to show a rosy picture to the world. We can’t tell the truth……… That is a no no. Just tell the world that the water lilies are a delicacy and we are one big happy family and everything is alright!!!!!…….my foot!!!

  9. its all that we elected wrong leaders on our own. sometimeswe have to change that tendency of electing those already tried and failed. there is people with visionary leadership out there but we ignore them. lets learn and change our country together. why killing our own mother land??

  10. Chidongo j says:

    Anthu akumeneko ndiye ndi anzerudi chifukwa anavotera munthudi wanzeru namateture osati ma MP anewa cabichi weni weni. Inu a Pitala ndi a Chilima mwamuona munthu woyenera u minisitala wa Agriculture mukaphwasula cabinet yanu. Mwaonanso nokha mmene a Malawi tamunyadirira. Ndipo akanakhala 5 okha oganiza chonchi mu DPP anthu sitikudandaula nanu. Dera limenero simufunikanso kampeni anthu ake ndi anzeru kale ali ndi munthu wodalirika kale. Munthu walipota tumizani chimanga mawa anthu akufa ndi njala kumeneko chitani muja munapangira ndi zonofobia muja munathamanga kukawatenga a Malawi ndi chimodzimodzi di anthu amenewo kaye kaye kuti ali kumudzi kokuno. Iwe kutsaira osangotidi chimanga chiliko ku kweko chitani ma action ndi anthu ngati inu amaene mumalepheretsa boma, nyembanso zikufunika monga wanenera wina kale. Za paliamenti zanuzo imani kaye chifukwa imeneyo ndi ngozi. ndalama koma kumaonongere fashoni ndithu a DPP zazi.

  11. yakuona Jusabu says:

    BWANA MALUNGA. Box 219 , LILONGWE Simanama kuchokera kale. Kuno Kwa Mkwinda, takunyandirani.

    Boma Lamva madandu anu ndipo ndili ndi chikhulupirilo kuti anthu a kwanu athandizidwa mwachangu.

  12. Misozi says:

    Ndiye simukumvesetsabe zimene akunena anzathu kuti kukhazikisa Federal government kuzathekesa kuti chigawo chili chonse chizigawa chakudya (chogulisa) mu ma admarc malingana ndikusowekela kwa dela limenelo. Ichi ndi chisanzo chimozi chokha. AMalawi, federalism ndi njira yokhayo yochepesa umbava wa anthu owelengeka chifukwa chigawo chili chonse chimakhala ndi thumba lakelake.

  13. Gulugufe says:

    Ha! Palibe vuto apa! Asena anazolowera kudya nyika zokazingira mphenembe!

  14. Callistara wa Chimombo Mathanyula says:

    This guy ali ku Bunda as Lecturer, anaba laptop and was jailed. Mboni ndi Mr Mbesa, the then Head of Agricultural Engineering Department @ Bunda

  15. Rodgers Banda says:

    Govt has excellent thieves called ADMARC who milk poor people and Is not helping the poor but rich politicians.

  16. Callistara wa Chimombo Mathanyula says:

    This guy ali ku Bunda as Lecturer, anaba laptop and was jailed.

  17. Rodgers Banda says:

    Govt has excellent thieves called ADMARC who milk poor people and Is not helping the poor but rich politicians. They buy Cheap and sell @ 1000 percent

  18. tsetsefly says:

    Govt should learn to accept bad situations at times. People will die of hunger before you realize the truth you are denying now.

  19. becks says:

    Alex do you know the cost of irrigation farming? Do you know the role of an MP?. Do you know the principle of subsidiarity?

  20. becks says:

    You are supposed to be in the know that the responsibility of an MP is making laws and not providing food

  21. omar khaliffa says:

    Is true what the MP said

  22. james says:

    Dr Malunga did well to report. But I want to know wont he did as MP of the area, what help did he provide as the MP?

  23. Alex says:

    Complaining about ‘point of order’ again!

    This MP must be rather naive. The grain reserves at Kanengo are not for the starving Malawians in Nsanje or anywhere else.

    They are for the thieving politicians and their friends in the civil service and parastatals to steal and sell. Or else it will ‘rot’.

    It is to fill their pockets and build their ostentatious mansions.

    Let the poor Malawians starve! The politicians need to fill their enormous bellies.

  24. LAWFORD PALANI says:

    Kasaila find me at state house

  25. Mama says:

    The correct response should have been, right now I am calling the people responsible authorizing them to dispatch maize to the affected area NOW, and thank the MP for doing what he did to physically go and check and report in parliament and not reporting back doors to make the party look good when people are perishing. Period. Dispatch also beans as the nsima refuses to go alone down the throat.

  26. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Wawooooo,kani aliposo ena anthu (MP)olingalira bwino,I wish we had several of them but unfoturnete the rest are yes Boss…thanks Dr Malunga..

  27. clement says:

    Kodi nkhokwe za ku Luchenza zilibe chimanga?

  28. Dr. Godfrey Ganizani Mvuma says:

    This is what makes a difference between a Leader and just being a politician. And also education makes a difference – if you have a Doctorate and you are an MP this is what you are supposed to be doing because this is exactly what an enlightened person is supposed to be doing. Not just as a Hand-clapper or boot leaking. Bravo Dr. Malunga

  29. THE WISE ONE says:

    Dr.Chidanti Baaa mwalongadi tapimva….angadakhala anango mbadapilongabi thangoache Ali mu DPP mbwenye imwe pyepyo mudapionebi…ndakomerwa namee pyakwanga….

  30. eric says:

    Katsaila should wake up don’t just be used up. You all come from Nsanje do you mean you did not see the problems. Paja umadana ndi a kwanu see what you did to Matchaya. We thought by having you Nsanje will be different but alas. Create more jobs for your country men as fathers do. You will be loved in that case.

  31. tuvitwana says:

    Dr Malunga, why do u waste time at dpp? U sound very normal but ur in a WRONG party, wake up.

    1. Mr Dambwe says:

      There is no Mcp at southern region maybe u don’t know.

  32. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    Surprisingly both Kasaila and Chidanti and Kasaila are DPP MPS. Furthermore they come form the Lower Shire. One is sharing with us of what the situation on the ground is while the other is using the usual politics. Mr Kasaila or could it be “Chatsalira” I am very disappointed with you. People voted for you not to be glorifying your party policies but to serve their needs.

  33. ARICHO says:

    Malunga was indeed out of order because Malunga was saying that there is no maize in two ADMARK depots in his consitituency and yet Kasayila was talking aboutthe grain which is on display at the stratigic reserve

  34. Pias says:

    Its true

  35. piaschivana says:

    Mr Malunga that is what we want saying the truth and not only that thinking of others as well May God bless you.

    Your there to deliver the reality not to get the allowance and enjoy at the lake No.

    Others should learn from you.

  36. Atcheya says:

    If we had enough maize, you wouldn’t be going to the World Bank to get a loan to buy maize

  37. Alex Likoswe says:

    Mr MP you are sitting on Shire river. Who should irrigate water for you.
    Used to handouts

  38. That is why I don’t like this Dunderhead Kasaila.He is always on the defensive side.He is good at talking but he is always a liar.Shame Kasaila.

  39. hope van says:

    wonderful speech from my former lecturer at Bunda…..keep on serving your people Dr Malunga

  40. Ndepele says:

    Dr Malunga u r not crying for only pipo who voted for u even i who ddt vote for u. I wish we hd mps like u whole malawi. Keep up God Bless u. Njala ndi imodzi anthu inu!

  41. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Is there a District Commissioner in Nsanje at present? This MP is not fit to be in parliamnet but social welfare committee. If every MP brings these issues then there be disjointed operations on hunger in Malawi because the releif aid will be politically propmted and other areas will suffer. I know DPP.

    DCz office compiles all the data needed by government to work with.
    If government sends aid based on his speech then the DC should redeployed.

    Komabe you have done well to say it out in presence of everybody, I should thank you for that.

  42. Pasaulo says:

    Zidura mitengo whats all ever your name is you are useless ! Dr Malunga has potrayed heroism to people that chose him. What you are saying is what is betrahing malwians my friend. This time we need people who are royal to people

  43. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good job Mr Malunga no stress next term is waiting for you.See my name.

  44. Sellah Tracy K says:

    Bravo Dr Malunga! You really have the welfare of people at heart not enawa they are only concerned with their bellies. God bless you!

  45. Sellah Tracy K says:

    Bravo Dr Malunga! You really have the welfare of people at heart not enawa they are only concerned about their bellies. God bless you!

  46. kk says:

    I Like this guy

  47. viyazi tembo says:

    good man, I am from lowershire, I will come to your area to register so that I can vote u again back to parliament.

  48. Mitundu says:

    This is our product, The LUANAR is missing your services show them that you are a Lecture and may be the next Agriculture minster in the next cabinet reshuffle .And am advising his Excellency to do it as soon as possible .Kasaila will let Mutharika down .please we need people like Dr Chidanti Malunga to lead this country .

  49. thinktankmalawi says:

    Malunga has put constuency above partyxcalling out his own ruling party on maize situation….that’s real people representative

  50. Kadakwiza says:

    I like this Malunga guy. Is good. We need about 100 Malungas in Malawi right now. Not these other useless

  51. Rodgers Banda says:

    Be out of the cocoon and see starving Malawians and first class poverty.

  52. Patrick says:

    This is happening for God’s word to remain true. My prophet prophesied about it and this is tje fulfilment of it. Don’t worry Malawi, this is the final year we are suffering from hunger. From next year we will have plenty and Malawi will prosper to the envy of its neighbors. Thus saith the lord

  53. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Dr.Chidanti Malunga is an MP who has the welfare of his people at heart and is honest. Those MPs who play politics with hunger and other serious problems inorder to save the face of their parties can borrow a leaf from his precise analysis of the situation in his constituency. If there are enough maize stocks in the strategic grain reserves, a speedy distribution is the responce that the government needs to take and no need for defencive communication for the sake of face saving. Coordination amongst the stake holders is also necessary inorder to save lives rather than waiting for distress calls for food aid.

  54. Hello! says:

    Keep it up Dr. Chidanti Malunga!!!! That’s the calibre of MPs that we need not the Kasaila type who are always there to defend the ruling party. I am glad that the statement has come from a DPP MP. It is high time all other MPs rose above party politics and serve Malawians with dignity and without fear or favoritism.

  55. chintotho says:

    God is speaking to this nation. We blamed that woman for hunger in 2012 and DPP said they’re professionals when it comes to food management and production. This is a message from God this year; He is the provider of all the natural resources to suffice food production. DPP went ahead to challenge that if Malawians want maize then vote for DPP. Let us learn Malawians to glorify God when we are favoured.

  56. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    It is a very sad state of affairs indeed.
    But this DDP government listens, and listens well. Listens very well, I said.
    Thus, the minister took no offense to being advised of the situation. So, when the house leader, Mr. Kasaila, says there will be food available, he knows what he’s talking about. After all, he’s part of the government.
    It should be pointed out that though, that MP Malunga should have gone through the government structures, rather than dramatize his case in parliament. Thereby, giving PP’s Mussa a chance to undeservedly piggyback onto the limelight. MP Malunga should have seen this coming, if not for lack of experience. Why give PP a chance at survival? Next time, Mr. Malunga, consult tour house leader first, Sir. Politics is a team sport. Don’t give the opposition even an inch of an opportunity, especially if it at the expense of your party.

    1. Erukuruku says:

      The comment above shows why hunger is a perennial problem in Malawi: Maize is seen very much as a political tool. Political parties, especially DPP, insist on maize being grown by peasants because this ensures votes in the general elections. Giving peasant farmers one bag of fertliser at a heavily subsidised price for use on tiny pieces of land is a recipe for never ending hunger in Malawi.

      If Dr Malunga is really serious about ending hunger not just in his constituency but in the whole country then he must urge his party to phase out FISP, and instead promote the commercial growing of maize. This means that the price of maize should not be controlled – commercial farmers (the middle class) should be able to recoup their inputs and make a reasonable profit.

      You may criticize JB and her PP all you like but she at least understood this critical principle: You can not expect something as important as forex or fuel to be cheap and available. Others go on to put it this way – “cheap is expensive”. Maize is more important than both fuel and forex, and we should be doing everything possible to ensure its adequate supply.

      For as long as DPP expects maize to be both cheap and plentiful, there will always be hunger in Malawi…

  57. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Kusaila ndikayesa kwanu ndikonko? Udasamuka, eti? Supitakonso!
    Ukuyankhulira chipani osati anthu akwanu? Kugwa kwako ndikuitiii..? Ndikumeneku. Basi.

  58. Giyani 2 says:

    Mp ngati uyu akapezeka okwana 16 malawi ikanatukuka.

  59. Eden Matic says:

    This kusaila must be mad, how can someone cry for his constituents and you are busy lying to the nation that we have maize, i even doubt if those people have money to purchase the maize.

  60. Mp koma uyu says:

    Chidanti yemweyo kuti wawawa! These are the people that malawi needs to move to the next level of economic development. We cannot afford to have hand clappers in the august house and expect progress in this country.

  61. maurrice says:

    Francis kasaila dont take pipo for granted,pipo r suffering there,u would have ordered NFRA and v like to have maize delivered at the affected area not what u talked,who is eating that maize in the reserv,someone needs that maize u r keepin it what for

  62. martha says:

    My lecturer. Thanks for standing up for your people.

  63. Gift Kayipa says:

    Congratuation mr MP for the observation,thats up.!!

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