DPP pressures SDA Church over Manganya’s political ambitions

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) top brass have ganged up against Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) Country Director Michael Usi, using their political powers to have him fired from his position.

Usi: Nursing political ambitions

The party has forged war against Usi due to his continued critic of government and President Peter Mutharika’s leadership.

Usi, popularly known by his comedy name Manganya, has never minced words about Mutharika’s inability to govern and steer the country out of the social and economic turmoil it is facing.

And this has never gone well with some factions in DPP’s executive, and some of its top generals who happen to be Seventh Day Adventist members have started pressuring the church to fire Usi on grounds that he harbors political ambitions.

Nyasa Times can reveal that the party has been demanding Malawi Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventist president pastor Frackson Kuyama to let off Usi or government will cut ties with the church and its agencies including ADRA.

Kuyama feigned ignorance when interviewed but Nyasa Times’ verified information revealed that he has on several occasions been meeting some DPP officials including Mulanje Central Parliamentarian Kondwani Nankhumwa over Usi’s unconfirmed political ambitions.

Recently, DPP led by its former acting Secretary General, Francis Mphepo intimidated some chiefs in Nsanje district following a medical donation Usi made on Christmas Day at Nsanje District Hospital.

Usi on Christmas Day cheered up patients at Nsanje District Hospital and donated assorted drugs worth about K3 million aside from handing out assorted food stuffs and cash to sick and needy patients. He also took time to help clean hospital wards.

The donation of drugs came at a time the country’s hospitals are experience drug and medical supply shortage.

And the development has not gone well within the ruling party and its officials have decided to take on chiefs for allowing such donation to be made at the hospital, arguing it undermined the party and its leader President Peter Mutharika.

Recently, Usi has been linked with several political groupings .

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Sometimes some Malawians have backward thinking,Manganya what kind of politics can he do? Its like combining him with Kalua.Yes a comedian government.Sometimes we think we are popular but the oppossite is true.Do Tikuferanji Mr Manganyu otherwise you will lose whatever u have gained.You shall be blocked from any of your operations.My advice is free,take it or leave it,this is Malawi Politics


Most of Malawians belong to religious groups, seperating religion and politics is accepting the devils to rule over the people of God. We need God fearing leaders, if we seperate politics and religion how do we expect to have such leaders? The saying that politics and religion should be seperated is the polished lie from the devil so that the minor unrligious bad group of people should be given opportunity to rule over the ignorant large God fearing group . If politics is evil then i don`t think we need politicians to rule us.


Akulu ampingo a sethday ndi ofooka komanso amantha . manganya sanalakwe kodi kupereka chithandizo cha mankhwala ndi kuzuzula bboma pazomwe likulakwisa ndi ku lakwa? keep up manganya God is in your side.

The separation of the state and the church has always remained the true basis of true freedom in ancient and modern democracies. When the state begins to meddle in the affairs of the church, what follows is persecution. Read the history of the western world. Read also the history of the formation of the united states of America and how the liberties were fashioned to guide their affairs. The church too must be so circumspect in as far as providing checks and balances is concerned. When those in church positions begin to harbor ambitions and inner/central interests in politics, then… Read more »
My brother or sister Hartom though I respect your opinion that God will cut ties with Government, you seem to be confused on this issue. What people should know is that every religious organization has principles and rules that governs them. Eg Roman catholic principles or rules differ form SDA church rules etc if you are not sure check with any local pastor of the SDA church on this and will tell you what it is Know this: SDA CHURCH does not allow their workers to take up political POSITIONS whether be a teacher in SDA schools whoever is paid… Read more »

Unfortunately,many organizations hide themselves behind religion to do harm and not good. In fact,Seventh Day Adventist has been founded by some people involved in occultism in order to cheat people and not to help them. They use the Bible,but they are very far from JESUS and the truth. May the Grace and the Love of God set us free from deception,sin and hell.

Chidanti Mulumbe Chaponda
Chidanti Mulumbe Chaponda

Ine bwanji ndikhale mbuli pankhani zangati izi.

I agree with Cymru, cutting ties with the Church is cutting ties with God and one should not expect success. Leaving church work is also leaving God choncho u pulezidenti sungatheke, simungawine. Abusa a Chakwera muzimvere mu mtolo. I also agree with Mbewe that it is not good to summon church leaders to reprimand them on political issues. A MCP anaitanitsa ndi kuzunza Ma bishopu a chikatolika chifukwa Cha pastoral letter ya 1992. Mukukumbukira mai Manjankhosi amafuna kuwakodzera malemu Chiona mkamwa. tangoganizani Munthu wa mai kuvula kabudula wamkati, kukhanyula miyendo ndi kuyamba kutaila madzi mkamwa mwa a Chiona. Mpaka Leto… Read more »

olo masiku a Davide Mulungu amatumiza anthu ozuzula msogoleri ,chofunikira ndi kusintha tonse sitingapasidwe mphatso yodzudzula, manganya akuyankhulira omwetiribemphatsofe.Kaya mumpingo kayaboma aliyense amve chizuzulo,chofunika ndikusinthabasi.


The Patriot, where were you when Chakwera was politically canstrating Jumbe, Njobvuyalema, Kabwila, Chatinkha and others? What was their crime? Was it not that they challenged abusa a Chakwera? Mr or Mrs Patriot please advise mbusa Chakwera first, then you will be considered neutral.


Kodi Chakwera zamukhudzila pati za Manganya?

Simumagona naye tulo ameneyu eti?
Ndiye simunati alipo ndipo alamulira Malawi 2019, mwatsala nokha mkagulu ka anthu ochepa omwe sakudziwa za izi

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