DPP refuses to dignify Ntata’s tantrums: ‘Bitter man and frustrated attention seeker’

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it will not dignify the tantrums of Allan Ntata, the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s legal adviser, with its comments, saying the lawyer-cum-political activist is very bitter man and frustrated attention seeker .

Ntata:  Labelled an angry and frustrated man

Ntata: Labelled an angry and frustrated man

Ntata has been using the social media to attack the DPP using his name and also using pseudo names to back his outbursts.

Government spokesman Kondwani Nankhumwa said they will not dignify Ntata’s “acts of frustration” with their comments.

Nankhumwa, who is also Minister of Information, said Ntata claims “are baseless.”

“Words of frustrated person and they don’t need to be responded to,” Nankhumwa said.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said Ntata is now a biter critic of the Mutharika government because he is a frustrated man.

Ntata, according to DPP spokesman, is seeking attention to cure his frustrations.

A newspaper columnist also pointed out that Ntata’s fortunes appear to have been buried together with his boss’ casket at Ndata- late Bingu wa Mutharika – and that he is a very bitter man.

“Sadly for Ntata, there is no ‘white smoke’ from Plot No 1 to suggest that his redemption from obscurity and agony is coming any time soon” writes Jacob Jimu in the The Nation.

The columnist stated that Ntata articles are “obviously rants of a man angry at the fact that the gravy train of power zoomed past him agonisingly.”

“Peter Mutharika and his government are not exactly angels, but I don’t think they have so far sunk to the despicable depths of Bingu whose legal counsel was Ntata. If indeed Ntata believes in a democratic party and government, one would think that he had every opportunity to demonstrate this spirit when he was enjoying the comforts of power. The fact that he failed to do this for lack of courage or because the trappings of power were too comfy to abandon undermines the sincerity of his condemnation of Peter and his DPP,” writes Jimu.

Jimu stated that people like Ntata “distort the meaning and value of democracy.”

He wrote: “ To such people, a party or government is only democratic if they benefit from the trappings of power. Our society would be a much better place to live in if we had few of such characters.”

But Ntata, who is a consultant at Rak Gas and United Arab Emirates (UAE) firm which is involved in oil exploration activities in Malawian districts under Block Five, has shot down the claims of being frustrated.

Ntata is accusing President Mutharika of taking advice from assistants and individuals who not only assist with the political issues of which they know very little, but also about which they are even less competent.

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Ine Ndinali Odabwa Late Bingu Kugwira Ntchito Ndi Ntata No Wonder Pano Wabwera Ndi Zake Za M’mutu.


How can DPP dignify his comments to a man who has no dignity for himself!!!

An open letter to Mr. Ntata: Dear Mr. Ntata, So Ntata you have only noticed it now that DPP is a problem now what about the time when Bingu was in power and we couldnt even purchase sugar all the same, mmmmh!!! Please Allan stop being an angry man and allow our president to rule this country with the correct technocrats. Maybe things we’re just not meant to be with you and DPP. Maybe you should humble yourself towards the president and really see what the problem with Malawi is, its just not government that tirelessly work it is also… Read more »
Please Malawians lets have a sober mind for once. Why are we trying to shoot the messenger? Ntata worked with this administration. In fact he assisted in making sure they got back in power therefore he knows what he is talking about. My interest lies in what he has revealed about the timber syndicate and the rush to sell MSB assets while the politicians still owe the institution money. People like Muli and a number of DPP financiers owe this bank money. Why is government not recalling those loans? So yes DPP may try to dismiss what Ntata is saying… Read more »



This Ntata guy should not be taken serious. He run away to where ever he was during the death of Bingu and he never said anything about the midnight six.

He had nothing to fear in saying the truth during PP era but he chose to seal his mouth for reasons best known to him only to come and start ranting.

It is difficult to take him seriously even though what is saying could be true.

Malawians let us learn to be on the side of truth all the time, let us put personal benefits aside for the betterment of our country.

I’m surprised why people want the DPP to respond to what Ntata is saying. Ntata is accusing the president of DPP who happens to be Head of State for Malawi that he is taking advice from assistants and individuals who are less competent and know very little about politics. If Ntata has good ideas, then put them forward. It is obvious that those who do not like DPP are likely to support Ntata because he is attacking somebody they do not wish well, on the other hand those supporting DPP will not like Ntata’s writings. A neutral person like me,… Read more »

In many cases the truth is told when one is frustrated. The said Minister, knows that Ntata is telling the truth. Whether frustrated or not, but the fact is he is telling the truth. Let’s concentrate and critic what he is saying and not attacking his personality. The Minister cannot comment on what Ntata is saying because he knows he himself is fake. Someone using a fake name and a fake certificate. He knows that if he talks shit, Ntata will pounce on his fake name and certificate.


Indeed Ntata is a frustrated empty tin.


Tiyeni uko Chakwera sadzauona u presidenti come 2019, Peter adzasiyira Atupele Muluzi ndi Saulosi Chilimaaaaaa.

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