DPP refuses to dignify Ntata’s tantrums: ‘Bitter man and frustrated attention seeker’

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it will not dignify the tantrums of Allan Ntata, the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s legal adviser, with its comments, saying the lawyer-cum-political activist is very bitter man and frustrated attention seeker .

Ntata:  Labelled an angry and frustrated man

Ntata: Labelled an angry and frustrated man

Ntata has been using the social media to attack the DPP using his name and also using pseudo names to back his outbursts.

Government spokesman Kondwani Nankhumwa said they will not dignify Ntata’s “acts of frustration” with their comments.

Nankhumwa, who is also Minister of Information, said Ntata claims “are baseless.”

“Words of frustrated person and they don’t need to be responded to,” Nankhumwa said.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said Ntata is now a biter critic of the Mutharika government because he is a frustrated man.

Ntata, according to DPP spokesman, is seeking attention to cure his frustrations.

A newspaper columnist also pointed out that Ntata’s fortunes appear to have been buried together with his boss’ casket at Ndata- late Bingu wa Mutharika – and that he is a very bitter man.

“Sadly for Ntata, there is no ‘white smoke’ from Plot No 1 to suggest that his redemption from obscurity and agony is coming any time soon” writes Jacob Jimu in the The Nation.

The columnist stated that Ntata articles are “obviously rants of a man angry at the fact that the gravy train of power zoomed past him agonisingly.”

“Peter Mutharika and his government are not exactly angels, but I don’t think they have so far sunk to the despicable depths of Bingu whose legal counsel was Ntata. If indeed Ntata believes in a democratic party and government, one would think that he had every opportunity to demonstrate this spirit when he was enjoying the comforts of power. The fact that he failed to do this for lack of courage or because the trappings of power were too comfy to abandon undermines the sincerity of his condemnation of Peter and his DPP,” writes Jimu.

Jimu stated that people like Ntata “distort the meaning and value of democracy.”

He wrote: “ To such people, a party or government is only democratic if they benefit from the trappings of power. Our society would be a much better place to live in if we had few of such characters.”

But Ntata, who is a consultant at Rak Gas and United Arab Emirates (UAE) firm which is involved in oil exploration activities in Malawian districts under Block Five, has shot down the claims of being frustrated.

Ntata is accusing President Mutharika of taking advice from assistants and individuals who not only assist with the political issues of which they know very little, but also about which they are even less competent.

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52 thoughts on “DPP refuses to dignify Ntata’s tantrums: ‘Bitter man and frustrated attention seeker’”

  1. Molly says:

    Ine Ndinali Odabwa Late Bingu Kugwira Ntchito Ndi Ntata No Wonder Pano Wabwera Ndi Zake Za M’mutu.

  2. PETER says:

    How can DPP dignify his comments to a man who has no dignity for himself!!!

  3. mary says:

    An open letter to Mr. Ntata:
    Dear Mr. Ntata,

    So Ntata you have only noticed it now that DPP is a problem now what about the time when Bingu was in power and we couldnt even purchase sugar all the same, mmmmh!!! Please Allan stop being an angry man and allow our president to rule this country with the correct technocrats. Maybe things we’re just not meant to be with you and DPP. Maybe you should humble yourself towards the president and really see what the problem with Malawi is, its just not government that tirelessly work it is also the people of Malawi that don’t want to pray to God for assistance and work hard to earn a living. There are very few people that want to do an honest day of hard work they would rather look at other people’s problems and blame people for their own choices without looking at the repercussions, you chose to follow that government in the past and today you are insulting them. Maybe you should think before you write Mr Ntata. Just MAYBE!!

    Forget about my grammar as long as you understand what I mean.


    A humble critic.

  4. matako says:

    Please Malawians lets have a sober mind for once. Why are we trying to shoot the messenger? Ntata worked with this administration. In fact he assisted in making sure they got back in power therefore he knows what he is talking about. My interest lies in what he has revealed about the timber syndicate and the rush to sell MSB assets while the politicians still owe the institution money. People like Muli and a number of DPP financiers owe this bank money. Why is government not recalling those loans? So yes DPP may try to dismiss what Ntata is saying by calling him a frustrated man, but in actual fact it makes sense. So let the government respond to the allegations. Do not try and hoodwink Malawians by attacking Ntata’s personality and character. Amanenatu kuti wamisala adaona nkhondo ! I am certain that there is no smoke without fire. There is some truth in what has been raised. Lets stop hand clapping mediocrity and swindling of our resources.


  6. Chingolopiya says:

    This Ntata guy should not be taken serious. He run away to where ever he was during the death of Bingu and he never said anything about the midnight six.

    He had nothing to fear in saying the truth during PP era but he chose to seal his mouth for reasons best known to him only to come and start ranting.

    It is difficult to take him seriously even though what is saying could be true.

    Malawians let us learn to be on the side of truth all the time, let us put personal benefits aside for the betterment of our country.

  7. Cymru says:

    I’m surprised why people want the DPP to respond to what Ntata is saying. Ntata is accusing the president of DPP who happens to be Head of State for Malawi that he is taking advice from assistants and individuals who are less competent and know very little about politics. If Ntata has good ideas, then put them forward. It is obvious that those who do not like DPP are likely to support Ntata because he is attacking somebody they do not wish well, on the other hand those supporting DPP will not like Ntata’s writings. A neutral person like me, I don’t care what Ntata writes and by the way what is his level importance and influence on the planet or Malawi? Ntata was legal adviser under late Bingu, what achievements can he point out? What was the situation like? Any body has a right to write so too a right not to respond to whatever is written against that person. If a court accepts somebody’s right to remain silence even if he or she is answering certain charges, then why should DPP respond to somebody pursuing own agenda?

  8. Teacher says:

    In many cases the truth is told when one is frustrated. The said Minister, knows that Ntata is telling the truth. Whether frustrated or not, but the fact is he is telling the truth. Let’s concentrate and critic what he is saying and not attacking his personality. The Minister cannot comment on what Ntata is saying because he knows he himself is fake. Someone using a fake name and a fake certificate. He knows that if he talks shit, Ntata will pounce on his fake name and certificate.

  9. Kavuluvulu says:

    Indeed Ntata is a frustrated empty tin.

  10. Dododo says:

    Tiyeni uko Chakwera sadzauona u presidenti come 2019, Peter adzasiyira Atupele Muluzi ndi Saulosi Chilimaaaaaa.

  11. Charombanthu says:

    I stopped believing in whatever Nankumwa says the time he lied to the nation that he had sent CCTV footage on Lutepo/Joyce Banda meetings to the ACB offices on cashgate. Up to now, Lucas Kondowe has not received that footage. Kapena a Lucas mwalandila footage tsopano??? Kaya anatumiza pa chani kaya???. But at least I can see some truth in what this frustrated man is saying about cashgate and JB; about timber exports; about Ben Phiri; about Chasowa; about the midnight 6; about the president writing graffiti on a prison wall. People, the house is on fire and all Ntata is telling the nation is that the house is on fire whether he is mad, frustrated, jobless, the fact remains… the house is on fire!!! More Fire!!!.

  12. What is this says:

    Koma akulu akulu chilungamo mukuchidziwa kuti Ben Phiri akudya yekha Ntata sakunama uyu. Anthu ena onse sidzikuyenda olo pang’ono. Ukufunika ukhale mzake wa Ben kapena mbale wake wa Ben kuti zinthu zikutakatire pa Malawi pano apo biii munthu uzingobuula ndithu. Kodi dziko limakhala choncho?

  13. Dr Mrs Ben Phiri Mutharika says:

    Ine bola zanga zikuyenda. Chakumbuyo chomwechi salary ndi mabenefits ambiri mbiri kulowa ku account,. Mukatopa musiya. Andipanga kale ma round 7 usiku wa lero. Ndamu fila peturo

  14. Yosefe gambatula says:

    Dpp we have already heard your sentiments that Ntata is frustrated and a bitter man but what he is saying is all plain truth since truth pains you are very much scared to shit since he started spilling the beans about your weaknesses.Dont keep reminding us that he frustrated man.Dpp will be a forgotten party in 2019 the way Pp has been shelved.Its only Ken Msonda who is behind Pp even the proprietor has bolted to the US claiming to be giving some outstanding lectures.We can’t wait for Chakwera in 2019.To hell with your incompetent mbyofo mbyofo Pitala who imposed himself on us thru crooked means.Bravo Ntata for emptying your chest and hitting this failed Dpp where it pains most.

  15. Chemtukanika says:

    Mr Ntata,please tell us more about Nankhumwa.Where did he obtain his certificate?What are his real names?We want to know this man.

    1. District of Origin says:

      You tell us. We are waiting

  16. ZACHIBWANA says:

    let us reflect on where we are coming from. are we frustrated? do a soul search. nobody would take a person to be closer to you when he/she has already shown to be a potential enemy. may be nyasatimes can advise that. in fact, you do not need to have a standard one certificate to be a trusted security person. Can you read better from other social media outlets to be a trusted security person. Do you want a phd person to be a security person to a phd person? just advise that when people who are closer to the reams of power, they are in a tree where if they see those below, must know that one day they shall get them done and therefore they must be nice to them. in fact everbody must take this advise, not only the umufia kwenu. in whatever position we are in lets take it. may GOD, JEHOVAH, ALLAH. BLESS US ALL IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, OR MUHAMMAD, OR THE OTHER PROPHETS YOU BELIEVE IN. THANK YOU JESUS.

  17. Louis Gobede says:

    Ntata Mutu Unajama Uyu

  18. KARU UNITED says:


  19. real man says:

    People like Ntata do not inspire hope in Malawians. Things should not be called right when you benefit, and when you have been left out you climb a hill and shout negativity. I remember, he used his mouth to attract Bingu, who later gave him a job after which he went quite like a dead chicken. Give him time, he will heal from his current halucinations.

  20. Charles says:

    This minister is such an idiot , do you really think the Peter won the elections without rigging , if u think that then u an idiot once more , Alan please continue with telling us what more dirt you have ! We don’t need the PA who is uneducated and a corrupt official who feeds of the Malawian tax payers, This corrupt PA must go !!!!!!!

  21. John says:

    I am soooo confused with DPP. Ntata is soo right about these idiots! Is not saying ” we cant respond to his accusations because he is a frustrated man” a response in itself? Infact this is a second response now from DPP. So what exactly are they saying? I will tell you what they are saying. Just because they have one or two columnist supporting their agenda that Ntata is frustrated with very few facts to argue convincingly against Ntata’s, they think they are winning the general public’s opinion? Noooo we know what Ntata is pointing out are true facts and denying that they dont exist aint gona make them go away!!!

  22. MCP says:

    more fire Ntanta ife tili pano waiting to hear more, asaname kuti sakukunjenjemera pansi pa mtima akudziwa kuti koma mfanayutu ativula. Big up Barrister!

  23. ukoswe says:


  24. Chigawenga says:

    Malawians should not ignore Ntata as a man with an axe to grind. He is right about the inner workings of DPP. In fact he goes on and add, DPP is not a reformed party. It is the same party that killed 20 people, it is the same party that killed Chasowa and it is the same party that has continuously practiced nepotism. Ntata is a loose canon to a point where DPP cadres are afraid indeed. They are just not sure what else will come out of this man. Call him frustrated or what ever! what Malawians must realize is that Ntata is spealing the beans and we should take him seriously. He talks about the selling of MSB, export of Timer and other issues. He is addressing these issues from an advantage point. He knows what he is talking about. I just hope due to our meekness and docility he will tell us I told you so. Malawians we need to wake up! Amatitu munthu openga adaona knhondo. Don’t try to shoot the messenger. Ntata is doing us all a favor.

  25. chatonda says:

    It is true that Mtata is a frustrated poor man. The best is to let him make his noise and never respond to his outbursts. He will eventually keep quiet and rest in peace.


  27. Dr Callista wa Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    Akunena zowona bwana Ntata, nanga this naked nepotism and tribalism and regionalism?

  28. Kenkkk says:

    The same tired and boring response from dpp. The more you respond, the more stupid you become. My advice is, you worried dpp people just keep quiet while ntata entertains malawians. Let him bark, talk, spill and splash every dpp dirt until he tires at his own prompting. Good work ntata for showing us the other side of dpp which as expected is also terribly frightening!!!

  29. dickson says:

    a drowning man will catch at a straw to try and save his life…………………….

  30. Kape Ntata says:

    Ntayeni kape uyu, kodi kuvera advice kwa anthu ena chifukwa ? mwana wa m’busa wanjiru , chindere chakufikapo

  31. tembenuka usilile says:

    Idiot ophunzira wachamba wamisala osagenda.

  32. Kes says:

    Banning of judicial review against government, K 2 000 000.00 deposit to hold a demo, anti farting law. Just a few of the very bad anti democratic laws. When Ntata was Legal advisor to Bingu.

  33. mwanangu says:

    Comment:Ntata’s claims are kicks of a dying monkey.

  34. H Matipa says:


  35. Liberalist says:

    What we have here are sides taken by different people for different reasons. What I know is that one says the truth even if he/she is frustrated and that people tell lies even if they are not frustrated. Politics is a dirty game played by very dirty players supported by filthy voters prayed for by infidels.

  36. Medson Lima says:

    DPP ndi chipani cha mtendere. Ndi chifukwa chake timadziwa kuti che Ntata alipo DPP ikamalamulira. Paja Chikamalamulira chipani china, mkuluyu sachedwa kuthawa. Musiyeni mwana akusangalala mu ulamuliro wa mtendere wa chipani cha DPP.

  37. Gondwe JK says:

    Ntata koma wakuyalutsani ndithu

  38. Wafika says:

    Fulastrated Or Not He Onily Stated The Turufi Wich Azar Pipo Sed

  39. Namiasi says:

    Ntata can as wel be regarded as dead wood similar to the party he is crying for.vote mcp to erase ur agonies.

  40. Phodos says:

    Indeed the man is looking for attention to cure his frustration. His frustration will burst him any time. because DPP has not started revenging. Once it begins revenging under the ‘ground’ you will not like Malawi but UK. Ask Grace Chirwa, DC of Chitipa District. She feels as if she is in Lomweland yet she is in her own homeland. Then where can she hide since her own neghbours are rising against her. So watch out Ntata, its outsiders from the DPP who will handle you not DPP , even your own landlord will rise against you unless you are using your own apartment.

  41. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Ntata woyeeee! Wina alira. Kusayankhaku sikuti ndichabe koma kusowa ziyankha. Mulira muwona!

  42. Chosambava says:

    Inu….Ntata musiyeni uyu. ….Ben is indeed most powerful person in MALAWI

  43. he iz jst xpresng hs vuz,let hm vomit hs nosense.chkamphwela asya

  44. ujeni says:

    there are no ideologies in Malawi @ Tatyala

  45. khwauli says:

    But DPP as a party can only parry off the so called rantings at its own peril.

  46. ujeni says:

    DPP is not commenting because Ntata is saying the truth nothing less. Nankhumwa has been commenting on anything idiotic but he cant open his mouth to counter what Ntata is saying because it is the truth.

  47. Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma says:

    kwachaaa! MCP woyeeee!

  48. john says:

    Koma Ntata akuyankhulira ambiri mu DPP mwathumu so ignore him koma odandaula tiripo.zinthu sizikuenda.people like Godfrey Itaye, Kumbatira,Lucas Kondowe,Sumbuleta,Collins Magalasi palibe chimene anapanga to assist the campaign but lero the very same pipo anathandiza mukuwanena why and sidelining.the Presidency is surrounded by abale a Ben Phiri so is in parastatals

  49. iyawm says:

    useless and stupid selfish bastard that is Mtata, who can now believe his outbursts to the DPP a Party which he enriched himself with foolish propaganda to gain favors from the late Bingu, if at all he is making sense now, then he must be the number 1 fool because he was the one behind the same party some 2 years or more ago, now that the prodigal dude has today been rejected by the same party he was expecting further riches from, who does he think Malawians are to be rallying behind his baseless and frustrated articles and interviews against the same DPP. Mr. Ntata has basically proved that he is a man of no integrity but a Gold Digger….to hell with Ntata and all that think he is making any sense today.

  50. Tatyata says:

    Leave him out-only those sailing in troubled waters will do. This is new Malawi with new ideologies

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