DPP Regional Governor fires back at Kamlepo over cashgate names

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party Regional Governor for the South Charles Mchacha has fired back at Kamlepo Kalua for failing to provide names of ministers he alleged to have been involved in the infamous corruption scandal called cashgate.

Kamlepo had reportedly told the nation that Ministers in the current DPP administration were mentioned in a report sent to parliament.

President Peter Mutharika gave Kamlepo 24 hours to produce the names, however he has not been able to produce a single name.

Mchacha, speaking at a rally at Ntambanyama on Thursday where president peter Mutharika held a ground breaking rally for Thyolo Makwasa Thekerani Muona road said DPP is angry with Kamlepo for trying to ridicule President Mutharika and his administration.

He expressed sadness that every word from President Mutharika ends up being twisted and said time has come to retaliate.

Mchacha who is a member of Public Affairs Committee rebuffed Kamlepos allegations that ministers are implicated in the cash gate report that was sent to parliament.

He asked Kamlepo to give up the names if he has them or should stop. Mchacha said they have power to take him to court.

“Report does not mention any name; I am a member of the committee” he said.

The Regional Governor further went on to say Kamlepo is afraid and urged Malawians not to have envy and talk bad about each other rather encouraged unity to develop the nation.

Minister of Information, ICT and Civic Education Patricia Kaliati echoed the sentiments saying since Kamlepo cannot bring out the names he should go to the Ministry of Justice and submit the alleged names.

Kaliati said he should not tarnish reputation of the minister, else he will be inciting violence in the country. She further said what Kamlepo is purportedly doing is defamation

She said, “We will not allow Kamlepo to ridicule the president. If Kamlepo cannot talk to the media or parliament he should disclose them to the minister of justice.

“Auditor general has since issued a statement that no name was mentioned in the cash gate report denying Kamlepos claims.”

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Gerard Mapanga should not cheat us here. The way we know Kamlepo if he had names he would have mentioned them long time back. But he knows that once he accepts now that he does not have the names alira chakwao. The AG knows that the files from his office are in intact in the offices of PAC. Do you think he can be stupid to tell us now that no names were mentioned just to fool us? If the files are tampered as Alex is suspecting, then its the same Kamlepo who sent back the files to the AG.… Read more »
Gerard mapanga Phiri
Kamlepo is not mad. At first PAC received files without names. It’s Kamlepo himself said needs files with names. Indeed PAC received files with names Kamlepo and PAC know them well. I believe him but I can understand not to mention them now for other reasons but again our crime prevention organs are not independent from political interferences. Files can be compromised, and Malawi government is not transparency to there citizens. Too much propaganda than true, we run old type of politics. They take advantage of most us are not education and poor to understand political cards. So I support… Read more »

After tampering with the Report? Where are you people getting the courage now? I don’t think the whole Kamlepo is mad to come up with such a story…ndale zanu zopusa. Your time is coming. You will answer to the people of Malawi. Old fashioned politrics.. You think all Malawians are fools..?

Dr Tambala

Is kamlepo the only person in the said committee? Why doesn’t the chairperson of the committee who is mcp or other mcp members of the committee come forward with the names or indeed counter argue the AG? Kamlepo is mad.

Angel of Doom

My point exactly, they don’t need to mention the names, just say We agree with kamlepo, there are 7 names and we as committee have seen them.

The problem is what Mapanga Phiri has said somewhere in his comment, Lack of Education, and it is frightening the level of ignorance, and political dogma that we have in Malawi.

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