DPP says MCP’s fears of Speaker impeachment ‘unfounded’

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has dismissed as “unfounded” fears by, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) that government has an axe to grind with the opposition backed Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya, saying there are no plans to impeach Msowoya.

Speaker Richard Msowoya- 'fears' removal plot by DPPpic by Lisa Vintulla

Speaker Richard Msowoya- ‘fears’ removal plot by DPPpic by Lisa Vintulla

MCP says Speaker Msowoya, who is also the party’s vice-president, faces impeachment threats from DPP who want to remove him from his position at Parliament.

The party’s publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila said: “We continue to receive information indicating that DPP –led government are still advancing ambitions to remove the Speaker in this sitting of Parliament.”

But Leader of the House, Francis Kasaila, who is also DPP spokesman, dismissed MCP’s fears on Msowoya as unfounded.

“We have no plans of such a nature,” said Kasaila.

He said MCP “just want to remain relevant. They have nothing to say. We are planning nothing of that sort. “

The Leader of the House said DPP has not discussed the removal of the Speaker.

“We have no idea where this is coming from,” he said as quoted in the press.

But Kabwila said MCP “will remain on the guard.”

MCP president and leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera is Monday expected to give an official response to Mutharika’s speech.

He has however faulted it for its failure to address concerns of Malawians on the economy and impending hunger situation.

Kabwila, while welcoming the announcement by Mutharika that his government will finally table the Access to Information (ATI) Bill, faulted the President for failing to articulate clearly how government intends to steer Malawi from the current economic situation.

“The speech was not comprehensive enough; it was too short and lacking in substance. It was almost like a Whatsapp text. It failed to clearly say how government intends to save many millions of our citizens facing hunger despite bold declaration that no one will die of hunger.

“It was out of touch and cannot relate to the common Malawian suffering on the street. On one hand, the President is optimistic about everything and paints a rosy picture on the street. Hospitals are telling people they cannot feed the patients and we wake up to newspaper headlines about worsening food situation,” said Kabwila as quoted in The Nation.

Mutharika delivered a 25-minute speech welcomed by donors as “frank” assessment of the country’s situation on Friday while opening the 46th session of the Malawi Parliament.

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29 thoughts on “DPP says MCP’s fears of Speaker impeachment ‘unfounded’”

  1. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa clueless impeach the President not the speaker.

  2. Rabison says:

    Anthu amenewo akusowa zochita, akufuna kuti atitenge ngati ndife opunsa kapena osadzindikira zimene akuchita, tatopa ndi kusowa kwa mankhwala ndi chimanga sakudziwa kuti kuli njala, achoke amenewo.

  3. zaro says:

    mcp sidzatheka basi

  4. Charley says:

    Ma komenti a Chakwera ndi ankhanza ndikupempha a UDF ndi DPP kuti mugwirane manja sindikufuna tidzaonenso nkhanza za MCP ayi onesetsani kuti utsogoleri usazapitenso pakati anatizunza mokwanira.A Chakwera abwelere ku nkhosa zawo ziwafuna anazibera zija.

  5. koma kumaneko says:

    DPP mbuzi za anthu osamva kuwauza zinthu akuona ngati ndi ndale iiiiiii malawi ali pamoto

  6. Hamza Wotch says:

    Kumalawi impeachment siingachitike!Since Democracy ndindani adachitidwa impeachment?Mukunamiza ndani andale inu?

  7. jmc says:

    Akuthawa mthuzi wao omwe awa. Hallusinations!

  8. ben phiri says:

    You opposition why not impeach the president tikkulira ife kuno kumudzi after all muli okwanira

  9. Njolinjo says:

    The name DPP makes me nauseating. I would rather support chipani cha late amunandife Nkumba.

  10. Clement says:

    This is the bulshit speaker I ever seen I mean msowoya. We had Louis Chimango and his blood is mcp whatever but he handled issues in parliament professionally the same applies to the late Rodwell munyenyembe (RIP) I will not be surprised once they booted you out, 100% you don’t deserve to lead the parliamentarians in the chamber.

  11. Vikhumbu says:

    Ndiye opposition yopanda nzeruyo imeneyo.

  12. Nkhuduza says:

    Malawi faces real problem with the Muthalika leadership. First the President doesn’t believe in what he says the result of which is inactivity in implementation of what he promises in his numerous public appearances. Secondly he has demonstrated that as a person he knows very little about public administration. He is more of a theorist than a practioner owing to his many years in a classroom. He relies so much on what others tell him about how the government should run than his own vision of an effective and efficient public management system. Lack of a personal vision of what he wants to achieve will probably define his presidency as one of business as usual.

  13. Mkwapu says:

    Speaker will not b moved but the deputies should resign they r thieves

  14. Nasukanje says:

    The biggest challenge facing Muthalika is hi

  15. Darth Sidious #8,ndiwe chiserekwete aise. Davis Katsonga never talked about account number one but Mark Katsonga of PPM who lost parliamentary seat is the one who campaigned for the closure of acc #1. Be in touch with the reality.

  16. deevee says:

    azivaya ameneyo

  17. mapwevupwevu says:

    MCP yatha ma plan. DPP does not have the numbers to push through a motion to get rid of this useless annoying speaker!

  18. Willard Mubvumbi says:

    Was it the right speech?

  19. buyache says:

    It was almost like a Whatsapp text….shaaa chipogwenditu

  20. Ma says:

    Would it be bad idea to impeach Msowoya? Its a good idea to me he’s an excess luggage. He is wasting tax payers money for nothing. ..driving land cruiser he doesn’t even deserve. ..ma idiot ngati amenewa don’t need to be even in parliament.

  21. GRM says:

    Listening to Kabwila mumbling on PL Radio yesterday you could not differentiate with Kaliati of old. I thought she was more intelligent. Mmm. Taotcha naye

  22. darth sidious says:

    i have never, even once, heard any sensible solution from the opposition to this mess we call an economy. continuous government bashing is really getting tiresome now. can you bring something constructive to the table please!

    the only guy who made an effort was that pfuko guy. he was the one that said time and again that account number one is killing us, and he also suggested every district runs it’s own affairs totally independent of central gvmt but alas, i think he’s defected now after tchekera maluzi.

  23. mdk says:

    Many pro kodi?kkkkkkķk

  24. Fenali A L says:

    Mesa inu a DPP wanted to put Harry Thomson ngati speaker. Nkhalamba yotha ntchito

  25. The Analyst says:

    A thief is always afraid whenever he/she sees a police man, even when the policeman has no business with the thief. A thief always feels being looked at even when nobody is looking at him/her. Always hears voices and feels being talked to, even when nobody talks to him. And always feels threatened even when nobody threatens them!

    Now tell us what you have done to warrant the nervousness in your veins hence this feeling that somebody is about to shovel up the speaker in his boots and gowns? Baseless!

    A child is always afraid of the dark. Only if it can gather up courage, light up a candle and go into the dark, the darkness vanishes! And you can’t grow or wise up n gather up courage to follow up on the information you claim you keep receiving? N-o-n-s-e-n-s-e!!!

    Can you for once concentrate on issues that are of substance e.g a follow-up on jet-sale probe! The delays to have Mphwiyo case start! How the money in Malata subsidy and decent housing project is being monitored! etc.

    Otherwise . . . you guys seem to have a lot of time to do a lot of nothing!

  26. Mavizi mtanga says:

    No smoke without fire. Prove yourselves innocent DPP.

  27. mtate mike rsa says:

    Nanunso A udf you have come to the point yoti dpp to play around with you,the likes of Lucius Banda(munati simuzalora kuti likhale ngati zimbabwe nangalero life is indeed amisory.)Lucius plz do something do you see kalawe ur are silent now,wat the bible said when moses was reparteriating the Ezilayelis at red sea.Atcheya
    plz plz plz musamuope galuyu timadalira inu pulumusani dziko aperson from america cannot lead malawi if im lying prove mewrong

  28. Che Bakali says:

    So in Malawi and Africa over, political competitors remain an enemy politically, hence often times given a raw deal so that they remain on the crying bench and even when they pock their nose in the development plan their eyes still remain closed as they don’t believe if the oponet could put to an open place such a critical ment to be hidden a plan. Hence a denial of obvious things that remains naked for every eye to see. Brovo MCP brovo DPP as you continue tassling for supremacy. Chitsiru kapna mbuli awoneke ife ndife ovota. Tizakuchongerani 2019.

  29. Chakwera says:

    Zilibeino bwana president enawa ndi ma professional opposition

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