DPP shuts door for ‘fortune seekers’: Harry Mkandawire says not joining

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has said it will not accept political fortune-seeker who are looking for favours from the party.

Mkandawire: Dismisses DPP move

Mkandawire: Dismisses DPP move

Kudontoni: No fortune seekers in DPP

Kudontoni: No fortune seekers in DPP

In the strongest line the free-talking DPP secretary general Ecklen Kudontoni said DPP will not leave its door to nomadic politicians to join its rank and file, saying most of them are simply looking for sympathy and favours from the current administration.

Kudontoni, however, said DPP has welcomed in its fold Mzuzu City MP Leonard Njikho, councillors and some members.

But he warned that it will not accept recycled politicians who dumped the party when it lost power after the death of president Bingu wa Mutharika.

Kodontoni said it will be ”absolutely immoral’’ to welcome the members who dumped DPP when Bingu had died and they want to rejoin it merely for personal fortunes.

“We want members who will contribute positively to the party and not fortune-seekers,” said Kudontoni.

He said Njikho, who was an independent MP, has been working with the party and cleared even by President Peter Mutharika to join DPP.

Kudontoni remarks comes after critics have argued that former People’s Party (PP) vice-president Harry Mkandawire  is setting sights on a return to DPP following his resignation on Friday.

Mkandawire resigned from PP on Friday claiming he could not continue serving a party under whose watch the plunder of billions of kwacha in public funds at Capital Hill were exposed.

However, Mkandawire has clarified that his resignation from PP founded by Mutharika’s predecessor, former president Joyce Banda, was not in preparation for a return to the party he dumped after the death of Bingu wa Mutharika in April 2012.

Previously, Mkandawire also served as United Democratic Front (UDF) regional governor (North) before joining DPP.

“Me joining DPP ?… I did not quit PP to join DPP,” said Mkandawire.

Mkandawire explained that he resigned from PP leadership because the party hasn’t been forthcoming on Cashgate allegations levelled against some top leaders.

“We were supposed to meet and issue a statement on whether the party was involved in the looting of public coffers,” he said.

But sources say Mkandawire has been repositioning himself to work with DPP and get business opportunities and also amnesty on some cases involving him including timber smuggling at Chikangawa and tax related issues.

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amchita bwino mkandawire amaona ngati wachuluka nzeru kuthawa Dpp malemu atapita uziona sunati 2019 uluzanso.

Winston msowoya
Candidly,I Have never seen or met Mr.H.Mkandawire I just read in social media about his controversies.So many Malawians have expressed their indignations against him.The problem with our 1990s politicians is that opportunism,greed,corruption and lack of patriotic zeal,transform into them being misguided political rogues who have betrayed the visions and aspirations of our early freedom fighters who laid down their precious lives for us all.If really Mr.Mkandawire is behaving as people describe him,then he must apologise and come clean in his political beliefs.The people of Malawi have suffered tremendously for the last 51 years of independence due to horrendous and corrupt… Read more »

Harry…..the crook has run out of aces to play!….Zambia come get him…he is a fugitive!

welamdindi panji welamdimi
welamdindi panji welamdimi

Ise wins mphelrembe tikamuonaninge waka. Kuti ka nwma WA kathyali wuwo. Mbwe makutu keakachu kuvotela awa nthe.kuzhowera kupusikika. Ndalama njakukhumbika nadi kweni tione nthowa yakusangira. Kashi geti mwahuno. Nanga wangati. Olo nanga wangawa mwana wangapulika. WA DPP nawo eakukana waka sono kweni wazamumpokelera ka vyakuchitika nivimoza.

A Tonga Mba- vyo

Mbaryezi aba a dada Mlekanjala. Bakire wamupusika, Late Bingu bari kumupusika, Mama Jo bakapusikaso. Sono ni aya wakhumba kupusika APM.

These people are the ones that are betraying us binampoto. The Yudas Escariots of the North.
Nthena an afford MP naye wakughaghana or wakupenja nthowa yakunjirira mu DPP.

Harry Mkandawire is a very dangerous man. He was cashing money in Zambia after forging the signature of first president Kenneth Kaunda, He run away to Australia where he and two others stole a plane and run away to the USA where pretended to be Reverend of Livingstonia. He was discovered and run back to Malawi. He also locally stole money for Muluzi by forcing the bank to ch=ash the forged cheque and started his Katoto Filling Station. He was stealing tea from Kawalazi Estate and transport it himself to Zimbabwe on his Hino Truck. Joining politics for him, is… Read more »
Wakalamba ndi chilengedwe
Wakalamba ndi chilengedwe

Looking at Harry Mkandawire above and the way he comments national issues of Malawi including feudalism, what is your guess of the story being told by his face? Does his face tell that he is the same Harry or not. Please every face tells the story. This is the downfall of Harry and the dead whole north. Mark my words.


Harry is a crook.

Get rude

Anthu adyera inu. A Dpp sangakuloreni a Nkanyawire kuti mukadye nawo zonona. Tionana 2019.


Kodi mukukaniza anzanu chipani ndi chanu chokha.

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