DPP snoops on Msonda’s case, takes over the matter

The case against former ruling Peoples Party (PP) publicist, Ken Msonda and S&I Carrier truck driver has taken a new twist with Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) now handling the matter.

Kachale: Has demanded Msonda's file

Kachale: Has demanded Msonda’s file

The case file which was handled by South Lunzu police station has since been handed over to the top prosecutor, Mary Kachale’s office in Lilongwe after she demanded for it.

Kachale’s interest in the case- despite it being legal- seems to confirm Msonda’s suggestions of possible political attack after he was summoned at Southern Region Police head office on Friday morning.

Msonda and S&I Carrier truck driver, George Kanyenda were arrested and granted bail on Thursday for being involved in a wild brawl on Monday night that left both of them severely injured.

The two got into a brawl at Liwanda trade centre in Machinjiri after a quarrel over a parked truck that blocked a road to Msonda’s residence.

And on Thursday, South Lunzu police detained the two for hours before releasing them on bail.

Msonda has been charged with two counts of Unlawful Wounding and Disorderly Conduct at Police Station while Kanyenda has been charged with one count of Disorderly Conduct at Police.

The PP spokesman is answering to the charge of Unlawful Wounding due to the gravity of injuries Kanyenda surstained.

Police officers at Southern Region police head office told Nyasa Times that the DPP ordered the case file to be handed over to her office on Thursday after the incident made headlines in the press.

”On Thursday the case file was handed over to our office (Southern Region) and it has been sent to Lilongwe today (Friday),” explained one of the officers.

In an interview, Msonda confirmed to have been summoned at Southern Region Police head office but was turned back.

”On Thursday I was advised by South Lunzu police to report at Southern Region Police Headquarters, Chichiri at 9.30am. I asked why I should go there, the response I received was not  convincing as they told me ‘Mukamva kwa mabwana konko mawa [You will be told by our bosses there],” said Msonda.

The politician said while at Southern Region on Friday he was turned back and was told the law-enforcers were only interested in the case file.

Msonda queried: ”Someone is calling shorts behind the scene telling the Police at South lunzu Police Station and the truck driver what to do. The question is who?”.

Msonda and Kanyenda are expected to appear before South Lunzu Magistrates court on Jully 11, 2015.

The two got into a fight after a heated argument over a 40-tonne truck Kanyenda parked on a road to Msonda’s house which infuriated the politician.

Tempers are said to have flared when Msonda got into the truck to remove it, and Kanyenda instead started insulting the politician before splashing beer on him.

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59 thoughts on “DPP snoops on Msonda’s case, takes over the matter”

  1. vendort says:

    This is strange indeed, did u get the file of the lady whi was battered in mchinj? Why this one. Are u done with cashgate files.

  2. BLACKBAZUZU says:

    While i also condemn Msonda’s action, i am suspicious with dpp’s intent in taking over the case.Why would dpp be interested in what seems like a civil case and not on real criminal cases like K92n case that’s affected every Malawian citizen? You fools! For how long will u b manipulated by murderous leaders? Come to ur senses Kachali. Why must fools appoint u to turn & twist u like a robot? Fear God, and things will be well with u.

  3. vwendenga says:

    shame to the DPP, ur are a disgrace.

  4. zaluma says:

    I find the action taken by the DPP very intriguing. She has a pile of sensitive cashgate files, which are inconclusive, Chilumpha and Muluzi’s cases remain where they were. But she is rushing to probe a fight of two citizens: Kanyenda and Musonda. How many Malawians are involved in brawls across the country? How many cases she has handled in that nature? Does she deserve to hold that office and eat our taxes? We have seen women merciless being hacked by their spouses. We have not heard her asking for the files? Is the DPP employed for political persecution? I know we cannot answer all these questions but The GOD who solved the impasse during Ngwazi Bingu Mutharika will intervene madam DPP. Surely God is in control. Ask me by 2017?

  5. aneneri says:

    i told u msonda ndi woipa moyo.r u nt surprised amaoneka ngati ka mfitifiti choncho!

  6. The captain says:

    So the dpp can handle this case morethan anybody else kkkk there are so many files in your custody and you want to add this one. I think ukupengadi mzimayi iwe.

  7. wakale Geo says:

    You break the law you’re in for it

  8. Bwanoni says:

    Kuno kuli nkhani inanso, munthu wina anaba nkhuku. Ndiye ndikofunika DPP ayitanitse file yake.

  9. agnes wanzeru says:

    Mayi Kachale, why do you allow yourself to be used by politicians. Politicians come and go while professionals are always there. Kachale guard ur proffession as you would wish to go on after this crop of politicians. Another useless one ndiye ndi ACB Director Lucas Kondowe.

  10. chefourpence says:

    DPP did not tell Msonda to get angry with the truck driver. DPP did not tell or influence MR Msonda to get into the truck. DPP did not tell or force Mr Msonda to get angry with the truck driver when the latter spilled beer on him and insulted him! Mr Msonda chose to get angry. DPP did not tell Mr Msonda to go and pick a PANGA KNIFE from his car and neither did DPP influence Mr Msonda to drive with a Panga knife on this day. DPP did not tell Mr Msonda to hack this driver. Mr Msonda INTENTIONALLY hacked this truck driver with a PANGA KNIFE which he INTENTIONALLY picked from his car. Mr Msonda has the guilty mind and committed the crime. No politics here! Let him be responsible.

  11. matako says:

    some one needs to take care of this equally corrupt DPP. How can she rash to judgement. Malawians need vigilante justice for these corrupt people. No worries I will take care of this bitch myself and will see to it that justice is served . enough is enough

  12. Yoo story has gone to the main stage,you see all that parking of a truck was just astick of a matches to ignite the real plan of Peter and his friends. Mr msonda belt up yourself theys acat behind i can sense

  13. Thyolo Thava says:

    Nkhani ya Msonda ndi ya straight forward. Agalu a DPP inu , Musamuphetu Msondayo. Nkhani ikupita kuti. Si ndaletu izi, mwapha anthu kwakwana. kwasala ndikukayankha mlandu mukasamila mikono, mukaipeza, be prepared.

  14. Kenkkk says:

    Jelbin mk, I totally agree. The charges against both should be identical regardless of who came out worse in terms of injuries.

    This dpp govt with its obsession for jb do not like the fact that msonda is the only last man still standing and vehemently supporting jb. I strongly believe the driver is linked somehow with dpp thugs.

    As regards the file being summoned by the lady dpp, I will wait for their explanation.

  15. Nivindele says:

    Iwe mere wazelezeka eti. Ndianthu angati amenyana iwe nkuitanitsa file?

  16. chatonda says:

    So the photgrapher was also laughing I believe when she was told SEKELERANI… iwo kukamwa mbee ngati mbewa ya Fuko. Gulugunyinda weniweni.

  17. chatonda says:

    Is this lady you call the Director of Public Proscution.. really? Does she know her work as a lawyer/ She relies on her husband the judge. Look at her nkhope… Sha pa Malawi dziko lilimmanja mwa agalu indeed.

  18. Kachale why taking the file?

  19. Tione says:

    Nanga Nsondayo amatuluka madzitu eti?

  20. Adamson says:

    Koma atumbuka amzanga mwanyanyatu pamenepa? Za msonda ndi inseurity ya abiti jb zikukhunzana bwanji? Komatu mukulimbana ndicinthu coti simungacithe?

  21. Paddy says:

    May Dr Kamuzu Banda’s soul rest in peace. The unity he preached across Malawian people groups no longer exisits. It will never come back again as long as irresponsible politians rule this country. The lhomwez and yaoz are trators. They betray us all the time. Woe to us.

  22. sidington mhone says:

    Not worthy to go to DDP

  23. Kape says:

    Ia 40 la kwana ! Mulondole amayi . . . . .

  24. Alied Ausi says:

    angomuda Msondayo,its politics ,wa truck ana2midwa

  25. saidi says:


  26. mdk says:

    Koma amalawi ndife anthu oseketsa.boma lingalimbane ndi msonda zoona?kuti iyeyo watani?msonda anakhapa mzake zimenezi anapanga yekha tsopano mukulinena boma kuti latani?analakwila malamulo yekha.tatiyeni tizilemba zamzelu osati zopusazi.tikudziwa mumadana nalo boma Koma zilembani zoona osati nkhani zabodza kuti mupeze morale kkkķkkkkkkk

  27. PAUL ZEE says:


  28. Iwe DPP Kachale anthu akuphana chifukwa cha hule iwe bwanji sumaitanitsa file , apa ndiye zalowa ndale muona boma logonjaso , Msonda alipilidwa ndalama zambiri.

  29. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    This is afray case bogh accused persons were wrong just caution them mpaka Dpp zomwezi

  30. Austno origno says:

    Sizodabwitsa,,,,police ndi ma court akumalawi amalimbana ndi milandu ya nkhuku,,,anthu nkumatsekeledwa koma amilandu ya ndiii! Amayenda opanda nkhawa

  31. Malipeya says:


  32. Myao says:


  33. straight Talk says:

    Dziko munabetsa a mbendera, munapureka mmanja mwa agaru , Petulo agaru wapanda mano mkamwa, Police agaru osaka to silence opposing viewers, DDP garu. Let me tell u one thing, even if u silence everybody stones will rise against u for the truth. Stupit gvt ever its urs

  34. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ya Director of Public Prosecution that’s very low I believe kuti kuli milandu yoti if you can take interest in anthu akhoza kuyamika. Truck Driver amakachitiranji pack pa nsewu wopita kunyumba kwa munthu & kumamwa mowa osati kapena breakdown ayi. Msonda is not my favourite person or politician rather but come on guys give a guy a break let the Lunzu Magistrate Court take care of this issue without kulowelerapo

  35. Zinazi ndiye misala file kulilongwe nkhani yandeuyo tathanani ndizopindulira dziko osati hatred tipita nazo kuti?

  36. Kapasula Mayi Chiponda says:

    Hahahahaa , tafufuza , Msonda ndi mzakeyo amalimbirana mahule , chili kwa mzako nkumati chigwire nyanga. Ukatero fofuna kupha Ben Phiri , lero ndi iwe . Dziko di kani ndilozungulira , ndakhulupirira , madolo akale, lero siawa , ndimakape ki ki ki ki.

  37. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    A msonda musadabwe. This was also happening in your govt. And it happened to me. People came in broad daylight to beat me up in my house. End result I was arrested and answering charges like yours where there are no injuries even. The people were PP and monied. Overall this shouldn’t be happening at all. Ndazionera ine.

  38. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Madam Kachale, whats wrong with you. This is a simple case to be handled by a magistrate court. Do you want seek AG’s opinion or the “Trained dog’ to make final decision.

    You are clearly failing to prosecute cashgate suspects but yet you waste time and money on this simple one.

    Stupid woman.

  39. KANDAWE says:


  40. max nsani says:

    All prosecutions of criminal matters are the domain of the DPP, regardless of how small they are. She is doing her job. Msonda should have a good lawyer that’s all. Nothing strange here….

  41. Charles says:

    No.12 mwasowa zokamba ,are you dreaming? You must think outside the box.

  42. Avilla says:

    I hv never seen a failed gvt like this one. hahahaaaa!

  43. Banet says:

    Boma la Bwampini Limenero DPP iwe unamukanika Raphel Kasambara mpaka kukulilitsa court relo ukulimbana ndi nkhani yaing’ono ngati iyi…muthane kaye ndi nkhani za Cashgate osati zopusazi

  44. mnthangaboys says:

    Koma zimenezi zomapanga park ma truck ma residential locations zikuwonjeza. And yet we have by laws that stop people from parking in such areas. Koma what we see in our residential areas is shame. It’s like our residential areas have been turned to be garages. Lol

  45. pat says:

    I was suspect that the dpp led government put the panga in Msonda’s car. Everything in this incident is suspicious. Some dpp gurus must have picked up Msonda and load him into the drivers seat of the truck and forced him to drive it. DPP is very evil. How could they hold Msondas hand to lift up the panga and hurt the driver. This is very bad. I really feel for Msonda. DPP controlled everything, his hands, his legs, his mind everything. I’m really touched and feel sorry for you Mr Msonda. Amayi akanakhalapo mukanakayamwako koma poti ali kutalinso ndiye eish!!

  46. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Kunonso anthu amenyana dzulo amalimbirana nzimbe. Muuzeni Kachaleyo adzatenge file. Akafika pa Nsungwi akwere kabaza kubwera ku B

  47. Mhesha says:

    Immediately the case has involved a top notch especially in the political circles, the pokice prosecutors avoid to be dragged into any political pronouncements as already started here. No to enable any smooth trials involving such political-hot pipo like Ken, the state brings forward the biggest prosecutor of the land. Nothing completely new here.

  48. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    That’s Malawi . JB don’t come back to Malawi , you are safe wherever you are. You will never be safe in this country which is under Bubububu .

  49. vyaya says:

    Mary as a Christian you should not allow to be used by politicians! Shame on you , slowly you are losing your integrity.
    You think God put you there to oppress people like politicians?

    Remember how Judas died for taking bribes that he never even ate! Jesus is cocoming soon and you will stand before the REAL Judge yourself, what shall you say to Him? You better quit this job than miss heaven.

  50. Malawiano says:

    achina amuna akuluakulu a Raphaele ndi Mphwi akukanika kukalimbana ndi ‘nyerere’ yaing’ono………..zamanyazi.

  51. ama says:

    A driver avulala kwambiri.. He sustained very serious injuries,n,must hav lost a lot off blood.

  52. Patriot says:

    Anthu amamenyana daily, akulu ndi ana, koma sindinamvepo kuti nkhani zakafika mpaka kwa DPP.
    This is political witch hunting in order to silence opposing views.
    This is how Mbendera’s gouvernment wants to spend the almost 1 trilion budget.
    Koma malo mowononga ndalama ndi za zi, CHIMANGA MWAGULA? Nanga MANKHWALA?
    Seriously, is this what the big man says working peacefully with opposing views? Is this the so called Olive branch?
    Then if it is so, am sorry to say it is poisonous.


    1. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

      Patriot, don’t mix issues here, which country can tolerate this bad behavior shown by the two? It is even bad for Mr. Msonda because he is a political figure and should have behaved fairly well in spite of the provocation by the truck driver. The case has nothing to do with politics, you mean when a politician is in the wrong the law should not take its course? Let those in leadership positions learn to restrain from acting like savages. The provocation was not severe to warrant such injuries. Mr. Msonda knew that the person was drunk and as a leader should have resorted to better way of dealing with the issue not hacking him with a panga knife. Imagine if he died, Mr. Msonda could have created more trouble for himself and all his dependants. Lets learn to be patient.

  53. Jelbin mk says:

    Now my question is doesn’t this make JB’s claims valid for her insecurity?

  54. Jelbin mk says:

    I told you guys that the driver might really have been sent by the regime agents hence no fear of the police presence because he new the police would not fight against government. Look at how they are handling the matter now, the driver has been found with only one case to answer while Msonda who is really a victim has been charged with two and yet the police are on record telling the whole nation and the world at large that both of these people sustained serious injuries thus why they could not arrest them at the scene because they needed immediate medical attention. Now that are telling us that the driver is the one who was seriously injured and the truck driver has been left free on wrong parking the police have no problem with that and splashing a beer on Msonda is nothing talking about just because Msonda is pp now my question is are the police also politicians? Because they behave and conduct themselves more like politicians and our security is in tatters.

  55. cheyo the real northerner says:

    It is a tradition that whenever a case is involving a nottable person, like in this case Mr. Msonda, the DPP normally comes in and takesover the file from law enforcers. So Mr Msonda should not be worried.

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