DPP tells Rumphi: Condition for development is support us first

Officials from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have told people of Rumphi to support the ruling party first if they wanted development.

Charles Mhango(left) is campaigning for DPP in Rumphi Central

Charles Mhango(left) is campaigning for DPP in Rumphi Central

DPP legal advisor Charles Mhango said this in Rumphi Central constituency where he held a political rally over the weekend along with other senior party officials and cabinet ministers.

“They lined up a number of development projects which they want in the area. They gave us a long list of development wishes for the area and we told them the government is ready to give them the development on condition that they support the DPP,” said Mhango in an interview monitored on state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

Senior DPP officials and cabinet ministers stormed the northern region over the weekend holding rallies ahead of President Peter Mutharika’s trip to the region soon.

Mhango assured the people of Rumphi that the government would give them the development in exchange for their support to the DPP.

The constituency overwhelmingly voted for Alliance for Democracy (Aford) president Enock Chihana during the 2014 parliamentary elections and voted for Peoples Party’s Joyce Banda in the presidential race.

People in the district accuse the DPP led government of backsliding on its promise to construct the all important Livingstonia Njakwa Road which is now in sorry state.

On Sunday, Mhango donated a K250000 cheque to a church in the constituency, an indication that Chihana has a political competitor in the 2019 parliamentary race.

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27 thoughts on “DPP tells Rumphi: Condition for development is support us first”

  1. The Partriot says:

    Verily , verily I say unto you, this Mhango guy is a fool! He has just opened his mouth and all Malawians can tell, he belongs to fools paradize.
    Mr Mhango, please wake up! We are in the 21st century where belonging to a party of one’s choice is a birthright.
    Common sense dictates that all citizens pay tax and all of us deserve development from our taxes even if we hold divergent political value. Mr Mhango and the whole DPP politburo should leaen to separate development and national issues from politics.
    People in the North are anti DPP , no matter what you say or do. Just like people in the MTL belt are DPP, no matter how bad the party performs…….ndi za ku mtundu!!

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    The nation of Malawi is now officially upside down.Never in the history of Africa,people have had deranged and incompetent leadership like our abused Malawi.It is a plain fact that Peter Muthalika and his blind supporters have completely failed to deliver the goods,no wonder that he was fired from Washington State University,USA after students protested against his nagetive professorial handicap,while at the same time,his brother Bingu was fired from his job with COMESA when he was apprehended for stealing public finances in the tune of USA$150.000.COMESA is based in Harare,Zimbabwe.So Malawians must learn a vivid lesson from the two feral impostors who have wrecked our country beyond repairs.People brought democracy to replace autocratic regime of Hastings Banda while you were nowhere to be seen and now you tend to oppress and divide them for your own personal interests.Where is that in the National Constitution that people from the North have to join ruling Party in order to get ECONOMIC FUNDS? Where on earth? Even in former Apartheid South Africa,Africans were not exposed to such incongruously treatment.Muthalika you have gone too far and your days are viciously numbered you are just preparing for your one way journey to unknown destination sooner than later.To the MHANGOS,your illegal advisers,do not betray your mothers and fathers because tomorrow you will have nowhere to go,opportunism has no bounds,where is Chihana before you perfidious morons.To my beloved Northerners and some patriotic Malawians across the spectrum,boycott Muthalika and his running dogs,do not attend his meetings,he is a wild looser,he will go,but the people will remain to chart their own destiny.LONG LIVE MY FELLOW HINYAS AND LONG LIVE AFRICA.THE MASSES OF OUR PEOPLE WILL FINALLY EMERGE VICTORIOUSLY ALUTA CONTINUA!!

  3. Mzozodo says:

    From Jappie to Charles, all Mhangos are dunderheads to the core. mwanikhozga soni ba Mhango, ise tikaona nga muli na mahara kweni mulije

  4. VYOTO says:


  5. Omex70 says:

    This guy called Charles Mhango is sick in his mind. A person with his right mind can not utter such rubbish. Please don’t show your stupidity. Mhango guard your stupid mouth and your unwise head.

  6. Bwabwalala says:

    Northerners are the most tolerant people in Malawi but they should not be taken for a ride. For example in Rumphi Central constituency during an election DDP chooses Mhango to stand and AFORD puts a dog them I would be even happier to vote for the dog than Mhango(DPP). This shows the depth of hatred we have for this stupid government.

    There is no way you can ask support from the very same people you are oppressing through quota system and denied development. But remember things will not be like this for ever and he who laughs last laughs the loudest. Just mark my words.

  7. Central says:

    Mulibe manyazi ndithudi!! Nokha simungaone the poverty levels of the area as depicted by the BACKGROUND PICTURE!!

    Mukamanena zankutu zanuzi mumaona ngati ndinu ndani? Ndalama zake ziti mukufuvutitsa nazo anthuzo? Zomwe tikulipira mitsokhozi?? Ana a njoka inu!!

  8. Save Albinos says:

    A wise leader would say, ‘Pay Taxes to get development’, not ‘Support our party in exchange for development’.

    So why people should pay taxes and never get development?

    Then tell them to stop paying taxes, instead ask them for support for your Dirty Deadly Party.

    Ndinu Mbuzi a DPP

  9. Mind you and your party that money of development is not your personal cash that is our money becz it is from our tax so don’t finish words becoz one day it wil be someone on the driving seat after all you don’t have money to support the whol Rumphi central in terms of development, shame on you(chihana wooooooye!

  10. KUKHALA says:


  11. Msukwa says:

    This guy better quit politics b4 2019 & do other things coz a real politician can’t utter such stupid statements.Please be civilised guys.

  12. Bena Rumphi says:

    This is ridiculous if it was said. Mbweno khalani nacho chitukuko chinu. ise tilindizgenge chithu 2019. Quota yitikhufule mbweno mutibafuleso na chitukuko banganya? mwamba kuguliska chitukuko banganya?

  13. Mzakwacha, says:

    Mhango ndiwe chindele fikepo likewise prof.Peter qoata system mutharika.Mulije nawongo amhango imwe.Mwanikhozga soni namkweni winu.A!Atatavyala,nadi kusapota peter?Nadi?Pa msonkhano wako mafumu,wanthu wakawapo nthena.Awo wakawapo,zikwenela kuwa ntchewe zinyako,nazo zakufuntha.Wanakazi nadi kukugwedezela viwuno iwe tchalesi,yakawa mahule kufuma mumutangwanika,na apo pamsika wanjala wee.Yewo.Mzakwacha Nixon-Pretoria west.+27724922299.Kukwithu kwa mphande”mjuma.

  14. Mzakwacha, says:

    Mhango,musundu wako.U cant say that.Tisapote mavi kuti mupeleke chitukuko?Nosense.One day,God will rescue the north and not only rumphi.We want the north to be independent.Do u think uzamuwina 2019?Ninjani angazakavotela ntchewe iwe na chikwiwa wako qota system mutharika?Wina muhango imwe mutigulishenge.Ukumuwona japi,ajizelezekela,akawa munthu japi,mwawanthu mwee.Iwe dpp,tilekezgela wabale withu.Nadi school yose yina iwe tchalesi mbwenu ungazomelezga peter qota system mutharika nadi?Peter akunya vishuli iwe ukuti ni fresh air.Shame on.Leave rumphi central&Enock Chihana(our life MP)alone.palije angapikisana na Enock this time,wapulika charles ntchewe mhango.Kakole chikwiwa ku sanjika.Pala wakwiya,call me,i dont hide my name.I cry for people from the republic of malawi north(RMN)we will one day get our independence,now,we are slaves of alomwe.Mzakwacha Nixon,pretoriaW-+27724922299.Yeo.

  15. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    In 1992-1994 Malawians went for plural politics. At DPP that time Peter and Bingu were in USA. What DPP should know is that, without multi party politics DPP would not be Govt. now. Mhango respect multi party. Maybe you were also in foreign lands running away from Kamuzui.

  16. Che Shaibu says:

    People of Rumphi just hold your Taxes since you wont get develop.
    Government is run by taxes collected from people and if they are saying they can not develop the district until you support them, just agree to hold on to the taxes you pay to the Government.

  17. Mhango mwenecho says:

    What the fuck is wrong with the Mhangos. From Jappie to Charles. Please do not disgrace the Mhango clan you bastards.

  18. Bisika says:

    Mhango please don’t fool Rumphi people just fool ur family, let me tell u this if u don’t trust people, which means we also don’t trust u and ur DPP

  19. Bwande says:

    But the people of Rumphi pay taxes just like every citizen. They deserve to recieve part of development. Does this mean the resources for development come from DPP? This is stupid thinking.

  20. Gomphe says:

    Stupid things. party and Government be forever seperated. WE hate your party but we demand development because we pay for it. We too pay tax.

  21. Makoswe Awiri says:

    The picture you have here summarises everything about the bullshit of government and party politics. The two men represent a privileged elite comprising party politicians and the comprado bourgeoisie who have turned their back on the poor. A pathetic house is just right there behind them, but they symbolically refuse to see it; and I am sure they have travelled in very expensive 4x4s, claiming hefty allowances, to visit this household whose occupants are clinging to the very ends of their survival facilities. Shame, what a shame. In Malawi, it is us educated people who have let this country down. What a shame. The lot of us.

  22. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Mr. Mhango, I am entitled to developments because I am a Malawi and I also pay tax while the government has a social obligation to provide developments or whatever services.

    If you want to run the government you are the first to prove that you have the qualities. Hoping you are different from the current president and his colleagues.

    I wish the current DPP were entertainers, e.g. announcers or doing dram which does not have the reality of life but waste time and resources.

  23. Bin Laden Mutharika says:

    Ndekuti anthu aku Rumphiko sapereka msonkho? I think you guys are dunderheads,, fuck you

  24. Tikukuonani says:

    malawi from the warm heart of africa to the warm ground of politics…every time politics…

  25. Mwanangwa says:

    Mr. Mhango!
    People are not wood or clay that the have to be shaped on conditions of the ruling party at all times. They have a will and wisdom to decided best for themselves. If you cannot give them development then they either do not belong to Malawi and should be left to attend to ALL issues for themselves or they have no allegiance to MG and should subscribe nothing.

    This habit of support for development should STOP FORTHWITH whether it is for the Center, North or South. You already had their vote and that is why you are in Parliament – give that section their due for electing you then, otherwise you are a failure, Let government not hide behind support for failing to deliver promises.

    Let government consolidate all promises by their MP’s, budget them and deliver to the promised people.

  26. Master says:

    Thats nonsense charles don think like a thug, which development? u mean laying foundations stones and changing later that we will not do that Njakwa road? great minds bring development first and let their works speak for them, thats how Bingu managed to convince his haters, where is that strategy? u have failed as DPP big time shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  27. A_G says:

    Rubbish! Pure rubbish!!

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