DPP to start fulfilling campaign pledges, says Malawi VP Chilima

Vice President Saulosi Chilima has applauded Members of Parliament in the country for passing the 2014/15 National Budget saying it will enable the Government to start fulfilling the pledges it made during the campaign period.

The Vice President made the remarks on Saturday in Thyolo where he conducted a whistle stop campaign tour wooing people to vote for Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Thyolo East constituency candidate Greyson Solomon during the forthcoming by-elections.

Chilima:  DPP government to start implementing pledges

Chilima: DPP government to start implementing pledges

Chilima said the passing of the budget has given government a go ahead to start among other things a project of constructing 100 houses for people who are under privileged in all the constituencies of the country.

“We want to start building houses for the needy in all the constituencies and we will begin with 100 houses for a starter, we are hopeful that the numbers will increase as time passes,” the Veep said.

He further assured the people of government‘s full support towards the fertiliser, iron sheet and cement as well as the construction of community colleges scheduled to start in January.

“We will continue supporting the fertiliser subsidy programme because we want every household to be food secured,” said the vice president.

During the whistle stop, the Vice President addressed people at Lomola and Milonga schools and Goliati Trading Centre where he urged them to show their support to DPP by voting for its candidate.

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28 thoughts on “DPP to start fulfilling campaign pledges, says Malawi VP Chilima”

  1. yohane munthali says:

    No 21 and 22 your very foolish I know that you are PP supporters…am MCP supporter lets try KUMAYAMIKIRA rather than despicing…JEALOUS basi….ufiti eti!

  2. chanda says:

    zomwe mumanga ndizopusa andalenu mumatitenga amalawi kum’pani ngati maliro anjoka zomwe mumalonjeza sizomwe muymapanga fertilizer;malata mwatsitsa mitengo /kuba basi tionana 2019.

  3. Statesman says:

    Chilima,stop fooling us at once! Building houses for the poor wasnt on your menu rather PPs!Soon muyamba kugawa mazira mmidzimu,anthu opepera komanso ochititsa manyazi!

  4. Ghetto says:

    Promises and yet more promises, so sick and tired of these fools, don’t know what to do

  5. chatty man says:

    Za ziiii the world is watching.

  6. Quota system says:

    Sitizalandira ndrama ngati change

  7. pearson sadala says:

    Its late

  8. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching.

  9. mamuna mdzese guzuwe says:

    Each and every country there are illegal immigrants so do u want us to be chased here in a milk and honey country of South Africa

    1. 27 says:

      If you are there illegally then you surely deserve to kicked out I personally support deportation of illegal Malawian immigrants around the world , why?…. it’s a hustle to process papers for legal stay and some fool simply strolls in illegally and enjoys the same benefits and takes up jobs for the deserving locals illegally…..it’s not fair!

  10. Dausi says:

    uku ndiye kufuntha kapena kuti a Dpp misala ndiyimene yavuta komandiye tayaluka mpaka kukopela manifesto ya pp tanthedwa nzeru ife makmaka peter ndiye nanji . zoti analogako ku Univsty sizikusonyeza pepani dziko lonse la MALAWI pokunamizani mmaso muli gwaaaa. ….

  11. Mtonga Mwenecho says:

    Mr VP.I thought your manifesto was to subsidize iron sheets and Cements and now you are talking of Building Houses for the poor.Building of the houses was what PP was doing ,it means you are copying PP’s Manifesto

    1. kazeze says:


  12. Kodi change ija bwanji says:

    Mr VP u raised the hopes of civil servants but now we hear the continuation of Change. What a shame! Our MCTU & TUM are quite, we hope they aware that the economy is just fine as shown by the President 68 member delegation to UN. Don’t insult our intelligence by saying that the government doesn’t have when a bunch of Lomwes are feasting our PAYE or else we will involuntary introduce Work as You Earn (WAYE) & Hardship Allowance (Girls) and u know we are already good at that. As u are busy stealing from account number one, we will also continue with the available resources. TALULAR!

  13. john says:

    Bwana vice President
    I salute all members of parliament for passing this very important national budget but the problem is implimentation. My worry is on these illegal immigrants. I have been all over Malawi now checking what going on. I have discovered that we have more foreigners who are operating their businesses without permits, mainly Burundi and Rwanda and some are indians. In Limbe there these people operating even with a single paper, when Immigration officers go there, they receive K500,,000.00 ngati chindapusa then they are free. How much is the government losing? how did they register their businesses with registrar generals office? what about ministry of trade?
    My suggestion
    The government i mean { Ministry of home affairs {police and immigration}, OPC, Ministry of Trade,, National Intelligence Bureau, malawi army and ACB should work together on this issue as soon as possible. They should mobilise officers in the south to visit each and every shop asking them their permits, licences and asking malawians working for them to give more information. These malawians know the truth and they have information but they dont know when to report these issues. THis exercise should take place in all the regions. At the end of this you will agree with me. Look, in todays paper there an article that the minister of home affairs and chief immigration officer are wanted by mzuzu court because of these stupid malawians and illegal immigrants. How are going to develop our country? we need drugs in the hospitals, good roads, fuel, security and forex. but they operating illegally. Do you think a malawian can do business in Ethiopia or India in that way? Our VP, please you are our boss for the Civil Service, this is your job. God bless you

    1. Nabetha says:

      Be practical. Go n open your own business instead of complaining, business is about competition. There is no way you can get rid of what you call illegal immigrants in any country. Please be smart. By the way, i’m a Malawian not living in Malawi.

      1. 27 says:

        It’s had to get rid of illegal immigrants but it’s high time every single business in the country had it activities checked and recorded these international business(wo)men are aiphoning a lot from Malawi. Indeed business is about competition but there are ethics that need to be observed also and corruption and bribery are not ethical business practises

  14. Wamandasi says:

    Chilima and DPP government don’t continue with free facilities project. It becomes slavery and unstoppable epidemic. This free everything is bringing South Africa down and it is leading to almost anarchy, riots, demonstrations, vandalism. The way to go is to the people provide means to people to uplift themselves. We don’t need generosity that will turn into slavery when people wont raise a finger and be responsible.

    Think twice. Altenatively urge the society to justify who is in need. that society must provide man power and expertise and see the project through.

    Change the way of doing things build a bit of modern house with water toilet, kitchen and bathroom inside. This should be an exercise to bring water, electricity and sanitation everywhere. stop building barns of tobacco and call them hoses

    1. 27 says:

      I agree, as Malawians we have to move away from over reliance on government to provide everything, it makes us slaves to our own government because beggars can’t be choosers and makes the government to take us for granted it’s time we took the initiative and empowered ourselves at the end of the days governments come and go but the general public is here to stay wake Malawians and take initiative on development don’t wait for government these people have their own agendas and priorities

  15. Mula says:

    Fulfilling campaign pledges except for civil servants! my foot! munkanenelanji nanga kuti civil servant akulandira peanuts. simukusiyana ndi boma la jb.

  16. chiduma says:

    Umangotinamiza zaboza nawenso iwe kodi machange a salary unkati muzasintha kuti ma civil servant azizalandira ndiye 20% yaposaso pachangepo? Ndiye bolanso machange anatipatsa JB aja osati anuwa ndiye anyanyanso, pepani tionana 2019. Kaya ndiye uzatinamiza chani nthawi imeneyo koma takuziwa.

  17. KK says:

    Koma Chilima iwe UMANDIMALIZA!!!!

  18. Chikoko says:

    Why waste money going to this no go zone area for dpp, mukuziwa kuti mwawina kale kumeneku

  19. John says:

    Building houses? Fertilizer subsidy? And the budget has passed?
    What about medication n hospitals? Civil servants?

  20. Culture of impunity says:

    Asatipusitse Chilima pa nthawi yoti atenga boma pa 20 may adanena yekha kuti wogwira ntchito mu Boma sitifuna kuti azilandira MACHENJI sano zili patii? MAWU amalenga anthu sayiwala.ife tikufuna yankho lenileni osati la ndale zachikale ayi.

  21. kume kume says:

    wy blinding pple, u said ma civil serviants amalandila ma change yet mukuwapatsanso machange, 2 hell with ur fake promisses Chilima.

  22. Bwana says:

    Koma anthu a kuchipani mwatichitisa manyazi. A VP osakapedza anthu ku malo onse atatu chifukwa chiyani. Akuluakulu a chipani fufuzani pamenepa pali vuto, Ku Thyolo East ndi kwawo kwa a Pulezidenti. Tikufuna mutiwuze zenizeni zake chifukwa ngakhale pa TV mwatibisira kuchuluka kwa anthu amene anafika kumeneko.

    Tsiku la bwino.

  23. Salary increament nanga bwa?

Comments are closed.

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