DPP to undergo major shake-up, says Mutharika

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is expected to under-go a major restructuring almost five months after emerging victorious in the controversial May tripartite elections.

President Peter Mutharika disclosed on Tuesday that there will be major changes in some of the positions including the National
Governing Council (NGC).

President Mutharika and vice president Saulos Chilima: Remaking the DPP

President Mutharika and vice president Saulos Chilima: Remaking the DPP

“There will be changes very, very soon. We have to restructure the party from the district to the regional level,” said Mutharika.

He said the restructuring process would be done in order to strengthen the party in preparations to 2019 elections.

Mutharika has, however, played down suggestions that Tuesday’s by-elections were litmus test for DPP, saying “We have been in government just five months; therefore it’s too early to consider it a litmus test.”

DPP elected its NGC last year during the party’s convention in Blantyre.

Among the changes expected is the appointment of new DPP vice president to replace Dr Hetherwick Ntaba who is now a diplomat.

Ntaba is heading to London where he will be Malawi High Commissioner to UK. He was the party’s second in command.

DPP outclassed other major political parties Malawi Congress Party (MCP), United Democratic Front (UDF) and Peoples Party (PP) in the country’s first ever tripartite elections that were marred by irregularities, riots and court injunctions.

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44 thoughts on “DPP to undergo major shake-up, says Mutharika”

  1. Nobel says:

    Whether restructuring or not, the DPP will remain the DPP i know. Imagine, how can u post ur vice to diplomatic mission after the whole vigorous campaign trails? Is it a move distance Ntaba from contesting for presidential post in the coming elections? Atleast ministerial portifolio was neccessary for Ntaba to balance regional power in the wake of the general outcry in DPP cabinet.

  2. nkhakamila says:

    if kenkk was president we could have a better malawi.i suggest you are highly educated coz malawi is lacking pple of good will like you.thumbs up for ur comment.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Thanks and well appreciated. Are you starting a cyber space internet campaign for me?? Ha ha ha!!

      I only just try to contribute whatever comes from my head on a given issue.

  3. wake says:

    am very much concerned with the word the columnist used’out classed’ yet they stolen the elections even u may ask an infant, next tym guard ur mouth mr musasiye mulomo

  4. Muyuda says:

    its a UDF and DPP merger.

  5. Lock and key says:

    Ooh just like a D7 which is only ued to clear the forest to pave way for a road construction but does not itself have the luxury to use that same rosd once completed I can foresee some DPP loyalists who worked hard to ensure its victory being sidelined following this excersise. Tiyeni nazo

  6. Yobe boo says:


  7. wanabo says:

    t wz polical gathering amayenera kukamba zandale.koma omwe achoka mtaba atenga ndan? pamepo pafunika kulingalipo bwino take some new bt powerful i tink.koma tamulandire bessi chibambo coz anachoka dpp kumapeto ? anatengera usecond vp ku conve,inde mwana olowerera koma apm mulandire wadutsa m’minga(2o july) mzimayi ameneyu coz of dpp.wina ndamumva akudandaula dat z adikire next cov,vp of party wil help to distrigush works govt and party,this can party set it’s strong foundation “

  8. Amos Mwaisimba says:

    Deal with cash gate issue first and politics later. We want to see economy stability bwana than busy restructuring you party
    at heart.

  9. LERO says:

    Who will do the shaking? Peter? whose interest does he serve? if people grow too big inside their shoes, the result is a permanent handicap

    1. Kenkkk says:

      I want APM to stand firm against many of the DPP old guard who are very nepotistic and tribalistic tearing this country apart for selfish reasons. Many of them have been given top cabinet positions but their behaviours and mannerisms are those of destroying the unity of Malawi. Shame that some of them are very educated but behave like they have never been to school championing nepotism, tribalism, academic education quota system, development injustices, hate for northerners, hate for centrerers, blah blah!!! etc.

      APM, please aim at producing a DPP that is inclusive and promotes national unity. Please don’t listen to some of the bad people you have in DPP because eventually they will destroy you. Always remember the bulk stops with you and any blame will be leveled at you and no one else, they will keep enjoying their privileges whilst you take all the flak and blame.

      Let us hope the shake up will be genuine and for the good of the whole country.

  10. KUKHALA says:


  11. Khalani Chete says:

    Mwina atumbuka angalowemo m boma kkkkkkk. It’s a good idea anyway as long as the shake up will see all regions incorporated.

  12. mkholiwa says:

    kodi akuwasamalira a president wa ndani? bodza inu chonde suit you ndi ma size awiri bigger than the man. he looks like his little assistant who is tiny and you understand why a normal sized man’s suit cant fit him but the Muntharika’s are blessed with hieght and a good size body size. chonde musamuyalutse munthuyi. im not a dpp fun or supporter (wahtever they are called) but its soo wrong that a whole president should be so badly dressed. in this time and age where image (appearance) matter so much more than the old days its wrong to make the poor man look so uncared for. chonde chitanipoin kanthu

  13. ndadabwa says:

    ichoo nkhope ngati???????????????kikiki

  14. Ngoni Ruler says:

    Am wondering y nw,Five months after elections dpp is the one who started cashgate so sme senior members are linked 2 this famous animal called cashgate,nw dpp is afraid arresting them nw cz they will turnish there i mage bt aftr they a fired they wil hve a shield.

  15. John shaddin cassinm says:

    this iz wat we call the damaging of the party and the end of dpp/

  16. koma says:

    The suit sizes eishhh always big

    1. Afro Jazz says:

      Looks like a sleeping bag

  17. chidumayo says:

    Boma ilooo Boma ilooo Boma ilooo lyo lyo lyo. Moto ukuyandikira mu DPP. Phuma musamaone kuchedwa.

  18. Alungwana says:

    The cashgate party.

  19. Horeb says:

    The shake up comes at the right time as senior members will appear in the cashgate as 10 of the 11 companies involved in cashgate are linked to DPP thus why the fail to release the Tilly Barker report. They want to say that those linked are not DPP. Just wait & see.

  20. DPP Political Vandeta says:

    DPP is finished… And we don’t want the DPP as Cash-Gate Agent to continue ruling Malawi on a stolen ballot!

  21. dpp ndiyamphamvu palibe angakane izi

  22. Kenkkk says:

    Very Interesting development!!

  23. Ntaba athana naye systematically.

  24. kk says:

    Saulos Chilima should be Party’s vice President. Mfanayu ali boo zedi tidya naye bwino.

  25. Maria says:

    Major shake up! Koma zioneka.

  26. Nabetha says:

    It is very difficult to understand this president who is obsessed with the 2019 elections not development.

  27. ManVince says:

    Ung’ono Ung’ono Bwana President…. Mavalidwe ali bwino awa…Big Up

  28. RFD says:

    This is how the thing called PP started and we ended up with a mandasi president by accident. Please be careful with your shaking up.

  29. Mtumbo Lende says:

    Not outclassed but robbed victory using courts and imbecile MEC CHAIR

  30. Mpira says:

    Chabwino tagwirizana nazo

  31. Mlowoka says:

    The pursporse is right hope some members of DPP will consider this as a good decision to rebuild the party

  32. Mbadwa says:


    Mwina mutisankha kikikikikkiki

  33. Luke says:

    Taombera mkuphazikomwe that’s right decision

  34. Fact Checker says:

    DPP did not outclass anyone! They limped past the finish line after snatching, grabbing, pushing and shoving other people aside.

  35. Yusuf Moffat says:

    Good decision to strengthen your party

  36. Batumeyo Zanga says:

    I do agree

  37. Samuel Phiri says:

    APM wooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeee!

    Nice ena apeze maudindo kikkkkkk

  38. Samuel Phiri says:

    Good reasoning a President

  39. Chemwali chimwene says:

    I hope the shake up will be constitutional. Another convention?????? To waste tax payers money. Ministers and all government employees will get allowances, lodging, fuel and security detail to be footed by us, tax payers. Mxiiii.

  40. Madalo says:

    Hope you’ll continue with democratic principles that will make everyone happy.

    Restructuring is not bad that is a right decision but do that in good faith

    We love you APM

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