DPP trashes Ntata as clearly a ‘frustrated man’

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesman Francis Kasaila says lawyer-cum-political activist Allan Ntata is “clearly a frustrated man”.

Ntata: Labelled frustrated man

Ntata: Labelled frustrated man

Ntata used an interview on a Times TV to bash the DPP and President Peter Mutharika’s henchmen.

But Kusaira will also be on the same Times TV this Saturday  in attempt to hit back at Ntata.

The DPP spokesman has meanwhile trashed Ntata who has become a biter critic of the Mutharika government as being a frustrated man.

Ntata, according to DPP spokesman, is seeking attention to cure his frustrations.

But Ntata, who is a consultant at Rak Gas and United Arab Emirates (UAE) firm which is involved in oil exploration activities in Malawian districts under Block Five, has shot down the claims of being frustrated.

Ntata is accusing President Mutharika of taking advice from assistants and individuals who not only assist with the political issues of which they know very little, but also about which they are even less competent.

“They then begin meddling with his economic and developmental agenda and policies. It if from this sort of advice that you see a President start making blunders such as going to write his name on the walls of a prison cell, and as the criticism grows against him, the President begins to believe his assistants and old-timer pals more and more and embrace the Siege Mentality.

“He begins to respond to the accusations and becomes personal, mentioning writers such as Raphael Tenthani and Madalitso Musa by name. His praise team begins to shamelessly use every project, no matter how old, to tell an account of his various achievements. They claim that Malawians ought to be grateful because they have a wise and dynamic leader. The President is taught to despise criticism and starts making more public appearances to dispute the claims made by his critics,” argues Ntata.

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100 thoughts on “DPP trashes Ntata as clearly a ‘frustrated man’”

  1. Sineki says:

    I like this madness,, we missed u man ntata,, koma osathawaso kkk big mouth but coward

  2. Sineki says:

    Send a thief to catch a thief,, uyu ndi fodya wake atithandiza! Suta kwambiri kuti uzimasuka polemba,,

  3. ARICHO says:

    Pitala and his henchmen are the ones who are frustrated

  4. Dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    Truth pains.People with blind loyalty hates truth and constructive criticism.Peter forgets that he was put in that position because of lawyers in the midst of night while Mbendera was crying like a hungry baby.Peter is waiting chikwanjje anaona JB ndi mzake Jonathan Goodluck.Let the bootlickers deceive that you are popular in Malawi.You think Saulos will be there to tamper with Airtel machine.Ntata awuzeni ankhutukumve amenewa.

  5. timothy mandambwe says:

    Mr. Ntata just find something to do coz you’ll get thin with all these false issues. Help the Government if you want to develop Malawi than giving us these stories out of your frustration. Those days you never said any but now due to the fact that you are frustrated you want to confuse Malawians.

  6. 100% Lohmwe says:

    Whether he is frustrated or not, but he is telling you only the truth . Get his advise if you are really there to change Malawi for the better other wise you will regret it. More fire Tata !

  7. Shela Zane says:

    i think the fact that the president asks some of his ordinary staff for advice shows that he is open to hearing the views of all pople. they act as a spring board fo his ideas and those of his experts

  8. Louis Gobede says:

    Francis Kasaira Is Wright Ntata Wants To Comfuse Us

  9. Bokola says:

    The ntata man is not frastrated at all bt he’s telling u the truth.

  10. Wanga says:

    Iya! Muisova konko ife bolakwacha.

  11. Medson Lima says:

    Anyway, since the constitution grants everybody freedom of expression, let Ntata say whatever he wants and expose what is in his heart.

  12. amos says:

    Ntata listen.your time is not yet.pliz wait.Out of 17 million people its only you making a lot of noise judge urself.One leader at atime that’s the rule of the game.I guess u are used to easy money but not this time around

  13. Think Tank says:

    Let Ntata empty his chest. The wise will ponder every point he says and make a decision. It is said experience is the best teacher. He learnt and tells us what happens in the corridors of power. It is only those who are in juicy train who cry “frastrated.” go on Ntata

  14. wangawanga says:

    Amalawi tiyeni tiphunzire to get facts when things are being said. To my mind Ntata is right, whether is out of jealousy or not.The presidential decisions are made by these surrounding praise guys one of them is painting the prison which clearly shows its not mr president alone. the idea was childish not suppised be from the whole big man. Achakwera adanenanso zomwezi pano ndi Ntata

  15. Aristotle says:

    Paja chilichonse mumati ndi Ben Phiri. Cabinet anasankha ndi Ben Phiri, Chief Secretary anasankha ndi Ben Phiri, ma floods aja anapangitsa ndi Ben Phiri, mvula yasiyayi ndi Ben Phiri. Am sure zofuna kootcha nyanga za njobvu zijanso ndi Ben Phiri. I think u are just obsessed with the man, get a life!!!!

  16. The Observer says:

    Kasaila himself would be the first to admit that ,without passing thru Ben Phiri, any attempt to talk to A P M privately, will be meaningless as in the end he will still be told to go and talk to him.
    Many ministerial trousers are worn at the knees, not for praying hard, but for kneeling before Ben Phiri. Let him deny that !

  17. MATAKO says:

    Typical Malawians always shoot the messenger. Call Ntata frustrated or what have you. The fact remains the same. The man hit the nil on the head. The actions by our APM are very un presidential to say the least. Only a villager would accept such advice to go and smear graffiti on prison walls. He goes to visit flood victims and break ground for construction of a university on red carpet. Really APM? Common sense would have dictated that you just don’t do those things red carpets are for pomp the rich and famous. You may be famous but the people you are going to console are not rich. Ntata can be dismissed but remember Malawians, wamisala adaona nkhondo!! Our government is no where near where it should be. APM has been all talk and no substance. The so much talked about compendium has no back bone. There is no infrastructure to support serious investment. Security is a great concern to any would be investor. This administration need to take policy development seriously if any one is going to take them seriously.

  18. Balamanthu says:

    Chilungamo chimabvuta kwambiri.Much as I dont respect Ntata in whatever way, on the pieces of criticims he has raised on this president I absolutely agree with his logic and sense.This president is misled by very myopic and selfish advisors.For example, what can Vuwa Kaunda advise the president that would benefit the country.Secondly, when Ntata decides to tell the truth about the mid night six, whats the frustration thereabouts?He was part of them and is taking the liberty to share what he saw and experienced.Where is the frustration here.Let the guy speak- as long as he is telling us the truth.His freeedom of expression stops where yours, many who are criticizing him starts.Have your space to criticize him intelligently but not kumutukwana.He is also malawian and much more entitled to his opinion as all of us.

  19. Mr Chasowa Fredrick says:

    Mr Allan Mtata is a frustrated man indeed He ran away when Bingu died in 2012 and He thought DPP would never come back to power again. He was critical of the PP government at first then started writing nice articles of the PP Government as he thought they would arrest him He wrote bad articles about DPP He never came to Malawi and was in UK working in a café as a cleaner and dish washer. He continued to write bad about DPP and when PP lost the elections He came back to Malawi to look for a decent job like the one He had during Bingu’s era. He at one time wanted to see Peter Mutharika at State House but he was thrown out of State House and was told never to make an attempt to see APM. He tried to hoodwink people to be appointed Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecutions, Clerk to Parliament or Director of Anti- Corruption Bureau but all these failed He tried to be appointed as Presidential Advisor on Legal Matters but it also failed He is seen in town driving a very small car and looking very frustrated He is doing all this to get attention so that the DPP Government can give him some decent job He is cheating people that He is working for some international company dealing in oil explorations on Lake Malawi He is not He cannot afford to pay even rent or have a house Ask him where he is staying right now
    For those who do not know Mr Ben Phiri, should know that he has been on the side of APM for many years , well from 2004 or 2003. When Bingu was in power and APM was a Minister in Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ben Phiri was his Personal Assistant and used to advise APM. When Bingu died and DPP was in opposition Mr Ben Phiri continued to advise APM until DPP won the elections and APM became President I think Mr Ben Phiri deserves to continue to advise APM
    For Mtata let him keep quite and he should not waste our time He is just an opportunist like many of the people we see around

  20. syamboza says:

    Ntata sasuta ndi wa seven uyu. he has a point butat a wrong time sorry bwana mulim’boma mujaife ti kuswa nyerere panomwatuluka mwayamba kuyowoya.basiwecomekuopposishionindimmene timakhaliratu kumaona mbulizilinengámabusinessophunzilaakuuwa. Idont like youIdont recogonise your Peter my President is Joyce Banda

  21. ZOZO says:


  22. Tiyanjane says:

    No ugly tribal remarks on Ntata. The bashing is on Ntata, the individual and not about his his ethnic origins. Thanks people of the north for being civilized.

  23. WIZA says:

    Malawians are stupid or one section of Malawians are stupid and not thinking. period

  24. Ntata hit them hard where it pains most..

  25. A Ntata akulira kalanga ine! You are a coward Ntata, a true fighter fights within. Look at Ralph Kasambara, smart boy,despite all the false accusations, he did not run away like you fool Ntata. Zisisi zosakukhalazo, go to hell!

  26. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    If there are people who are better placed to analyse DPP,then Z Allan Ntata is one of them. He was in the Engine room( as an Advisor) during the first phase of DPP administration under Bingu. His analysis of issues and frustrtions if any are shared by many and those dismissing him are possessed by partisan politics and emotionally charged. Let us look at issues with a sober mind.

  27. H Matipa says:

    i wld lov dpp not to respond to this idiot ntata

  28. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Ntata Chamba Chikakubanda Usamatinyase. Choti Udziwe Nchakuti Dziko Lino Ife Anthu A Chigawo Cha Kummwera Ndiamene Tidzikuuzani President Oti Akulamulireni. Ngati Sitikufuna Sangawine. Ntata Ntata Nde Chani? Fotsekkkkkkk

  29. Thoko Kachikho says:

    What I would like to see Ntata do is to put this in an objective book where he uses various examples from the different presidents we have had. That way he will not be seen as frustrated but as raising issues about the presidency that Malawians ought to be aware of.

  30. The Patriot says:

    Frustrated , so what???? Does that make what he is saying false?? Ntata is just confirming what we as ordinary citizens have been saying before:
    1.That the midnight six case is NOT stupid but real
    2. That decisions made by the ruling party are selfish and not meant to benefit the whole country
    3. That there is a conspiracy to make a single tribe own everything in Malawi including banks.
    4. The Presidency in Malawi has too much powers and need to be trimmed.
    Now frustrated man or not, is this NOT true??
    It is a pity that our politicians think that Malawians are stupid and as long as the ruling class or ruling tribe is enjoying the fruits of politics the rest of Malawians does not matter! The fact is only 36% of eligible voters voted Mutharika and the majority 64% of the voters do not like Mutharika as a President. So please take care DPP , in 2019 the 64% will speak loudly and we will see what Kusaila and company will say!!!

    1. Tell them!!!!!these mulakho idiots are stupid.

  31. kiko says:

    Those criticising are the ones in more frustrated and desperate to be close to the president. Most of u have nothing to offer but u don’t need to pay extra attention to Ntatas coments hence are simple and straight forward.

  32. Mphwache says:

    There are certain things you never learn from school or college. They are only learnt by experience. As much as I do not like Allan as a person, I think his past experience as Presidential Adviser stands him in good stead to critique the system. You may call him frustrate, but then what is wrong with being frustrated if it makes you a better person? His past experience is something we (including Peter Mutharika) should learn from, and provides a good stand point from which not to repeat the very mistakes that Bingu Mutharika did. I believe learning from our past mistakes is what makes us human, otherwise we might be in the same boat as all animals on earth. What strikes me about Allan is his ability to stand tall and be counted (most of us would have just sat down and licked our wounds), I believe that’s the only characteristic that makes me like the man. Bravo Allan.

  33. mona says:

    Mtata uli boo atengetse anyani a dpp wa

  34. chingolopiyo says:

    Ntata is a frustrated man, I believe that. If he thinks that he knows most than the people who are assisting the president, then, my hundred dollar question to Ntata is , why did he not give good advice to the late president Bingu WaMutharika in his second term. We saw a lot of things happening, things turning upside down, if Ntata claims to be a wise man from Jupiter or mars or whatever planet, why the country was missed up. Its better to have assistant who knows nothing to support the president than those who claim to be wiser than others who failed when the opportunity was given to them. If he claims to know much why did he run and he failed to return when he was wanted to come back home to answer the charges. Ntata, please don’t claim to be knowledgeable, when we know very well that you failed to give right and sound advice to the late president. Just continuing hiding in the cave where you are. The president will not waste his previous time to engage in an arguement with a coward a who run away and failed to give sound and right advice to the late president.

  35. Mubarak says:

    Ntata? to hell mumati zizayenda every time? life always meanders bwana Ntata.

  36. Z Z Junior says:

    Why do we even care about individuals like Ntata? And why do we Malawians entertain gibberish? During Kamuzu era people like John Tembo were to blame, came Bakili, the Dumbos and Mpinganjiras were to blame. During Bingu’s time this same guy ZZ Allan Ntata was to blame. Now are you seriously telling me that Ben is to blame this time around? why is it that we always pick someone to blame instead of the HE himself? Come on Malawi work up. We need to rise above politics of envy and poverty. We can do better Malawi. We don’t need the Ntatas around. He is a bitter person indeed. he is liken a man who has recently been dumped by his wife of ten years and he suddenly start castigating her.

  37. kalikokha says:

    As you go to bash Ntata take with you the recordings of his programs on TVM during Bingu and what he was saying about JB having left the DPP to form her party. also refer to what he said on APM when he used to travel prior to elections. what he wrote about the Goliati incident and the choice of Chilima as running mate. the dude is an attention seeker and thinks he will scare DPp to recognise and award him

  38. Liberalist says:

    I find it unbelievable that some Malawians look at issues from blue, yellow, tambala wakuda, lock etc not from national point of view. This country is sick. It has a cancer of myopia caused by high illiteracy which is a good feeding ground for tribalism and regionalism. Educated citizens vote on issues not tribes. Ntata is just revealing what is a common syndrome in our politics. If he is doing that because of frustrations then shame on him. But why should a whole president write on walls? Children have be given a blank cheque by Citizen Number One to write on walls. When asked they will answer that APM is our role model.

  39. Kwitanda says:

    Guys dziko lonse lidzavotere Ntata? Unless the whole nation regalizes weed smoking ndithu!

  40. Ntata kusuta khanundu kwambiri.

  41. namarokoro says:

    Ntata, get life!!

  42. Jose' says:

    Please school me here: The title and the story do not marry. The title suggests that the article will inform the reader what DPP has said. On the contrary, it is more of what Ntata has refuted than what DPP has said on the issue. Our reporters need to learn to present issues with a level eye

  43. Fathara says:


  44. BECHI says:

    Ntata is not only frastrated but also naïve because the nature of most naïve people like him they cry a lot for nothing.issue of writing in Lumbadzi prison is vital cz at the end our brothers in maula had food that day while you pipo who dnt write u hardly donate. Pliz before you write check wisely the whole move and sample only good things zoipazo bring suggestions. Mr Ntata pliz bring constructive ways of doing things thus what malawians want or form your party and try him in pools basi.

  45. nthondo says:

    Comment. z allan ntata the great!!!

  46. zaukape says:

    Ntata sumayakhula bwanji nthawi imene unali ndi bingu ??? ASB yakuvutani

  47. Angoni says:

    Ntata is a frustrated person especially for being outside the DPP gurus who are planning to start benefiting from their sweat as day are going towards 2019. This guy is a coward. He ran away for fear of JB upon the death of Mr Malawi.With such cowardice of trained lawyer of Ntata caliber, Malawians that DPP members were running away from atrocities they did during Mr Malawi rule. Yet mid night 6 were ridged ready to face death or anything equally bad yet useless Ntat was in UK enjoying white man’s sausages. Whats that? Koma asalilakwise bomali ayi. Onse olimbana ndi boma amayamba chonchi. Ndipo amatha ngati makati. Ajawo amapezeka ndi ma sucidal note muthumba adayamba chonchi. Ntata uli ndi banja , ndipo uli ndi abale ako amene amapeza chithandizo kwa iwe. Usaitane imfa. Sulimbana ndi boma. Usati sindidakuchenjeze ayi.Ngati wavutika ndipo ukufuna kuyamba ndale, lowa ndale ndipo a DPP atha kukulandiranso. Ndaletu ndi uhule. WoLowa ndi aliyense amene wafuna.

  48. Bob says:

    Whatever Ntata said through his so called frustrations is truth and makes a lot of sense.

  49. Njonja says:

    Ntata is just.

  50. Khuvave says:

    Django Unchained

  51. True patriot says:

    Ntata is a true patriot,if what he wrote on public reform is anything to go by.By the way both APM and A.Ntata were picked on political board by Bingu.But no doubt Ntata was instrumental in the grooming of APM for presidency.And indeed Ntata’s advice materialised,now how come that Ntata is being labelled a devil today?That is typical of DPP.Ungratefulness.

  52. Dr Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    Just take positively what Ntata is saying and work on them. Nkhani ya nepotism, regionalism and tribalism its aa known fact and worries many, zama reforms ndi zowona zokha zokha akunenazo. But if you choose to take a spin on it, you are just inviting another cardiac arrest and

  53. Tatyata says:

    A Ntata munatha basi zinazi kumangovomeleza.I laughed myself when I saw you at St Andrews having discussions with your pals. looking like a confused man

  54. Greencardless Malawian says:

    This government (which is full of un educated, unintelligent, spiteful, blood sucking vampires) is actually more frustrated over this than Ntata himself.

  55. Zanga Phee! says:

    We need such noise in Malawi, our leaders they take things for granted and personal.this time around Ntata knows what it is if anybody shun this information it means something wrong. Muhone is doing the British stuff and we need somebody to pursue with the lake issue.This is why we are always under estimated by Tanzania.What is the progress now.So does it mean it is waiting for campaign period then you will see them writing press release and those who are good leaders in media houses you hear them leading with their attracting voices.It will be nothing because Ntata will tell us what is happening for such a silent moment on a sensitive issue like that one.Not only that Mhone will also hire lawyers from abroad on the same issue of the lake.See my name.

  56. njolomachipilingu says:

    Ntata is not frustrated but he is only telling this nation the truth.Frankly speaking Peter does not have answers to most of the issues and he usually refers people to Ben.Is this the way the whole President is sipposed to work? Search me.

  57. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Even if i was put in a room for a week or playing this DPP nonsense, id still believe Ntata over DPP; the guy has nothing to gain or lose in this case….’wamisala anawona nkhondo’ amwene

  58. Charombanthu says:

    He might be a frustrated man, yes, but he has some very good points. As they always say : What You Resist, Persists. Go AZN – Wamisala anaona Nkhondo.

  59. yaye kaddy says:

    Ntata he was right,Bingu amalembelanji dzina lake pakhomapo?kufoila basi kkkkkkkkkkkk

  60. PK says:

    DPP, don’t waste time with pple whose intellectual capabilities hav been eroded.Banja likatha mamuna akamanyoza mkazi, mudabwe naye mamuna wotere.

  61. BOMA LA KUBA says:

    If what Ntata is saying aims at healing his frustration then one who wrote on the prison wall that does not belong to him is more frustrated than Ntata. Please learn to listen to criticisms. Most of these come as heavy blows but if you keep yourself alert then you benefit. Mr Kasalia do not come with you useless reaction.

  62. Kamale says:

    Ntata akunena zoona, koma anali kuti nthawi ija aboma anapempha maganizo aanthu pa nkhani za reform? he could have contributed rightly during the consultations which were done and were open to everyones opinion and ideas.

    if he kept quiet that time. let him hold his peace.

  63. Ntata is not frustrated. All what he is saying is true. Hate him or not. U wil believe him in 2019 when exactly what has happened in Nigeria wil happen to DPP.

  64. Zadziwika says:

    But when did NTATA know all this? Why didn’t he write this some time back! He is really a frustrated man- Akagwere uko!!!

  65. Nkhombokombo says:

    You can’t waste your money and time to respond to a frustated man when you know the truth. There must be something true that you are trying to shield. Don’t embarrass yourselves on the obvious. People are looking and see the truth by themselves that they don’t want somebody to clarify the obvious stance. The noise that comes out from the oppressed sounds the loudest! No matter how trivial the sense it makes it will be seen as the real truth. So do not refute each and every sour story you hear against you. You are lucky you are enjoying the poor man’s sweat in form of Taxes. Just eat and work!!, if at all you have a heart for the poor.

  66. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Ntata is saying even the president knows koma vuto lakula ndikusafuna kudzichepetsa ndibwino nthawi zina kumamvera malangizo anzako Palibe munthu wanzeru kwambiri kuposa anthu onse Arthur Peter Mutharika must consider Ntata’s sentiments before trashing his efforts to bail him out of Moral decay ambiri mwa ma advisers a APM ndi anthu adyera they can do almost anything to please their boss whilst ripping him and the government off Samala nawoni anthuwa otherwise mbiri yanu yoyipa kale inkila nkila kuwonongeka.

  67. GUANTANAMO says:

    True, Ntata is frustrated. Equally truthful is all that he has said about the DPP govt. Ntata has named and shamed you. Ben Phiri angakhale mlangizi wa munthu?!!

  68. point blank says:

    I think it is true that Ntata is frustrated looking at his behavior lately. However as frustrated as he maybe, he has come to his senses of using his abilities to objectively look at issues. He was probably blinded by power and he failed to critically look at issues. I think its high time we have more frustrated individuals in our country . Please Mr president heed to Ntatas advice although others may try to convince you he is just a fluff.

  69. Benjamin says:

    The president painting a cell of which he was arrested not as a hero but on serious treason charges, he really got wrong advisors

  70. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkkkk analemba after kupenta????? shaaaaa even mwana wanga sangapange zotelezi .

  71. John says:

    We are not stupid. You the DPP guys are!! We all know Ntata is bitter, granted! But please dispute what he wrote. Argue against his points. Dont trash the man when we all know than the points that he traised are genuinenly true.

  72. john rambo says:

    All those we call heroes the likes of J.chilembwe,m.Luther,kamuzu.banda,b.muluzi,evison.matafale,etc were all at some point in life frustrated and that drove them to rise and rebuke the evil ones.so keep it up mr ntata you made alot of sense. Bravo

  73. Zowoonadi mtatayu akunena chilungamo.achimwenewa mutuwawo zikuonetsa kuti muli dzimbiri kwambiri.chanzeru palibe khanda lenileni

  74. human says:

    Ntata for president 2029. Tizakuvotela, nzeru uli nazo and suit-nso imakukhala

  75. soko says:

    mmbuyomu ana anga akalemba khoma ndimawakwapula komalero zikivuta chifukwa akuti mngakhale apulezidenti amalemba khoma. Dont hate ntata he is like speed trap guys on our roads when they caution you about overspeeding all they want is to arrive alive.

  76. tuvitwana says:


  77. Jihadi John says:

    Frustrated or not it doesn’t matter Ntata ‘a writings are striking a cord with the people and it’s absolutely true. It’s clear rugged political bootlickers and assistants are feasting on the lousy puppet president to mislead him.

  78. Dr Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    A Kasaila , another dunderhead person

  79. Patriot says:

    Ntata ndi dhilu, tiye nazo bwanawe.
    Ife tikudikira kuti uzatiuze chomwe chinachitika pa 2 kaya ndi pa 3, kaya pa 5 April 2012. Ife sitikudxiwa ayi. Enlight us Ntata, what happened?

  80. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Makani ake amenewo ena pampu yauwende idaloshoka iwonso nkukhumuka basi bomwebo bwakumasano. Atidye nawo kusocheretsa munthu, ndiye pakuti ndiopepera. Kaya!

  81. frank chibwe says:

    Frustrated? Kikikiki stupid kasaila will think that way without looking at whether the truth has been said about his president. Useless government

  82. kester kaphaizi says:

    Whether frustrated or not but he has spoken the truth about your president. Chief secretary is not in charge of civil service but Ben Phiri is. How do we entertain that?

  83. Galu WA galu says:

    PM was right to write in prison. Try to be accused/arrested of something you are not guilty of. I was and I am in his shoes. POWER TO PM.

  84. Kaya ndimafrass the fact is that ntata is saying genuine points out of frastrations. Frestrate him more so that he should speak more. Akutitsegula mutu ntata. Inu a dpp ingomvani malangizowo other wise we believe ntata more than the gvnt. Ntata has points, take them for your success or ignore them for your down fall. 2019 muona dzuwa, a big loss that hit JB is to bounce back to u soon. Unkhutukumve tadzionereni. Muzikangananso apa instead of just working out the identified weak areas?? Zachamba eti. Malawians have alot of expectations from their vote n you are busy saving the image of your party. Pure nosense. Work up and start sending maize into admac matkets, dont u see famine hiting malawi. Agalu inu, eeeeh agalu inu, u remind me nga ntafu. Shindy, go to hell.

  85. The being frustrated is good as he is writing facts and only true facts that is.

  86. Vehtekhu says:

    Za nkutu za ziiiiíiiiiii

  87. Amene akuona kuti Ntata akuchita bwino ndi anzake osaganiza bwino ngat Ntatayo

  88. pamsundu says:

    on public sector reform the matter is over due it is needed now for efficiency and effectiveness

  89. zako izo says:

    Kodi kulemba mu cell ndi vuto one day try to visit one of the police cells near your area you will find names there,this phenomina is world wide ngati iweyo unalowa mu police cell ndikupeza kuti sanalembemo ndiye kuti iweyo ndi amene wasegulira cell yo,lets critisize issues that has base not this one.the fact that someone wrote his name in cell is not a problem.Mr.Allan Mtata is a cowardice how come after Bigu’s death run away from this country,and now he is back.kodi si uja adayenda mpansi(footing)kukakwerera Galimoto ku Mwanza atawoloka malire uyu?pano akufuna azibwebwetuka ife tinzimvesera iyeyo,tiziwerenga kupepera kwakeku ma media.iya khala chete.a cowardice die twice before their actual death

  90. Paul Makatani says:

    Frustrated? “Certainly Not” boma likuyenera kumvetsetsa osat kuyankha monyodola choncho. ifensotu ndi a dpp kma chimatimvetsa chisoni ndi kulephera kumva kwa akuluakulu athu. mumafuna chani kwemkweni? munthu akukuthandizan maganizo kma inu ayi, mumawona ngat akulandani maudindo? mchifukwa chake tkugawanitsa chipani ndi zazii

  91. akulu says:

    Mwana akalemba pakhoma timamumenya Nanga uyu timutani?kkkk

  92. Tateyo says:

    Wamisala anaona nkhondo

  93. Mulli says:

    Ntata probably is frustrated but his writings are a true reflection of stupid behaviour of peter mutharika who is not in charge of affairs at the moment. Ben Phiri is the person controlling him.

  94. MAMINA says:





  95. Daniel Abanzi Phiri says:

    Ntata is a man and a half.He was only a coward when he scampered away to the Queensland when his master was lying cold at the state house.Now he has matured and is talking sense.Katsaila should not deter you to empty your chest.You have lived ndi anthuwa and you know them better.Spill the beans please.

  96. mwiithotho says:

    Chonde osamayankha, IZITU NZITSIRUUU MAPETO

  97. Gavalanala says:

    Ntata is right.Pitala mbyofo mbyofo is not fit to be our leader surrounded by bootlickers like Ben Phiri and other dpp opportunist.Amatinamizanso za ma asset declarations kuti ali ndi handwriting yopotoka ija amalembera pakhomo ku Lumbadzi police chonsecho akufuna kutibera.Peter is really crap with his Dpp cohorts.More Ntata with your articles.

  98. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Ntata might be frustrated but what he wrote on public sector reform was really make sense to people who are analytical and critical when looking at things that misses in many Malawians who follows things blindly to please their cheap political parties..Keep it Ntata.Ntata for presidency in 2029.

  99. zoshola says:

    Ntata sakunama inu nanga munthu mkulukulu kumakalemba pakhoma after kupenta

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