DPP treasurer shot in north Malawi

Police in northern Malawi have intensified investigations to arrest people who shot the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regional treasurer for the north.

Gun-shot survivor: DPP regional treasurer in hospital

Gun-shot survivor: DPP regional treasurer in hospital

DPP official showing where he was shot

DPP official showing where he was shot

Happy Kumwenda told journalists on hospital bed at St Johns Hospital in Mzuzu that he was shot around 7pm at his residence in Nzirawaingwe when he was out talking to his guard.

“A saloon pulled up, there were three men in the car, one of them took a gun and shot me,” said Kumwenda, claiming he knows one of the men who was in the car.

The gun-shot survivor however said he did not know the motive behind the attempt on his life.

Police said they recovered a live bullet and bullet shell at the scene of the incident.

The law enforcers said they are investigating the matter therefore they could not give details on the attempted murder.

The DPP is yet to comment on the matter.

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66 thoughts on “DPP treasurer shot in north Malawi”

  1. Cashgate1 says:

    Mkuluyu akuti amanyenga mkazi wamwiniwake. Amene ndi M’burundi. Abulundiwa samalani nawo, iwo anazolowela nkhondo kwao and akuphani.

  2. Kenkkk says:

    Dpp and all oppositions are quiet, not a single official condemnation from the govt of the fact that someone has used a gun to shoot someone at his house. Just to condemn the shooting, it doesn’t matter whether it was justifiable or not. After all, a senior north dpp official has been shot.

    Why the silence from dpp up to now? Not even condemning the shooting? I am not saying you should interfere with police investigations but just to condemn the shooting act.

    If this is a political shooting against dpp, then it is the beginning of something big in the north, I tell you. Let us hope it is not.

    Wish you a quick recovery, Happy and hopefully we will find out the motive of the shooting and culprits arrested.

  3. Manuel says:

    Kuluza zisankho tisamachite ngati taluza yamanja. Ndiye anthu angadzasankhe bwanji zipani zanu ngati mukupha mukadali kutsutsa. Ask MCP why they keep loosing in South and North then think again for another strategy

  4. some says:

    Your such afool to say against your friend who is not feeling good and god will judge you since you didn’t how pain is all about may god jundje you for what you have said

  5. Apao says:

    Well done to those who done. Psalms 23 devil is their king they will without fear inorder to get and protect what is theirs. Lets blood flo. May they will hear it coz thats the only language gvt will understand we call it second language.

  6. Jando says:

    Atumbuka usatana kukonda kupha simuzalamulila ziko inu oipa ngat MCP kkkkkkkk

  7. KARU UNITED says:

    Koma zikuoneka ngati anamulasa ndi mpaliro wa UTA!

  8. Darwin SA says:

    Dont publish everything ,i hate tribal sentences ,when one says atumbuka mwayamba kuphana whos he to saY that ,we are all africans we suffer together

  9. Ma says:

    Looks everyone has guns now in Malawi. .

  10. DOBO says:

    That’s how life is in Malawi living in fear for everything .

  11. Alohmwe Maphiah says:

    Atumbuka mwayamba kuphana? mtundu wotembeleledwa uyu, chimizi too much Atumbuka

  12. Sindi says:

    Has the person identified been arrested yet?

  13. Bob says:

    Akudziwana ngati za Mphwiyo

  14. mmmmmmm asakane ameneyo akuziwapo kanthu munthu sungaomberedwe popanda miladu

  15. Kamuzu Chilembwe says:

    Please tell these politicians – PP, DPP or UDF and corrupt civil servants like the Mpwiyoz and accomplices that we poor Malawians will never shed any tears or sympathize with them when they kill each other. All these are consequences of evil money. Our suffering is because of them. They will all go to hell!!

  16. Wapamtima says:

    My nation to make our life better here mudziko lowawali. Boma lichotse MK liyikepo US$. to use US$ can make our life nice.

  17. Kamuzu Chilembwe says:

    Mufufuze bwino pamenepa mwina ndi Mphwiyo wina mkuluyu!! Akudziwana ndi omuwomberawo. Nanga wazindikira bwanji anthu mugalimotomo? Zikuwonetsa kuti anthuwo samafuna kumubera koma kungomupha basi. Cholinga? Kubisa Cashgate!!

  18. Waxxy says:

    Onse a DPP aphedwe basi amalawi sitingamavutike iwowa akumasangalala spending taxpayers money.

  19. DR.CASHGATE says:

    This is just like Mphwiyo scenario.

  20. dadaboma says:

    You must be very brave to wear DDP identity in the North. DPP hates the north, and the natural reaction of the north can only be resentment to anything or anyone identifying with DPP – simple. Is it not DPP that instituted quota system? Is it not DPP that killed 20 Mzuzu residents during July 20, 2011 demonstrations? Is it not DPP that …..?

  21. SONG says:

    Angwazi adati Multiparty ndi nkhondo siizi, kuphwasamula ndimfuti a Malawi tokhatokha shame. How do people possess illegal guns it is unbelievable. Something needs to be done. Angwazi amatanthauza zimenezi kunalibe izi kale. Enafe tinakula osamva kuti wina waphedwa ndi mfuti mmamidzi kapena mmatouni.

  22. Beast Msonda says:

    Some people’s minds are rotten. Why attempting to take the life of your fellow human being and your own country mate? What a sick mind is this? What wrong has he committed that warrants him to die?

  23. Ayo says:

    Walakwa chani mzanu?

  24. Bob says:

    Eee Khaya ekha.

  25. First things first. We want a probe on Chasowa’s death, Njauju and ka chule ka DPP kakhale kumapeto.
    Zintchito zake zakachitira umboni. Ask Mphwiyo. Ufukula zambiri chombwe iwe!

  26. haha says:

    Mukudwiwani atambwali inu. Ife zisatikhudze.

  27. La 40 Lakwana says:

    It seems that he knows very well the people who shot him ,then the matter is not political but something very personal between the four of them. May be its another cash gate issues. The truth will be known

  28. Brazilian Wax says:

    Malawi, lets not degenerate to this point. We may differ in political ideology but we are one. Tiyeni tikhale okonda mtendere. I just guess the motivation behind this heinous act is not political. May be it’s based on other issues.

  29. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Amai, attempted assassination. Zikuvutani.

  30. 2 lost Decades says:

    Why wasting time investigating wen the victim knows who shot him

  31. Khwethemu says:

    They will say it was the opposition. A garu inu mukufuna kuphana nokha. If u know one of the culprits, why not identify him now kuti asathawire ku Joni? Wabodza. Propaganda

  32. ANTI-GAY says:

    Crime rate is low in Malawi under DPP government. This guy was shot at the back and yet he knows one of the shooters?????? How possible. Ok ndiye kuti amathawa akudziwapo kanthu.
    And if you say you know one of the people in the car then just go to his house and arrest him.

  33. La 40 says:

    We may be witnessing another deal gone sour. Mphwiyo 2

  34. MHELIWA says:

    HEE GUN ???

  35. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    If Mr Kumwenda was an official from UDF, MCP, or PP, the usual haters would rush to heap blame on DPP! Prima facie. Asa.

  36. mbodzole says:

    atumbuka they hate democracy kumwenda chose his party and they don’t like those who are for dpp. kodi atumbuka inu chipanda bingu mzuzu bwezi akuoneka bwanji to day. kudalibe nseu watala kumeneko no street lights. even shopping mall, grand Paris those things started to be rumoured of being belt while bingu was alive. your friend has chosen the party you want and now you want to kill him. anthu osayamika. gati inu sindinaonepo

  37. Mark Saoneka says:

    That’s bad!

  38. Mangulenje. Practising clean politics are not voters job but government. If government is not practising clean, fair which does not favour one tribe one region how can those who voted for them practising clean politics? Malawians have done that since indepedence butnment after governnt has let down people and tream like idiots. How long can a man stand out? For them killing is not aproblem, when to keep power and stealing. No one shall stop them to steal. I am sure the man knows why they want to shoot him. Its Cash Gate. This will not finish. Malawi need a completely different leader not UDF, DDP and PP. These are all same blood and have been in stealing scurd since Muluzi. They change names but not their stealing system. They blame each other and afraid that if I dont win the other one will review me. This is why no governement of one of mentioned will take up Cash gete serious BECAUSE ALL OF THEM ARE INVOLVED. If APM was clean he could have been taken this cases so seriouly to make himself popular. But he is afraid. The donors sem Malasians knows. Idiots see him as a good man different from his brother but heis more worse than his bbrother in reality. Hidding in his failure prof. Title.

  39. paul mwale says:

    Lets avoid thix my fello malawians hatred wl cost nothing among us, lets enhence unity and resistant to some stupid imposed staff like homosexual not that plz!!!wishng u quick recovery.

  40. Kutemwa banakazi babene imwe. Mufwenge uheni imwe.

  41. Temaco says:

    Zikanachitikila kumwera bwezi tikuti”Achewa nkhondo”tsono ivi vachitikila ku Mpoto,tinene kuti chiyani?

  42. Achawa Business Consultancy says:

    Sad development get well soon

  43. Khozapi says:

    Region ya ku north u hule too much mwazipeza .osanama nkhani mukuyiziwa kale nkazi wa eni umusiye mufa za ziii Afiti opemphera kunamizila kuyimba gospel .A nyondo mumusezye mum mpingo wakukhozgya soni synod. Na chipani cha DPP

  44. Morgan Heritage says:

    Well done mwina chitetezo chingasinthe, b4 finalising za uyu mumalize za Njauju kaye! Apolisi ali bize mmisewu kuvuta ma minibus basi.

  45. redeemed says:

    He who live by the sword, will die by the sword,the Holly bible teaches, may the name of the Almighty God be praised for shielding the life of the victim. No matter how long it takes, the perpetrators will reap the fruits of their evil deeds. I may not be that old in age, but I have lived long enough to witness the truth prevailing.

  46. munthuson says:

    another cashgate in the offing?

  47. Truck says:


  48. Zanga Zaine says:

    Popeza ndiya DPP report ituluka msanga kuposa ya Njauju ndi Chasowa etc

  49. bright says:

    Ukanafa iwe, we don’t want DPP ku North, agalu inu. I also wish to kill that fuckin President one day. Sooner or later. We r tired to be misled by this party. To hell with it.

  50. Chingolopiyo says:

    We are waiting to hear the investigation on Njauju {may his soul rest in peace} killers please

  51. KELTON SOMANJE says:

    Akudziwa chomwe akukanganira!”Utsi sufuka popanda moto”.TIZIMVA!!!!

  52. BAD POLITICS !!!!!!!!!

  53. Sad story magay amenewa. Idiots

  54. ophiri says:

    sorry mate, god was with you. good thing that you can afford a private hospital otherwise 2016 inakakuphonya.

  55. mqueeyoh says:

    Quick recovery. Truth will out

  56. mgwantha says:

    Why? Happy why? Tell us the truth

  57. Mangulenje says:

    Please Malawians let us practice clean politics.
    You assailants will run faster but can not hide.
    Mugwidwa ndipo muona mbonawona.

  58. Bufalo Soldier says:

    Anthu onse a dpp aphedwa kumene considering the way things are going in Malawi. Who cares? Whether they die or not?

    1. Waxxy says:

      A galu a DPP akutizunza afe basi.

  59. ngongoliwa says:

    Ndi Dausi, mistaken identity.

  60. Achikulire says:

    If he says he knows one of them definately he knows what they r after, just like in mphwiyos case!!! Lets hope its not another cashgate unvailing !!! Wanga malawi wanunso!!

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