DPP turns on ‘cadets’ for terror on Malawi opposition, critics

Some things will never change! The ruling ‘Democratic Progressive Party’ (DPP) is back to its old ways again. It has recruited youths who will eliminate critics of President Peter Mutharika and his Vice Saulos Chilima, and the party, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Ready to kill: DPP youth cadets

Ready to kill: DPP youth cadets

An impeccable source confided to Nyasa Times that the party has appointed a notorious thug Dyton Mussa as deputy national youth director to another well known notorious thug Louis Ngalande who was commandeering a reign of terror during the late Bingu Mutharika’s regime.

The irony is that Mussa and Ngalande can’t work together because Ngalande is still considered loyal to beleaguered former DPP Regional Governor for the South and now an MP Noel Masangwi who is out of grace with the current leadership, according to insiders.

“They plan to be beating up people, whisking them away from Presidential functions and in some cases completely eliminating them. They have hired some special people in each region and these are operations people,” added the source.

“They intend to use pepper sprays, pangas and drips-yes the same drips, they will be literally poisoning people. Their team would do exactly what they did to Robert Chasowa and even Issa Njaunju of ACB,” explained the source.

Among the people who have been targeted include civil society leaders, opposition people and the critical journalists.

“They will start with opposition parliamentarians especially during the upcoming budget review session of parliament and some who have been targeted are Lucius Banda, Jessie Kabwila, Alekeni Menyani, Julian Lunguzi, Uladi Mussa, and Kamlepo Kalua. They are also targeting Henry Kachaje, Blessings Chinsinga and  Professor Ben Kalua among others,” said the source.

Dyton Mussa  confirmed that he has been appointed as deputy national youth director of DPP, saying his main task is to protect their President and discipline critics who insult him.

“We will not allow our President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to be insulted, never,” said Mussa.

He said the DPP youth zealots, called Cadets,   want to “bring discipline” to Malawi.

Mussa said it is normal in Malawi to have party youth defending their leader, citing the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) of late dictator Hastings Kamuzu Banda (1964-1994) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) of former President Bakili Muluzi (1994-2004) which protected their presidents.

Kamuzu’s notorious Young Leaguers and Young Pioneers and Muluzi’s Young Democrats terrorised Malawians during their era. They could beat up any critic of Banda and Muluzi, be they opposition, civil society and religious leaders or journalists, in full view of the police who did nothing.

DPP administration has been criticised by the media and civil society on economic  issues, especially the collapse of healthcare system and weakening currency.

The civil society has also criticised Mutharika for his poor handling of maize shortage rocking the landlocked country.

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33 thoughts on “DPP turns on ‘cadets’ for terror on Malawi opposition, critics”

  1. Chinyama Phiri says:

    I blame JB for not arresting bwampini and his midnight 5 counterparts bwezi lero izi kulibe shame bwampini.

  2. voice from above says:

    poor Malawians. this is exactly what major bushiri said.Malawi is a cursed nation.while we sit n watch our dear neighbours do well, we shall always be crying.lord help these educated savages

  3. Apao says:

    Enanutso mwasala one(1) bar. Let it be. Psalms 23
    satana ndiye busa wanga sizaopa kupha. To take and protect. Let it be sizongonenazo apa
    yambaniponi ife timalizisa kwinako. Tikayamba kuotcha ndata. Eish apa zilibwino malumbilo sapita pachabe a psalm 23

  4. ineyo says:

    Now my interest is knowing what DPP has to say! Your ngalande of whatever u call him has just given interview and confirmed kuti they have been hired to protect their toothless mathanyula. nanga apolisi and MDF mukutinji apa!? it means you guys are not giving enough security to the president in simple and direct terms u are useless souls and bandits

  5. chiwa kogoya says:

    Dzikoli ndi lathu ndipo sitidzalola mbuzi ina iliyonse kuti izitwopseza kaya kuphana tiphanadi ndipo sitikuopa ayi tiyeni nazo mungoyelekeza kupanga zibwana zanuzo tichita nanu and iwe Dyton Mussa sitikusiya konse komwe uziyenda tikhala komweko and tikhala tikukuyang’anitsitsa pa zomwe ukupanga!!!!! mafelano mafelano zada zada tikakumana kuli konse komwe mupiteko !!!!!!

  6. Stupid President says:

    But hu put Peter in power please guys ? Eish!! What kind v gvt is this? So by using robbers as his personal army ppo ll b scared! If Malawians ll get enough 4 him it ll b enough without considering his robbers team! There r more notorious n mafias against him far out than these small rats mentioned here! This is the tym now guys

  7. umziya says:

    No problem tikakumana kunseu konko. What is DPP after all. are they God. mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  8. Patriot says:

    And unlike nthawi ya Bingu, petulo kunalibe mma filling station, pano alipo dhiudhiu.
    Mukamazadutsa ndi tizikwanje tanuto, tizangoponyamo ka petrol bomb mma box body anuwo ndi wotchamo nonse amene agalu inu.

  9. Useless cadets,start by killing me.U r fools,your president is a big fool infact all dpp supporters are idiots.

  10. Chatsika says:

    Diso ku diso, ma cadet adzazolowera. Ife sife opusa

  11. Likoma Economist says:

    All those who are ready to fight this DPP out of power by force join the term in Dzalanyama forest and one in Mozambique.so many army members of MDF and pmf will defect .Renamo and will give training. the guerilla war the Army can not defeat. DPP cadets don’t dare to start the fire we are ready for you .

  12. Gwenembe says:

    So you think when you will be trying to silence them, we will just sit phwi watching you as if we got no knowledge on how to use weapons as well? We have snipers more trained. What can vendors like you do? Tell your mathanyula walemba mmadzi he will be the first to go in this battle.

  13. Bush says:

    Malawians wakeup! For how many times will you be toiled like kids. Kamuzu came ridled you and went, Bakili came riddled you and went, Bingu came riddled you and went, Amayi short lived didnt do a lot, Peter is here again to do the same and you watch silently until he entrenches himself into your blood. Mwazachangamuka liti aMalawi chonde?

  14. Akungolonje says:

    Omenya amenywa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Akupha aphedwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, ochinda achindwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So think twice before you embark on that your nasty task otherwise muzikidwa mutaphedwa mmalo mongodikira kuti njala ukumalizeni. Lero tikuonera Press TV zomwe zikuchitika worldwide, mantha ndi nkhawa tidapachika, tithana nanu ma cadet nu tayesani muone.

  15. The Partriot says:

    Let the games begin!
    Instead of dealing with the economy and hunger situation, they want to deal with the critics of one person?
    The fact is this guy they want to protect will one day pass on but Malawi will remain. So why burn the whole of Malawi because of one unpatriotic individual who has spent more time outside Malawi than inside?
    Please other parties, nanunso anyamata muli nawo, dont let your leaders to be victimized just like that!!
    This should be an eye for an eye, azazolowera!
    If people can burn a police station atatopa ndi Apolisi , nanga ka Cadet ndi kachaninso? Lets show them wicked, Malawi of 2012 is not Malawi of today!! Panopa kungoyenda mu town ndi zikwanje tidzagenda!! Mwatikwana mwamva!!

  16. Tman says:

    Machende anu nonse. Dziko mukuliona ngati lanu eti? Zimasinthatu izi ena adzabwerapo mudzamva pain. There is no way the country should be enjoyed by the Lomwe basiii. What a shit?

  17. truth pains says:

    Opposition comments and CSO outrageous comments will bring Malawi to boil for nothing at the expense of the common’s blood while you are safe in hiding or other countries. It’s clear what PAC and MCP plans have are direspect to the Law. You are mobilizing people into chaos as a way of solving issues. Why can’t you use the parliament where MCP you have the leadership. A malawi anzanga kumbukirani kuti pa national revolt iriyonse its common people who die when oyambitsa kulibe. Think of the 20 July, 2011 how many Civil Society leader lost lives? Zero. Musapusitsidwe

  18. NZOZO KUNUNKHA says:

    Should we stop this propaganda at once it wont develop this country. dont you know that this is because of the president stand on the Gay issue. Foster this is the problem with maize? economy? hate? passion? loyalty? basically a poor man will be used to pursue the ego of Satan why should we fight? what is the bible saying about hunger and ailing economy? those who have an ear let them hear what the spirit says. Rev 3 v 6.

  19. Popapo says:

    Nothing changes in Malawi, zomwezija za Kamuzu basi. No development, no city centre to point at, miseu yomeija ya asamunda.

  20. No one can threatens Lucius Banda,Kamlepo Kaluwa,jane Kabwila,Uladi Mussa,Ken Msonda and many more opposition leaders.we are behind of you and we warn government that this is New Malawi don’t take us like rubbish.we have all weapons and we just waiting for datelined for 30days you have given to resign if not we will use power.panyapano nonse a DPP,Stop deceiving us about Maize,tell us,where do u keeping grain why you late Malawians are dying because of your stupid leadership?.

  21. john phiri says:

    The only good thing is that I got a gun licence so bring it on. Pangas for gun shots.

  22. Dodoli says:

    DPP sidzatheka ndi zitsiru basi. Nchifukwa chake term imeneyinso ithere panjira for God is so so so angry with DPP

  23. Let me imform the DPP thugs that Malawi Young Pioneer(MYP) officials still alive and loyal to MCP and its Leadership, Some of them they received Millitary training in Israel, If we can come out and face with DPP thugs, What will happen in Malawi? Don’t fuck around with MCP, When politics changed, We accepted so don’t provoke us please

  24. Jack says:

    This time round we will meet panga for panga, blow for blow! As one president once said; lets meet in the streets!

  25. 2016 welcome says:

    No matter how dark it may be light shall triumph. If anything this is the same pattern of events that culminated in the collapse of one big man.Be ware Peter Mutharika the ides of March are come !

  26. Moses phiri says:

    A sign of failure!

  27. Samuel Goliati says:

    bola iwowo sadzafa

  28. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Stop speculating with mere conjecture about DPP plans, etc to the COUP that was “openly” discussed by Kabwila-Kapasula et al.
    Lets’ get to the bottom of the coup d’etat first. DPP cadets have nothing to do with it.
    People want the plotters exposed and punished “heavy”. They want to take government by force! Akaiwone Bangwe baasi (they have to pay the price). This is when the death penalty should apply! Asa.

  29. Dax says:

    I saw this coming. This Dyton Mussa has been funded by Dausi, Mwapasa DDIG, and Chimwemwe Chipungu of safe mother hood. We are watching you guys.

  30. Buyelekhaya says:

    Does it mean one camp will have monopoly over the use of terror without a response? I’m not sure! Malawians are no longer in slumber. That’s my observation!

  31. Ine says:

    Is the DPP saying that the Army and the Police have failed to enforce discipline in Malawi? I hope the Army and the police will do their best to protect the people of Malawi against these unscrupulous citizens who want to bring indiscipline and terror to their fellows. Kicks of a dying horse.

  32. Bertha Chisale says:

    Here we go again! Somethings will really never change!

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