DPP-UDF ‘gentleman’s agreement’ broken in by-elections

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has broken the agreed modality with its political ally United Democratic Front (UDF) on how to feature candidates in the August 25 Local Government by-elections.

Kudontoni: DPP will look into that

Kudontoni: DPP  is not backing a candidate in Mangohci

The by-elections are taking place in five wards of Khwawa in Karonga, Chibanja in Mzuzu, Msikisi in Mangochi, Zomba Central in Zomba City and Luchenza in Thyolo.

Initially, two bedfellows have agreed that DPP will not feature a candidate in Mangochi and will instead support the UDF candidate, while in Zomba; DPP will feature a candidate who the UDF will support.

As a result DPP reportedly withdrew its candidates from Msikisi Ward in Mangochi the same way UDF did in Zomba, Luchenza and other areas.

DPP director of elections, Kondwani Nankhumwa is on record saying the arrangement was “gentlemen’s agreement.”

During presentation of nomination papers on Tuesday, UDF supporters were shocked to see a DPP candidate who had reportedly declared withdrawal earlier in respect of party alliance agreement submitting papers to MEC.

The candidate was escorted by some few party loyalists but after submitting the nomination papers the candidate wore a DPP T-shirt and a scarf. He was cheered by DPP supporters singing pro-DPP songs and taunting UDF.

DPP Secretary General Ekileni Kudontoni insisted the party is not backing any candidate in Mangochi.

“DPP is out of Mangochi race. It’s a UDF candidate contesting there,” said Kudontoni.

But out to him of the candidate who has presented his nomination papers, Kudontoni said “Not under DPP ticket. We will look into that.”

UDF Spokesperson Ken Ndanga expressed disappointment with the development saying DPP  honoured the agreement as it were  but that they party cannot control its members who has decided to go as an independent.

“When we looked at the election pattern, the DPP and UDF had discussion on how the two parties are going to approach these elections and through the discussions we agreed that the DPP will not be fielding candidates in Mangochi and that UDF will also not field a candidate in a ward in Zomba”, said Ndanga.

There are reports about cracks emerging in the DPP-UDF alliance with some DPP top brass working to frustrate the alliance with a feeling that political positions and opportunities may be snatched by their alliance rivals in UDF.

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David Dinala ku Bt

simunati a udf akuseweretsani heavy mumasewera ndi ma mafia mbava zenizeni musova

Mercy k

This what we call politics


Achawa sadzadzuka mpaka Yesu adzawapeza ali mtulo tofa nato. Vuto ndikusaphunzira ndiye kuganiza kumakhala koperewera. Dolo ndi Lucius basi ena onse phala lodya baby….a dooooo, kuzolowela kuwedza nsomba.

Moya weniweni

I was there when this independent candidate presented his nomination papers and he was indeed the man of that day coz he had thousands of supporters who escorted him than any other candidate including that UDF candidate. Koma sindinamuwone atavala DPP t-shirt but black suit mwina mukati za scalf he really waved blue scalf to his supporters koma he has the right to stand as an independent. Inunso a DPP mukangoluza candidate ameneyu ndiye kuti mwatayanso gold ya ndale pa Mangochi chifukwa he seems to be loved my many osati UDF candidate.

nkasimunguya chinankasanganye
nkasimunguya chinankasanganye

We yaos are not mbuli Atupele and his Dadie are. They dont want to relearnt on what bingu did to UDF some time back. Uyisova- mchiyambi chabe.


Kodi nkhani yavutapo ndiyakuyima kwa Wellington Mangulenje? Kodi mmayesa iye wayima as an independent so why is it that UDF seems to be under panic to the extent of calling Atupele to come fight this young lad. Mumayenda mmbali muziziwa ndale za DPP achawa inu mukuwona ngati Professor ndi Chilima ndi opusa eti. Bolani tisamvepo zoti Wellington yu wanyongedwa like Late Kalonga Stambuli paja UDF siyichedwesapo zikafika potelopa. Kaya tiyeni nazoni ife tili phe kuwonera.

angoni apaphata

Tulo midyomba

Jelbin mk

If the governance pact is being ignored in only five or less wards what will happen in a national elections? Atupele watch out these dpp guys can not be trusted, don’t tomorrow say say I didn’t warn you when things go wrong.


Zopusa basi

Themba La Mathemba

Ndilibe navo ntchitooo!

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