DPP veep Msaka donates maize to Machinga Likwenu

Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Bright Msaka , who is also ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  vice-president for the Eastern Region, gave people of Machinga Likwenu a New Year treat when he distributed 1 500 bags of maize to households that are currently food insecure.

Msaka, who comes from the area, said he was concerned with the plight of the affected people.

He, therefore, distributed 1 000 bags of maize each weighing 25 kilogrammes (kg) to people gathered at Nathendo Primary School and 500 bags to those that gathered at Bisa Primary School.

Msaka assured the people that government will ensure provision of relief food.

Most Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) markets in Machinga have had maize in stock for the past three weeks.

Traditional Authority (T/A) Sitola and acting T/A Nkula commended Msaka for his gesture which they said has come at a time when most households in their areas did not have food.

One of the recipients, Joyce Edison, also commended Msaka for the gesture, saying the food will make a different.

She said most affected families harvested maize that only lasted three months.

Most households that received the food relief attributed their poor harvest to waterlogged gardens and lack of farm inputs.

Msaka also distributed Likuni Phala to 500 children in hunger affected households.

Machinga is one of the 15 districts declared a disaster area after heavy rains destroyed crops, property and cost peoples’ lives during the last rainy season.

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24 thoughts on “DPP veep Msaka donates maize to Machinga Likwenu”

  1. Mgeme says:

    @Becks # 12 Msaka is going to replace Chilima as VP but if something shuld happen to Bwampini he is the one who will stand for President. Look and watch … why do you think he was moved from Lands to Energy. A Malawi muzionela patali zinthuzi

  2. wadela says:

    Tiye uzigawa choncho umu funse Bj Mpinganjira za Mj Central thawi ya campaign ….awo ndi a Malawi sa ma kana chinthu !!!! Uzachikumbukira chimanga chimenecho. …

  3. Kenkkk says:

    While the gesture is commendable, there are still hard questions to answer. Is this the same maize which is missing from Admarc? How was he allowed to buy more than 10kg? Where did he get the maize?

    If he bought them size from Admar, then this confirms that it is actually the dpp officials that are confusing things at Admarc as already reported. They want to be seen to be more humane than other politicians while Malawians queue eternally for the same maize from the same admarc.

    Using maize for politics. Disgraceful if the above is true.

  4. Mr. B says:

    Coleagues ,it is very unfair not to appreciate a gift. People who do not deserve had not avail themselves. Msaka had shown his feelings towards people of his constituency so it is recommended for him to contribute maize to the needy. I do also urge some cabinet ministers to follow suit. Soya I kukumbana a Malawi tons eve ndi anthu amodzi za ku Zombazo mukudziwa ndinu koma Iowa ndi mzika ya Malawi. Mwatumidwa inuyo koma sizitheka.

  5. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Ndowa (ya chimanga) ndi ndowe, words that rhyme. I am ashamed to call Machinga my second home after my mother. Anyway, njala imakusandusa chisilu. Talandila bwana zikomo.

  6. vavlov says:

    Msaka is a great man but giving hungry people 25kg of maize is way too insufficient, tantamount to window dressing and cheap strategy of buying poor people’s favour. However as a new year’s gift its ok, and should be referred to as such

  7. fisi says:

    Excellent job

  8. chimwene says:

    Dr Chaponda, the most educated politician in Malawi! Mbwiye we will vote for you!

  9. zimkambani says:

    What is the sustainability plan? 25kg will not last for even a month. When are our people going to get the next consignment? I learnt from Mgabe in Zimbabwe when such a thing happened there would be a hatch plan where the people who are victims of such would continue to receive for 3 months until they harvest their own. Only one time is a mockery to our people

  10. levelheaded says:

    That’s the way to go sir. Chala m’mwamba!

  11. Gertu says:

    Politicizing maize, what a shame. When JB did this she was heavily criticized by DPP, now it’s ok for you to give out handouts?

  12. Gertude says:

    Isn’t he part of Mathanyula’s administration that said they would not give out handouts. Joyce Banda has been vindicated!!!!!!

  13. Becks says:

    Msaka is being groomed

  14. 1500…bags 25kgs each and distributing it for free…..where does he get the money to buy this lot? How about other cost(transport,aganyu)ndalama mmene zavutilamu….even the government is broke…..azitenga kuti awa

  15. Mlomwe says:

    Zanu izo. Inunso kagaweni chanu chimanga

  16. La 40 Lakwana says:

    Deliver Maize to all ADMARC depots , Maize is not for DPP ministers to be conducting 2019 campaigns. Give us our Maize without conditions you idiots.

  17. Zowona says:

    That’s using cash gate money ….we know you want to stand as an MP in 2019….adyeleni koma mind you your home is Zomba not matchinga

  18. KARU UNITED says:

    New MANA, we don’t say….the food will make a DIFFERENT, rather we say the food will make a DIFFERENCE, trade fair trained journalists via CDSS.

  19. kambindingu "hard & low" says:

    Is this not a violation of DPP and UDF coalition ? Where was the MP for the area ? Serpents under the carpet indeed !!

  20. mjiba says:

    Ndale za chimanga. Eish umphawi ukupwetekesa a Malawi.

  21. Eugene says:

    Keep your maize and give us back our 577 BILLION

  22. Galu says:

    So where there is no Cabinet minister like my home people will die eti? Handouts when the government purse is empty

  23. Alex Likoswe says:

    Campaign yayamba using rationed maize. Sad

Comments are closed.

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